Authors note: This is the fifth of many chapters in this work of pure fiction. The story contains depictions of illegal acts of blackmail and human slavery and is intended strictly for the erotic enjoyment of the reader. All Fictional Charters are adults over 18.


The drawer I was in had no padding on the bottom but at least was warm enough for me to try to sleep, but it was difficult. The clunk of my steel collar and cuffs hitting and sliding on the bare metal of the Coffin like box was deafening in the enclosed space. I was restless and scared.

I kept thinking of the life I am to begin. I was forced to submit to dominant women and do as they ordered without hesitation. But I was strangely excited by the fact that women will now be paying to torture and rape me.

I was awaken by the sound of the latches opening. The drawer slid open and soon Mistress Indigo was standing over me. I squinted as my eyes got used to the light. She was wearing a blue leather Corset, blue leather high heeled boots and a blue leather thong. She wore a matching leather sailor style hat.

Her long black hair draped over my face as she undid my bounds. She grasped the ring on my collar and pulled me out of the drawer.

I quickly stood at attention and tried to work the kink out of my back. I assumed the display position.

"Good morning lover boy," she remarked, as she removed me from my painful Chastity.

My now released cock sprang to life and quickly became engorged and hard.

"Time to get that blood sugar reading," she announced.

She lanced the head of my penis and squeezed out a small droplet of blood. She scanned my neck tattoo with a handheld meter and drew a small sample into the tip of the meter strip.

"Holding steady, your blood work looked good as well," she affirmed.

"Looks like you're healthy enough to start your training, bend over and grab your heels."

I did as ordered and she unlocked my butt plug and removed it. She worked some salve into my inflamed opening.

"We're going to be stretching this a lot more and we want to prevent those stretch marks.

She attached a leather strap to the ring on my collar. She clipped my wrist cuffs behind my back, then she attached a foot long chain to my ankle cuffs.

"Honeymoon is over lover boy," no going easy on you today, today we get out the whips."

"Are you thirsty, stud?"

"Well we're going to take care of that."

"We have some people waiting for you," she said as she led me over to the same urination bench she took me to yesterday.

Standing around the bench were several women in the usual off-white latex dresses with laced tops.

Mistress Indigo forced me down on the bench and scooted me past the scanner and strapped me down tightly.

"It's time for your morning urine," said Mistress Indigo.

"We let members of the staff do this so you'll get used to servicing all body types. It's one of their fringe benefits and they love new slaves."

She put the funnel into my mouth, zeroed out the metering device, and the first women removed her panties and squatted over it. She must have been in her early sixties but she obviously kept herself fit. Her pussy was clean shaven and perky. She had a tiny piercing through her clit.

She released her morning urine and it gushed from her bladder and down my throat.

"This is your morning drug and hormone cocktail,"

Said Mistress Indigo as she added the contents of a green vile into the stream. When the women's bladder was empty the funnel was removed and she pushed her pussy lips down on my mouth.

"Now you clean and service her," Mistress said, "the intensity of your daily whipping will be based on how well you do."

I extended my tongue and found her clitoris, I started flicking it with my new ruby piercing. Then I started exploring her vaginal opening. I got up a good rhythm. I licked and sucked as if my life depended on it.

The women rocked and moaned and started humping my face, the taste of her pussy juices were sweet and intoxicating. She cried out,



"Right there, right there!"

I sped up my motion and concentrated on her piercing.

She came hard and breathlessly dismounted me.

"Next," barked Mistress Indigo.

The second was a full-figured women in her mid-twenties and she proceeded to straddle my head. My face was squeezed between her ample hips. She was also clean shaven and had three shiny rings through her engorged pussy lips.

The funnel was placed in my mouth and she released her golden stream. The flow was heavy and I started chocking as I struggled to swallow all of it. When the flow finally stopped the funnel was removed and she grinded her womanhood into my mouth.

She rocked and panted as she assaulted my lips. I worked on her vaginal opening with my tongue, sucked her clit and massaged the opening of her urethra.

She had one orgasm, then another, then a third, soon my face was soaked in her pussy cum. She finally dismounted and bent over and kissed the tip of my erection. She flicked at my Prince Albert piercing with her tongue.

"Can't wait until your PA heals" She said, I've been humping your dildo and can't wait for the real thing!"

The cast mold of my Magnum Johnson had been used to make life size acrylic dildos and were distributed to the help.

The next lady had already stripped naked and was fingering herself. She was in her mid-fifties, somewhat trim but heavy chested. The nipples on her DD cups were pierced with large black horseshoe nipple rings.

She was already panting as she mounted my head and urinated into the funnel. When the funnel was removed she squatted over me and presented her horizontal hood piercing to my tongue. I flicked and sucked it while probing her vagina.


"My God,"

"YES, YES, right there, right there!"

I continued to work on her clit and kept massaging each side of her labia. She squirted all over my face and into my eyes. She continued to hump my mouth and I struggled to keep up my rhythm. When she was finally finished, she walked back off me and laid down on the floor totally spent.

