Dave and Katie walked down the remote Costa Rican beach, holding hands. The weather was perfect, in the mid-80s, with a soft breeze that made the coconut palms sway gently. The warm turquoise water was crystal clear. The offshore reef kept the water calm and flat, as frigate birds circled slowly in the sky, far above. A few people lounged in a sandy area near the small parking lot. Then the beach got rocky and empty.

"If we keep heading down the beach, maybe we'll find an empty spot and have the whole place to ourselves, babe." Dave was feeling exuberant.

"Let's go!" Katie exclaimed, smiling, and holding his hand tighter. He smiled big and squeezed her hand.

They walked for half a mile, then came to a deserted cove where a rocky point curled around at the end of the beach. Happily, they set down their packs and spread their big towel on the one patch of soft, white sand amongst the small rocks.

Giving him a flirtatious glance, Katie pulled off her top, exposing her beautiful, full breasts and pale nipples to the warm sun, which felt so sensual on her skin.

Dave thought his smile might break his face. "Let's get in the water!"

"Yep!" She smiled radiantly.

For an hour they swam and explored the soothing, warm water, taking turns with the mask and snorkel. With each exchange of the mask, they held each other and kissed deeply. Back on the beach, they dozed contentedly in the sunlight, holding each other close.

Dave woke first at the sound of voices. Another couple was walking down the beach toward the cove. As they approached, they waved and gave friendly smiles. Younger than Katie and Dave, they were in their 30s. Both were blond. He was tall with strong arms and legs. She was slender and well-toned, and, like Katie, had shed her top. They could be yoga instructors, Dave thought.

Katie stirred from her nap as Dave told her, "We have company." When she looked concerned, he reassured her. "They seem perfectly friendly." Katie relaxed and smiled. "They're a good-looking couple."

"What are the odds? Two good-looking couples on the same beach," he smiled.

Approaching their spot, the young man asked, "Would you mind if we shared this bit of sand with you? Looks like the only place without rocks."

Dave and Katie exchanged a glance, then said "sure" in unison. Katie had covered her breasts as the couple walked up, but she dropped her arms as they got close. Blushing, she looked the handsome young man in the eye as he thanked them. The woman smiled warmly and made no effort to cover her perfect small breasts. The sandy area was not large, so they laid out their towels just a few feet away.

"I'm Jack and this is my wife, Marie. We're from New Mexico, here to celebrate our anniversary. How about you two?"

Dave explained they were celebrating Katie's birthday, and recently had their first anniversary. Marie asked how they had met. Marie and Jack sat close to each other as Katie and Dave told them the story.

After a few minutes Jack and Marie ran out into the water. As their new, young friends splashed about like otters, Katie and Dave stretched out again, marveling at the idyllic place they had found. They kissed passionately.

Watching them emerge from the water, Katie was struck again by how attractive Marie and Jack were. She noticed the beads of water running down their toned bodies in the bright clear light. Marie's small nipples were erect.

So were Katie's.

Returning to their blanket, Marie asked if Dave and Katie minded if they took off their wet things. "Not at all," Katie quickly responded. Dave did not object.

Marie slid off her bikini bottoms and Jack peeled off his swimsuit. Not surprisingly for their age, neither had a trace of body hair. They looked incredibly good naked. Dave and Katie did their best to seem nonchalant, while stealing glances: at Jacks long, thick cock between his powerful legs and Marie's lovely body and glistening, shaved pussy. Getting completely naked just feet away, Marie and Jack seemed entirely comfortable and unselfconscious.

After drying off, Marie stretched out on the towel, lying on her stomach. Sitting next to her, Jack lovingly applied lotion, starting at her long neck, then moving down her back. As he reached her bottom, he straddled her, facing her feet. Out of the corner of his eye, Dave watched as Jack worked the lotion into her skin, kneading Marie's ass so her cheeks spread open, then closed. Dave caught Katie looking too; Jack's cock was swelling as he massaged his sexy wife.

Jack whispered in her ear and Marie turned over. Straddling her hips, he carefully applied lotion to her face and ears and neck, then moved down to her chest and breasts, where he lingered, softly pinching her erect nipples. Dave felt his own cock twitch when Jack rubbed lotion onto Marie's belly, then down to her pussy, pulling her lips open and closed. Dave saw Marie was wet. Marie met his gaze with a smile, her eyes half closed.

Then it was Jack's turn to lie down. Marie straddled his back and massaged lotion into his back. When Marie squeezed his muscular ass, Katie quivered. When Jack turned over, Marie moved down from his chest and rubbed lotion on his hardening cock, giving it long, slow pulls. She gave Katie a mischievous look; Katie tried to avert her eyes but could not help but smile and watch intently.

"We could use some lotion ourselves, baby," Dave said with a sly smile. "And when in Rome..." He pulled off his bathing suit, then slid her bottoms off as, without hesitation, she lifted her hips to help. While older than their new companions, Katie and Dave were still fit and attractive. Jack and Marie watched intently from just feet away.

As Katie lay face down, Dave carefully massaged the lotion into her soft skin, lingering at her beautiful little ass; he too spread and closed her soft cheeks as Jack and Marie looked on, not even pretending to look away.

Dave massaged lotion onto Katie's shapely legs, then asked her to turn over. He felt a flush of exhilaration knowing the other couple could see his erection grow as he rubbed Katie's breasts, pinched her nipples slightly. Then he spread her legs wide apart.

