The Case Files of Dr. Randall Herringwick

The Case of the Willing Prey

Chapter 3 - Love and the Dominant Woman



Donny, you fell into a an extremely deep trance very quickly.


Thank you, Loretta.


Uh ... How did that happen, Donny? It normally takes me several minutes to draw you into a hypnotic state this intense. Have you ... um ... been practicing? Have you been indulging in a little self-hypnosis between our sessions?


Yes ... I guess you could say that I've been practicing; and no, I haven't been doing it to myself. Evelyn has been hypnotizing me. Very often. It's second nature to me, now.


Evelyn? I'd ... um ...I mean, I intended to bring her into this soon. I can't believe that she learned it on her own! How did she ...? When did ...? No, wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. The doctor told me to do this in a particular way. For record-keeping purposes, I mean. I'll let you tell it in your own way. Please, continue where you left off last week. What happened to you after our last appointment?


That's when it all started. The afternoon before our last appointment, Evelyn had kissed me goodbye. It was something I greatly enjoyed. It made me feel excited ... and guilty, of course. Guilty that I had kissed a woman other than my wife, I mean. But ... I hadn't really kissed her, you see. She had kissed me. She had taken charge of the kiss ... taken charge of me. I had just sort of surrendered then. If it hadn't been for her big, soft body holding me against the wall, I think I would have just dissolved into a puddle at her feet.

That had been on Monday. Tuesday morning, I came here for our second session, though I don't remember what happened during most of it. I got to the office about ten-thirty, and I said good morning to Evelyn at her desk, asking if there was anything pressing happening in the office today. She just smiled, got up, and walked into my office, crooking a forefinger for me to follow, which I did. Just as soon as we were inside, she closed the door, then she grasped me by the shoulders and pushed me against that familiar spot on the wall, next to the door.

"Where have you been, Donny?" she asked me.

I'm sure I seemed disappointed. Her face was very close to mine, and I thought that she was going to kiss me again instead of asking me a question. "I've been to marriage counseling."

"With Doctor Herringwick?" she asked.

That surprised me. I'd never told Evelyn about that. "No, with his nurse."


I blinked. "You know Loretta?"

She nodded. She was so close to me that her hair brushed my face with the movement. "She and I are friends," she told me. Her eyes were studying mine. "What did you talk about?"

I took a deep breath, causing my chest to press against hers, but she didn't seem to notice. "I ... I don't really know."

Her brow furrowed. "Don't know?"

"She ... uh ... hypnotizes me," I explained. "I don't really remember ..."

"Hypnotizes you? Loretta does?"

I tried to swallow, but my mouth was dry. "Yes," I said feebly. Her big, dark eyes seemed friendly, but it felt like they were draining my strength ... gently pulling it out of my body. I wished that she would kiss me again. When she did that, my mind stopped working, and at that moment, nothing seemed more potentially satisfying than letting my thoughts just stop for a while. Instead, she reached down and took my hand in hers, and she led me over to the couch. I let her. I think I would have let her do anything. We sat like we were the day before, very close, my hands in my lap. She touched me: one hand on my arm, the other on my upper thigh.

"Tell me about it, Donny," she urged. "You go to sleep for her?" I couldn't look up at her, so I just nodded. "Tell me how she does it," she ordered. "Does she make you look at a spiral?"

"Spiral? No ..." I shivered. "Oh please, Evelyn. It's ... It's kind of embarrassing."

She took her hand off of my thigh and hooked a finger under my chin, forcing me to look back into those dark eyes again, and she commanded: "Tell me, Donny. Tell me now."

I took a deep breath, but it sort of shuddered as the air went into my lungs. I tried my best to explain it. "She ... um ... has ... uh ... really big breasts. Like you do. And she noticed that I was staring at them. I didn't mean to. Honest. But I guess I did, because when she told me I was doing it, I had to take my eyes off of them to look up at her. And she ..." I stopped and took another ragged breath. "Oh, gosh, this is hard to talk about. She ... um ... took off her blouse. Her bra gives her so much cleavage! And ... um ... she wears this necklace that's really just a cheap crystal on a silver chain. And it nestles between her breasts, unless she leans forward toward me. Then it swings out at me ... and it swings back again. Back to her breasts. Over and over again."

