(Incest -- brother and sister, anal, heterosexual, masturbation, oral)

I fell hard for my younger sister not too long ago. In our family we've always been straight up with what we feel, that's one of grandpa's rules. Talk things out he says, don't hold back. I try, we can't help how we truly feel, can we? Maybe it's the hormones talking, I didn't used to see my sister like this at all. But love is love, isn't it? I don't see it as being a bad thing. Anyway ... I mean, it is incest. Sure that's true. Because she is my "younger sister."

But hey, It's not like I'm that much older, three minutes to be precise. And we are adults, we both turned eighteen a month or so before it happened. Is that just a justification? Gee, I hope not. I mean, it's not like I'm taking advantage of her or anything. After this all happened I told her exactly how I felt. Straight up ... She kissed me and said I was really cute and adorable. Actually what she said was: "It's adorable, you're just so clueless, it's really cute," but it's the same thing. Or actually it's better. Because I'm not dumb, and I know exactly what she meant.

We've always been close, But this year things have been crazy. We, our relationship, it's ... Evolved ... Yes, that's the word. She's always enjoyed doing things with me and always liked for me to do things with her ... And she's always just been happy being around me. Since we got "put on lock-down due to the pandemic," she has taken to just walking into my room without knocking. Not that I mind, no, not at all. Her name is Erin ... Erin ... My Erin, and right now I know that every one of my fantasies will be fulfilled with her.

She has blue eyes and tight curly black hair that hides her ears, the cutest face, with a little nose and these chubby cheeks. I usually work on my day's assignments on my laptop in bed. Which is what I was doing when she came in. She made a fuss about being unable to get her work done because her neck was a little sore. She sat down at the lower end of the bed. Being a caring brother I offered to massage it. Soon she was in position, cuddled up in front of me in bed.

We were both wearing our pajamas, I mean we bathe and everything. But really, what's the point of getting dressed when there is no place to go. I was getting a huge boner in my PJs under the sheets. It was poking into her butt. I pretended not to notice, figuring she wouldn't mention it. But she did.

"Stop poking me!" She said shoving me, but not very hard.

"I didn't really do anything." I said.

I really hadn't, I just let my boner grow harder -- I'm not sure how to stop it -- and poke into her more. Okay, I could have moved, but I really didn't want to. I liked the feeling.

"If you're going to keep poking me I'll push back!" She said, pushing up her beautiful butt hard into me. She was pushing up against my cock. I think she was grinding me a tiny little bit, or I might just have a vivid imagination. Either way, oh my God, it felt oh-so nice.

She was getting a good feel of my penis with her gorgeous ass. Of course, that just made me get harder. She turned around and faced me in my bed.

"What is that?" She asked.

"C'mon," I said, "you know what it is."

"So, why do you keep poking me with it?" She pointed at the tent in my pajama pants under the covers.

"It's um ... you know ... it only knows that you're gorgeous ... it doesn't know that it shouldn't."

As I spoke to her and watched her lips move, I was mesmerized, all I wanted was to put "it" in her mouth, or put "it" into her gorgeous ass. The one that had just been grinding "it," or that I had just imagined was grinding "it."

"Why shouldn't it, Jack?" She asked.

I was not really understanding this conversation. How could she not know.

Okay ... Think ... Think ... Think ... Hell, I didn't know, except that it "just wasn't done." But Erin wasn't saying that it shouldn't be done. She was asking "why?" Wasn't that the same as saying "why not?"

"Do you want to see it?" Now I was determined to find out exactly what she meant.

"Uh-huh." She giggled.

I pulled the sheet back and took my pajama pants down and my cock stood there hard and stiff.

"Wow, it's ... so ... so ... interesting looking." She said as she stared at it. It jerked a bit, maybe to say "hi."

"Do you want to touch it?"

The invitation really got her. She grabbed the head and she rubbed it a little bit. She used both hands to massage it and I stopped her before I came. I showed her how to slowly play with it, to make it last. She would move her hands slowly up and down the shaft, rolling and bunching my soft and pliable foreskin over my rock hard shaft. Pretty soon she had both of her hands on my penis, playing with it. It was heaven, her hands felt soft and hot on my steaming rod.

"I really like playing with it!" She said as she smiled at me.

"Try it with your mouth, I hear that's really fun." This was actually true. Although I am uncertain if my friend who told me that it was fun ever had his dick sucked by a girl.

My sweet angel Erin bent down, opened up her mouth and fit my head in. She only had it in for a second before taking it back out.

"Eww gross!" she said, but she was smiling, then giggling.

"Just try it again," I said hopefully, "it's supposed to get better, it's an acquired taste."

Erin put "it" into her mouth again, closing her lips over the end of the head. Then fitting the whole head in her mouth, which was getting so hard that I feared that it would burst. Her tongue licked it all over and she sucked on it, not being able to take any more than the head and an inch or two of the shaft in her mouth. I gently pushed down on her head a little bit and she fit a little bit more inside. Her tongue explored every inch of the cockhead that was in her mouth.

