Eva wished she had set out for home earlier. It wasn't just that it was getting cold, it was that the light was already fading. She usually enjoyed walking home alone in the dark, even through the wood near the village, but tonight wasn't any night. Tonight was a full moon. She didn't know if she did believe in werewolves or if she didn't believe. It wasn't as if she has ever seen one, or if anyone she knew had seen one. There were stories though - not legends or myths from long past - stories that were better called rumours. Lambs attacked, animals half glimpsed in the dark when the moon was full.

If vampires existed then why not werewolves? And vampires did exist. The stories of vampire hunters were very real and a girl had been attacked just two years ago right in her own village. The mensfolk had gone together with a vampire hunter leading them and had tracked the vampire down and put a stake through its heart. There were no more attacks after that. Vampires did exist.

She was safe from vampires though, as they only attacked virgins and though she wasn't a married woman she was no virgin. Sometimes she wished she was married though. She wanted so much to make a baby. It wasn't as if she was obsessed with sex. She just wanted it to be more than a distant memory. She wanted to feel wanted, to have hands squeezing her breasts, to have a tongue on her clit and to give herself to whoever it was. As her mind wandered she could feel the wetness coming between her legs and she let her hand rub across her nipple, despite that fact that she knew that she would end up frustrated if she went on.

A sound in the undergrowth snapped her from her daydream and she stopped suddenly and tried to see what was there. While her mind had wandered she had been walking more slowly and she found herself in the woods. She could see nothing in the dark and was about to walk on when she heard it again. Something moving. Something that wasn't a rat or small animal moving amongst the fallen leaves. Something larger. A shiver ran down her spine and she started to hurry along the path. The full moon was bright when it shone though the trees but she still had to be careful where she stepped.

The sound of panting broke the silence of the night and she started to run and immediately tripped. As she scrambled to her feet something came hurtling from between the trees. She turned to run from it, whatever it was. It wasn't animal and it wasn't human and she was terrified and her heart thumped in her chest as her feet tripped and slipped away from whatever it was. It was on two legs but it didn't seem to be human. He caught a glimpse of sharp teeth and grey fur as she scrambled to her feet.

It grabbed at her arm and she tried to pull it away and spin to try to shake off its grip. It almost worked but even as she lashed out it avoided her and kept a grasp of her sleeve. Let it have her top! She pulled the buttons undone and jumped away, leaving it with just her top. Before she could move away again the beast, the thing, threw itself on her. She fell on her back and for the first time could see her attacker in the moonlight. Green eyes glared from above frightening teeth, teeth that belonged to an animal on a face that was as much animal as human, and a body that was covered in silver fur.

As that strong jaw snapped at her she tried to roll away and its teeth fell short, grasping her bra instead of her flesh. As the animal pulled its head back her bra ripped off and her breasts swung free. The animal, the thing, pushed with its front claws to her shoulders holding her down, unable to move, as it threw her bra away. As its head swung back she felt its jaws run across her breasts and the weight of tis body between her legs.

She was frozen now. Pinned down by her shoulders with its weight on top she could only look in terror at its face. The legends were true then - she was about to die in the jaws of the werewolf. As its teeth came towards her she turned her head and felt its breath on the cheek. Did it ask 'You?'. Was that her imagination? Could this thing speak? How much was animal and how much human?

She saw it drop its gaze down her body, looking at one breast and then the other. As it looked up she thought there was something else in its eyes - a hunger both animal and human. Its teeth started to pull at her head, behind her ear. Not tearing her flesh but seeming to taste her skin instead. Then it pushed itself up and she felt its mouth and rough tongue on her nipples and slobbering on her breasts. As she struggled and tried to push it off she became aware that its cock was pressing against her, becoming harder with each moment.

Even as its arms (or were they front legs?) held her down the monster's rear claws reached up and pulled at the waistband of her joggers. Her writhing to get away only meant that they slipped further down her legs. Again she felt it pressing her weight on to her. Pressing its cock on to her. Pressing its jaws towards her head. Again its teeth were on her the back of her neck. With the last of her strength she pushed as hard as she could to get away. She almost made it but she was too slow and suddenly she felt its jaws close round her throat.

Her will to resist slipped away at once and without understanding why, she felt her body go limp. No longer struggling she was aware of everything. Her breasts still wet from its slobber, the pressure holding her shoulders down and its cock pressing itself between her legs. She was shocked to realise that she was wet. Where before she had been daydreaming now she was lying at the mercy of this creature and she was becoming aroused. She looked down at its silver fur covered body. Wiry but strong, its ribs rising with each breath, its teeth on her throat, its green eyes looking at hers.

'Spare me and I'll do anything. Anything you want' she gasped. It lifted its teeth from her throat. "Yes, you will. You will submit to the wolf". So it could speak! "Open your legs more"

Its fur was warm and she spread her legs, feeling the animal's cock rubbing against her pussy, her pussy that was getting wetter each time she felt it pressing against her. Her body seemed to be acting of its own volition and she became away that she was staring to grind against the werewolf's cock. She felt it draw its haunches back and push its cock into her. Its front claw was on her breast and in a moment it was thrusting deep into her. It truly was animal, satisfying itself without concern for her pleasure. It's claws moved down from her shoulders to be breasts and she saw the jaws lunging towards her.

Her whole body shook with each forceful thrust and she drew her hips up to receive more of its animal fucking. She could feel teeth running across the back of her head before the beast pulled out of her and ran its hot wet tongue down across her hard nipples and then down between her legs. That tongue was lapping greedily at her pussy as she became more and more aroused, caught between pushing her pussy on to its mouth or lifting her clit away to try to clear her thoughts.

"Do me again. Put your cock in me." She could barely believe it was her own voice saying it but she knew that that is what she wanted. The beast stretched its claws up to her breasts and then mounted her again. Once more it was bestial in its desire.

Eva's eyes opened in shock. What if it made her pregnant? Everyone would know that she had been bedded by an animal! "Don't cum inside me. Please don't. Please!" But all the time she was fucking it as much as it was fucking her.

Faster and harder it fucked her and suddenly she felt it withdraw. As she looked own she cum gush from its engorged cock, spraying from her tummy across her tits right up to her throat. She could see the creatures cock spasm with each fresh load of hot, sticky cum that coated her. Barely pausing it started licked her body, lapping up the cum that it had deposited on her. The touch of those teeth and tongue across her skin was like nothing she had felt or seen before.

Now it looked at her and where before she could see only animal there was now humanity its eyes. It rolled off her but stretched its arms around her and pulled it close to its chest. She wasn't afraid now. She could hear its heart beating strongly in its breast.

After a few minutes she pushed herself away and stood up. The were wolf lay still without trying to stop her as she found her clothes and dressed again. She thought that maybe she felt a little guilty - she was a married woman after all - but she also felt alive. "The next full moon" the werewolf said. He didn't say anything else. She knew that she would return to the woods during the next full moon.

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