I thought that I am dreaming that someone sucking my cock, when I went to touch my penis, it was someone's head.

Bera: Sheds, I don't want to wake up your wife.

Me: Get out of our room.

Bera just ignores me, she continues sucking my penis. Shit, she is good. Bera stop and whisper to me:

Bera: Lie down on the floor, I want to be on top of you.

I went to the. floor and lies down on my back. Bera went on top of me and inserted my penis inside her vagina. Her vagina lips start to tighten and start to squeeze my penis. It feels so good, I can't control to moan, so.

Bera: Suck my nipples hard, bite it,

That's was quick, we both reach our climax at the same time. Then Bera whisper.

Bera: Your penis taste like Didi's cum.

Then she left, I climbed back to our bed and my wife is still deeply asleep...

My wife woke me up, told me to clean my self, breakfast will be ready in 15 minutes.

While we are having breakfast:

Adya: What's the agenda today, let's do something,

Bera: Anything, let's go for a drive.

Didi: I just want to stay home, I am just want to relax. Babe, you can go with them if you want.

Me: I'll stay here with you.

Didi: You will just be bored, I want to sleep in. Go with them, enjoy.

Area: Let's get ready, we leave in 30 minutes.

I looked at Adya & Bera, there's a sparkle in their eyes. We're all ready to go, I kissed my wife. Bera hand me her car key.

Me: Ok, before I drive, any particular place you guys want to go to.

Bera: Yes, to happiness. Oyster Point Marriott Hotel, I got us a room, one of my close friends is the manager there. We also got this room for free, she will meet us in the hotel lobby. Also, if she kisses me on my lips, don't be surprised, she's lesbian.

When we arrived at the hotel lobby, this beautiful Asian woman greets us. I can see her breast cleavage. She hugs and kissed Beta, on the lips.

Bera: Joana, this is my sister Area & our brother-in-law, Orly.

Joan: Nice to meet you guys, please follow me, I will bring you guys to the room.

When we went to the elevator, there is a sign, "PENTHOUSE ONLY".

Joan: Enjoy guys, hopefully, next time I can join you guys.

Bera: Thank you,

Joan, kissed Bera on her lips and touches, Bera's breast.

Joana: I missed you, Baby.

Bera: You will have me sooner than you expect.

As soon as Joana left the room, Area & Bera slowly undressed me. I start to unbutton their shirt, they both not wearing a bra, just a chemise, with a breast like them it is hard to notice that they are braless.

Bera: They have a cozy shower room, it has a ceiling & wall showers. It also has a marble lounge chair like the one at home.

Joana and I loved to use it.

My wife and her sisters are identical, same height, same body built. If you don't know them, you will think they are triplets.

Adya & Bera are bathing me, Area is standing behind me & Bera is standing in front of me. Then Bera kneels in front of me, so she can insert my penis inside her mouth, while Adya is behind me and she is rubbing her breasts on my back while her finger is caressing my nipples.

Adya: Baby, sit down, on the marble lounge chair, so you can lick my vagina. While Bera is sucking your penis.

Bera: I can't believe, that your penis gets hard like this.

My penis is getting harder & fatter inside Bera's mouth. she knew that I will blow my sperm soon, so she stopped sucking my penis, gets up and bends over in front of me, inserted my penis inside her vagina.

I grab both sides of Bera's waists so my penis can penetrate her vagina much deeper and faster.

Bera: Yes, fuck my vagina, harder, push your penis all the way in

Adya: Lick my clitoris, move the tip of your tongue faster.

We all moaning, we all breathing deeper and faster, UGHHHHH!!AHHHHH!! We reached our climax all at the same time,

Adya squirt on my face, I can see my sperm overflows

Bera's vagina, my sperm and her vagina's nectar are running down her legs.

. Out body can't move, it is shivering.

When we got our consciousness back we get out of the shower room. We wrap ourselves with a bath towel. Then we went to the living room, I went to the bar and took out three bottles of water from the refrigerator.

Adya: Look there is a patio & garden.

Me: Shit! I can't believe that Joana let us use this for free.

Bera: Joana is in-love with me, she does everything to make me happy,

she is married but her husband does not know that she is lesbian.

We smoke a joint and cigarette while having a brewed coffee. It's already lunchtime.

Me: Let's go, I am hungry

Adya: One more round, It's my turn to have your sperm inside my vagina.

Bera: It's your turn to lick & eat my vagina.

We all went on top of the bed, Adya is sucking my penis and Bera sits on my face so I can lick her vagina.

Adya: Shit! your penis is too hard, I want it inside my vagina.

Adya., straddles in squats position on top of my penis facing me, so that she can hold onto Bera's waist. She inserted my penis inside her vagina.

Adya, slowly thrust her vagina up & down my penis shaft. While she is doing this, my left hand is massaging her breast and my right-hand fingertips are rubbing her clitoris.

Adya vagina's thrusting up & down my penis. is getting faster, both our moaning is getting louder, both our body is started to get stiff.

Adya & me both, UGGHHHH!! AHHHHH!!, we hit our ecstasy at the same time.

After a minute or less, Bera, squirted on my face.

We clean ourselves and left the penthouse room. We all passed by Joana's office, too say thank her & say our goodbye.

Adya: It's is almost 3pm, why don't we passed by that restaurant pick-up Lechon de Leche, Stir-fried noodles, pork bbg, I am craving for some Filipino food.

Bera: Let me call to order, we just pick it up, I will call Didi and tell her to cook rice.

We passed by Ling Nam restaurant and pick-up the food that we ordered,

It is passed 5pm when got back home, my wife is watching TV in the living room.

Didi: Yes, I am hungry. Wow, it smells good.

What you guys brought.

Adya: I am craving for Filipino food, so we have stir-fried noodles, pork & children bbq and Lechon de Leche.

While we are setting up the dining table, Adya's cell phone rings. It was Gerry.

They spoke for 5 minutes.

Adya: Gerry told me to start planning & set up our wedding. He us to get married in 6 months. So my sisters I need your help.

All three of they hugged. Adya say after the wedding she is moving to London with her future husband.

to be continued...

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