After several days of almost nonstop depraved intercourse between Omega, Anon and Kronii, the COuncil Overseer managed to get the worst of his newly-found addiction out of his system, returning to his usual duties
It took a while till they met again
Omega arrived at their apartment, needing Kronii to sign some documents
"You know, I would expect almighty god like you to know where your subordinates are. Almost like you were trying to get some alone time with me, hehe"
Omega carried himself past him and into living room, expression of complete disinterest on his face
"Basic worm like you doesn't need to understand reasoning of divine. And no, I don't seek sexual satisfaction."
Standing at the sofa, he turns around, a unusual spark of confidence in his eyes
"Or is it that you are now slave to your urges towards me? Wouldn't surprise me at all, to be honest. Humanity always had the rather unfortunate habit of thinking through their sexual organs rather than actual brain"
His hand then moved to his mouth, simulating stroking motion as his tongue poked into the cheek on the opposite side
"Perhaps Kronii's body no longer does it for you? She is only partially god-like, unlike me."
Anon kept a stone cold expression as he approached Omega
In his mind, the silence indicated that he managed to get under Anon's skin
With this newfound confidence towards his rapist that send him into spiral of perversion, Omega stared Anon down, using the couple of inches he had on him to reinforce his dominant position
Once he was only a step away from the androgynous avatar, Anon stopped...
...and sighed
Omega only managed to raise his eyebrow at the action before his hand was ceased and his light frame was spun around
Suddenly he found himself bent over the sofa, both of his arms held behind his back by Anon's left hand while the right threw his overcoat away and ripped the bottom of his bodysuit open
"H-Hey! Wait a minute, how dare you! Unhand me, you dumb a-AAAAAGH!"
Sudden spank on his flat cheek make him scream, utterly unprepared for the possibility that nothing really changed since last time
Confidence drained out of him as he watched Anon pull down his shorts, pulling out that fat slab of meat that Omega only recently managed to scrub from his thoughts
Mere sight of made it all resurface, his cock, free from the fabric and swinging around, growing erect against his will
"I-I-I command you to stop, damn it! I will erase you from the this world if yo----"
Omega's voice died in his throat as he felt the shaft slide between his tiny ass orbs
He looked down at Anon's member, mesmerized by the veiny girth
When Anon paused the movement, with his tip over his pucker, huis eyes darted up, filled with the familiar panic
"P-please, n-no.....not a-again...
Anon just smirks at his pleading
His grip releases on Omega's wrists and moves to the halo above his head
The slender ivory arms hand uselessly down, all fight gone form the twink's body as Anon pulls him back
He then moves his head forward, right to Omega's...and gives him a passionate French kiss
Caught completely off-guard, expecting rough, uncaring domination, Omega simply melts, letting Anon explore and dominate his mouth, all the while his shaft enjoys the naizuri-tier assjob
By the time Anon lets go of his lips, Omega's cock is jumping up and down and leaking precum on the floor
The pale face is completely flushed, breathing heavily after the intense make-out session
"Beg for it"
It takes Omega a moment to process the command through his oxygen depraved brain, so Anon repeats
"Beg for my fat cock in your slutty femboy ass"
"N-no! Never..."
Omega attempts resistance, but shaking of his body detracts from it
Tip of Anon's cock now rubs directly against anal hole, sending almost painful jolts of energy up the ivory god's spine
"Shame, I guess I misjudged what a needy faggot you are. I am sure you will have no problem just getting up and leaving then?"
Anon let him go and stepped away, Omega free to move as he pleased
Yet he remained bent over, staring somewhere into the room
Battle raged in his mind, seriously contemplating just fixing his suit and walking away
Yet his muscles wouldn't obey
Instead, his hands moved up and back, right to his ass
He groped his cheeks and spread them wide, his equally pale asshole now on full display
"...p-please...I c-can't leave like this...
His breath was rugged and rapid as he gazed into Anon's eyes, surrender radiating from them
Anon stepped closer again, grabbing his cock and pressing the tip inside
Omega yelped out, the sudden intrusion setting his brain ablaze
His screams fill the room, Anon showing no mercy as his cock slid balls deep and back, setting a rough tempo
Omega's body tensed up the moment Anon's shaft rubbed its veins against his swollen prostate, sending the first of many ropes of cum onto the back of the sofa
His tongue lolled out and eyes crossed, all the sense of control he built up over the past das free of molestations shot out of his body with ever spur of cum
"OOOOOOOUUUUUUUUHHHHHHH I-I am sooooooooorry! M-Mercy! I will be a good pet, DON'T BREAK ME L-LIKE THIIIIIIIIIIS!
His cries were silenced by Anon gripping his neck with both hands, the blindingly white skin immediately bruising from the forceful touch
Omega's face was covered in drool and tears, too overloaded with stimuli to control himself
There was no strength left in him to beg, only to moan and cum
The back of the sofa was now a mess, as Omega unloaded days worth of cum
Feeling Anon hilt all the way and spray his own, much more powerful and potent, load inside of his guts made him together with oxygen deprivation pass out for a moment
When he woke up and regained control of his senses, he noticed a second figure standing above him, before his consciousness slipped again
Next time he woke up, the mess on his face was multiplied with copious amount of girl juices and stray dark-pubes
With his ass being plowed again, he let out half-awake whines, sending vibrations into the cunt grinding against him
"Well well well, out albino toy is awake~"
Kronii's mocking tone hit like a whip and sent his body into another set of orgasmic spasms
Time lost all meaning as the Warden of Time used her powers to fix up any of them the moment they failed to continue performing
By the end, Omega was a mess, laying on the floor in puddle of various bodily fluids, some mixture coating most of his naked body
There was no escape, he realized, staring into the ceiling, feeling cum leaking from his asshole
It was foolish to think he could course-correct the situation
His body suddenly feeling a lot less sore signaled the return of Kronii and Anon
The simple fact he lost all control and was a slave to their depraved whims was enough to make him cum again
With his cock twitching and drooling, earning laughter from Kronii, Anon pinned Omega's smooth nutsack between his sole and the floor, applying pressure to it until another orgasm overtook the fallen god
It was pure bliss and Omega was starting to wish it would never end

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