Mike's On-going gay experiences.

Part 8

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A lunch I'll never forget.

I was home on a Sunday late morning when Enna texted me. "What are you doing? Do you want to go to lunch?"

"Of course," I replied.

Enna followed up by writing, "There's a great Asian market and food place by me, why don't you come down and we'll head over there."

"Sure," I replied.

I jumped a quick shower and drove to her place.

When I arrived, Enna came out wearing a long loose-fitting T-shirt, black yoga pants and some summer sandals. She looked incredible, her hair and make-up were spot on. She climbed in my car and gave me a giant kiss and directed me where to go. She wrapped her arms around my right arm as we drove and leaning her head on my shoulder. Our conversation was flowing and easy as we headed to the Asian market. When we arrived, we wandered around a bit until we decided on what to eat. Enna introduced me to some foods I have never eaten before and after we wandered through some of the stores looking at items.

Enna wanted to go back to her house and just relax and asked me if I wanted to come hang out. Of course, I wanted to. As we drove back, I couldn't take me eyes off the bulge in her yoga pants, my mouth watered and my heart raced because I wanted that dick. As we drove her hand was lovingly rubbing up and down my inner thigh as her head rested upon my shoulder. How bad I wanted her; was an understatement. We didn't get out of the car and into her front door when we had our first deep kiss of the day. As we stood in the foyer of her place our passions erupted. Her hand almost instantly cupping my crotch getting me more and more excited. Enna dropped to her knees, smiled up at me and started unbuttoning and unzipping my pants. She pulled the jeans flaps open, pulled the top of my underwear down releasing my partially hard dock. She used her fingers to prop it up towards her face and slid my cock deep into her mouth. I moaned in pleasure as I felt her warm wet mouth engulf my cock. Her head bobbed back and forth getting me harder and harder by the moment. I placed my hands on the back of her head feeling her sensual mouth sliding back and forth on my shaft. I was in awe of how good she sucked dick.

As I stood there hearing the slurping sounds of her erotic blow job, I kept thinking of how her hardening cock must be bulging through her panties. My ass was tingling and opening wide in anticipation of her fucking me. I wanted it so bad. I needed her cock inside me. I needed her to cum deep inside me, I needed to shoot my load while being fucked from behind. I needed all of it. I pulled Enna up from her knees and brought her back face to face with me. We kissed deeply and passionately as her hand stroked my hard cock while my hand was rubbing up and down her crotch over her yoga pants. I could feel her shaft protruding through the material, while her plump luscious balls hung below. I guided Enna by the hand to her bedroom where we stood at the edge of the bed kissing more.

I opened my pants further as she sat down on the edge of the bed. Her head leaned down and forward and she put my hard cock right back into her mouth. I slid my jeans and underwear down as her hands rubbed and caressed my ass cheeks as my cock slid in and out of her mouth. I was in absolute heaven as she was sucking me off. I pulled at her t-shirt while she was sucking me, getting it over her head as she broke from my blowjob. I reached down and behind her unclasping her bra, letting it fall onto her lap. She managed to wiggled her arms out of the straps throwing the bra to the side. I pushed her back onto the bed, climbing partially on top of her and started kissing along her neck and chest. I got to my knees and ripped her yoga pants off, revealing her tight black pair of panties, which were propped up by her hard cock. I slid them off and started kissing my way up her thighs. Finally reaching the thing I wanted the most -- her hard cock.

I placed her erect cock in my mouth and started sucking her dick with such passion and vigor. I wanted her to cum deep in my throat and the fuck my ass until she came again. I wanted ever bit, every inch and every minute of her cock. I bobbed up and down on her shaft for a while just enjoying the feeling of her cock hitting the back of my throat as she laid back moaning in pleasure. I love sucking dick and I was truly getting to enjoy sucking hers. I pulled my mouth from her, sliding upwards and on top of her, lying my body on top of hers, kissing her deeply. After a long passionate kiss, I whispered in her ear, "I need you in me."

Enna smiled and rolled me off of her. She got up from the bed and walked over to her night table as I edged further onto the bed. She pulled condoms and lube from her drawer and walked back towards me. She knelt on the bed next to me immediate dipping her head back down onto my throbbing cock. She sucked me off for another minute or so, until she rolled me onto my back. She pulled my hips up, getting me onto my knees and proceeded to slide her warm wet tongue in-between my ass cheeks and began eating my ass out. I had never had my ass eaten out so the surprise was exciting, yet freaky. I felt her warm wet tongue caressing my wide-open asshole, as she used her lips, and fingers in conjunction getting me ready to be fucked. I felt her pull away and heard the condom package start to open. I felt the cool drizzle of the lube hit my asshole and her finger slide in just after. I moaned in pleasure as she slowly and gently slid her finger in and out of me preparing me for more. I felt her hands grasp my hips as she slid in behind me.

I edged down a bit and lined up with her throbbing plump dick as it hit my asshole. She pushed in slowly as I gasped for air. Her cock slowly being buried inside me was like magic. I could not contain my excitement as I cried out, "OMG you feel amazing."

