The Husband's Hideaway: Cherry, The Scylla

Cherry smiles back and leans in closer to you with a glimmer in her eye.
"I'm glad. ready to go to the next level?" She asks.
"Of course. You said your back needed some work, right?" You ask playfully. "Why don't we work that out in my room?"
"Sounds good to me."
Cherry grabs your hand, gently pulling you to your feet. She presses her lips against yours, and the two of you embrace.
You lead her by the hand to your room, and shut the door behind you. You turn back to face her, only for her to press up against you and kiss you passionately.
"I'm going to have a lot of fun with you," she murmurs.
"So I've heard," you say.
Cherry sits down on the bed, patting her lap.
"Come on then, let's put that legendary stamina of yours to good use."
You smile as you walk on over to join her on the bed. "Legendary stamina, huh? Have people been saying things?" You ask.
"All good things," she says.
"I sure hope so."

You and Cherry begin kissing each other passionately. Her long, slim fingers begin undoing your belt as she gently bites your lip. You can feel two of her tentacles tugging at your pants as she pulls your belt free.
You wince as she tugs your pants down, the tightness of your boxer shorts apparent in the fabric's acute strain. She giggles as she kisses you again, before hooking her fingers under it and pulling them down to release your cock.
"Here we go," she says.
She leans back, lifting up her shirt and trailing her hands from her stomach along her sides and up to the cups of her bra, filling it with her breast and pushing them together; a sight you enjoy as she leans forward, pressing her breasts against your chest as she kisses you again. Her tongue dances around your mouth as one of her hands slides down to your thighs, taking a moment to indent her fingers against your skin.
You take the opportunity to arch your hips upwards, your erect cock gently nudging against her underwear. She pulls you out of the kiss and bites her lip as she slowly grinds against you, leaning back and undoing the front clasp of her bra to let it fall away. She leans forward, pressing her tits against your chest as she reaches around your back pull your shirt off, which you raise your arms to help her with before she tosses it aside.

You reach out to cup one of her breasts with your hand as she begins grinding against you again. You gently nibble on her earlobe as she grinds against you, before you work your hands lower, slowly trailing them down her stomach and resting them at the hem of her underwear. She pulls away from you slightly, lifting her hips to help you pull her underwear down to reveal her wet pussy. The scent of her fills the air as you hear her breathing quicken.
Cherry brings her lips just up against your ear, her hot breath cascading along your neck as she whispers to you.
"You're such a naughty thing. Making a girl wait like that in the middle of breeding season. All I could do was sit and wait. Getting wetter and wetter, waiting for you to come back and fuck me." She whispers in a voice rapidly filling with lust. "But now you're here. Now I can finally work off some of this... anticipation..." She says that last part with a heavy exhale.
You feel her lean forward, and you start to go down when she suddenly sits back up. She leans forward and takes your earlobe between in her mouth, gently nibbling on it as she brings a hand down to wrap around your cock. She slowly begins stroking as she grinds against you.
"Do you want to go slow? Or do you want to go fast?" She asks, her voice heavy with lust.
"Whatever you want." You respond.
"Don't mind if I do." She says.
She leans forward and kisses you again, before gently pushing you down onto the bed. This time, as she learns forward to join you, you notice her tentacles starting to work their way around your legs. She leans forward and the tentacles tighten their grip, sending a thrill through your body as she continues kissing you. The tentacles begin to pull and you soon find yourself with your back on the bed as she positions herself on top of you.