She was tickling the soft connecting tissue under the head and hearing my moans she was learning to really like it, well, if she hadn't really liked it before.

Then she pulled "it" out of her mouth and giggled again.

"This is so much fun!" She laughed.

"Do you want to try it some more?" I asked hopefully.

"Would you put it in my butt!" She said as she rolled over onto her stomach.

I couldn't believe my ears. Was I dreaming? No, I thought about it, and it actually made some sense. Mom had taught her not to let boys stick anything in her pussy. But mom never said anything about her asshole being off-limits. Erin deduced that from the sequence of those conversations, it meant that mom and dad did "it" inside of mom's asshole. Which was actually a rather astute observation.

We communicate both with what we say, and what we don't say.

I wasn't passing this up. I knelt behind my sister and pulled her up to her knees so her ass was in the air. I pulled down her silky pink pajama pants and spread her beautiful round buttcheeks. I saw the pink hole I was about to fuck. It was so small. So ridiculously small. I spit on it and rubbed it, lubing it up. Then I added my spit to Erin's on my cock. I tried to be gentle, and it took several tries but eventually, after lots of positioning, I got my cockhead into my sister's ass.

"Owch, slower, that hurts, ahh, better, pull it out just a bit, okay push," she said.

Her words were intoxicating.

"It's okay, the hardest part is over, it won't hurt anymore." I finally said to her once I was pretty well inside.

We slowly pushed my dick deeper and deeper in her ass. Erin had some painful groans, and some pleasurable moans every inch of the way. But nothing loud enough for us to really slow down or stop. Pretty soon I had about half of my cock inside. Several inches were buried in her steaming asshole.

That's when I started pushing my dick back and forth, thrusting it into and pulling it back out of her tight passageway. I was very careful not to hurt her, this wasn't just any "piece of ass," this was a piece of my sweet little sister's ass. I grabbed her hips and filled with as much love as lust just kept on fucking her. She was moaning and groaning. Hurting, but enjoying what she took up her asshole.

Of course, there was no way that she was enjoying it as much as I was. It felt so damned good. Erin's asshole was so tight.even in fantasies about sex, I never dreamed that anal would be this "sister-fucking good." I just kept on fucking her ass, pushing my dick in a little bit deeper each time while making sure not to go all the way too fast in case she couldn't take all that much.

She moaned and groaned, and I moaned with her. Here I was fucking my sister's asshole, she had invited me too. I hoped I wasn't dreaming, that would suck. I kept fucking her but I only lasted a little while longer before I knew that I was going to come.

"Roll over and I'll give you something!" I said, pulling my dick out of her ass.

Oh, how her asshole had such a lovely gape. I could clearly see how my cock had stretched it out. She turned around in front of me. She was excitedly smiling at me, anticipating.

"Open up!"

Erin opened her mouth up wide. She was still smiling. I aimed my cock at her open mouth and it jerked as I touched it and it fired. I shot a load right into her waiting mouth. Squirt after squirt, it went onto her tongue, teeth, everywhere in her mouth. I could barely hold back a scream of pleasure.

I'd never come that hard. It just kept jerking, I was coming and coming. I had halfway decent aim and got most of my spunk in her mouth. When I was done she sat up and started playing with the strings of my semen in her mouth. She giggled and some of it spilled out and ran down her chin and along her neck.

"C'mon, swallow it, Erin." I smiled.

She closed her mouth and swallowed. One big gulp.

"Show me," I said.

She opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, showing me that she had swallowed all of it.

She was smiling really big at me.

"Did you like it?" I asked.

"Uh huh, it was yummy!" She giggled.

Then, I heard mom return, She was opening the garage door downstairs. I put my pajama bottoms back on and went to the bath. There I got a washcloth, wet it, and wiped all the jizz from my dear sweet sister's chin and neck. I dropped the rag in the hamper and got back into a cuddle position on my bed with her on top of the cover. I was working on her neck when the door opened.

Mom saw the two of us and smiled at how we were getting along so well, "while stuck in the house." We looked completely innocent to her because I was just rubbing Erin's neck as I often do and the sheets covered up what was really going on with ole "Willy One-Eye."

"Don't work too hard on your assignments," she said with a snicker as she left my room, closing the door behind her.

"Erin, we can't tell anybody okay?" I whispered in her ear.

"Duh! Wait ... Only if you promise that we'll do it again," she said with a smile.

"Any time, sis. God, I love you."

"I know. Me too."

I held her so tight and I grinned the biggest grin of my life. Then I kissed her atop her head.

Since that day we fuck regularly. As in whenever we get the chance. My biggest fantasies have become my new reality. Almost every day we find some time to be together and I get to fuck her in that gorgeous ass, it's "our thing."

Often it's after she gets me nice and wet in her mouth. Sometimes I deposit my spunk there, and sometimes I do it in her butt. And I return the favor with my mouth doing "rounds" on her pussy. But that's another story. Thanks to my Erin, my wonderful sister Erin, I truly look forward to each and every "cumming" day.

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