Rentry.co is a

markdown pastebin

service with preview, custom urls and editing. Fast, simple and free.

Markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting. It allows you to easily combine text, images, links, code snippets and more into a single article. Here is a short cheatsheet to get you started. There is also an example entry.


Optional url can be set. It goes rentry.co/HERE. If no url was set then random url will be generated automatically.

Edit code

Optional edit code can be set. It can be used to edit, delete or rename the entry later. You can share this code with anyone so a group of people can edit the same entry. Without this code you have no control over your entry, so remember it or save it.


Currents limits are:

  • 200000 characters for text field.
  • 2-100 characters for custom url field. Must contain only latin letters, numbers, underscores or hyphens.
  • 1-100 characters for custom edit code field. Anything is allowed here.

Some sort of rules

Don't spam, don't abuse, don't break the law. That's pretty much it.


Your entries will be kept forever. Unless they break the rules, in which case they might get deleted. Or unless you delete them yourself.


Are updated every 10 minutes.

Forgot my edit code, wat do?

Create a new entry instead? Do a custom edit code so you won't forget it? There is no way to recover or reset your edit code, because there is no way for me to confirm that you are the original author of the entry and not some imposter. You know, anonymity and all that.

Command line

Want to paste markdown from command line? Use this - github.com/radude/rentry


  • Hit Ctrl+Enter to submit an entry.
  • Click on # Headers to get permalinks.
  • There is a mirror if the main domain doesn't work for you - rentry.org

Want to help?

BTC: bc1qdwjtmunhau3n4sxl07kg0dfn40qukz9tv6tye6


Mail to support@rentry.co or use twitter.