As I slowly woke up with the sun streaming across the bed, I opened my eyes to a unfamiliar room. I then began searching through the fog in my brain trying to figure where I was. Slowly the events from the night before came into perspective as I stretched under the sheets and felt small electric sparks running up my legs and the blood flowing into my hardening cock. Reaching down between the sheets to grab my cock and balls I felt the silky material that they were encased with, then sliding my hands further down felt soft skin and the smooth texture of the stockings as they sliced through the sheets. I pulled up the sheets to see I was wearing white panties with a garter belt and flesh colored stockings stretched over my legs. I slid my hands up and caressed the smooth flesh above the stockings and pulled my hand over my ass only then realizing the soreness of my sphincter muscle

Thinking back to the previous night I remembered meeting Lisa at the bar and going home with her, how I shook as I ran my hand up her leg and feeling her panty encased cock knowing instantly I wanted to be on my knees with her cock in my mouth and needing to know what it would feel like buried in my ass.

Then I heard someone calling if I was up as Lisa walked into the room looking as beautiful as I remembered, I was still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this beautiful creature has a cock that I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around last night. In an instant she took a straight man and turned me into a cock slave and a sissy. My mistress and yes I remembered that I submitted to this woman and I am under her spell, is wearing a black corset with shiny stockings and sheer black panties with the outline of her cock enticing me once again. She informs me its time to get up for she has a big day planned for us and there's no time to waste, I immediately get up and am ordered to strip.

I'm led into the the bathroom where she is running water for the tub, she orders me into the tub handing me a new razor and shaving cream. She warns me that I am not to cum, that my cock now belongs to her and as my Mistress she will decide when I can have a orgasm. I nod my understanding and reply yes Mistress. As I sink into the hot water I'm told to carefully shave my body to make sure there are no unladylike stray hairs or 12o'clock shadows. I slowly dragged the razor over my legs, cock, balls and ass admiring the smooth flesh and the feel of a hairless body, amazed at the heightened sensuality. Mistress came in when I was finished and closely inspected what I had done nodding her approval.

After drying myself off she had me sit down so she could paint my toenails a bright red. Before I can protest she reminds me that I belong to her and this is the first of many changes if I wish to stay with her, I nod my consent as she smiles. When finished she rubs me down with witch hazel then lightly dust me down with baby powder to prevent chafing. Mistress then slips something around my cock and balls and snaps it into place explaining its a cock ring to keep me aroused. She then tells me my clothes are on the bed and to come to the kitchen for a quick breakfast when dressed.

After she leaves looking into the mirror I unconsciously run my hands over my smooth legs, bald cock and balls and see for the first time how beautiful and sexy my body is, the baby powder causes my body to become so smooth to the touch that I have a hard time stopping from jerking off. My cock is as hard as I can recall as I walk to the bed fantasizing about being on my knees servicing mistresses cock again.

On the bed I don't see my clothes but a fresh pair of white panties, garter belt with flesh stockings bra and a summer dress, this causes my cock to bob up and down in anticipation. I start with the garter belt and carefully roll the stockings up my smooth legs and quickly slide the soft panties up and over my leaking cock, my stiff cock extending past the panties elastic band, I then struggle with the bra and fillers. Once I was satisfied I slipped the dress over my head and was thrilled with the soft material rubbing the stockings as I walked, not worried about the bulge showing thru the dress. To finish the ensemble were a pair of open toed short heels which showed off my painted toe nails. I walked a little wobbly to the kitchen, My mind swirling with the thoughts of my mistress hoping she that will be pleased.

Working my way to the kitchen through the apartment I can see mistress is well to do and surely is used to getting her way, her apartment is very expensive and tastefully furnished. its owner possessing a confidence that I find intriguing. Arriving in the kitchen I see Mistress has changed into a professional style dress and I secretly hope she is wearing the black corset underneath. She smiles when she sees me dressed and tells me I look wonderful but says eventually we'll have to do something about the unsightly bulge as she slides her hand under my dress and gently strokes my cock. She has me totally under her spell and her green eyes pierce my soul and I am hers. I reply yes Mistress

I'm told to hurry so not to be late to meet her friend at her salon. Looking at the horror on my face she laughs telling me a little sissy slut like me shouldn't worry about being seen and soon I would look perfectly natural dressed as I am. Within a few minutes we're in her car on the way to the salon. She parks her car up the block and as were walking down the street to the salon still unsteady wearing the heels, I feel a cool breeze blowing up my dress sending shocks waves thru my cock and balls. I feel as though I'm naked and fighting the urge to grab my hard on. I am suddenly jealous of not having had the opportunity of wearing a dress before now knowing pleasures of stockings massaging shaved legs, air rushing over silky panties and the electricity coursing through my body. I look at Mistress and doesn't seem to notice as we walk into the salon.

