10 Sweet Foods That Actually Taste Better Savory
Just picture a cheesecake that ISN’T sweet. It may be hard to imagine, but I promise it is possible and delicious. Other typically sweet treats like fruit and chocolate don’t have to be limited to dessert, either. You don’t have to decide between the two not only because THIS IS AMERICA AND WE HAVE CHOICES, but also, we put together some recipes found below to help you turn your fave sweets savory. You’re welcome.

Pineapples and watermelon are good fruit choices to turn savory. Gill em up and season with feta, mint, salt n’ peppa. If grilling is too much for you try this recipe.

Make chocolate savory by using it with meat dishes. Cocoa has been a common ingredient in savory dishes like mole, but if you are feeling adventurous try this recipe for chocolate bbq sauce.
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Pub: Jan 09 2021 04:31 UTC
Edit: Jan 09 2021 04:36 UTC
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