Let me describe myself first. I am a highway patrolman, I am 6'3", black as the ace of spades, 225 lbs., and a big, fat, 9.5" black cock.

It was another early morning at the gym. I was alone when I got there. I had started my routine when another guy came in and entered the locker room. He was back shortly, dressed in a new tank and shorts. I could tell he was a newbie, he was looking at his phone then the equipment, back and forth. After a while he stepped toward me saying, "If I'm not a bother you look like you know your way around this equipment pretty well. I have some questions and I was wondering if you could help me? By the way, my name is Luke."

I answered, "My name is Vince and I'll be more than happy to help you."

We talked and got acquainted as I familiarized him with the equipment and how to use it. Luke told me he was 29, recently divorced, and new in town. He said he was naturally thin, as were most of the men in his family, standing and weighing 5'10" and 155 lbs. but he wanted to muscle up some. I offered to help him out and be his workout partner, he jumped at that invitation. I told him I usually hit the gym at 4 am. Luke looked at me and said, "Yes Sir, you're the boss, Sir! I will be waiting in the morning, mold me please."

I told him to call me so I could add him to my contacts list and he could add me. During my free time at work that day, I created a simple beginner workout for him. I texted and asked if he had plans for supper and he did but they fell thru so he was available. I asked if he wanted to eat with me, Luke answered with," When and where?"

I told him I knew of a great mom and pop home cooking type place, he said that sounded great. I sent him the address. Luke arrived at 6:30 pm sharp. Luke was dressed very nicely, accentuating his body. He wore dress pants, a button-up shirt, and dress shoes. I was similarly dressed. After he sat down I said, "If your serious diet is a very important part, you don't have to deny yourself but moderation is very important."

Luke replied, "I understand that and I agree. I'll order whatever you are having."

I looked at him and smiled. The waiter, Theo, came over saying it was nice seeing me again and a new customer too. He took our order, I ordered then Luke added, "I'll have what he's having."

We talked about lives, Luke said he was married for 3 years but he knew it was a mistake from start. He said he dated a little since but nobody seemed to fit. I told Luke I had dated women but they just didn't do it for me, I preferred men! Luke said he was okay with that and it didn't bother him. Luke looked at me and smiled. We continued getting to know each other

As we talked our supper arrived and our waiter, Theo, sat it down before us. Theo gave us a blindingly bright white smile, told us to enjoy and he'd be right back to refill our water glasses. Theo returned quickly inquiring about our food. As we talked Luke said he didn't know good food from bad. We both cleaned our plates. Theo returned and asked about dessert, Luke looked at me. I told him again about moderation, he said he'd order a slice of Cherry Cheesecake but only if I'd join him. I nodded and he asked Theo to bring a slice and we'd split it.

Theo asked 1 or 2 plates, Luke quickly said 1. Theo took away the dirty plates and returned with our Cheesecake. We both savored the dessert. Theo returned asking for one or two checks, Luke quickly said one, it was his treat. After paying we walked back to the parking lot. I told Luke to get a good night's rest, he would need it in the morning. I turned and got in my car watching as Luke drove off.

Luke arrived before I did at the gym and met me at the door. He followed me to the locker room so I could change into my shorts over my compression shorts. I pulled off my sweat pants and pulled on my shorts as I felt Luke watching me. I told him I had a take a leak, I'd be right there. As we worked thru the weights, I doubled everything he was doing when he lifted.

We finally got to the bench press, I loaded the bar for me and told him to step forward more and more until he straddling my head. As I lifted I'd exhale every time blowing my breath up his shorts. After I finished my sets I got up and loaded the bar for Luke. I turned around while Luke assumed the position on the bench and pointed my cock down out of the leg of my compression shorts. I took my position over his head until I barely touched his shoulders. He had a perfect view up my shorts.

As he raised and lowered the barbell my hands followed it squatting over his face almost completely covering it. I could feel and hear Luke inhaling and exhaling and see his dick and nipples hardening up. When Luke was done I stepped back, helping place the barbell back in the rack and giving him a hand up. I grabbed his hand, pulling him to me giving him a shoulder bump.

I told Luke I had to get home, get a shower, and get to work. He said he was going to shower and dress at the gym. I swatted his ass, telling him how great he did, as I went toward the front door while he entered the locker room. I got my car remembering my stuff in the locker. As I entered I heard the shower running and Luke groaning. I stepped up to the shower and peeked thru the crack in the shower curtain. Luke was jacking off, he shot his spunk gasping as he finally emptied his nuts.

I quickly left so he would not know I was there. I texted him midmorning telling him how well he did and how nice it was having a partner that was all in. He replied saying he thought we were a good team, I called him to see if he wanted to get supper and he said he had a business meeting but he'd see me in the morning.

When I got there Luke was ready and waiting. We worked different muscles this morning until we got to the last, ab crunches on the bench. I did my set and swapped out with Luke. He lay back and started pulling his lower half up and back. I moved forward over Luke's head and squatted down placing my hands on his chest and groin over his face as he gasped. I ordered him to inhale and exhale. I squatted lower almost sitting on his face.