Mistress indigo introduced the final lady as "Rimshot Wanda." A small petite women in her mid-thirties. Her pussy and ass had been waxed leaving behind a stylish heart shaped patch of pubic hair.

She did her duty, spread her cheeks, and presented her anus to my waiting tongue. I licked around her anal opening stimulating the thousands of nerve endings there. I worked in and out of her anal orifice and kept probing in a circular motion. She fingered herself to orgasm then dismounted me.

The ladies gathered their things and without a word, headed to the employee locker room to shower.

Mistress Indigo checked the computer read out, and exclaimed,

"That ought to give that bladder of yours a good work out, we went about a pint over yesterday's benchmark."

She placed the gag back in my mouth and released me from the bench.

"Time to show you off!"

She led me to the hallway for Door A, the back of the windows were mirrored. Along the wall were small lockers about one foot square.

"This is lady Vikki,"

She said introducing me to a women in her off-white uniform.

"She's the door attendant today and she'll be in charge of keeping you in the proper display stance and help you maintain your full erection. She will also be changing out your butt plugs through the day with larger ones as we stretch that ass pussy of yours."

I felt a smack on my penis and saw lady Vikki with a white riding crop.

"I have interesting ways to keep you erect and you are not going to like them."

There were chains hanging from the ceiling and two eyelets screwed into the floor. The women clipped my wrist cuffs to the chains and winched them up pulling my arms high in the air and spread about three feet apart.

Next my ankle cuffs were chained to the eyelets and my legs were stretched far apart. I looked at myself in the mirrors. Who was that? I was totally hairless, nipples pierced and swollen, and my balls were in a stretching clamp. My pierced dick stuck out straight at attention. I was on display and at the mercy of anyone that came through the door.

"Whack," my thoughts were interrupted by a stinging pain on my exposed plugged ass.

"Your whipping today is ten lashes on the back and ass and two on your cock and balls." Said Mistress Indigo, whip in hand.

"Plus you get two extra lashes for not following orders quickly enough and another one to your balls for low effort on your pussy licking today.

"Mistress Ruby would not be pleased."

She proceeded to whip me severely. She counted the strokes down from twelve. Then she switched to my cock and balls. I was screaming through my gag and biting down hard on the rubber ball against the sting of every strike. My vision was blurred by my tears.

I could see the red marks starting to surface on my dick and balls. I had another mirror behind me so I could see in the front mirror the damage on my back and ass.

"Our Clients love whipping scars, and you're about to have several, and you will be whipped and fondled at the discretion of anyone entering through that door today."

She walked away saying,

"Enjoy your day lover boy, I understand Mistress Crystal will be bringing in a slave today."

"And I hear she's in a foul mood," she said while snickering.

I hung there on display, fully exposed and defenseless. I heard the door beep and the first group entered. It was a Mistress followed by two slaves, one male and one female. The slaves were on their knees and being led by silver chains.

I was awestruck by the stunning beauty of the Mistress. She was a black lady in her forties, trim and fit. She wore black leather pants, black leather high heeled boots and a white shirt. Her ensemble was capped off with a black leather jacket with the top buckles open displaying her ample cleavage. Her jet black braided hair hung down to her twenty two inch waist.

She snapped her fingers and both slaves sprung to their feet and assumed the display position. As usual, both slaves were hairless and naked. They had black leather collars around their bar code tattooed necks. A black tattoo saying "Property of Mistress Onyx," was displayed on both their chests. And their right hip sported a tattoo of their owner.

She produced a key from her bosom and started unlocking the chastity on her captives. The female was first, she was wearing a leather and brass belt around her waist and had a matching strap locked to the middle of the belt.

The strap went down between the slaves legs and was locked on backside of the belt, covering her vagina and butt hole. The belt fell to her slave's feet and she walked out of it. She picked it up and handed it to her Mistress.

Mistress proceeded to remove the cock cage on the male slave. First, she had to unscrew a rod that went into his urethra, then she removed the screw and unlocked the cage with the same key she had used on her female slave.

She placed both devices into the waiting hands of Lady Vikki who put them in one of the lockers and secured it shut using one of the chastity locks.

Mistress Onyx spotted me and did a walk around. She ran her palms up and down my tender ass cheeks and admired the welts that had formed. She moved back and admired my throbbing erection. She turned to Lady Vikki and exclaimed,

"So this is Ruby's new cock, how long has he been on the cocktail?"

"Just since yesterday when he came in," replied lady Vikki.

Mistress raised her eyebrows, noticeably impressed.

She started cradling my erection in her hands, checking its length in her palms. She let go and turned to the female slave,

"Blue ball him."

The slave went to her knees in front of me and hungrily deep throated my shaft. I moaned as she moved her mouth back and forth on my engorged cock. She kept working to the tip and flicked my PA, driving me closer and closer to climax.

Just as I was about to explode into her mouth, she moved away and got back on her feet and assumed the display stance.

Mistress Onyx seemed pleased as she watched pre-cum ooze from my throbbing member and drip down onto the floor. I had heard the term "Blue Balls," before but I had no idea how excruciating it could be.

