When we first met, I knew there was something special about Tina. It was a chance meeting, through mutual friends, but we talked several times that night. She was the kind of woman that stayed in your head, when things were quiet...whenever I was alone with my thoughts, I often thought about her. On our first official date, things went fast; we didn't make love, but it got pretty heavy.

I called her on a Wednesday to see if she wanted to go hiking that weekend; it turned out to be cold as hell and we were all bundled up. Needless to say, we made out in the woods a couple times. Before going home, we had a beer at the lodge; we were just getting to know each other, and we talked for a long time by the big fireplace. She looked smokin' hot and her sweater buttons stopped where you could see deep into her cleavage. She had a pair of mouth-watering tits; I know she saw me checking them out. A couple times, she leaned in, just to tease me even more. I was sure I caught her doing the same, looking me up and down.

Anyway, we got back to her place and had been at it for 20-30 minutes, on the couch...she ended up topless and I was all over those tits. They were firm to touch and a satisfying handful; I nibbled her nipples, teasing them with my tongue. We were both ready to move forward, and there was no doubt I was spending the night.

I came out of the bathroom to find candles glowing on the nightstand...and scattered around the bedroom. Our lips met again in the same heated, passionate kisses. I cupped her ass and pulled her into a tight embrace, while she groped my crotch and closed her fingers around the expanding shaft. She gripped the head through the fabric, and I was more than ready to whip it out and put it in her hand.

Her ass felt smooth and firm, but with the feminine give under my fingertips. I couldn't wait to explore further, seeking out the moistness between her legs; I wanted to savor it with my tongue...or shove my cock into the heat. I felt her moan into our kisses, but then she suddenly pushed me away. Something I didn't expect, but it was only to undo my belt and push my pants down.

There it was, straining the confines of my underwear. She got sexy smile, "You know...that's what I thought! I've been feeling it grinding my hip...you've had me curious...and fantasizing about what you were packing!"

She trailed her fingers over the outline, "Mmmm...damn...I'm gonna be a happy girl tonight...and maybe sore tomorrow!" I shucked off the underwear and she squealed, "Damn Rob...that's hot!"

"I'll go easy," I smiled, "I promise...I won't break you."

When I kicked the underwear aside, it weaved proudly, from side to side, and I swear her breathing got heavier. When I rubbed through her panties, she closed her eyes, and pushed against my fingers. After a few minutes of that, I laid her out on the bed and pulled off her skirt, taking the panties with it. I kissed all over her pussy and gently spread her open, inhaling the intoxicating arousal; licking up and down her slit, I worked my tongue deep inside and started fucking.

Her clit was swollen and standing out already; I teased and licked hard, while she begged, "Oh Rob, yeah...yeah...yeah, that's good!" She groaned, "Fuckkkkk, don't stop...don't stop...please don't stop that...ahhhh...ahhhh...please...please...oh god...don't stop!"

She shuddered and moaned as waves of pleasure radiated from her clit. I suckled it like a teat, and she screamed softly, "Oh shit, Rob...mmmm, that feels good...yeah...yeah!" She had her hands digging into my head and pressing me tight to her pussy. "Oh...oh god...Rob...Rob...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh...that's it...that's...yeah...yeah...yessss...yessss...yessss! Oh, that's it...that's it!"

Somewhat breathless, she giggled, "I guess you're not just a big, handsome cock!"

"Mmmm...no, but that's next!"

I backed off her clit and pushed my finger inside and started pumping her pussy...then two fingers and then three. I don't know whether she knew I was getting her ready for bigger and better things, but she definitely knew I wasn't a one-trick pony.

When I pulled my fingers out, I grabbed hold of the rock-hard shaft, and teased her pussy lips with it. I dragged it through the tiny crack and then over clit. When I slipped on the condom, I was thinking to myself...whoever developed lubed condoms should get a Nobel Prize. Even with a lubed one, I was a little worried, because she still seemed tight...and I really didn't want to tear the damned thing. Anyway, I was lucky that she was ready; she could hardly wait, spreading her legs and pulling her knees way back. You got to love a horny woman.