The hand that she'd used on my chin now stroked the side of my face as she spoke. "Good boy, Donny. I knew you could tell me about it. I just love it when you answer my questions and tell me what I want to know. And now, I know how to hypnotize you, too." The breath seemed to go out of me, but she smiled gently and stroked my face again. I couldn't help nuzzling slightly into her palm. "Do you like it when I kiss you, Donny?"

I closed my eyes at the memory. "Oh yes."

"You're falling in love with me a little, aren't you?" she whispered.

That made my eyes open again. "Oh, God. I can't Evelyn. I'm married. I ..." My protestations stalled, and I stared at her as she smiled softly down at me, patience and understanding in her eyes. I couldn't be a party to a lie ... not to her. "Yes. Yes, I'm in love with you. God, Evelyn, what am I going to do?"

"If you're falling in love with me, wouldn't it be proper to buy me a gift?" she asked softly.

That confused me. "Gift?"

"Do you know that souvenir shop?" she asked. "Two blocks away, over on Academy Avenue?"

I was having trouble keeping up with her thoughts. "Uh ... yes, I think so."

"There's a mineral shop in the back," she explained. "They have lots of cheap rocks and crystals and gems and things. I would just love a necklace like Loretta has. It doesn't have to be exactly the same ... but it should be something close. If you gave me something like that, it would be proof of your devotion to me. And ... after you gave it to me, you could tell me more about how Loretta puts you to sleep. I'd be ... very, very happy if you gave me something like that. I really would, Donny."

I was trapped in her eyes again. "Yes," I muttered. "Yes. I can go after work."

Her smiled was almost placating. I felt like a slow student that the teacher was having to take extra time with. "There's nothing going on right now, Donny. I've got a handle on everything here. Why don't you go out for an early lunch? Take all the time you want." She stood up abruptly, leaving me feeling lonely on the couch. Without another word, she walked to the door and left.

I stumbled to my feet feeling disoriented, and I looked around. I'd never made it to my desk, so I still had my wallet and keys in my pockets. I walked out my office door and paused by Evelyn's desk. "Miss Connors," I said a little too loudly, "I'm going out for an early lunch. I'll be back in awhile."

"Yes, Mr. Rockland," she replied, also too loudly. And she smiled slyly and finished dialing her phone.

I cleared my throat, which made her put her hand over her mouth and stifle a giggle, and I left her. I was back in about forty-five minutes. The whole floor was more or less deserted. The lunch hour had begun. I stopped at her desk again, and she looked up at me the way she always does. I gulped and shifted my feet a little. "Miss Connors, I'd like to see you in my office, please."

"Yes, of course, Mr. Rockland." She followed me in and shut the door behind her. I reached into the pocket of my sports coat and took out a small box. I considered saying something, but I couldn't seem to make my mind work. Funny ... I'd been thinking relatively clearly a little while ago. Finally, I sighed and just handed it to her. "Oh, Donny! You gift wrapped it! How romantic!"

I followed her to the couch and sat next to her in the same position we'd been in earlier. "I ... um ... They didn't have the same kind of crystal," I muttered.

"I don't want it to be exactly the same, Donny," she explained patiently. "I want it to be unique. I want it to be mine. But ... do you think I'll be able to put you to sleep with it? Do you think I'll be able to control you?" She pulled the wrapping paper off the small parcel.

"I ... I don't know, Evelyn."

"Oh, Donny, I love it! It's beautiful!" Without warning, she put both of her hands behind my neck and pulled my head to hers. One palm was on the back of my head, the fingers laced in my hair, but the other hand still clutched the necklace, which thumped me on the back a couple times.

The kiss was warm and insistent and wet and erotic. I reached for her shoulder ... to hold her, I guess ... and groped her left breast by mistake. Flustered, I tried to pull away, but she held me to herself. Her tongue entered my mouth, and I found myself stroking it with my own. Finally, she pulled away. I was breathing hard. "You should ... I mean ... It's ... um ... I mean, the man at the shop had to add the setting. You should be careful with it for awhile. It's ... um ... super-glued, and you shouldn't pull too hard on it for a day or so. Oh, gosh Evelyn!"

She had unbuttoned her blouse so quickly I hadn't figured out what she was doing until it was already off. She tossed the garment haphazardly toward my left somewhere. Then, she turned her back to me and handed me the necklace. "Here. Put it on me."

