My husband Jimmy and I were home alone on our rural property. As stated in previous adventures our house is on a farm just out of a large rural town. We have a large brick home with huge entertaining are with a pool and spa just off the entertaining area.

Jimmy and I were floating around having drinks in the pool on our air beds. We were recovering after a Boxing Day party one of my son's has every year. Even though all my sons have moved out they still are home for Christmas and the Boxing Day party. It is always a fun event. We were home alone as the only person that was now home for a while was my youngest son and he was in town visiting friends for what we thought was the night.

Jimmy always put out my bikinis for me when he gets us ready for the pool. He choose my little "Aussie day" bikinis today. I was not sure why but knew the little thin bikinis showed my boobs, nipples and even a camel toe when they were wet. Jimmy and I both has lost weight lately are were looking pretty hot for oldies. Jimmy is 6 foot 3 inches tall, big and strong and has graying short hair. He calls himself George Clooney look alike. I am 5 foot 10 inches tall in pretty good shape with nice soft curves and great boobs that I has done years ago. Not strippers boobs but a very full C cup. Long legs and I just keep a landing strip above my pussy.

Anyway Jimmy and I were enjoying the hot sun and he was drinking beer and I had my unusual vodka and lime. We already had consumed a fair few drinks when we heard a car pull in to our property. We could not see who it was from the pool but thought it was my son coming home. The next minute a friend on my son's Deco who is in the navy and another young man I have not met came barreling around the corner and in to the pool area.

Deco introduced his navy friend Dan to both my husband and me. They both stared at me and there was nothing I could do, I was floating around the pool on my floaty, I knew my nipples were clearly visible but I keep my legs together to hide my lower region as much as possible.

Deco and Dan chatted on with us about being in the navy and that they were on leave until early January. They said the thought my son was home but found out he would be home in a couple of hours. My son had told them to chill here.

Jimmy offered them a beer but Dan said they had some in the car and went and grabbed them. He put them in our bar fridge in our undercover area and opened up a couple of cans. Both Deco and Dan hardly took their eyes off of me in the pool. I knew they were both visualizing me naked. I have known Deco for years and my son tells me Deco always prefers older women.

I knew Deco was staring at me with lust as he saw me naked the night before! We always play games at our house when having parties. One game is giant Jenga, this is where you have a rectangle made out of pieces of wood and in turn you must remove a piece and carefully place it back on top of the pile. The standing rule in our house is if you lose you swim 2 laps naked in the pool. All fun and everyone does it. A couple of other young fellas lost earlier. If you go to the dark end of the pool and dive in and swim freestyle people only see some bum. I lost and as Jimmy reminded me I was the first one in the family to ever lose at this game. I went to the end of the pool tripped off and dived in in my panties.

My friend yelled at me to get rid of them as I was breaking the rules. So I took my panties off and threw them at her. I decided in my inebriated state to swim back stroke and stay around a bit in the pool. I knew everyone was looking at me. I think I am a bit of an exhibitionist, especially now working so hard to lose some weight. I didn't realise how much I was showing until I looked at the video my friend took and sent to me the next day. My boobs and landing strip were there for everyone to see.

Deco and Dan downed a couple more beers and grabbed some more. They also got me and Jimmy another drink. Jimmy asked them if they wanted a swim. They both quickly agreed but said they had no swimmers. Jimmy told them that we would have something to fit, they looked at each other and said they would be happy to swim in their underwear if we didn't mind. Jimmy straight away told them that would not be a problem. I knew straight away where Jimmy's mind was going. As we discovered a while ago now Jimmy loves to share me with a couple of his friends and even some young virgins one time. It turns us both on. Only occasionally and this then gets us going for months on the memories.

I studied Deco and Dan as they pulled off their shirts and removed their shorts. I have known Deco for years and over that time he has changed from a chubby young lad to a tall, muscular broad shouldered young man. Dan was shorter, darker skin but very well built with a big strong chest. Both men had buzz cuts and both had matching Navy tattoos over their hearts. They both filled out their underwear very well.

