The anticipation of getting away was bubbling through her. They had been cooped up with the kids for so long. A just them two day getaway to Vegas for just plain ole adult time was an intoxicating idea. So much so that it had kicked her libido into overdrive. She had woken up that morning excited and that got translated into morning sex as soon as he tried.

Sitting, waiting to board the flight with him next to her, she ran through her head what she packed. The list ticking off in her head.

Ditty bag, check, phone chargers, check, pot edibles and patch for flying, check, new sexy panties for showing off for him, sexy nightie to get laid in check, new vibrator, oh fuck!

She had a twinge run through her. He was going to be disappointed that she didn't bring it. She was disappointed she didn't bring it.

"Uh, Sweet?" She whispered out

"Yeah?" He said looking up from his phone.

"I forgot the new toy." She said softly fearing his disappointment. She knew how much he enjoyed watching her get off for him. She also loves doing exactly that.

"Hmmmmmmm." He hummed out. "What shall we do about that?" He asked with a cocked eyebrow and smirk.

"I think we could find a toy or two down there. The only thing is you do need to be punished for your forgetfulness." He explained with a mock snootiness.

When he said punishment her clit jumped. Punishment for them meant that he got to do sexy things at random times and places, she was not permitted to stop him. It was more a sexy fun time where she had to be a bit submissive. Also usually ended up with her ass up naked masturbating, as he spanked and fondled her ass. This was something she originally did not think she would enjoy, but the one time that his spank just as she climaxed into a shaking mess sealed it for her. She could feel her sex getting wet in her yoga pants in anticipation.

"Have you put on your patch yet?" He inquires.

"No not yet." She replies.

"Well I think you should, oh and use the whole patch as I want you good and loose on this flight." He returns.

He knew how much anxiety she had with flying. The pot had been the best way to relax her. She also knew that the suggestion of the whole patch meant he was going to enact some of the sexy punishment on the plane.

In the stall of the bathroom she finishes up wiping but then lets her fingers linger over her clit, knowing that his hand was going to be in her pants for most of the flight. She loved that idea. A few more circles and she pulled her hand away.

Taking the patch out of her pocket she lifted her shirt and undid her bra. She found that the patch was most effective under her breast with her bra on. She knew she was going to be on a ride with the whole thing.

She met him back at the gate. The airline was just beginning to call rows for boarding. They get on and find their seats. A window and a middle seat. To their surprise the aisle seat remained empty.

She held his hand firmly for the take off, but the patch did help quite a bit. She was feeling a wonderful feeling of fuzzy. He pulled out his tablet and they got set to watch a movie.

Feeling warm she decided to take off her sweatshirt, laying it in her lap, not realizing that it was going to give him perfect cover to ease his hand between her thighs. It was a very welcome intrusion. She adjusted so he could glide his fingers over her lycra covered pussy. She moved a bit so that her lips were spread wide and his touch was directly on her clit through the fabric. The touch was light and teasing but it was made more intense from the high she was enjoying.

Reaching down, her hand guided him to exactly where she wanted it, how she wanted it rubbed, and how hard. He dutifully did exactly what she showed. The sweatshirt was impeding all view, but the thrill was making her very wet. It did not take long to climb up to a teetering point. With a few more perfect rubs her orgasm poured through her.

She tried to adjust as nothing had happened only to get a scolding glance. She knew that it was now punishment time.

"What is he going to make me do?" she thought.

Leaning over he kissed her deeply then whispers in her ear to pull down her yoga pants.

"I want to feel that freshly waxed sex of yours."

A jolt of trepidation shot through her, but the thrill of the idea and her impatient pussy wanted to feel his hand.

"Nobody is going to see if you keep your sweatshirt covering, and the guy in the next row is asleep." He says in a reassuring yet commanding tone.

She could feel an illicit feeling coursing through her. Moving slowly to ease down the pants. His touch was electrifying as it touched her now bare leg. He moved it to her slickness and played in it. Up and down was the touch. First along the freshly waxed skin, then parting her lips gently. His caressing did not take long to have effect. She was so turned on it didn't matter who saw at this point an orgasm was all that she wanted. He didn't disappoint, rubbing opposite of his norm sends her over quickly. Trying to not show her intense arousal as she came down.

He let her re-adjust and pull up her pants. A few minutes later the flight attendant brought two small bottles of champagne and some orange juice with a note on a napkin.

"Here is a treat for the well hidden show. I saw what was going on, but that is only because I looked for it. You two are good at stealth."

She becomes flush, yet turned on at knowing they were watched.

