Chapter 2 -- Monday

I sat on the bed in my hotel room, reliving the excitement of the party. The arousal and embarrassment of the exposure. Meeting Ms Evelyn and feeling Her hands on my bottom and on my cock. The thought was getting me hard again and I decided to take matters into my own hands, so to speak. Just as I was about to start, my laptop pinged, announcing a new email. It was from Ms Evelyn!

"subbie, I enjoyed playing with you tonight. Maybe I should join the Welcome Wagon. Do you think all visitors to the area would enjoy my special treatment?"

"Normally I don't do this, but I liked the way you reacted to our play and I enjoyed the intelligent conversation afterwards. If your work schedule permits, I would be available for you to escort Me to a light early dinner tomorrow night. It would give us the opportunity to get better acquainted. Write me back and let me know if something like that would work for you."

I laughed to myself. Work for me? I'd crawl through broken glass! I emailed back to let Her know that I was at Her disposal and She replied immediately with the name of a small local restaurant. She said I could Google the directions and we would meet there Monday night at 5pm.

I pulled into the restaurant 15 minutes early and just sat in my car watching for Her to arrive. Shortly before 5pm, I saw a sleek late-model foreign car pull into the parking lot and watched as Ms Evelyn got out. She was dressed casually, but still the look she gave off could only be described as elegant. I turned off my car, climbed out and got to the door just ahead of Her. I smiled and said hello. I held the door open for Her and we walked in. The hostess greeted us, "Good evening Evelyn. Table somewhere quiet?"

"Thanks Angela, that would be perfect." We were seated and ordered drinks. As our waitress left, Ms Evelyn turned to me. "Tell me about you. Your interests, your fears, whatever makes you tick. And why you think you are submissive." I did my best to explain my relative inexperience, my lack of interest in masochism and pain, and the very intense desire to be controlled. I told her that She already knew that exhibitionism excited me and that I had always been curious about orgasm control and teasing and denial.

She smiled as I finished. "I thought I could tell that we are pretty well matched. I'm not really a sadist. But I do love controlling a sub. I warn you on the front end that we will not be having sex. However, I will be getting you very aroused and keeping you that way. If you are very good, it's possible that I will reward you with an orgasm. But to be perfectly frank, that's not very likely. I will edge you repeatedly until you beg me to let you cum. While you are with me, I will own your erection and your orgasms. Whenever possible, I will have you naked so that I can see "my" cock and balls. They will be my property, but I will entrust them to your care when you aren't around me. Do you understand?"

I swallowed hard and looked deeply into Her eyes. "yes Ma'am. I understand completely."

She said "Good! We have that out of the way. Let's have a bite to eat." We sat and talked for a couple of hours, exploring interests and exchanging stories. I confessed to my interest in reading CFNM stories on Literotica. She smiled and seemed to soak it all in. We laughed and ate and just had a wonderful time. After we finished, She looked up at me and asked if I would be interested in a little playtime that night. I thought I would explode! I couldn't say yes fast enough! Then She asked me what I was wearing, underneath my clothes. I told her just a pair of briefs under my khaki slacks and a pair of socks.

She told me that if I was serious about wanting to play, I should go to the men's room, strip completely naked in the bathroom stall and then get redressed leaving the briefs off. I was to place them in the trash can and return to the table.

I nervously got up and went down the hallway to the men's room. I locked myself in one of the stalls and started to undress. I had to put my clothes on the back of the toilet, but fortunately it was a nice restaurant with very clean restrooms. When I was redressed, I walked to the door, put my underwear in the trash can, checked to see that my erection wasn't TOO obvious and then headed back to the table. When I got back to the table, She had pushed Her chair back. Her eyes were on my slight bulge as She looked at me. "Help me up," She said. I offered Her my hand and She let me assist Her from the chair.

As She rose, She faked a stumble and fell into me. But when She did, She reached out and grabbed me by the cock and squeezed me hard. She whispered, "This is mine now, understand?" I definitely understood that and I also understood I now had an erection that was going to be hard to hide on our way out.

