Chapter 19: The Reckoning

The next morning, the papers were filled with news of the daring FBI raid and conjecture about the "inside man" whose sabotage had made the gang and their customers so vulnerable to capture by the time the FBI arrived in force.

Sadly, the FBI wanted to confiscate the Duesenberg, but they chartered a bus to take Mary and all her fellow abductees back to River Heights, where her father promised to put them up safely in the Jones residence until they were required to testify back in Chicago. After that, they could return to their former lives, or in the cases where there was no life to return to, Mary and her father promised the FBI that they would find new and wonderful living arrangements for them all.

But what of the girls who had been shipped away for years before the raid shut the gang down? The FBI got busy sweating information out of the gang members so that they could recover as many girls as possible. Mary offered her assistance, and the man in charge, Special Agent Bertrand Dorff, said he would keep her in mind. Could this be Mary's opportunity to work in the FBI? She hoped, and intended to lobby hard for the role. They would need somebody who could go undercover. Who better than her?

As a side benefit of her involvement in the case, she was able to learn from an FBI physician that the Grafenberg Ring that had been put into her was in fact a birth control device developed in Germany only the year before. It was in her uterus. The FBI physician was very sorry, but nobody in the United States knew how to remove one, and she would not be able to have any children until it had been removed. She told him not to worry about it; she liked not getting pregnant.

After parking the bus at the Jones residence and introducing her father and Margaret to all her fellow abductees, Mary got an update on more local events from her father. The Rush will had been found where she hid it behind the headboard. The Rush farm was safe. Mary jumped into her Packard convertible and drove to the Rush place immediately to reunite with George after her ordeal. When she got there, Eustace, George's mother, let her in, but looked a little unsettled. Mary ran past her upstairs to George's room. She opened the door to find her dearest George with a very thin, very pale, blonde girl clinging tightly to him and eyeing her with whimpering suspicion.

"George Rush, what is the meaning of this?" said Mary firmly but, she felt, gently. There might be a perfectly logical explanation to this. "Explain yourself."

George bashfully related his story. After they had separated, he had found this feral girl, the very one clinging to him, in a locked room deep underground. She had apparently been kept there for several years, starved, and abused in terrible ways they couldn't entirely know because she was apparently mute and Mr. Mitchell, who was in jail for his many offenses, wasn't talking. The sheriff believed her to be Bonnie Lambert, daughter of the family Mitchell had evidently stolen the farm from six years earlier.

Once George had freed her, Bonnie had not been able to tolerate being separated from George for even an instant without producing loud keening wails, so everybody had thought it best for her to let her just continue to cling to him until she started feeling a little more comfortable with her new life as a free young woman. By the records, if she was Bonnie, she had just turned 18. Everybody was pretty sure she was Bonnie.

Mary had questions. "How do you sleep at night?"

"First, I dress her in her bedclothes, and then I dress in my bedclothes, and we sleep."

"You mean you've stripped her naked and seen her... assets and everything?"

"Mary, it's not like that," George responded red-faced. "You know I'm an honorable man. I would never take advantage of Bonnie and her terrible psychological affliction. This is necessary in order for her to have any semblance of comfort."

Mary sighed. "I understand, George. This is difficult. I trust you, of course. It's just that after my harrowing ordeal of being peddled like a piece of meat by white slavers, I was hoping to get back to my normal life with you and, you know, spoon a little." She looked down and smiled shyly.

"Oh I couldn't wish for anything more adamantly, Mary! With Bonnie clinging constantly to me like this since I found her, I haven't been able to, um, settle myself down in weeks! I confess I've started to have impure thoughts about Bonnie. I'm merely a man. As you well know, men have needs."

"Have you acted on them?" asked Mary, "You could tell me the truth. We've been through an awful lot together."

"I haven't, but it's been so hard!" whimpered George. "I have nocturnal emissions almost every night, and we need to clean both our pajamas and the bedsheets practically every night. That's a lot of laundry. And I've woken up to find that I have a finger stuck up in Bonnie's, um..."

"I suppose it's understandable," Mary considered. "What is Bonnie's reaction?"

"She seems agitated on the mornings when this has happened, but it hasn't seemed to bother her after I take my finger out of her snatch and apologize."

"That's good, I suppose. She is, after all, a young woman with needs of her own. We can't know what she's going through."

As they had been talking, Mary had been holding George's hand, and they had been sitting closer and closer. Bonnie was not looking more agitated, and was looking back and forth between them. "She seems to accept you being close pretty readily, Mary. If mom or sis or anybody else gets anywhere near this close, Bonnie starts shrieking uncontrollably. I think she must really like you."

"She must be able to see that we care very deeply for each other," said Mary. "Does it help to talk to her?"