They jumped in the water and splashed about, making sure to wet me, they knew what they were doing. My suit is very thin and when wet was fairly see trough. I also had to spread my legs a little to stop from falling off the air bed. I knew they were now staring at my tits and pussy. They continued to chat with us both and kept getting in and out of the pool to keep mine and Jimmy's drinks full. Every time they handed me my drink their hands "accidentally" rubbed my legs, arms and even my belly.

When I needed to pee I moved to the edge of the pool and hopped out. I knew all three were watching me so I moved as seductively as I could and got my towel. I exaggeratedly dried myself with them all still watching me. When I returned the 3 men were all in a huddle in the pool talking.

They stopped when I hopped back in the pool. I did not get back on the air mattress. Jimmy said he was going to the toilet and hopped out. As soon as he was gone Deco and Dan moved in close to me. Like lions around their prey. Their big strong bodies hulked over my slender form. Their hands were on the small of my back and start of my rump as they nonchalantly continued their chatter.

Deco reached for my hand and moved it over Dan's big strong chest with the tattoo asking if I liked their tattoos. Deco's hand moved but I kept my hand on Dan's chest. Deco moved in close behind me and I could feel his erection through my bikini bottoms. I looked down into the pool and Dan's underwear was also pointing out with an erection. Dan's hand encased my boobs as Deco rubbed my ass. I did not stop them I knew this was Jimmy's plan. Dan flicked my nipples through my thin bikini top inviting Deco to have a feel as well. Deco reminded Dan that he was the one that told him how great my tits were.

After this continued for some time, I was getting hot and tingly with the big strong men rubbing me and pinching me. Jimmy returned shortly, I knew he would have been watching us from inside. The boys both stopped rubbing me and moved slightly away. As Jimmy approached with another round of drinks he pretended to get his hand caught in my bikini string top as he passed a beer to Deco. With both my hands holding drinks, I could stop my boobs from spilling out. I screamed at Jimmy to fix my top. Both Deco and Dan whistled and said how great my tits looked. Jimmy casually without saying anything undid the bottom string and just pulled my top off and threw it away.

Jimmy so casually then asked about the boys Navy career and they were replying saying they have been in the navy for a year loved it and were returning to ship tomorrow. They never stopped staring at my boobs. I have great boobs as I said a full C cup with light pinkish nipples that were always stiff, especially so now. The men were standing close to us. They both has erections, easily seen only hidden beneath their tenting underwear. Jimmy asked as casually as if asking if they needed another drink, if they wanted to touch my boobs. Neither replied but both grabbed a boob.

Everyone knew now that we were going to have sex! Both men boldly played with my boobs. Pinching and teasing my nipples. Deco was the first to suck my tingling tits. He roughly sucked and nibbled on my nipples and surrounds. Jimmy moved in behind me his cock pressing in to my bikini covered ass. Dan moved forward and started kissing me, something I don't normally do, I save that for Jimmy. But I was feeling so hot with 3 hunks surrounding me I kissed him back our tongues dancing together.

Jimmy pulled off his shorts freeing his cock, he invited the others to do the same. They quickly removed their underwear and threw them out of the pool. I looked at their stiff cocks under the water. Both had beautiful hard long cocks. They continued their assault on me. Jimmy's pole pushed between my legs. He then mumbled something about not being fair that I had clothes on and pushed my bikinis down. I stepped out of them and was now completely naked.

All 3 hard cocks were now pressing in to me as 6 hands rubbed and caressed my body. Both Deco and Dan reached between my legs wanting to explore my nether region. I spread my legs a little, their big strong hands rubbed my pussy flaps and played with my little landing strip. Jimmy's dick was still pressed against my ass so they probably felt his cock as well.