She told me that She lived just a few blocks from the restaurant and that if I felt comfortable, She would drive me there and could then bring me back later in the evening. I said that would be great and we got into the car and headed to Her house. When we arrived at Her home, She pressed the automatic garage door opener and drove in. As She turned off the car, She looked over at me and said, "I'm going in and fix myself a drink. I don't allow submissives to wear clothing in my home. If you still want to have this experience, fold all of your clothing and leave it in the car. Then you may come inside."

I watched, transfixed, as Her beautiful backside disappeared into the house. After a minute, I shook myself out of my stupor and began to remove my clothes for the second time in less than 30 minutes! When I was completely nude I walked over, put my hand on the doorknob, took a deep breath and exhaled, then turned the knob and walked inside.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, with a glass of tea and a bowl of fruit. "Come closer," She said. I stood next to the table, my cock now pointing almost directly at Her. She put down Her glass and took my cock in one hand, feeling its fullness, squeezing a little and giving it a few light strokes. "I think I like my new cock. Thank you for giving it to me." She reached up with Her other hand and palmed my balls, slowly rolling them in Her hand. Then She started stroking my cock a little harder until I could feel the cum starting to rise. She apparently could feel that too, because She immediately stopped. She looked down at my erection and commented, "you're getting a little drippy, subbie. Don't drip on my floor!"

"Sit here next to me and share my fruit. Spread Your legs so I can see all of my property." So we sat and chatted as we ate the fruit. She inspected my cock and balls, along with the rest of me, running Her hands over my legs and stomach.

After we ate, She invited me over to sit on a towel She had placed on the couch. She had me sit sideways with my legs spread. She sat between my legs with a small bottle of lotion. As we talked, She began to massage my cock with the lotion. She was stroking me so fast and vigorously that I just knew She had decided to allow me to cum. But when I got close, She would slow down until I recovered a bit. But as soon as I did, She would ramp things up again. That must have continued for almost an hour. Then She stood and motioned for me to stand next to Her.

She reached underneath and took both of my balls in Her hand. She squeezed firmly enough to get my attention, but not enough to really hurt bad. "You know I own these now. They feel so nice and full. When was the last time You came?" I told Her that it had been about 4 days. She advised that I was not to cum during the rest of my trip without Her permission. She then released my balls and started tracing Her finger along the crack of my ass. "Have you ever had anything in your ass, subbie?"

"No Ma'am," I replied.

"You know that it belongs to me too, right?" She said as She slid a finger down and lightly touched my rosebud.

"Yes Ma'am. I belong completely to You."

She smiled and smacked me on the ass. Just then Her phone rang. I remained standing as She answered it. "Oh hi! Not much. How about you?" She walked back over to me and started stroking my cock again. "No. I don't really feel like going out tonight. I think I'll just find something interesting to watch here." She looked over at me and winked. There was a lot of back and forth conversation. She handed me the bottle of lotion and grabbed me by the cock. "I know. And we'll definitely do dinner or something one night this week." She led me, using my cock as a leash, to the door to the back yard. Although it was dusk, it wasn't completely dark. She opened the door and led me outside.

We walked outside, Her still on the phone with the other hand on my cock. She led me to a glider sofa and sat down on a chair in front of it. "Listen, I need to run now. I've got something cooking. Talk to you later, ok? Bye." She told me to sit on the edge of the glider in front of her and start rocking it back and forth. As I started, She put the lotion all over Her hand and grabbed my cock. As I rocked back and forth, it was like I was fucking Her hand. And all out in the open in the back yard. I could only hope that Her fence and the growing darkness would hide me from anyone's sight! I rocked a little harder until I could feel my impending orgasm. She looked at me and said simply "beg me to let You cum."

I could feel myself getting close to the edge. "Please Mistress. Please let me cum!"

She laughed and let go of my cock. "Not now. Maybe later. Let's go inside."