"It doesn't seem to," said George, "but I like to anyway." Then George spoke to Bonnie, "Would it be okay if Mary and I kissed? You know, had a little kiss?"

Bonnie looked confused.

Very slowly, Mary leaned in and gently kissed George on the cheek while Bonnie watched intently. Bonnie just looked curious, so then Mary gave George a peck on the lips. Bonnie was intent, but calm and focused on Mary's movements. "I think she knows that I don't mean either of you any harm," said Mary. Next Mary leaned over and tried a little tongue with George. Bonnie was quiet during.

"Mary, you're starting to drive me crazy," said George. "My dick is as hard as, well, it's extremely hard." As George said that, Bonnie rested her pale hand on George's bulge.

"Do you think she understood you?" asked Mary, always the detective.

"That's another problem," George groaned. "She's been showing more and more interest in my arousal."

"It seems natural she would," Mary replied. "She is a reasonably healthy girl of appropriate age, and I see how it could be a growing - hah, I made a pun! - a growing problem!"

"It's not that funny, Mary," George groaned.

"I applaud you for doing the right thing so far, George, but you're going to really hurt yourself, we're all going to really hurt ourselves, including Bonnie, if doing the right thing continues to conflict so directly with doing the natural thing. Nature can't be denied. It's inexorable."

"I don't know all the words you just said," replied George, "But I know you're the smart one of us. What should I do? You decide what's right."

"She has already seen you cum in your sleep. Bet on it. Yet it didn't frighten her," Mary said. "Otherwise, she would have shrieked and woken you up. And she doesn't seem to be afraid of us snuggling together and kissing. Heck, she didn't even shriek when you put your finger up into her in your sleep."

"Let's try this," Mary continued. "Let's all go to the bathroom and bathe together, and if that works out okay, I think we should all go visit my big bed in my room at my home. There's plenty of room in my bed for three to sleep comfortably. Then, in my opinion, we should do what comes naturally from there. If Bonnie gets fearful at any point, we'll have to rethink, but what you've been suffering for the last two weeks is no way for you to live in the longer term. It's also not a good example to Bonnie of what is possible by truly living life. And I miss you so much, George. You don't know what I've been through."

"Okay, Mary. I think you know what's best. I think Bonnie sees that and is also confident." They went to the bathroom and drew a big bath. They couldn't all fit in together, but Mary slowly got in with Bonnie while George held Bonnie so she wouldn't be scared. Mary proceeded to give Bonnie her first thorough scrubbing.

Bonnie seemed to enjoy Mary's scrubbing her as long as she could keep a good hold of George, which was not as much of a problem since Mary was doing the washing. After Mary washed herself, George got in, and Mary washed George while Bonnie continued to hold onto him tightly. George had also not had a thorough washing in a while, so this worked well.

They then all dressed in clean clothes. Mary sent Mildred for the clean change of clothes she had in her car. Mildred, who was only a bit bigger than Bonnie, lent some of her clean clothes for Bonnie to wear. George got clean clothes from his room. Then they took their leave of Mildred and Eustace. They left Mary's Packard buttoned up at the farm and took George's truck, since they could sit all three abreast this way, Bonnie clutching George and Mary driving.

The Jones residence was full to the brim with incredibly beautiful teenage girls rescued from the white slavers. Interestingly, this crush of curious girls, many who waved and exchanged pleasantries with Mary along the way, didn't seem to bother Bonnie in the least. Perhaps she saw in their eyes a kinship of sorts, Mary theorized. On the other hand, George was cross-eyed and panting by the time they were past the crush of knockout girls, all of whom pawed him seductively and asked Mary to introduce them. It was truly a gauntlet for the poor suffering young man.

At any rate, they arrived at Mary's sanctum, entered her bedchamber, and made towards settling down for the night. "Oh no," said George, "Bonnie and I have forgotten to bring our pajamas."

Mary said, "No matter. I figure it's just as well if we sleep in the nude."

"How can you say that?" said George, taken aback.

"If as you say you're soiling both sets of pajamas and the bedsheets every night, it seems natural and practical to wash less. Plus, I'm hoping that Bonnie will allow you to put your cum into me and keep the mess more manageable that way."

"But Mary, you'll get pregnant," blurted George.

"No I won't," Mary replied. "I got special birth control in Chicago. There's a ring inside my uterus that prevents babies from growing there."

"Does it hurt?" asked George, looking worried.

"I don't feel it," replied Mary.

"Well if that's no longer a concern, you have a point about the mess," ceded George.

And so the three of them climbed cozily into Mary's bed naked together, Mary climbing in last so she could turn out the light, leaving the room pitch dark except for the dim glow of starlight coming in through the window.

(To be continued)

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