Enna slowly started pumping me back and forth getting deeper and deeper with every push. The lube assistning her is sliding in and out smoothly. My mouth watered and my cock was rock hard as she continued pumping me hard. I begged her for more, I begged her for deeper and she gave me everything I asked for. I was so overwhelmed and excited I couldn't stay upright. My upper torso feel face down onto the bed, my mouth pinned to her blankets as drool started coming out of my mouth. My hands grasping handfuls of blankets as I knelt getting fucked liked a girl; taking my man's cock. Enna must have been behind me for ten minutes ramming her big hard long cock deep inside me and I was so fucking happy about it.

"OMG Enna Your cock is perfect." I moaned out.

"Please fuck me harder."

"Cum in me."

Enna was pumping at a great pace. My cock throbbed wanting to cum, but wanting to cum in her ass. I didn't know whether to scream for more; or beg her to stop as she continued ramming my tight ass. I was experiencing pleasure I have not had in a long time. I started stroking myself off, wanting to keep in rhythm of her cock sliding in and out of me. Enna moaned out, "Ride me!"

She pulled her dick from my ass and laid down next to me. Without hesitation I climbed right on top of her, lined up accordingly and slid her big dick back inside me. I rode her hard and deep; or as hard and deep as I could bouncing up and down on her shaft while her hand slowly stroked my erect cock. "OMG, I LOVE YOU," I moaned out. "I love you cock!"

I couldn't have ridden her cock any harder or faster or deeper than I was when Enna started moaning out, "Mike I'm going to cum."

I wanted to reach behind me and rip that condom off letting her explode deep inside my ass unprotected, but I was seconds away from cumming myself and I wanted her to cum in me, so I just kept riding.

Enna started thrusting her hips up as I was slamming down and within seconds she was screaming out, "I'm cumming."

I felt her cock pulsing and thrusting deep inside me as her hand still held a firm grasp on my cock. I leaned down moaning as our lips touched whimpering out, "Stroke me."

Enna's hand continued stroking my cock as her hard cum expelling cock was still deep inside me. She stroked me off as I sat atop her body, loving the feeling of still being penetrated until I started squirting my load all over her hand, chest and body. I have never cum while being stroked with a hard cock still inside me. The feeling was amazing. I kept slowly riding her wanting more, but she had to stop because she had already gotten off.

I finally rose up, letting her hard cock slide out of my ass feeling it leave from deep inside me. Lube and wetness escaped as it came all the way out. I laid next to Enna for a while as we cuddled and kissed. We spent the next bit of time taking a short nap just enjoying our naked bodies intwined.

I did have dinner plans with family members later that night so I couldn't stay as long as I wanted to. As Enna got up to walk me out, she put on a long silky black robe and walked me to the door. As we got back into the foyer we talked and hugged and held each other for a little while. My passion for her ignited again. We stood kissing deeply like two lost lovers who are reconnecting. My body pressed up against hers, our breaths thickening, building, lusting. I felt her hardening cock pressing up against my leg and before I knew it or even realized it, her robe was wide open and my hand was wrapped around her hard cock. She moaned deeply through our kiss, as I slowly stoked her off. I got down on my knees and placed her cock back into my mouth. I slowly started bobbing back and forth giving her a long soft slow blow job. My head twisted and shifted from angle to angle as I felt her long thick cock sliding deep into my throat. I had Enna pinned up against the wall, as I was giving her a nice long blow job.

Enna moaned out, "I thought you had dinner plans?"

"I do", I replied. "But they can wait a few more minutes."

I slowly bobbed back and forth getting her harder and harder and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. I sucked both her balls putting them deep in my mouth, while my hand stroked her saliva covered cock. I licked up and down her shaft just enjoying being on my knees sucking cock and pleasuring her. My dick was rock hard in my pants and my ass was begging to be fucked again, but I just wanted to make her cum again before I left.

I must have been down on my knees for the better part of 15 minutes until I brought her to orgasm. She grabbed the sides of my head with both hands and was thrusting her hips forwards and backwards, face fucking me, ramming that cock deep into my throat as she blew her load. Every drop flying deep into my mouth, swirling around my tongue and sliding down my throat. She shook in pleasure as I got every last drop of her cum.

Enna was sweating and breathing heavy when I finished and I would have sucked her off again that night; or any night, just to have access to that cock and that cum. We kissed our goodbyes at her door and I made my way to my family dinner tasting her cum in my mouth the whole way there. Even though I was social and engaging during dinner, I could not stop thinking about Enna's cock. I wanted to go back after dinner and let her fuck me in the ass again. She had already had cum in my ass and in my mouth, maybe this time, she could spray her cum all over my face.

Unfortunately, dinner ran late and I had to be at work early the next day so I just headed home.

After getting home that night, I was still so horny that I put on a gay porn and watched until I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out my dido and rode the toy through an entire scene. It wasn't quite as fun as Sara's dick or Enna dick in me, but it was amazing feeling something rock hard, deep in my ass, penetrating me for an entire gay scene. Of course, I came just as the scene was ending because I was stroking myself off, while riding this hard dildo.

I fell asleep almost instantly and awoke naked, sticky, with a dildo in the bed with me.

I smiled because I roughly imagined it was Sara or Enna's dick next to me and not a toy, I was waking up next to.

I couldn't get enough of cock and knew -- or at least believed from that moment - I would be living a gay lifestyle permanently.

Enna and I had one other fabulous night together that involved a little vibrating egg, lots of anal sex and three orgasms each. But after that I discovered she was engaged to be married and was only fucking me on the side.

But my gay and transgender tales go on.

To be Continued...

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