How to use#

Citra emulator#

  • Use citra 1543 or older
  • Install update 1.3 via File --> Install CIA...
  • Right click dqmj3p on rom list, open mods location
  • Create romfs/data folder
  • Extract all patch data to romfs folder (main patch first then update patch)
  • The folder structure should be like this:
  • Enjoy

Patching rom#

  • You need either a decrypted .3ds or .cia rom file (google is your best friend for how to the dump the game) and update 1.3 .cia
  • Open hackingtoolkit3ds v9 extract a .3ds file or .cia
  • Pick no for decompress the code.bin
  • Go to ExtractedRomFS\data folder, copy the extracted patch folders here
  • Open hackingtoolkit3ds again, pick either rebuild a .3ds file or .cia
  • You need to do those steps for both main game & update patch
Pub: Feb 16 2021 10:27 UTC
Edit: Jun 14 2021 16:37 UTC
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