You feel her hand wrapping around your cock again, and this time she begins sliding it along your skin, slowly but firmly. Her other hand slides up your chest as she leans in closer, kissing you deeply.
Her tongue slides past your lips effortlessly, pushing up against your own tongue as she sucks on it gently. She releases it and begins kissing you on the cheek, before licking your earlobe.
Her grip on your cock tightens as she begins to slide her hand back, then forward again, repeating the process. As she does this, her other hand comes to your head, running through your hair slowly. She keeps working you as she kisses down your jawline and onto your neck, gently sucking on the flesh of your neck.
You let out a small moan of approval as she continues her work. "Oooh... Cherry..." You groan.
She rewards you with a small nibble, making you let out a yelp. She begins kissing back up your neck, towards your ear, then onto your cheek. Finally, she reaches your lips and brings you in for a wet kiss, as her hand keeps working your cock.
"You're pretty good at this." You say, a slight pant in your voice.
"I'm glad you approve." She says, continuing her work.
She leans forward and begins sucking on your neck again, gently placing small bites as she does so. The pleasure slowly builds up inside of you as she works.

"Fuck, I... Ah..." You moan.
She suddenly releases her grip and sits up again, looking down at you with an intense stare. "How bad do you want it?" She asks, her voice low and seductive.
"I... Want it..." You pant.
"How bad do you really want it?" She asks, leaning in close.
"I really want it... Please..." You beg.
She smiles as she leans in closer, her face just an inch away from your face. "Beg me." She commands.
"Please!" You yelp.
"I didn't quite catch that."
You decide to lay it on thick, seeing this as a good chance to really drive her arousal up.
"I need you, Cherry. I need to feel every last inch of you against me. I have to have you. Please..." You add a bit of a whimper at the end to really sell it.
"Well, you've convinced me." She says, leaning in to kiss you.
You can feel her tentacles squirming across your legs with a mixture of arousal and amusement at your present condition, slowly working up your legs as Cherry works to intertwine your lower bodies. She's doing a good job of staying composed, but just how much you've managed to arouse her is plainly visible through her body language. She's covered in a light layer of sweat, her breathing heavy and rhythmic. The way she presses her tongue back into your mouth is eager to the point of addiction.

You can feel her tentacles slowly moving up your legs and towards your hips, though she's taking her time with this.
"Please..." You moan out as the pleasure builds up.
"I thought I was in charge." She says, leaning in to kiss along your jawline.
"You are... But I want you to take me." You say.
"Mmm, maybe I'm not quite convinced yet." She says, continuing her work.
"Please..." You say again, before you give a yelp as her tentacles quickly move up your legs and wrap around your hips.
The feeling of her tentacles moving up your legs and around your hips is enough to drive most men insane with lust, and you're no exception. Her tentacles begin to gently squeeze and massage your hips as she slowly moves them back down your legs. You let out a shudder as you feel the pleasure building up.
"I think I'm convinced." She says with a smile.
"Oh, thank god."
You lean in to kiss her, as her tentacles continue their work. You can feel them slowly moving up your legs, teasing you for quite a while before slowly moving back down. The pleasure is strong enough that it's taking everything to just keep it together for you.
"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Immensely." You reply, panting slightly.
"Good, because I want you to enjoy it as much as I do."
She leans in and begins kissing along your neck and shoulders while her tentacles continue their work. You feel one of them slowly wrap around your cock, gently sliding up and down. Another one slinks its way up to intertwine with your arms, which are currently pinning her lower body down.
"Does that feel good?"
"Oh yes." You moan out in response.
"Good, because I want you to enjoy this as much as I do."
She leans in and begins kissing along your neck and shoulders while her tentacles continue their work. You feel one of them slowly wrap around your cock, gently sliding up and down. Another one slinks its way up to intertwine with your arms, which are currently around her hips as she continues working on you.
You begin to feel the pleasure building up within you. You're not sure how much longer you can last.
"Oh... Cherry..." You moan softly.
"Do it, baby. Give me your seed."
You let out a shuddering breath, before letting out a loud groan as you release into her tentacle that's wrapped around your cock. You feel a spurt of semen shoot out and into her tentacle, which continues to work its magic as more spurts out. You can hear the squelching sound as she continues to gently move it.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck..." You moan as you keep releasing.
You hear a faint popping sound as her tentacle detaches from your cock and you feel a spurt of semen hit your stomach before it's quickly sucked into her mouth.
"Mmm, delicious." She moans as she licks her lips. "I needed that."
"I can tell..." You say, panting heavily.
"You taste so good. It's like... Like honey."
She leans in to kiss you, forcing her long and thick tongue into your mouth. Her tongue works almost as deftly as her tentacles, which are quickly returning to work on you.
You release a long and heavy moan into Cherry's mouth as she licks the inside of your mouth and wraps her arms around you, just above your shoulders.
"Oh, fuck." You moan as you feel yourself getting close again.
You break the kiss and bury your face into her shoulder as you begin to release once again. You can feel her tentacles working even faster now as one wraps around your throat and begins to massage it while two others wrap around your back, drawing you close against Cherry's body.
"Oh, fuck. I can't... I can't..." You moan as your body begins to tense up.
Cherry suddenly lets out a loud moan and you feel warm liquid gush down onto your crotch and upper thighs as you release for a second time.
"Ohhh...! Ohhhh...!" Cherry moans as she releases along with you.
You slowly begin to come down from your orgasm as she continues to rub her cum-soaked crotch up against yours.