As he pulled his knees up I pinched his nipples, getting them good and hard as he gasped again. Next, I sat down completely grabbing his knees and helping him complete the crunch. He finished his set and I got up helping him up. I was heading for the house since I was off and he was going to shower and head to work. I left the same way as before and snuck back in as he entered the shower.

I caught him working his nipples as he groaned, stroking his cock with one hand and working his nipples with the other eventually shooting his load. I snuck out as he started soaping up to bathe. I texted him at lunchtime and asked if he wanted to do supper, I'd cook, my treat. He said that sounded good. I asked him what he didn't like, he said there was nothing he didn't like.

I asked how steak, baked potato, and salad sounded, he said that sounded delicious. I texted him with the address to my place and told him to let me know when he left work. He texted me when he left and I got started on the steaks, the potatoes had been in a while and the salad was ready to go. I texted him back and told him to come on in when he got here.

He came in with a bottle of wine in hand saying how good everything smelled and jumped right into help as I prepared the meat, he got the potatoes, salads, and salad toppings from the refrigerator. I looked at Luke asking how he liked his cooked and he said he wanted his rare. I just smiled telling him he was a man after my heart. I placed a steak on each plate and got wine glasses.

We sat and ate our fill. When we finished Luke started cleaning up. I got up and walked up behind him placing my arms around him telling him to not do that, just set them on the counter. He turned to face me staring into my eyes. I looked down at him and asked him if he wanted to get in my hot tub. I told him I had extra suits and where they were if he needed that but it wasn't really necessary.

I headed on out the door with both glasses topped off with the wine. I stripped before getting in the hot tub and got it going. Luke eventually came out naked. He said I was right, we're both men and it wasn't a big deal. He climbed in and sat down across from me. I handed him his glass and asked him liked working out with me and if it turned him on. the wine had loosened his tongue and he blushed and said he had wondered about sex with a man but had never acted on it.

I asked him he was jacking off thinking about me. He blushed again and said he was. I told him I was so flattered to be his jackoff fantasy but the real thing is so much better. I stood up, moving to him with my big black cock almost in his face. I put out my hands and took them. I pulled him up, leaned down, and kissed him.

I pulled back and told him how soft his lips were. I sat back down and pulled him down on my lap. Luke looked at me saying he was scared because he saw how big my cock was. I told him I would never hurt him intentionally but I wasn't going to lie, the first time he takes my horsecock in his ass it was going to hurt some but then it would turn to incredible pleasure.

I told Luke to get us some wine and we finished the bottle. As we sat and talked I asked Luke if he had to work tomorrow and he said yes. I told him to take the day off, he could spend the night since we'd been drinking. We got out of the hot tub and dried off. I picked him up in my arms and carried him to my bedroom reminding him to call, tossing his phone to him.

As he was calling in I licked his free ear, down to his neck and over to his Adam's Apple. He gasped as I reached down to his asshole and pressed gently, almost opening it up. I moved my mouth to Lukes with him still talking. Luke finally hung up and I started kissing him deeply, letting him suck my tongue. I pulled Luke to me and rolled us over with him on top.

Luke placed his lips on mine and started kissing mine. He raised his head licked from my chin down under my mouth and traced down to my nipples sucking and nibbling one at a time. Luke kept going lower and lower till he got to my cockhead. He kissed the head of my big black cock saying, "I have always dreamed of this. Your big black cock is so hard Sir."

I replied, "You can do it Luke my boy, take the head in your mouth, and swirl your tongue around, savor the taste and smell of a big black man."

Luke did as I ordered and I continued to encourage him, "Luke, start working down my cock until my cockhead gets to the opening of your throat. You are doing a great job."

Luke looked up at me as he worked further and further down. I lay my hand on top of his head and stroked it. When he got my big black cockhead to his throat he stopped and I said, "Take a breath and swallow when my cock hits the back of your mouth."

Luke continued working up and down my cock, swirling his tongue around it. as I stroked his head, I told him when he pulled up to take a deep breath and go all the way down till his lips were stretched around the base of my cock. He nodded and pulled up, taking a deep breath. He started down, taking inch by inch, as I encouraged him. When my big black cockhead hit the back of his mouth I kept my hands on his head to encourage him as he swallowed until he had my whole cock in his mouth and throat.

I praised him telling him what a great job he did, telling him how great his tight throat felt on my cock and how I loved him not having a gag reflex. I told him to feel his throat as he pulled up to breathe and take my fat cock again. Luke pulled up, kissed my cockhead, took a breath, and started back down on my cock. As Luke deepthroated my cock again I talked to him, "You have done very well so far Luke. I want the first load I shoot to go in your ass though. I am going to make that ass mine. I want to fill it with my cum."

I had Luke lay on his back and I lay beside him. I brought my hand to his mouth telling him to suck my finger and get it sloppy wet. As he got it wet, I said, "We got to loosen that sweet ass up."

I took my finger from his mouth and placed it on his puckered hole. I leaned down and kissed him as I pushed my finger into his ass, working my whole finger into his ass. I raised telling him he was doing great. I took out the first and brought two to his mouth letting him get them wet. I placed those at his ass and pushed them in slowly opening Luke's ass wider. I put them to my hand and twisted them to open his ass further as he groaned.

