my interests

i don't associate with the fandoms or shitty creators. all i do is talk to other fans sometimes, and like fanart.
i try not to support the creators directly, if that helps at all. if you dislike me for my interests just block me!!

bold = my favorites :3 | italics = never finished it </3 | red text = other fans iwc | underline text = i don't support the creator
if it has a ✦ its really important to me.. so don't be mean. i have too many favorite characters to put here :(

✦ tv series/youtube series. Whatever

adventure time ✦, aggretsuko, amphibia, arcane, avatar: the last airbender, bee and puppycat, bungou stray dogs, centaurworld, chainsaw man, dead end paranormal park, devilman crybaby, doctor who, dungeon meshi ✦, epithet erased, fionna and cake, full metal alchemist, good omens ✦, gravity falls, helluva boss, impractical jokers, infinity train, inside job, invader zim, jojos bizarre adventure, jujutsu kaisen, kipo & the wonderbeasts, kuuchuu buranko, madoka magica, marble hornets, mob psycho, mononoke, my little pony, my hero academia, OK KO, our flag means death, panty & stocking, rick and morty, rupaul's drag race, she-ra, soul eater, steven universe ✦, supernatural, the good place, the muppets ✦, the owl house, the walten files, trigun, wonder egg priority, what we do in the shadows

✦ games

2064: read only memories, 8:11 ✦, animal crossing, blooming panic, borderlands, calamity corp, cell of empireo ✦, cookie run, deltarune, dead plate, disco elysium, don't starve together, dream daddy, flavor frenzy, genshin impact ✦, great god grove, honkai star rail, hiveswap, identity v, inscryption, killer frequency, lollipop chainsaw, minecraft, monster prom, night in the woods, omori, persona 5, pesterquest, portal, red strings club, regretevator, sally face, sky: children of the light ✦, smile for me ✦, spirit farer ✦, stardew valley, undertale ✦, undertale yellow, va-11 hall-a

✦ other

alice in wonderland, be kind my neighbor, coding, crazy/evil scientists ✦, deadpool (comics) ✦, drawing, gwenpool, dogs/canines ✦, generation loss, homestuck ✦, laika's comet, markiplier, nimona, oingo boingo, percy jackson, petscop, puppets, provil, repo: the genetic opera, robots, roleplaying, ranboo, the bad guys, the magnus archives ✦, the property of hate, the soil that binds us, the trolls movie franchise ✦, slimecicle, sneegsnag, spiderman ✦, vocaloid (mainly miku + the kagamine twins), warrior cats, welcome home ✦, witch hat atelier,


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