"That... That was..." You pant.
"Intense, huh?" She asks with a smile.
"I'm not done yet, darling."
She slowly lowers herself, lying you down onto the bed as she begins to lick your body clean. Her tentacles continue to massage you as her tongue licks up your chest and neck, before she finally reaches your lips to give you a deep kiss. The taste is a combination of both your bodily fluids, equal parts salty, sweet, and strange as she mushes her tongue against yours.
Taking your head in her hands and deepening your kiss, you feel all of Cherry's tentacles begin to wrap around your body to draw you as close to her as possible.
"Mmmmmm...!" She moans into your mouth as she releases a long stream of her own warm bodily fluids down your throat.
You release a moan of your own as you can feel it entering into your body, filling you with a warmth and tingling sensation.
As she breaks the kiss, you can see her eyes are almost completely rolled up into her head as she's lost in her ecstasy.

"What... was that... going down my throat?" You ask groggily.
"Oh, that's just my natural bodily fluids. They're filled with nutrients and hormones that we release during breeding season to help with... well, breeding." She explains.
"Hormonal shit..." You groan as you start to feel your body temperature rising.
"You feeling okay?" She asks.
"Yeah... I feel... great actually." You say, not really feeling any negative effects.
"That's good! That means my fluids are compatible with you."
"Compatible... as in, we're doing this again sometime?"
"Of course! We're going to be having a lot of fun together during breeding season."
You lay your head back with a chuckle. "Great, another regular."
"You don't mind, do you?" She asks, concerned.
"No, of course not. You're plenty of fun."
"Aww, thank you, honey." She says kissing your cheek.
You feel your body temperature rising as you begin to feel an extreme burning sensation all over your body.
"Shit...!" You groan as you try to roll off the bed to get away from the heat.

A little startled, Cherry climbs off the bed and lays a concerned tentacle on your arm. "Are you alright?" She asks.
Her tentacle feels refreshingly cold, and you quickly slide it along your arm and feel waves of chilly bliss take the pressure off your skin.
"I'm burning up. But your tentacles are so chilly all of the sudden... They're perfect..." You say, slightly dazed as you continue to rub the tentacle along your arm.
"Oh, that can happen as you're getting compatible with my bodily fluids, it's a side effect."
You continue to rub the tentacle along your arm as you feel chills running through your body. "That's so good...!" You moan.
"Should I... stop?" Cherry asks.
"No, that feels so good..."
Cherry smiles and slides the tentacle up to your neck, then down your chest. She applies a little pressure, and you can feel her tentacle wrapping around your body.
"I'm glad you like it. You can rub the other tentacle on your other arm too."
"Now that's a nice feeling..." You moan.
Cherry giggles as she moves her tentacles around your body, allowing you to feel extreme sensations of both heat and cold wherever her tentacles are touching you.

