Request a Taken Url

Squatted URLs may be claimed on Rentry if they have no genuine content and have not been edited in the past year.

URLs with genuine content but no edits for 2 years may also be considered.

URLs must not contain any randomised sequences. For example, '/98f4ffhj' and '/privacy-894ffh' cannot be claimed.

You may claim up to 3 URLS per week. Previously claimed URLs must be filled with content when you claim more.

URLs will be available to be re-claimed if not filled with genuine content after 3 months.

If you are caught using multiple emails to bypass this rule, or if you abuse this form in any other way, all of your URLs will be taken from you. Making too many requests with a single email is not considered abuse as the system will prevent you if necessary.

Tip: Provide a URL but not an email to get feedback on whether the URL is available to be claimed!

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