I was feeling so hot and bothered by now. With Deco latched on to my tender nipple and his hand rubbing my clit and Dan's fingers now well entrenched in my pussy and to top this off Jimmy's cock sliding between my bum cheeks I came. Jimmy held me as my body shuddered, the boys kept going with their play.

When Jimmy felt I had recovered from my orgasm he instructed both boys to sit on the edge of the pool. They quickly sat on the side of the pool. Their erections pointing straight up, strong and proud. Jimmy told me, rather cornily I thought, that I should show the men who defended our country some loving.

He moved me towards the boys (when I say boys they are both 19, just the same as my son so I call them boys) I studied their hard cocks. Deco had a big long penis, with a smaller head and bigger circumference. Dan's on the other hand was shorter but very thick with a big fat head and it was very dark in colour. Both had a big set of balls.

Jimmy guided me towards them and I happily reached for both of their cocks. They high fived each other when I started to stroke them. Both cocks grew even harder under my hand. Deco put his hand around my head urging me to suck him. I complied and licked his shaft from the base to the tip. I massaged his big balls with my hand. He groaned in appreciation. This gave Jimmy access to my soaking pussy. I felt him grab my hips and he pushed his cock forward. My pussy was just above the water and his balls made slapping noises with the water and my ass. His cock felt great sliding in to my hot fanny.

I had a good proportion of Deco's shaft in my mouth now and somehow kept pumping Dan's fat cock with my other hand. He asked if I could suck him. I released Deco and Moved over to Dan. His cock head was so big I could only get it in my mouth. So I pumped his shaft with my hand as I sucked him. Jimmy gave me encouragement. He loved showing me off and he loved watching me have fun with friends. Deco decided to hop back in the pool so he could play with my tits. They were swinging with me being pummeled from behind by Jimmy. His cock rubbed along my back as he roughly pinched my nipples.

Without warning Dan's cock erupted in my mouth. It spewed cum nearly choking me. I am not big on swallowing and pulled my head from his cock. I kept pumping with my hand and aimed his rod at my tits. Deco rubbed cum over my breasts as his friend sighed with relief. This in turn made Jimmy cum .I could feel his cock swell as he held my hips tight. We rested for a short while and Jimmy's cock slipped out of my pussy.

Deco said it was his turn and jumped out of the pool and laid down on the sun bed. His long cock like a mast head on a boat. Jimmy urged me to sit on him. I went to the stairs washing my boobs off as I went and I was going to give my pussy a quick clean as well but Jimmy and Dan, who slid back in to the pool, nearly carried me out of the pool. I knew Jimmy absolutely loved watching my pussy get entered by a different cock, would get off on a show.

I spread my legs either side of the sunlounge, Deco's long cock was pulsating as I grabbed it with my hand and rubbed it along my pussy flaps. Jimmy moved behind me to watch and Dan rubbed my back and butt. After only a couple of rubs along my pussy flaps his cock was coated in my pussy juice. Who was I kidding that Jimmy loved it, so did I.

His pole slowly slipped between my flaps and pushed deep in to my pussy. All three were watching as it disappeared into my folds. When it was around half way in me, I raised my self so that only his head was in me and then lowered myself again. This time I let the entire length enter me and slid to the hilt. Fuck it felt deep within me. Deco told everyone how hot, tight and fantastic my pussy was. I then started to ride him. Jimmy and Dan both helped me up and down on Deco's baton.

Jimmy started to rub my pussy flaps as Deco speared my getting my pussy moisture and started rubbing my little freckle. He knows I like my butt to be played with as I was getting fucked. Dan's cock was now hard again hitting me in the thigh as he groped my tits and still kept lifting my ass on and off of his mate. Deco announced that he could not hold out any longer and held me close as he cum. It felt like torrents of cum fill my pussy.

Then we heard a car come in the driveway, I started to panic not wanting my son to see me fucking his mates. Jimmy calmly grabbed his shorts stuffing his hard cock away saying you guys finish off and I'll keep the young fella busy in the shed. Yell for me when you are finished.