We went back inside the house and She sat on the couch and handed me the lotion bottle again. "I'd like a nice foot massage now. And you need to get my cock back under a little better control." I removed Her shoes and began to massage Her feet as we continued to talk. She asked about my work schedule and how long I would be in town. I told Her that I would be in town most of the week and that my schedule could be pretty flexible. I told Her that I would do my best to put myself at Her disposal.

After I finished the foot massage, She told me that She wanted me to lay face up on the ottoman and scoot close to the couch, so that my back was on the ottoman, but my lower body was in Her lap with my legs straddling Her. She coated both hands with lotion again and started rubbing my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. I was so aroused from all our play earlier in the evening that it didn't take long for me to get to the edge of cumming. She slowed a little, making sure I didn't go over the edge. She took her hand off my balls and began to massage all around my asshole with a finger. She lightly tapped on my tight little pucker as She increased the pace of stroking on my cock. I could feel myself getting closer and heard myself begging...."Please Ma'am. Please!?!"

She slowed briefly. "Please what pet? Please make you cum? Please stop? What?"

I knew the only answer. "Please Ma'am. Do whatever pleases You!"

"That's my subbie! Good pet!" She started stroking me furiously. I could feel myself leaking all over Her hand. She rubbed my rosebud at the same time. Just as I felt like I was about the go over the edge, She suddenly stopped. "I think it would please me more if You didn't cum tonight. I'm sure that's fine with you?"

"Yes Ma'am," I stuttered. "Whatever pleases You."

"Good boy. I know it will be best for you. But now it's getting late and you have to work in the morning. I probably need to take you back to the restaurant. But I'm not finished looking at my property, so you will leave your pants off until we get there."

"Oh wow! Yes Ma'am." We got into Her car and I dressed from the waist up. She opened the garage door and we headed back to the restaurant. Along the way, She had one hand on the wheel and the other steadily stroking my cock.

It was dark, late on a Monday night and the restaurant was closed when we arrived. As She pulled into the parking lot, my rental was the only car left in the lot. She pulled up next to my car and parked, shutting off the engine.

She looked over at me and smiled. "subbie, I've had a wonderful time, visiting with you and getting acquainted with my new property. I've just got two more things before I release you for the night. First, no playing with my property tonight and absolutely no cumming without my permission."

I started to reply, "Yes Ma'am, I under..."

"Let me finish. That was only one of the things. The second is that I want you to get out of the car and come around to the driver side window. Then I will hand you your slacks."

I looked at Her incredulously, "You mean You want me to get out of the car with a hard cock in a totally public setting??"

"Yes, pet. That would make me very happy."

I started trembling a little, but in my heart I knew what the answer was. Just like the answer to all other questions. "Yes Ma'am." I figured I would hurry and probably no one would see anything. It WAS pretty dark and I was wearing a shirt, even if it wouldn't cover my erection. So, I summoned up my courage and quickly threw open the door and hopped out.

As a side note, when you throw open the door on a sleek foreign car (or probably a cheap American one, too) it turns on the dome light inside the vehicle. That became immediately apparent as the dome light cast its glow, illuminating my nakedness! But I continued, hurrying around the car to Her window, where She graciously handed me my pants. I hurried back to my car, opened the door and got in, relieved to finally end my exposure for the evening. She smiled at me, waved and headed off into the night. I put my pants back on and took some time to compose myself. When my heart rate was back somewhat to normal, I started up the car and headed back to my hotel. What an evening!!!!

I got back to the room and collapsed on the bed. Thinking I would check my email one last time before I went to bed for the night, I saw a new email from Ms Evelyn. "subbie, I enjoyed our evening together so much. I promise that it hadn't occurred to me that you getting out of the car would turn on the dome light. So, I'm sorry for that. But you did a great job following through with your pants-less walk around the car. In fact, your performances were so good all night long that as soon as I got back home, I took my vibrator and gave myself a long, intense, relaxing orgasm. Thank you for the inspiration! I wish that you could enjoy an orgasm too, but I don't think it would be best for you so early in the week. Perhaps one day later in the week....but then, perhaps not. I hope You sleep well and dream about me! I know I will certainly sleep like a baby! Ms Evelyn"

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