"Ah! Shit that's good...!" You say, as you begin to feel your body temperature steadily drop.
"You're going to have to tell me what feels good and what doesn't, okay? I want to make sure you're having a good time."
"Well, what you're doing right now is a very good start..." You moan as the tentacles rub against your genitals.
Cherry giggles as she continues to move her tentacles all over your body.
You begin to feel a very pleasurable tingling in your body. "Oh, fuck...!" You moan as you feel a rush of endorphins hit all at once.
"I'm glad you like that."
"That's really good..."
"Tell me if it gets too intense, okay? I don't want to hurt you."
You start to feel your body temperature drop rapidly as you're covered in goosebumps.
"A-ah! I think... I'm just along for the ride at this point." You say between sharp inhalations of pleasure.
Cherry smiles as she continues to rub all over your body, and you feel a sudden rush of blood to your groin.
"Oh... Oh shit!" You moan as you feel a strong climax approaching.
"I'm glad you're enjoying this. Should I stop?"

"No... No!" You say, as you begin to feel your semen pumping into overdrive.
"Shit...!" You moan, as you begin to coat the tentacles with your hot cum.
"Fuck! Ah! Oh my god!" You moan as Cherry works her tentacles across your body even faster while you climax, drenching them in your cum.
"Oh, you're making me horny..." Cherry says, as she begins to rub her hands all over her curvy figure.
"You're so sexy when you climax. You're making me want to touch myself..."
"Go right ahead. I can help, too." You reply, as your body temperature begins to rise once again.
"You want to touch me?"
"I want to do a lot more than just touch you..." You say, as you grab one of her tentacles.
"Mmm... Go right ahead." Cherry purrs as she watches you intently.
You quickly pull the tentacle up to your lips and wrap your mouth around it, sucking on it vigorously.
"Ah! Yes!" She moans, as you begin to feel the tentacle squirm around in your mouth.
You can taste a light salty flavor, but it's easily overshadowed by the taste of Cherry's skin.
"Mmmm... You're doing a great job."

You begin to take the tentacle deeper into your mouth until you're massaging it with the full extent of your oral ability.
"Oh, fuck! That's good!"
You begin to massage her with your lips and tongue in a rhythmic motion, as you take the tentacle deeper and deeper into your mouth.
"I'm going to...!"
Cherry grabs your head and begins to thrust her tentacle deep into your throat as she lets out a loud moan. You gag slightly as you feel a flood of warm, salty liquid enter your mouth. You begin to swallow instinctively, as the tentacle continues to squirm and throb in your mouth. You work your tongue around it as you take it deep into your throat.
"Fuck... Fuck...!" Cherry moans as she begins to let go of your head.
You pull your head back slowly, sucking hard as you do so, and eventually releasing the scylla's soft tentacle from your mouth with a pop.
"Ah, that was great. I've never felt like that before."
"Mind telling me what the salty stuff was coming off your tentacle there?" You ask with mild concern.

"More of my bodily fluids, with those nutrients and hormones. My tentacles always taste a little salty." Cherry remarks with a giggle.
"Oh shit, more? I could barely handle the last-" Before you can even finish your sentence, you're cut off by another surge of arousal consuming your body.
"Oh? You're ready to go again?"
"It's that juice you keep feeding me... Making me... Like this..." You say between heavy breaths.
Cherry smiles, and the tentacle that was in your mouth begins to rub against your chest.
"You know, I'm just getting started..."
Cherry begins to kiss you deeply, as her tentacles begin to rub against your body. One tentacle rubs against your back, lightly massaging it. Another tentacle begins to rub your legs, working its way up towards your groin. A third tentacle begins chewing on your earlobe, while the another rubs against the top of your head. The other four tentacles act as Cherry's assistants, keeping you tightly pressed against her as she probes your mouth with her tongue again.
You can barely contain yourself when you feel a tentacle begin to rub against your dick. You let out a moan as the tentacle begins to massage it. The tentacle pours forth a clear, thick liquid that immediately coats your member. The tentacle begins to rub back and forth as it tightens around your dick.