There are 4 chairs with customers and stylist's who look at us entering, Lisa ask for Jennifer and they smile with a knowing look and nod to the back. A gorgeous redhead comments on my legs and telling the other girls that she's looking forward to getting to know me better. Not knowing what she means by that, I'm embarrassed and hurry behind mistress to the back. We walk back to a door that leads to a private room, upon entering I notice a spacious room with a private salon, a stylist chair in the corner with a mirror and tools of the trade. The rest of of room was more of a private office tastefully decorated.

Already in the room was a attractive blonde who hugged Mistress, they then turned their attentions to me with Mistress introducing me to Mistress Jennifer as her newest sissy. Mistress Jennifer exclaimed what a beautiful gurl I was going to make as she walked up, she ran her hand up my leg cupping my ass and squeezed what she called my pussy stick sending shivers throughout my body causing me to be weak in the knees. She laughed then turned to Mistress Lisa who explained that she has provided me no relief today and installed the cock ring as requested. My new Mistress nods approval as she slides her hand to graze my swollen balls and chuckles at my predicament.

Unable to resist I'm ordered to remove my dress and sit in the stylist chair, Mistress Jennifer comments on what a special specimen I am as she studies my semi-nude body congratulating my Mistress. Ignoring me she places a cape around me fastening it at my neck while saying she has a lot to work with because of the length of my hair. She briefly walks out of mine line of sight but returns having removed her dress, now clad only in bra and pantyhose/

My eyes are drawn to her thick 8 inch cock poking over the waistband of her pantyhose and a beautiful pair of tits. I turn to see Mistress Lisa has also stripped off her dress standing there in the black corset with black garter, stockings and panties. I can never truly describe how horny I was , my cock pulsing as i sat listening to these gurls while staring at their cocks that I needed so badly. I could only squirm in the chair as they discussed what a beautiful fuck toy they were creating. My eyebrows were plucked into a graceful arch, had red finger polish to match my toes applied ,my ears were pierced and it was decided that a small set of hoop earrings would be perfect.

Then Mistress began to work the scissors as strands of my hair began drifting down into my lap, she explained that I was getting a feminine cut that she called the Rachael. When she was done Mistress Lisa stepped in to apply makeup and when they were both satisfied she spun the chair to face the mirror. I could only stare in disbelief as I looked into the reflection of a stunning woman, Mistress Jennifer removed and shook out the cape and had me stand up and slowly turn around. Whoever that woman was in the mirror I took time to burn her reflection to my mind. Mistress leaned over to kiss me and told me how I was beautiful and would be a wonderful addition to her stable.

She took my hand and led me over to the couch and had me kneel on the rug as she invited Mistress Jennifer to be pleasured for her services, on my knees I looked up to see Mistress approaching. She stood before me and held my head as I eagerly released her cock from the confines of her pantyhose and slipped the purplish head between my lips while savoring the taste. I slowly took her deep into my mouth intent on milking her seed, swirling my tongue over the blood engorged head bathing it in my saliva. I was sucking my second cock and knew it wouldn't be my last.

I let it slip from my mouth for a second to catch my breath, wielding her cock like a sword she grabbed my hair and drove it into mouth and down my throat in one quick move triggering my gag reflex. She wasn't to be denied as she continued driving her cock into my mouth in a frenzy. After a few minutes I buried a finger up her ass and could feel her cock begin to spasm as she sent loads of hot cum into my mouth spraying the back of my throat, I struggled to swallow her load as Mistress Lisa warned me not to waste a single drop. Mistress Lisa was complimented on my cock sucking abilities as she caught cum dribbling from my lips with her fingers to be fed to me.

Mistress Jennifer pulled her her semi-hard cock from my mouth only to be replaced by Mistress Lisa, I pulled her velvety smooth cock into my mouth by grabbing her ass and working it down until I felt her balls at my lips. I've been wanting her cock in my mouth since I woke up this morning and was determined to be the best sissy cocksucker she ever had. As I was being fucked in my mouth I felt my panties being pulled down releasing my throbbing cock, then a finger probing my ass and pushing a cool gel past my sphincter. I arched my back and pushed back on the finger then she added a second, and a third driving them deeper into my hungry ass.

After she worked her fingers stretching my ass and was satisfied that I was ready, I felt the head of her 8 inch cock slipping between my cheeks searching out my asshole. I was ready for her to plow my ass with her monster cock, I let out a deep groan with a mouthful of cock as she penetrated past my sphincter. I pushed back again greedily burying her cock deep into my ass and began developing a rhythm. I had a cock pounding my ass with her balls slapping up against me and another slipping past my lips buried in my throat, Mistress slipped her hand down to my swollen balls and unsnapped the cock ring. I felt an immediate release of the sexual frustration that had been built up since this morning, causing an eruption as ropes of cum shot from my cock spraying my chest and face. That caused my sphincter to spasm milking Mistress Jennifer's cock as she buried it to the hilt shooting her second load deep into my ass. Mistress Lisa pulled her cock from my mouth shooting ropes of cum giving me my first facial.

After my vision cleared and I slowly drifted back to consciousness I heard the sound of clapping and hollering and looked over to see the redhead and others offering congratulations to Mistress on her newest addition.

I'm not sure what they meant but can only hope its more of the same.

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