I started humping into the air hoping to finish. When that was hopeless I clamped down on my gag and tried to fight off the overwhelming need to cum.

When I settled down a little, she turned to her male slave and ordered,


The male slave quickly went to his knees and sucked the pre-cum from my shaft and then licked up the drops that had hit the floor. When he was finished he got back on his feet and assumed the position.

I was still panting as they walked away and disappeared into the building.

Later when I started nodding off I was awaken by a sharp pain in my balls. It was Lady Vikki and her riding crop.

She roughly grabbed my shaft and demanded,

"No sleeping on the job worm!"

Just then the door buzzed and the first thing I saw was an uncircumcised cock, it was attached to a short naked male slave who was being pushed through the door. He was gagged and had his hands cuffed behind his back. His ankles were shackled together by a two foot chain.

Behind him was his owner kicking him. He stumbled through the door and immediately assumed the position. He had the normal barcode on his neck and I noticed he had four "Ownership" tattoos on his right hip and the bottom one signifying he was on his fourth Mistress. I was in awe at the size of his Penis in relationship to his body.

His owner appeared in the doorway and was greeted by Lady Vikki as Mistress Crystal. She was dressed in a silver latex cat suit with her pussy lips and pierced nipples exposed. She wore spiked leather high heeled boots. A small chain connected her two nipple rings. Her long platinum hair partially covered her cleavage and ran down her back.

She yanked at the leash connected to her slave's collar and he lunged forward.

"On your knees and lick my boots maggot!"

She demanded as her slave dropped to his knees and started licking her boots. She spotted me and looked me up and down seeming to evaluate me.

"I heard Ruby was getting a new Cock!"

She then spit on my dick and twice kicked me in the balls. I winced in pain, unable to protect myself from her attack on my exposed genitalia.

She yanked on my swollen nipples and hissed,

"Welcome to Slave Hood you human slime, enjoy the rest of your training!"

She yanked her slave back to his feet and led him away. I could hear her verbally abusing her slave.

"Your stubble disgusts me you filthy mutt, let's get your body wax done, before I puke. I have a million things to do today and I can't waste my time with you!"

I heard his ankle chain clatter as they went on their way.

As I hung there several Mistresses passed me as they entered and all abused me in various ways. Some slapped my ass, some whipped my enflamed nipples, and others slapped my erect cock.

Two whacked me off only to stop right before I climaxed.

The main event of the day started when I heard whipping and yelling behind the closed door. When it opened, I saw it was a full figured mistress wearing a one piece orange latex jumpsuit that seemed to be two sizes too small for her.

Her ample breasts were packed in the tight outfit and her significant "Camel Toe" was on full display.

Her Slave was considerably overweight and still had all his hair. I saw no ownership tattoos on his body as he was led into the building.

Lady Vikki greeted her,

"Good morning Mistress Coral, Mistress Sapphire has all the documents ready for you,"

"Yes, good morning, I trust the Power of Attorney papers are ready as well."

"This slave is from the internet and he lied about his weight and used an old picture of himself in his post."

"I'm not happy, but at least he's loaded and I'll make a small fortune when he signs," She said as she ordered her new slave to his feet.

She took hold of his cock and exclaimed,

"Look at this pathetic little thing, not sure what I can do with this!"

Lady Vikki observed his shriveled organ and asked,

"Would you like some enhancement so we can evaluate him and see what you have?"

"Well we can try."

"What will you need for him to wash it down," Lady Vikki asked as she exposed her crotch and grabbed a beaker.

"Well he hasn't had anything to drink yet so how about a pint, he'll also be drinking my urine when he signs."

Lady Vikki proceeded to urinate into the beaker and filled it to the desired level. She handed it to Mistress Coral along with a packet containing a blue pill.

"Better give me two, we're going to be here awhile!"

Mistress coral ordered her slave to open his mouth and she put the two pills on his tongue and put the beaker to his lips and ordered,

"Swallow, and you best not spill any."

She poured the liquid into his mouth and he immediately choked it down. She then proceeded to whip her slave on his ass and back until he got the message to assume the presentation stance.

"Newbies," she sneered.

She then looked at me,

"What have we here," she said as she handled my erection, surveying it.

"That's Ruby's new cock," said Lady Vikki.

"Ruby has his training on the fast track to get him in service in three weeks."

"Well, why don't I help her out a little?"


I shuttered as she whipped the ground, I clamped down on my gag knowing full well my ass was going to be next.




My ass was on fire as she intensified her attack with each blow.

I was screaming in my gag, tears were soaking my hood. She grabbed my nipples in her fingers and twisted them hard,

"EEEOWE," I screamed thrashing against my bindings.

"Oh you big baby," She hissed,

"Let's see how you like this," She said as she aimed her whip at my balls,




I continued screaming and thrashing, trying unsuccessfully to avert her attacks. I was helpless and vulnerable, I held my breath with every strike. I watched my welts in the mirror as they turned deep red and bloody.

"Come on," she commanded as she clutched her slave by the balls and led him over to "Legal."

To be continued...

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