When he finally relaxed, I removed my two fingers and added a third. Luke sucked each finger individually getting them wet. I placed those three fingers together and placed them against his hole. I bent over to kiss him as I started pushing my fingers in his ass, spreading and fucking them in and out as he groaned telling me how good they felt.

I raised on my elbow telling him we needed a better lube and told him to roll over and get it from the nightstand drawer. He got it and returned to his back beside me. I pulled out my fingers and held them in front of him telling him to lube them up. I returned them to his ass lubing his hole. As I did, I told him to lube my cock. Luke got a big squirt and started thoroughly coating my cock while I worked on his ass.

I rolled over on Luke, spread his legs, placing his ankles on my shoulders, and moved up till my cockhead was at his ass. I started rocking in and out, bit by bit opening his sphincter and getting just my cockhead in. He groaned loudly. I told him to relax and pretend he was taking a dump. I started rocking as Luke started groaning as I inched inch by inch of my cock in until I had about 6" in his ass and he stopped me saying, "I don't know how much more I can take."

I replied, "When you feel better tell me and we'll start again. I want you to love me taking your ass."

We lay there until I felt his ass relax. I leaned down and kissed him. I started pushing again telling him how good his sweet little tight ass was feeling on my fat black cock. He held my face in his hands telling me, "I love your big black cock stretching my tight ass, keep going, I want to feel it all in my ass."

He groaned loudly as I pushed further in, all the way in, and ground my hips. Luke was gasping and groaning about what my fat black cock was doing to his ass and shot his load all over his stomach. I leaned over to kiss Luke and squished our abdomens together. I placed my elbows on either side of Luke's head telling him, "You have done so well taking my black horsecock. Now's the time to turn it up."

Luke groaned as I ground my cock into his ass. I pulled out slowly until my cockhead was just inside his sweet. I started slowly taking Luke's ass again as he pulled my mouth to his. I fucked his ass, increasing in speed as he got louder and louder. "Fuck me hard and fill my ass with cum," Luke said.

I fucked Luke hard and deep filling his ass with my cum and collapsed on top of him pressing into the bed. I kissed him hard and rolled us over. Luke laid his head on my shoulder facing me saying, "I am so glad I met you. You have opened my eyes and I love your big black cock. I am so addicted."

Luke slid off me laying on his side. I grabbed his ass and he was playing with my nipples, moving his hand down to my cock and nuts, fondling and stroking my soft cock. I held Luke tight telling him, "We are just getting started, there is lots more fun to be had by us both. Let's just lay here and rest."

I felt Luke stirring, working my cock and balls, hefting them in his hand, and studying them. He slid down as I spread my legs open to give him better access. Luke took one ball at a time kissing and sucking each one. I rubbed his head telling him how good it felt as he took one in his mouth and then took the other at the same time into his mouth. Luke groaned as I told him how good he was doing.

Luke raised his head and let my balls drop from his mouth. He stuck out his tongue and traced a vein on my cock up to my big cock head then leaned down and kissed my cockhead sucking up my precum. Luke opened his mouth and started bobbing on my cock, swirling his tongue as he took it further into his mouth. With my hand resting on his head, I said, "Don't forget to take a deep breath when you pull up."

When he got my cock to the back of his mouth he pulled back and breathed deep. He went down and stopped again but stayed in place and started going down again as I said, "You are doing great, keep it up, you're getting it. You're going to have to work for my cum this time Luke."

Luke just groaned in response and continued bobbing up and down on my fat black cock. He was going all the way down taking my entire long black cock. As he went down each time it got easier and easier for him to take it completely. "Oh fuck Luke, that feels so good. Work it, you cocksucker! I can see your throat expand when you to go deep."

Luke moaned on my cock. I looked down at him and he was watching me. I reached under his chin and stroked it telling him how good it felt with my cock buried in his tight throat. Luke slowly pulled up, taking a deep breath, grabbing my nuts, and kissing them. He went back to my cockhead using his tongue to get the precum and groaned, telling me how good it tasted.

After he had swallowed my precum he opened his mouth and put my cockhead in his mouth. Luke took a deep breath and started down, slowly until he took my whole cock in his mouth. He stayed down moaning on my cock, working my balls with his hand. I lay my hands on his shoulders telling him how great his throat felt and rubbed his neck.

He started pulling up and quickly went back down. I told him I was getting ready to cum and he started going quicker, up and down, fucking his throat with my cock. my body tensed when I started to shoot and I went to pull his mouth off but he held it down as I shot my cum down his throat. Luke took it all, keeping my cock in his mouth until I started to soften. He let my cock slide from his mouth, then he licked and cleaned my cock, getting all my cum.

Luke slowly worked his way up my body pausing on my nipples licking and sucking, then continuing up to my neck and ears. Luke lay his head on my shoulder telling me how great it was that we had met and how great it was that I'd opened him to new things. We lay there and Luke telling me, "I hope we can keep up the fun. I love your big fat black cock."

I told Luke, "I got two more days off, we never have to even get dressed. Stay here with me."

To be continued:

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