hi welcome to my "kinlist" (i just relate to them, or its a comfort thing ^_^")
anything in italics i'm heavily attached to or cope with. idgaf if you also relate, lets be friends :3
ik like half of my kins contradict but literally who cares i'm having fun
back to my strawpage

very relatable (mecore)
wade wilson, lyney, peter parker, jake the dog, aziraphale, jonathan sims,
discord (mlp), rainbow dash, jake english, wally darling, mr. wolf, john egbert,
dogs, boris habit, percy jackson, haida, steven universe, finn mertens

relatable but not mecore. yk?
arcjec voorat, stan pines, ryuji sakamoto, guido mista, arataki itto, galo thymos
giovanni potage, kaveh, akira fudou, lil hal, thoma, mettaton, juliek octavia,
aether (gi), joe tazuna, dirk strider, crowley, eda clawthorne

for fun :3 i don't rly relate. just like to point at them and say They're so me...
franken stein, victor frankenstein, vittorino, dante basilio, raggedy andy, stu macher,
q!slime, shining armor, mike morton, tarrant hightopp, q!phil, gorou, sun (fnaf)
kou minamoto, rockruff + evos, dr. doofenshmirtz, glamrock freddy

rodrick heffley, caliborn, cucurucho (qsmp), santa claus 😏

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