I gawked openly, though she couldn't see me, and I wiped a bit of moisture from the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand. Her bra was very white against her dark skin, and despite the fact that she was taller than I am, I could see over her shoulder to the very, very deep cleft between her pendulous breasts. I swallowed hard and looked back at the necklace in my hand; then I wrestled with the catch until I had gotten the thing undone. She was very patient, and she didn't move at all until I had finally fumbled it around her neck and fastened it again. When it was finally done, she turned back to face me.

"I ... um ... don't have a mirror," I stammered.

"I don't need a mirror, Donny," she said softly. "I love it; and I can see it reflected in your eyes."

"You can?" For some reason, I was out of breath.

She stroked my hair above my right ear. "You don't have to worry about it, Donny. You don't have to think about it. You don't have to think about anything at all. Just keep staring at my tits ... and at the crystal. That's what you do with Loretta, isn't it?"

I couldn't help but stammer. "I ... uh ... yes."

"And you go to sleep for her."

It hadn't been a question, but I thought it demanded an answer. "Yes."

"And now, you're going to go to sleep for me. Oh, Donny, you're such a good boy. The more you do for me ... the more you obey me ... the more I love it. The more I love you, Donny. Now ... I'm sure that you remember the feeling that comes over you when Loretta hypnotizes you. Please try, Donny. Relax and try to get that feeling now, with me. Can you just let go and do that for me?" She waited. I could feel her gaze on me, but I didn't return it. I was staring at the dark tops of her breasts, held up for me by that stark white brassiere, the crystal sunken slightly between them. With the word "relax," I had allowed my shoulders to slump forward, and I suddenly felt like I did sometimes while watching a late-night movie whose action had ebbed. My eyes lost focus on the crystal, and gradually, the image split and the two breasts became four. My head sank forward, and I had to exert a concentrated effort not to let it fall.

"Wow, Donny," Evelyn cooed. "This is happening so fast! You're really sinking down, aren't you? No ... don't answer me, just let it happen. Just follow my voice, like you do with Loretta, and let yourself sink now. Down and down, Donny. Down and down and down you go."

I felt the palm of her hand on the back of my head, and something was pushing my chin to the side. I was about to protest because I could no longer see those breasts, but suddenly, the side of my face was against them, and what was left of my mind just seemed to go away. It was the most wonderful feeling I've ever experienced. The only impediment to perfection was the tight cotton of the bra on the side of my chin; but oh, those breasts were magnificent! Soft and pliant and pillowy. Evelyn's voice echoed in my brain, sound coming in my right ear normally, but it was as if I was hearing underwater through my left. For some reason, I found her voice infinitely comforting, yet vague and unintelligible; and I knew it had meaning, but I didn't care enough to listen to specifics. I was in the womb again; her big, soft arms wrapped around me comfortably; and I was drifting in a world in which she had taken possession of all of my life's cares and responsibilities.

"Come on, Donny! Wake up! Wake up!" she urged, laughing.

I pulled away from her and sat up, blinking. "Your breasts are wet," I told her dumbly.

She laughed gaily. "You drooled on me, you oaf! And now, it's dripping between my boobs and tickling." Shocked, I wiped my lips with my hand, but she didn't give me a chance to apologize. "Why don't you go on down to the lab, Donny? I've got things under control here." She had retrieved her blouse and was putting it on. "Go on, now. Off with you! Everybody's getting back from lunch, and I've got to get back to my desk."

I turned and blinked at the clock on the wall. Somehow, I'd lost an hour. I stood, and she came to me ... close. "Evelyn, I ..."

She kissed me quickly. "Thank you again for the necklace, Donny. Now, you and my mother have something in common. You're the only two people who have ever given me jewelry." She reached up and rubbed my lower lip with a finger. It came away with a smudge of lipstick on its tip. "Come back to me at five, Donny. And ... call Mindy and tell her you won't be home 'til seven tonight." Then, for some reason, she giggled before walking around me to the door and out of the room.

I checked my tie and put my coat back on, wondering idly when I'd taken it off. At Evelyn's desk I paused and said "I'm going to the lab now, Miss Connors. I'll be back at five."

And she put her hand to her mouth, trying hard to suppress a laugh but not quite succeeding. "Yes, Mr. Rockland," she said, smiling. "I'll see you then."

I worked with our other three techies for the rest of the day, but was surprised to find myself always cognizant of the time. I had sometimes worked until midnight without realizing I'd been alone in the lab for hours. As five o'clock approached, I bid everyone goodnight ... which seemed to greatly relieve them all ... and I made my way back to the head office. Back to Evelyn.

