Ottawa's Erectile Dysfunction and Men's Health Clinic

FocusWave Clinic's mission is to be Ottawa's premiere clinic for the treatment of chronic pain and Men's Sexual Health (Erectile Dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome) via focused shockwave therapy.

Using the highest quality shockwave therapy equipment, approved for use by national regulators to treat various indications, our clinicians hope to repair, and ultimately heal, the most serious health issues you face everyday.

Focused or Linear shockwave therapy, while more costly than radial or acoustic therapy, is a revolutionary treatment that provides a painless, drug-free, non-invasive solution for many different patients.

The future for Focused shockwave therapy is bright - we look forward to adding Neurological and Dermatological indications to our treatments.

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Pub: 18 Jan 2022 07:15 UTC
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