As Marie and Jack looked on from just feet away, Dave ran his fingers through the soft golden hair between Katie's legs, then spread her delicate pink lips so their new friends could see every inch of her. Katie fully cooperated. She was glistening wet, for all to see in the bright sunlight. Never having exposed herself to strangers like this, Katie's heart pounded. Having her body completely exposed like that aroused her intensely.

Then it was Dave's turn. Katie took her time as she straddled him. Dave could feel the wetness between her legs on his skin. She smiled as she caught Jack watching her luscious breasts move as she kneaded lotion into Dave's back and firm ass. Turning him over, Katie worked her way down to his fully erect cock, rubbing it slowly up and down, from base to tip. Marie unconsciously licked her lips.

As she finished and lay back next to Dave, Katie saw Marie was slowly rubbing Jack's erection as he lay on his back, legs spread. It jumped slightly with each stroke.

Marie moved down between Jack's legs, facing him on her hands and knees, her ass in the air. Looking Katie, then Dave, then Jack in the eye, she took Jack's big cock into her mouth, lingering at the tip at first, then slowly taking him in deeper and deeper. He squirmed, making soft sounds as he filled her pretty mouth. Katie noticed the strong muscles in his leg muscles and stomach flexing from the excitement.

Feeling her growing wetness, Katie told Dave to lie on his back next to Jack in the fine white sand. Katie moved down between his legs, next to Marie, who continued to devour Jack's engorged cock. Katie took Dave into her soft warm mouth. Then she teased the sensitive tip. Dave squirmed and pushed deeper into her mouth until he was nearly entirely inside.

Marie began doing exactly what Katie did, move for move. As Katie gently licked Dave's balls and massaged them with her hands, Marie did the same to Jack.

Not wanting to cum yet, Dave eventually said, "That feels so good, baby," as he gently pulled out of Katie's mouth. Jack did the same with Marie.

"Stay in that position but turn around so you're facing each other," Dave told the naked women. "Yes," agreed Jack.

Her heart racing, Katie moved in front of Marie, where Jack had been. The women were just inches apart, face to face on their hands and knees, lifting their asses to expose their wet pussies to their men.

Dave moved behind Katie and Jack moved behind Marie. Dave spread Katie's legs further apart and asked her to rest on her elbows. She was wide open to him. He buried his face between Katie's legs, slowly running his tongue all over her, lingering on her clit before repeating the process again and again. Katie moaned. Just inches away, she heard Marie's rapid breathing and soft moans as Jack simultaneously pleasured her from ass to clit with his eager tongue.

Sensing Katie was close to orgasm, Dave lifted his face from her swollen pussy; Jack did the same with Marie. The men got up behind their wives and pushed their rock-hard cocks into them. Thrusting in and out, they gradually increased the speed and depth. Marie and Katie lifted their asses higher and pushed back into their men to take them deeper. As the thrusts intensified, Katie and Marie gripped each other's forearms for support, their ecstatic, flushed faces just inches apart, their eyes meeting when they could focus.

Wanting to cum inside Katie from the front, Dave suggested the women move to their backs, lying side by side. Marie and Katie spread their legs wide as their husbands entered them from the front. They rubbed their wives' clits with their thumbs as they slid their cocks in and out. The women intertwined one of their legs. Katie could feel Jack's thrusts into Marie, who felt Dave's into Katie. Marie did not take her eyes off Dave's thick cock going in and out of Katie, who watched Jack plunge his deeply into Marie.

"I'm going to cum," Dave whispered after a time, strongly pulling Katie's hips to meet his thrusts. Suddenly he was overcome with a momentous orgasm that seemed to throb on forever. That put Jack over the top, too; he cried out and plunged powerfully into Marie as he filled her with his cum.

The couples then rested intertwined, side by side, so close they could feel each other's heavy breathing. After a while, Dave said, "We're not done, Jack."

Guiding Katie onto her back, her legs spread wide, Dave licked her pussy, lapping up every drop of cum that ran out of her. Jack did the same with Marie, positioning her right next to Katie. Both women shuddered as their men stimulated them with their tongues.

Looking up for a moment, Dave saw Katie and Marie had an arm around each other's shoulder as the men eagerly brought them toward climax. The women touched and pinched their own nipples with their free hands.

After their men caressed them with their tongues for a long time, Katie and Marie suddenly came at the same moment. Their staggeringly powerful orgasms went on and on and made them cry out. Katie squirted as she came, her juices flowing into Dave's hungry mouth. Jack gripped Marie's hips tightly, her throbbing pussy tight up against his tongue. When their trembling eventually subsided, Katie and Marie were spent and speechless.

Each holding their spouse close, the couples lay side by side on the warm sand for a long time, silently taking in the thrill of what had just happened.

Reluctantly, Dave and Katie were finally ready to leave. After putting their bathing suits on and exchanging hugs and warm wishes, they parted company with Marie and Jack.

Walking down the beach, Dave smiled and said, "I sure didn't see that coming," shaking his head slightly. He and Katie had never done anything like that before.

"Uh, no," Katie replied, squeezing his hand. "But wow, what a nice day at the beach!" They stopped and laughed and held each other tight.

They did not hear from Jack and Marie again. But they never forgot their intensely erotic afternoon in the sun and sand.

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