1. Which year was Mara born?

a) 2000
b) 2001
c) 2002
d) 2003

  1. What is the name of the hospital Mara was born in?

a) Aga Khan Hospital
b) St. Paul Clinic
c) Nairobi Central Hospital
d) Phelophepa Clinic

  1. What is Mara's real family name?

a) Green
b) Greenalley
c) Groenstege
d) Vertruelle

  1. How many siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings does she have (now: 03/2019) ?

a) 2 siblings, 1 half-s, 3 step-s
b) 3 siblings, 0 half-s, 1 step-s
c) 1 siblings, 2 half-s, 0 step-s
d) 2 siblings, 1 half-s, 0 step-s

  1. What is the name of her cousin that she took pics of?

a) Francine
b) Miranda
c) Laura B
d) Chenne

  1. What was her favorite drink when she was around 5 y o?

a) Fristi
b) Uludag
c) Pepsi
d) Sprite

  1. Which is the correct order that she visited the following places?

a) Nairobi, Paris, Paramaribo, St Petersburg, Yangoon
b) Nairobi, Yangoon, Paramaribo, Paris, St Petersburg
c) Nairobi, Paramaribo, Paris, Yangoon, St Petersburg
d) Nairobi, Paris, Yangoon, Paramaribo, St Petersburg

  1. Which of the following names is not a name of her half-sister Kiki?

a) Zola
b) Stephan
c) Michelle
d) Simone

  1. What name did Mara give her famous doll?

a) Adolf
b) Bartemius
c) Dolfie
d) Barty

  1. What is the name of Mara's old cat?

a) Lilly
b) Tiger
c) Liesje
d) Bob

  1. What is the name of Mara's new cat?

a) Lilly
b) Tiger
c) Liesje
d) Bob

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