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Tips For Opening Car Doors Carefully

Nearly everyone has witnessed the awkward dance that a car door opener does. It happens when the driver and passengers attempt to pull and push the handle at the exact same at the same time.

The result is typically a locked car door. Here are some tips on how to avoid this problem.

Safety Tips

Cars are designed to be secure, so when you open the door, you need to do it with care. If you're not careful, you could end up damaging your vehicle or put yourself in danger. Repairing your car could cost a lot if you damage it. To prevent problems like this take these steps when you open your car's door.

Use a Doorstop or Wedge Similar

If you're locked out, your first step is to create an opening between the top of one of your car's front-door window frames and the body. A small amount of pressure will allow this to happen, but make sure you're gentle so you don't damage your vehicle. When you've got an opening, you can slide a rod (such as a straightened wire clothes hanger) into it and attempt to get the button to lock it.

Be sure to keep your eyes open. When you're working on cars, you have to be aware of other people around you at all times. Be aware of people who are watching from nearby vehicles parked or hiding behind them. Pay attention to other drivers, particularly those who are in your blind spot. You never know if someone is trying to pull out ahead of you.

Many modern vehicles are equipped with a lot of flexible doors to allow them to bend instead of snapping open during an accident. They are not designed to open while moving forward. When you open a vehicle's door while moving forward, it may open and strike other vehicles or pedestrians. It can also hit objects like fences, trees or other cars. Some cyclists have even been injured by cars that open their doors front of them.

To prevent this, always examine your blind spots before you open a car door. Place your car in a spot that is large enough for you to open the door without hitting something else. Also, make sure to open your doors and roll up your windows prior to exiting your vehicle. This will protect your car from debris and will make it easier for drivers to see you when you're parked on the side of the highway.

The Right Tools

If you work as locksmiths, or in another security-related field having the right tools to gain access into vehicles is vital. AW Direct has a great selection of car opening tools from top brands like Pro-Lok, Brockhage, and Steck Big Easy. These kits include everything you require to quickly and easily open any vehicle. They include tools such as an adjustable long reach tool, wedges and a strip tool that can remove the vertical door lock buttons. They also come with a convenient carry case to keep your tools in order and ready to use. Find them now to find the perfect car opening tool.

The Most Effective Techniques

If you attempt to open an automobile without the right tools and assistance from an expert could cause damage, void warranties, and could put your possessions in danger. It is recommended to leave lock manipulation to professionals unless you are familiar with it.

To open a car that is locked you can make use of a doorstop. This creates a tiny gap where you can insert the rod and push the unlock button. You can also make use of an uprighted wire hanger to create an object that is small and hook-shaped. Then, open locked car can shape it to fit around the button.

Another method is to use a string with a slip knot. This method requires more than one person however, it's extremely efficient if you own cars equipped with post-style locks which include buttons on the door handle. Just make sure that the string you're using is strong enough to hold the lock without pulling hard on the door.

The method is risky as it could cause warping or breaking of an area if you force the door too much. It is important to only push the door back just enough to reach the unlock button.

Another way to open the door of a car that is locked is leveraging the gap between the window and the rubber molding. This method is typically performed by a home security expert or locksmith who has experience with this type of vehicle. It works with automobiles with buttons that have smooth surfaces which can be moved by a wire hanger. The trick is to make the wire hanger sufficient in length to fit into the gap and then bend the ends into a small hook to enable you to reach the lock button. These methods can be difficult to master, but they're useful in the event of an emergency. It's recommended to practice these techniques in front of a mirror, so that you can see your surroundings and avoid accidentally damaging your vehicle. Keeping these tips in mind will help you save money as well as keep your possessions secure.

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