When I leaned forward, there was little give in her lips. I had to thrust forward to get it in, but when the head slipped inside, her mouth opened wide and she moaned, "Ohhhhh...oh wowwww...fuckkkkk!" She breathed heavy, "Huhhh...huh...huh...ahhhh...ahhhh...yeah!"

"Okay, sweetie? You good?"

"Yeah...more than good...just take it slow...go slow and let me relax a little...gotta relax!"

She gazed into my eyes and nodded for me to start again. I pulled back a little and eased forward, until I was a little deeper. While I gently thrust forward to put another couple inches inside, she took deep breaths and moaned. "Oh Rob! Ahhhh, fuck! I feel stretched...and full...but it feels perfect. I'd bet you're twice as big as my ex's...oh god!"

I wanted to know more about the ex-husband, but knew it wasn't the time, responding, "Good to know...thanks for sharing." I slowly worked deeper, and when it was all in, I savored the sensory explosion that comes with a tight pussy.

"Mmmm...looks like you're all in...ahhhh...so full...I'm so full...ahhhh...yeah!" When I felt her push against me, I started pumping, gently easing, in and out.

She started rolling her hips, pushing up to meet my thrusts and moaning, "Oh god, Rob...Rob...mmmm...mmmm...yeah...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh...yeah...yeah...yeah...mmmm, that's it...perrrfecttttt!"

"Yeah...yeah, you okay? You got it all...you're tight...so fucking tight!" I asked again, "Mmmm, yer really tight...you okay?"

"Oh...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh...yeah...oh yeah...fuck...fuck me!"

When I started pumping, my balls tumbled over her hot, little ass, and it felt like I was pulling her pussy apart. My cock stretched her pussy and molded her insides, touching the virgin depths that no other man had reached. Her pleasure was visible, rolling up to meet my thrusts and pushing it as deep as she could.

She held her legs wide, "Never...never felt so full...ahhhh...ahhhh...ahhhh...oh god...so full!" Her eyes gazed into mine and she held her mouth open, with moans, "Mmmm...oh my...my god...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me!"

I started fucking with whole shaft, nearly pulling out and driving it all the way. "Mmmm yeah...Rob...uhhhh...uhhhh...Rob, that feels so good...so fucking good!"

Her screams fueled my lust, "Oh god...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me...fuck me...work my pussy...god damn, work my pussy...fuck me...fuck...me...fuckkkk meeee!"

I teased, "You like it...like that dick? You love a big dick...don't you?"

"Yeah...I love it...never had a big...mmmm...a big one...like this," she moaned. "Fuck me...keep fuckin' me...uhhhh...uhhhh...oh god, fuck me!"

With our bodies heaving and marked with sweat, she found her clit and started rubbing. The pleasure was growing, and her soft moans kept growing louder; her gaze was intense as she watched the thick, powerful cock pumping deep into her belly. She was focused on fucking her man...and I just kept pounding away; it almost felt like I'd split her in two.

"Yeah...yeah...yeah...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me hard, give me all that cock...uhhhh...uhhhh...uhhhh...yeah...yeah!" She started to whimper and scream as the pleasure took over. She was cumming hard...long, shuddering, head-thrashing hard...and I just kept pumping till she was calm.

Still pumping wickedly hard, I could feel my end nearing, "Fuck...Tina...fuck...uhhhh...uhhhh...I'm close...I'm gonna cum, too!"

She came back to life and squealed, "Oh, yeah! Cum for me...yeah...yeah...yeah, cum for me...use...use that pussy...use my pussy...use it...use my pussy!" "Fuck me...fuck me," she squealed, wildly rocking her body up to meet thrusts!

With balls slamming over her ass, an intense rush of pleasure shot through me. I yelled, "Fuck...fuck...cumming!" "Fuck...fuck...uhhhh...uhhhh...cum...cumming...cumming!" I shuddered each time, pulsing the load into the condom...I felt the heat around the tip of my cock. When I finished, I just stay inside and caught my breath. With her legs still in my grasp and spread, I sensuously rubbed her thighs, digging in with my fingers.