I thought that we would all get dressed and that would be the end of a great little tryst. But that did not happen. As soon as Jimmy was gone, Dan announced he wanted to fuck my pussy. I did not drive 3 hours for a blow job .He was so strong and just lifted me off of his friend. He asked Deco to get off the daybed and laid down. Now that Jimmy was gone they just took control.

Dan laid on the bed and told me to sit on him, just the same as you did for Deco. I put my legs either side of him and lowered myself. His big knob still had trouble entering me even though I had just been well fucked by his mate. I moved around to get my pussy adjusted to his size and finally got his cock into me. I started to ride him fast trying to finish him off, so that I could get inside. He had none of that and fucked me hard.

With Jimmy gone they boys obviously returned to their "navy ways' and became crude and commanding. Dan told Deco how tight and wet my cunt felt even though he and Jimmy just fucked me. Deco replied by telling him I told you it would be worth the drive to fuck this Milf. I knew she wanted it ,when this morning when I was leaving after I slept here last night she gave me a big hug in her tiny little singlet and shorts. Her nipples were so stiff and I could smell her heat. I didn't say anything but wondered if I did somehow invite him here.

Dan said you mean these tits and grabbed on to my boobs with his mouth and really bit. He bit beside my nipples I thought it might bleed. Deco announced he wanted to fuck me again. Dan said he was nowhere near finished. They spoke as if I was not there and didn't ask for permission just did what they wanted. I didn't speak but my pussy was feeling great.

Deco moved in behind and said that we needed to finish quickly so Julie's son doesn't find us. Deco started to try and feed his cock up my pussy that was already more than filled my Dan's fat cock. I tried to move but they held me tightly. Dan told him there was no room. I thought we could fuck her like those other chicks he said. No she is too tight was the reply, fuck her ass.

I was thankful yet mortified all in one when Deco withdrew his cock from pressing against my pussy flaps. But now he was pressed against my butt. He held me tightly and Dan stopped moving and he gently pushed forward. Jimmy and I don't have anal sex anyone as it hurts me but I like a finger up my butt. Once his cock head was in the shaft slipped further in fairly easily. It hurt a little but the pain soon subsided and was replaced by a wave of pleasure.

Soon both men was fucking me in unison. It was hard and fast. Deco and Dan continued their chat as if I were there just for their pleasure and asked what it was like to have navy meat in me, imagine what we could do with her if we had a whole weekend, wonder if she would fuck for our mates. I wouldn't share her, she's too good. I didn't answer but the questions were rhetorical.

Fortunately they soon both announced they were coming and cum they did in unison. I felt both of them erupt and hold me tight as they finished. As soon as I was able I grabbed my bikini and ran in to the house. Yelling for Jimmy to come inside. I heard a splash of my lovers jumping in the pool.

As soon as I was inside I heard my son admonish his friends telling them to put more swimmers on, my Mum is inside. Then the laughing started and they assured him I was a cool mum and would not mind.

Jimmy came in to the bedroom and immediately asked what happened and as I recited the tail he just bent me over the bed and entered me. My poor pussy was copping a pounding. When I got to the apart where Deco shagged my bum, Jimmy just withdrew from my pussy and placed his hard dick on my freckle. I knew I could not stop him and he slowly pushed this thick dick in to me. After a few soft warm up strokes it felt pretty darn good, especially when he reached around and strummed my clit. He soon had to hold my hips as he came.

I went for a shower and when dressed I went back to the outside area a little nervous. I should not have worried all the men were there and Jimmy had steaks on the BBQ and salad prepared. We had a great meal and Deco and Dan chatted as nothing happened.

When it was time for them to go, Deco gave me a big hug and as he stealthily grouped my ass and whispered in my ear that he would love to fuck me again sometime. I told them both to call in again when on shore leave and both assured me that they would.

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