my interests

markdown = my favorites :3 | italics = i didn't finish it yet or i'm not caught up
if it has a ✦ its a spinterest or a previous/current hyperfix and very dear to me...
i have a brain i don't condone any weird actions creators may have done or defend them ever
i also don't really associate myself with fandoms. i just like looking at fanart :3

✦ tv series/youtube series

adventure time ✦, aggretsuko, amphibia, arcane, avatar: the last airbender, bee and puppycat, centaurworld, chainsaw man, dead end paranormal park, devilman crybaby, doctor who, epithet erased, good omens ✦, gravity falls, helluva boss (i do Not support vivzie), infinity train, inside job, invader zim, jojos bizarre adventure, kipo & the wonderbeasts, kuuchuu buranko, mob psycho, mononoke, my little pony, OK KO, our flag means death, panty & stocking, rick and morty, she-ra, soul eater, steven universe ✦, stranger things, supernatural, the good place, the muppets ✦, the owl house, the walten files, wonder egg priority, what we do in the shadows

✦ games

2064: read only memories, 8:11 ✦, animal crossing, blooming panic, borderlands, cell of empireo ✦, cookie run, deltarune, disco elysium, don't starve together, dream daddy, genshin impact ✦, honkai star rail, identity v, inscryption, killer frequency, mazm: jekyll and hyde, minecraft, monster prom, night in the woods, omori, portal, red strings club, sky: children of the light, smile for me, *spirit farer ✦,* stardew valley, undertale ✦, va-11 hall-a

✦ other

alice in wonderland, be kind my neighbor, crazy/evil scientists, deadpool ✦, dogs/canines, generation loss, homestuck ✦, kane chronicles, laika's comet, magnus chase & the gods of asgard, markiplier, muppets, nimona, percy jackson & the olympians, petscop, puppets, provil, qsmp, ranboo, the bad guys, the heroes of olympus, the magnus archives ✦, the property of hate, the soil that binds us, the trials of apollo, the trolls movie franchise, repo: the genetic opera, slimecicle, sneegsnag, spiderman ✦, warrior cats, welcome home ✦, witch hat atelier


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