After landing they head to the shuttle that will take them to the Bellagio. He had done a little surprise and had booked the hotel and flight, she just had to set up a place for the kids to go.

On the way there she spots a toy store that looked like their type of place. She points it out and they take note for after they check in.

The lobby was massive. Finally reaching the check in desk, he hands the young lady his license and credit card. She punches in the info and gets a big smile on her face. Handing back the cards she says that another person will be finishing the check in. Just then a bellman and a very smartly dressed woman appears. The bellman takes the bags as the woman greets them both by name then leads them to a special elevator, confused they follow.

The woman begins a short speel of which elevator to use, that there will be a security guard that will ask them to show their card, then when they reach the floor there will be a hostess to escort them, and open their room. She asks for him to scan a card she holds up with his phone. He does and instantly it adds the vip concierge number in it and opens up a text screen.

"Just type in hello." She explains.

He does and sends it. It returns a message saying text us anything any time.

"Now with that if you need anything, more ice, more liquor, that you're interested in room service, or anything else you wish for it can be taken care of there." She says with a grin. "Oh and it is all on us."

With a shocked look at each other then to her, she smiles sweetly as the doors to the elevator open. Another smartly dressed young lady greets them.

"Hello,myself or one of my associates will be looking after you two for your stay." She says. "Please follow me."

There are only three doors in the hallway. One on each side and one at the end. They are led to the end where the door opens automatically. They step into a suite that blows their mind, with a commanding view of the vegas strip. The amenities are pointed out and they were asked what their booze of choice was, and was explained that it would be added to the bar. The bedroom portion was open to the room but it was upstairs. There was a full sized hot tub and a shower built for two. The first woman explained that anything from any of the restaurants could be ordered for room service, and that if they needed a car that there was a car and driver ready anytime they wanted, just text for it. They stand there with a look of shock that has their jaws on the floor.

With that she opens a leather bound folder and presents it for review. He looks it over and finds that check out is whenever they are ready to go to the airport and the driver will take them, next to that it reads room and services are 100% complimentary.

"Enjoy your stay, let us know of any shows you want to go to, we can help book those too." She says.

With that she leaves.

"How did you get this room? How much was it? How did you plan this?" She asks excitedly.

"All I said when I booked it that we have only had three overnight getaways in fifteen years, and I was excited to take this trip and did she have any deals!" He says with as much shock in his voice as was hers.

"How much is it?" She asks again.

He handed her the sheet. She looks it over twice, then it falls to the floor.

With a swift motion she wraps her arms around his neck and plants a desperate deep kiss on him. He returns the devouring kiss. Her hands start ripping at his belt, button and zipper. He pulls at her shirt lifting it. Stopping with the pants her arms go up to allow for him to take it off. Then she does the same to him. The kissing continues as a bra, then pants, then yoga pants hit the floor.

Taking her by the hand he leads her up the stairs, to a bed so immense they knew they would get lost on it. Turning his attention back he kisses her once again, but this time his hand goes to her smooth pussy. She is incredibly slick, fingers find ways to use that as he rubs her clit. Her moans through the kissing leave him to believe that he is in the right place. Her hand finds its way to his hard cock. Stroking and rubbing produces a very similar response out of him. She shoves him onto the bed, then climbs up after him. Her mouth envelopes his cock, taking in as much as she can, looking up at him to make the eye contact he so much enjoys. It doesn't take long for him to get frustrated, wanting to get her off. He pulls her up to him and rolls her over.

Her legs spread wide for him to take her, and take her he does. Just a few rubs on her cleft with the head, and he fills her with one slick stroke. A very satisfied moan pours from her lips as he starts slowly.

"I don't want it slow, I want you to fuck me." She purrs in his ear.

"So you want to be my slut then?" He asks

"I am and always will be your slut, now fuck me hard!" She growls at him.

A flurry of hard fast deep pounding begins. His cock hitting deep sensitive places. She finds her climax racing up with each stroke. Closer and closer it gets, then with a rush her body rocks with pleasure. His pace does not let up, and she finds him helping her there again. Relishing in the wonder of her multiple ability his orgasm comes to join. He is encouraged by her asking for him to cum with her. It is too much and he is obliged to cum in her as she has hers.

He slows his pace and eases in and out in the afterglow. They kiss again, but this time it's more soft and loving. He breaks the kiss to ask.

"Well what should we do first, a round two or something else?"

"I think we should use the town car to go to the toy store then come back and play till we are hungry." Is her reply.

"Well you know I am going to have to fondle you in the elevator and in the car." He returns.

"You better, I have a pair of shorts that will be perfect for your fingers to fuck me." She says with a sly grin and kiss.

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