"Fuck...!" You moan out loudly.
The tentacle's movements quicken, as do the others. It begins to work more quickly, and another tentacle begins rubbing against your balls. The tentacle tightens suddenly, before releasing, then repeating the pattern. You can barely contain yourself as the pleasure builds up.
"Fuck... I'm gonna..."
The main tentacle tightens one final time, and you release your semen. The tentacle eagerly accepts your offering, while the others work to make you orgasm as hard as possible.
"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" You moan out loudly, before you cum.
Cherry pulls away from your mouth and arches her back, letting out a pleasured moan as she does so. After a few seconds, the tentacles begin shift, and Cherry pulls you back up onto the bed.

"You were pretty good." She says with a smile.
"Thanks." You say, out of breath.
"So, you ready for round two?"
"I don't know... I'm really spent here..."
"Well... We have other options... Would you be okay with something else?"
"Like what?"
Cherry smiles and moves her face closer to yours before speaking.
"We could try kissing."
You smile, and let out a purr of satisfaction as you take Cherry's head between your hands. "You are a pretty good kisser." You say.
"Mmm... High praise. Why don't I prove it to you?" Cherry says as she leans in.
"Go ahead..." You smile.
Cherry moves her lips forward and gently presses them against yours. She pushes her mouth against yours as the tip of your tongue touches hers. Her lips part as she slides her mouth over your tongue, which causes you to let out a quiet moan. She slides her tongue back, touching your tongue before pressing it against your teeth. You both close your eyes to savor the sensations, and you can feel Cherry put her hands on your head, the two of you cradling each other's skulls as your kiss deepens.

You let out a purr as you feel Cherry's hands move from your head down to your shoulders and back. You feel her slowly move down your back, tracing your spine.
"Mmm..." She moans.
Cherry slides her hands around your stomach and grabs hold of your ass, squeezing it gently.
"Oh..." She purrs softly, as you feel her hands wandering across your torso.
You slowly move your hands down from her head, along her shoulders, and onto her back. Her skin is smooth to the touch, and you can feel the odd bumps of her back bone just under her skin. You gently squeeze her back, eliciting a pleasured groan from her as she pushes her mouth against yours harder.
"Mmmm..." She purrs.
You slowly move your hands around her stomach, gently touching her skin. You then move your hands down, until you're touching her crotch. You gently rub your hand back and forth, and feel her warmth.
"Hmm..." She moans.
You gently rub up and down, slowly massaging her pussy. You then slide your hand back to her ass, giving it a firm squeeze.

"Oh!" She moans, as she pushes her mouth against yours with even more force. You feel her tongue slide on top yours, forcing it down as she pushes the tip of her tongue towards the back of your throat.
You don't even get the chance to react before Cherry feeds you another warm wave of her love juice. It's even thicker this time, but the taste has started to shift into something very delicious. Cherry takes her mouth off of yours with a pop, staring into your eyes with a gaze drenched in lust.
You let out a small cry of surprise as you feel your body temperature start rising again, but Cherry silences you with a finger pressed to your lips.
"Shhh... Just drink... You're my mate now. Just let this happen." She says in a warm tone.
Cherry's eyes begin to glaze over as she stares into yours, and the corners of her mouth turn upwards in a smile. She leans forward, pressing her mouth against yours once again. You feel her tongue slowly slide across your lips, and you part them to let her inside your mouth.
"Mmmm..." She moans in pleasure, as you feel her tongue rubbing around your own.
As the mild burning sensation returns to your skin, Cherry takes you back into the embrace of her tentacles, rolling you over on the bed while you're locked in her kiss so that you're both resting on your sides. The cool touch of her tentacles is like ice water on a summer day, the taste of her tongue like raw arousal. Her tentacles begin to caress your body, running over your skin and making it tingle. You can't tell where her tentacles begin or end, as they're wrapped around your body in a loving embrace.