We didn't say anything for a couple minutes...there was just calm relief. When I pulled out, the head was soaking in a reservoir of hot seed; we were lucky it didn't explode.

She finally broke the silence with a soft smile, "Mmmm...I've never ever slept with a guy on a second date, but I'm sure glad I did with you! That was hot!"

That was the first time I slept with Tina. In the aftermath of two orgasms and two condoms, that night, she grabbed one of the candles. I had just got out of bed and didn't know what was up, but I quickly realized she just wanted a closer look. Still semi-hard, it hung down, but bobbed and glistened in the candlelight. She looked up, "Mister, that was amazing...fucking amazing! You certainly have a gift...a thick, sizable gift; I knew I felt something, when we were making out...but that's really something...wow!" She looked up with a big sexy smile, "Now, that I got your head about to explode, I'm officially asking you out on a third date...right now!"

Her hand closed before I could speak, "It's really hot and big...a lot bigger than Stephan (the ex-husband). I know she felt it pulsing in her hand and my head nodded back; it felt so good. I wondered for a split second whether I could go again, but I realized I should answer. Unlikely that any guy would turn down a woman, with her hand wrapped around his dick, but I had to tease her, "Well, maybe, but where 're you taking me on this third date?"

She, of course, saw through it, "Well, I wanna spend more time together...maybe just spend the whole weekend, right here, in bed?" She grinned, "I'll make it worth your while...I promise!"

She was still stroking, and it was starting to harden; I grinned, "It's a date and I promise to make it worth your while, too...but I don't think we're done with this date, yet. Maybe use your mouth this time?"

She smiled, "Mmmm...sounds good." As I held her head with one hand, I held my dick with the other and pushed it between her lips...it's really been like that ever since.

I don't remember how it all came up; but maybe she was just horny. We were in this trendy coffee shop and she gazed into my eyes, "Rob, you have amazing blue eyes...mmmm." She smiled, "And you got some serious fun in those jeans...can you spend the night?" Before I could answer, she grinned, "Or...you could just bend me over this table and ease...that money maker inside!"

"Money maker?"

"You know like a stripper...a male stripper."

I laughed, "I don't think that's an option."

She grinned, "Why not? If you didn't get kicked out, you could make a bundle in this coffee shop! The women over there at the table and those girls...well, all the women in here would tuck some bills...you'd make big money! I think those two cute guys, the baristas would be game, too."

"Maybe I can strip for you sometime?"

"I guess I'm really horny and need some...I think I'm wet already; my pussy would soak you!

"Mmmm, pussy-soaked cock...that sounds perfect! That's exactly what I need...and I don't think I can pass up an invitation like that!"

She continued with the sexy grin, "Or I could drop to my knees and suck it till you cover me...what d'ya say?"

"Okay...okay," laughing, I said, "I'm staying the night...and I want to do all of those things."

That evening, we went out to a later dinner, and the heat between us was visible. It wasn't as aggressive as the coffee shop, but we, big time, flirted in the restaurant; and we made out like teenagers in the car, before and after dinner. When we got to her place, I cracked a couple beers, and they were still on the nightstand the next morning; that's just how the evening went...no time for a beer.

My lips met hers and we went at it; the tight embrace initiated a full night of passion. We tore off each other's clothes and I pumped my dick. Already full-on erect, I showed off using both hands, while she watched. I was ready to grab a condom, but she twisted around on the bed till she was lying face-up, with her head hanging off the edge. She grinned, "Sweetie, let me try something...I wanna suck you for a bit...bring it on over here."

I knew she was going to attempt to deepthroat me, but I was a little mesmerized by her tits, and slow to respond.

"Rob, you're okay with that aren't you? Or do you need me to bend over first?"

"Uhh yeah, I'm all yours...let's see if you can throat it."