When she saw me coming, she smiled and stood, straightening the files on her desk, locking one drawer; then she turned, entered my office and waited for me to follow. When I'd done so, she slowly but firmly shut and locked the door and turned to me, taking me in her arms with what appeared to be some trepidation. She was shaking slightly.

"What's wrong, Evelyn?" I asked, concerned.

"I'm not normally this way, Donny," she said softly, hugging me. "I don't think I'd classify myself as weak ... but I'm not normally very strong either. Does that make sense?"

I pushed against her, trying to see into her eyes. I blushed because my right hand was so close to her breast, and I purposefully shifted it to her shoulder, instead. "What is it, Evelyn? What's wrong? I'll do anything for you."

She smiled at me, let go and moved back a step. She began unbuttoning her blouse. "I hope you'll help me, Donny."

"Yes, of course," I stammered. "What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to be patient and tolerant. You think I'm strong and in control." She toed off her shoes and flicked them aside with her feet as she finished shedding the blouse and started on the catch of the waistband of her skirt. "But I'm not, Donny. I'm shy and insecure. I'm trying to be strong, because you need me to be. I'm trying to be commanding because that's what you want. But ... I'm struggling with all of this. I ... I'm not pretty. I'm not desirable. I'm not sexy. I never have been." She reached behind her with both hands and unsnapped the bra, then shucked it off and threw it in the direction of the blouse and skirt.

She stood before me, shaking, and her arms came up and crossed in front of her breasts, hiding them for a moment, before her hands formed fists and she seemed to physically force them back to her sides. She was nothing at all like Mindy. Her breasts sagged more than slightly, so that they took up the entirety of her chest, and with every movement she made, with every breath she took, they shivered and quaked like a square of gelatin on a dessert plate. As dark as her breasts were, the areolas were darker still, and the nipples were broad and thick and erect, like two fingertips pointing at me. She took a deep breath, hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her cotton panties and bent over, pulling the garment to her ankles, then she stood resolutely upright again. Tears were on her cheeks. "Oh, Donny. I want you so much ... but look at me! How could you ever want a girl like me after you've had ..."

She staggered back a step toward the couch when I seized her in my arms. She was shoeless now while I was not, and we were closer to the same height. Well ... sort of. Her breasts mashed against my chest like two huge, slightly under-inflated water balloons. I've never felt anything like them my life. I worked my arms around her more, pulling her closer, and I strained up at her to get my lips onto hers. She issued a sound that was somewhere between a sob and an erotic moan, and she crushed me in her arms, turning me slightly to kiss me more fully. She put a hand on my butt and pulled me even closer, so that my erection was extremely evident to both of us. When we finally parted, she pushed me away a little and began unbuttoning my shirt.

And she said: "If you want me, Donny, you need to do as I say. Okay?"

"Anything," I assured her, panting.

I tried to help undressing myself, but our hands got tangled up, and she firmly patted them away with an erotic, stern, authoritative, placating smile. After the unbuttoning process was complete, she dropped to her knees and removed my shoes and socks, ordering me to raise a foot when she was ready. Then, she stood and started in on the clothes again. She folded each item and laid it on my desk, including my underwear, careful not to touch my swaying cock, which was pointing upward at about a forty-five-degree angle. With my briefs deposited in their assigned spot, she returned to me, finally grasped my penis and used it as a handle to pull me to the couch like a tethered sheep. We plopped down on it together, just as we'd been earlier, only now we were both naked.

She leaned toward me, my eyes glued to her massive, jiggling tits. "Relax for me, Donny," she ordered, emphasizing and stretching out the word. My entire body seemed to slump, including my eyelids.

"Evelyn!" I wailed in a pointed exclamation that was barely a whisper. "I ... I don't want to fall asleep now!"

"You have no choice, baby," she cooed melodically. "Now, obey me. Relax. Sleep." Again, the words were accentuated and elongated into sounds that seemed to wrap themselves around my brain and assaulted it the way a cloud attacks a mountain. She reached up and put a hand behind my head like she'd done earlier that day; and then she leaned back, pulling my face to my favorite twin pillow. Oh, this was much better, though. Her flesh seemed to welcome my face, and I sank into her as my mind spun away. "Down you go, Donny. Down and down and down." And then almost immediately, she ordered: "Wake up, Donny!" I sat up and tried to stretch my eyes open. Good Lord, I'd been deep. "I need you, lover," she said. "Please. I need you so much!"

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