"I want you... To drink from me..." You hear Cherry whisper in your ear.
Cherry's voice is filled with an intense lust, and despite the fact you know what she's asking, you find yourself unable to say no. She begins kissing down your neck, leaving little bites along the way, until she reaches the crook of your neck.
"Ah...!" You let out a cry as she bites down on that sweet spot.
Cherry's lips are pressed against your neck, sucking at it with all her might. You feel a small pain, but it's quickly replaced by the intense sensations of pleasure. Unable to withstand it, you let out a moan as your cock begins to throb in arousal.
"Drink..." You hear her whisper in your ear.
Cherry's tentacles begin to wrap around your body, rubbing up against you and caressing every inch of your skin. You feel one of them wrapping around your cock, and you let out a moan as it begins to stroke you. Another one wraps around your head, gently caressing your face. You open your mouth, feeling a tentacle slip inside as you taste the strange, bitter flavor of Cherry's skin.
"Drink... You'll enjoy this..."
You feel a tentacle slipping into your mouth, and you begin to suck on it as if it was Cherry's breast. The tentacle in your mouth begins to throb and swell, filling up your mouth until you can't take it any longer, and it pops out of your mouth. You hear a muffled moan next to your ear, and you open your eyes to see that one of Cherry's tentacles has made its way into her own mouth.

"Mmmm..." She moans as she sucks on the tentacle.
The tentacle in her mouth begins to swell up as well, and it's not long before you can hear the sound of her sucking.
You turn your head, looking at her directly.
"Ch-Cherry...?" You ask.
"Drink..." She commands, pressing her lips against yours.
You feel a tentacle pressed against your lips, and you open your mouth to allow it to enter. The sweet, yet bitter taste enters your mouth as the tentacle presses against your tongue. You begin to feel light-headed as it swells up inside your mouth, and before you know it, it's pressing up against the back of your throat.
"Mmmm..." You hear Cherry moan.
You can feel the tentacle in her mouth begin to throb, and it's not long before you can feel a warm liquid being pumped into your mouth. You can taste the sweet liquid, and before you know it, your mouth is full. You struggle to swallow all of it as your mouth begins to fill up with the liquid.
"Mmmm..." Cherry moans once again.
The tentacle in your mouth pops out, and you're left to struggle to swallow all of the warm liquid that's filling up your mouth. You manage to swallow the rest of it, before gasping for air.
"H-Holy shit Cherry!" You moan.

Cherry continues moaning for a moment as the tentacle inside her mouth completes a similar process. She eventually withdraws it from her mouth and pulls you against her in another deep kiss, parting your lips to flood your mouth with more of her love juice.
The taste continues to escalate in sweetness, almost sweeter than honey now. You can feel Cherry swallowing a much of it as she can, pouring the excess into your own mouth as you swallow too.
"Drink, drink... You'll help me..." She moans.
You begin to feel the tentacles around your member pulse, and you let out a moan of your own as you feel them begin to throb. You can feel the tentacles in your hand begin to do the same, and you begin stroking them both at the same time.
"C-Cherry...!" You moan.
"I... Feel so hot... Inside... Mmmm..." She moans.
You can hear the squelching sounds of Cherry's tentacles sliding into her wet holes, and the wet smacking sounds of your hands stroking her tentacles. Your member is throbbing as if it's about to explode, and it's not long before you begin to release your sticky liquid all over Cherry's stomach.
"Ah! I can feel it..." She moans.
Cherry's tentacles begin to throb with your member, as she begins to moan heavily. You can feel her tentacles rubbing up and down your shaft, almost milking you as she takes you through your own orgasm.

