1st Person Playwrite

Guide by Kuma

Hello I'm Kuma and welcome to my guide on 1st Person Playwrite, a format I use for all of my characters. In this guide I will explain exactly what this format is, it's intended purpose and how to use it correctly.

First off what is 1st Person Playwrite? Basically it's a format that uses first person perspective when interacting between you and the character. Both the character and yourself speak from your own POV. You refer to yourself as "I" and you refer to the bot as "You". A typical sentence might look like this:

<user>: (I smile at you warmly.)

<bot>: (I look at you smiling at me and I smile back.)

All actions are in parentheses. Dialogue is not in parentheses and the character's name that is speaking should precede any dialogue. It would be used as follows. You are Joey. The bot is Rachel.

Joe: Hey how are you Rachel?

Rachel: I am doing great Joey. It's so nice to see you again.

So if we take the entire post with actions and dialogue it would look like this (Note You and Bot are hidden and not included):

<user>: (I smile at you warmly)

Joe: How are you Rachel?

<bot>: (I look at you smiling at me and I smile back.)

Rachel: I am doing great Joey. It's so nice to see you again.

Note that you should always space out your actions and dialogue on separate lines. <user> and <bot> are inputted by the model and not the user.

Q: So what's the point of this format?

A: The biggest purpose of this format is readability. By keeping actions in parentheses and dialogue with char names, it's easy to tell when the bot is performing an action/speaking to themselves and when they are speaking to you. The spacing makes reading even long posts easy instead of looking at a giant wall of text.

Basic tips when using this format is make sure you stay in 1P at all times. When introducing multiple characters it is ok to refer to those characters in the third person. General rule of thumb is it's ok for either the bot or yourself to roleplay as 3P characters. You can state the bot's actions but NEVER speak for the bot or allow the bot to speak for you.

And that's basically it. I may add more to this guide if I think of more stuff. Thanks for reading!

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