"I was going to say, Earth to Rob, but you certainly know what's going on...but I guess it's obvious." She got a sexy Tina-smile, "I just wanna see if I can do this...you know?"

I rubbed it over her cheek and teased her with it, poking at her nose and forehead, "You ready...ready for it?"

She giggled, "Let's try it...I think I'm ready."

She opened her mouth wide, straining her jaw, while I pushed inside. With the head pushing at her throat, she grabbed for my hips, pausing for some quick breaths, and slowly pushed it all the way. The whole shaft disappeared into her mouth and down her throat. Stretching her throat, the head of my dick pulsed within its grip, and her lips hugged the base. My fingers dug into her hair and I pumped forward, gently penetrating her throat, with each thrust. It was ecstasy, watching her lips slide back up to the head, and then all the way back down.

If it's being caressed by a throat, it's amazing how powerful that three or four inches of male flesh can be; it rocks your world and, in this case, changed my life. I hadn't been throated since Robin or Megan...I missed them both, but with her lips buried in my pubes, I thought Tina may remedy that.

Each time, it pushed into her throat, I shuddered and groaned. Even though she had no way to respond, I went on like she could, "Fuck! Tina...I'm in your throat! Mmmm...fuck, you didn't tell me...ahhhh...ahhhh...shit, you deep throat...you didn't tell me you could deep throat...ahhhh...ahhhh...yeah...fuck!"

The feel of her throat rippling over the thick, fleshy ridge, drove me insane, "Fuck yeah...yeah...yeah, take it...take it all...good job, baby...real good job...yeah...yeah...oh god...grind my pubes...yeah, grind'm with those lips!"

I took it slow and easy, but when she grabbed my hips and started pumping faster, I realized she wanted me to fuck her mouth! With no hesitation, I held her face and grunted with pleasure. "Oh...oh yeah...yeah...fuck, that's a good girl...good girl...fuck!"

Content with the pace, she seemed to embrace the face fucking and slipped a hand between her legs. I just kept fucking, slapping my balls over her face...it was crazy. She was totally comfortable...savoring every inch I could give her.

Thinking I should pull out to push things back, I knew it couldn't last forever, but then I felt my cock swell; this was all new and I wasn't sure if she wanted it in her throat, so I decided to pull out to finish. I threw my head back and got off a dozen strokes before exploding over her tits. They looked like they were waiting for it and she started begging, "Yeah Rob, give it to me...give me all that cum...yeah...yeah...give me all that cum...let me feel it...cover me...yeah, cover me!"

As the last of it trickled out, she rubbed some over her nipples, and massaged her breasts. She moved her hand up to her face, closed her eyes and licked, "Mmmm...I love that smell...the smell of a man." She laughed softly, "and I love the taste, too."

Again, I was mesmerized, and she smiled, "You like that, don't you? You like to see me rubbing my tits...with your jizz?"

I nodded and got on the bed, straddling her with my knees. She hugged my dick with her big tits, "Mmmm, I love it between my tits...it fits perfect...it makes me wet."

I grinned, "It does fit...and we got all night...work it...work that cock...yeah, work that cock!"

Finally, I got my bearings and realized it was her turn, especially after what just happened...my new girlfriend deepthroated me! I flipped around to lick her clit; it was rock-hard and swollen and her whole body shuddered. I had my tongue all over her pussy, tracing her labia, pushing inside...and fucking. Her pussy was fun, to say the least...she was wet...alright!

When I went got back to the clit, I sucked it between my lips and flicked...hard...and fast. It brought her to the brink, and she was grinding her pussy into my face.

Orgasm was so close she could taste it, and she savored the pleasure coursing through her body. Within minutes (I was proud of myself), she was bucking and moaning with an orgasm, surging through her body. I could feel her tremble and licked her straight through, till she slumped back into bed...breathing hard, and sated.

I laid back into the pillows, "Come on up here, sweetie."

She climbed on top of me and our lips met, again...probing...passionate and insatiable. At some point, we found our way under the covers and passed out...I woke up with her head resting on my shoulder.

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