hi welcome to my "kinlist" (not fictkin. i fw you guys though) anything in italics i'm heavily attached to or cope with.
idgaf if you also relate! we can be bffs :3 i have reasons for most of them i swear. they aren't just random!
characters with pink text = u can call me their name if u want even if its not on my pronouns page

me as fuuckk (super important. basically synpaths)
wade wilson, lyney, aziraphale, jake english, wally darling,
c!wilbur, dirk strider, laios touden,
dogs/wolves, peter parker,
boris habit, mike morton

main (i find a lot of comfort in them, but less)
hal 9000, jake the dog, discord (mlp), guido mista, mr. wolf,
infected, john egbert, stan pines, steven universe, rhys strongfork,
handsome jack, rainbow dash, jonathan sims, viktor (arcane)
martin blackwood, haida, mettaton

secondary (i still relate a bit, but less than the main ones)
arcjec voorat, arataki itto, finn mertens, edd (ew), lil hal,
ford pines, akira fudou, thoma, ford pines, eddie dear, kaveh,
aether (gi), joe tazuna, ryuji sakamoto, akira kurusu, crowley,
percy jackson, juliek octavia, giovanni potage

for fun :3 (i Barely relate but i still have reasons)
franken stein, victor frankenstein, dante basilio, raggedy andy,
q!slime, gorou, shining armor, tarrant hightopp, sun (fnaf), split,
stu macher, c!tubbo, poppy (trolls), rockruff + evos,
dr. doofenshmirtz, roger rabbit, prototype

rodrick heffley, caliborn, cucurucho (qsmp), santa claus factkin 😏

disclaimer: i don't really care about the dsmp anymore nor do i support most of the ccs involved, but c!wilbur, c!tubbo and c!tommy are still special to me. (mostly because of my sibling)... i also do not support wilbur soot and i hope he gets what he deserves! ^_^

wilbur supporters are not welcome to interact, i will probably make fun of you and then block you.

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