You can hear the sticky liquid splashing against her stomach, some even landing on your chest.
"Ah... There we go... Mmmm..." She moans. "Now... You'll help me..."
Cherry leans in and kisses you deeply, forcing her tongue into your mouth to share the taste of your seed with you.
You expect it to be incredibly vile, but when the taste hits your tongue, it's just as sweet as Cherry's love juice. You can feel it coating your tongue and the inside of your mouth as you moan deeply.
"Ah... So good... So sweet..." You say.
Cherry breaks the kiss, and wraps her arms around you, holding you close. You can hear her cooing softly as she holds you, and the tentacles that were pleasuring you begin to shift and wrap around you in a big hug.
"I can feel it... We're finally compatible... We taste the same... Feel the same... You're my mate..." She says in a hushed voice, sticky with her heavy breaths.
You can feel her tentacles tightening around you, and you let out a moan.
"Ch-Cherry... You're... Squeezing me..." You say.
"I want you close... Closer than anything..." She says.
You can hear the smile in her voice, and feel the tentacles tightening more. It's not enough to cause discomfort, but it's enough to make you moan.

Cherry's tentacles start to shift around you, sliding under and around you. You let out a gasp as they gently lift you up off the bed, and slowly begin to slide you into her love hole. It's warm, wet and slippery, and you can feel every little ripple as she slides you inside her.
"Ah... Cherry... Your tentacles..."
"They want to feel you... Everywhere..." She says.
You let out a low moan as you slide deeper inside her, and she coos as your member begins to throb again. Her tentacles begin to stroke and rub you, producing a wet sound as they run across your body lovingly.
Cherry takes your head in her hands, pressing you against her shoulder as she draws her lips against your ear. You can hear her panting, feel the heat of her breath as it trickles long your earlobe. "I... Need you... to say it..." She says.
"Say what?" You ask.
"Say... You're my mate..." She says, her voice soft and vulnerable.
"I'm your mate. I'm yours. Yours to love, Cherry." You say in a warm voice.
Cherry lets out a shudder, wrapping her tentacles around you and pressing your face into her shoulder. Her voice is muffled as she speaks. "I love you... I love you so much..."
"I love you too, Cherry." You say.
Cherry smiles, and pulls your face into her shoulder again in another tight hug. Her tentacles continue to rub and stroke you gently as she holds you close, her warmth and wetness surrounding your entire body.
Your body is wracked with shivers as a feeling of pure bliss washes over you.

Cherry begins to gently rock back and forth with a few more moans. Her tentacles follow the lead, and soon she's in complete control over your rhythm as you both move in time with each other.
Your body is pushed to the limit as you experience wave after wave of pure bliss. You can't tell where you end and Cherry begins, your being consumed in an all-encompassing feeling of warmth and wetness.
"C-Cherry...!" You groan.
"I want to feel you... Every inch of you..." She says, her voice quiet but strong.
You can't hold on any longer. You're not sure if it's because of the love juice, the tentacles, the heat, or all of it together, but you're about to reach your peak.
"Cherry... I'm about to..."
"Do it."
You don't need another word. You explode inside her, your body spasming as you release everything you have.
Cherry groans as your member twitches inside her, and your fluids begin to fill her up. She begins to shudder and pant as she nears her own peak. Her tentacles begin to throb as they massage you, coaxing every last bit of pleasure out of your body.

"Ah...! Ah!" Cherry's voice is one of pure bliss.
Cherry's body begins to convulse as she releases her love juice all over you. The feeling of her tentacles as they pulse around you, the feeling of her climax on your body, the feeling of her hugging you so tightly, it's all too much.
Her tentacles continue to massage you even after she's finished, and you can't hold on any longer. You feel your body welling up once more, and you unload inside her yet again.
"Ah...! I can feel it...! I can feel it all..."
Cherry's eyes roll back in ecstasy as she experiences her second peak. She shudders and pants, her tentacles continuing to wring you out until there's nothing left.
You lie on top of each other, completely exhausted. It's been a while since you've felt this tired.
"Cherry..." You moan her name softly as you can feel yourself drifting off to sleep.
"Mmmm... You did perfect... Rest now." Cherry says as she runs her hands through your hair.
You drift off to sleep, a smile on your face as you know you've given Cherry an amazing time.

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