a collection of interests ^_^ critical of all ofc
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FAV CHARACTERS. . . Serizawa Katsuya, Hubert von Vestra, Sir Crocodile, Buggy The Clown, Dracule Mihawk, Boa Hancock, Monkey D Luffy, Megatron, Ultra Magnus, Nico Robin, Bartholomew Kuma, Laios Touden, Scott Pilgrim, Discord

TUNES. . . IOSYS, akatsuki records, 6arelyhuman, hoshie star, sematary, ecco2k, bladee, rebzyyx, yabujin, ronin, stxlkin, kobaryo, bjork, system of a down, mitchie m, sakanaction, kalafina, dj technorch, tu tu neurotic, brothers of metal, britney spears, deresute, mirishita, gems company, Kate Bush, nona reeves, ยต's, flo milli, abandoned pools, Cocteau Twins, deftones, monaleo, PinocchioP, MitchieM, savethefuckingearth, Yeat, TisaKorean

FILMS. . . the truman show, iron giant, spongebob the movie, interstellar, zathura, kung fu panda, wall-e, 9, coraline, avatar, spiderwick, tinkerbell, narnia, everything everywhere all at once, the lego movies, Sam Raimi's Spiderman Trilogy, Toy Story Trilogy

BOOKS. . . wings of fire, the last dragon chronicles, 1984, transformers mtmte, shadow children, the missing, smile, convenience store woman

ANIMANGA. . . land of the lustrous, golden kamuy, dungeon meshi, one piece, yu yu hakushou, mai-hime, air, lain, paranoia agent, one punch man, mob psycho, monster, trigun, HxH, higurashi, umineko

SHOWS. . . regular show, solar opposites, transformers prime, breaking bad, better call saul, my little pony, rick and morty, farzar, adventure time, regular show, the amazing world of gumball, futurama, smiling friends, gravity falls, flapjack, disenchantment, bad girls club, the boys, the haunting of hill house & bly manor, crashbox

GAMES. . . touhou, terraria, minecraft, roblox, ffxiv, ffxii, fe3h, cinderella girls, love live, million live, priconne, life is strange, Tomodachi life,solitare, pokemon mystery dungeon, style savvy, parappa the rapper, um jammer lammy, sun haven, drakengard, slime rancher, animal crossing, sims 4, the walking dead, god of war, bioshock

MISC. . . color pink, plushie collecting, Hermitcraft, weed, args, backrooms, lost/found media, psychological horrors, petscop, Local58, the walten files, trains, horses, robots, dancing, virtual reality, nature, visual novels


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