They were roommates and were always seen together. They weren’t the hottest girls in their college but they were hot. Samantha was 5ft 8, blonde, black eyes, c cup breasts and a tight ass. Shyla was 5ft 4, black hair, black eyes c cup breasts and a much bigger ass than Samantha. They did a lot of stuff together and they were more intimate than regular friends. They made out with each other and stuff and they both liked each other really much. It was very sad for them both when they graduated and had to part ways but they still kept in touch with each other, or at least they tried.
Shyla got married few years later to a guy named Peter. They’d been married for 6months. Tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and a great body. He kept in shape, going to the gym and all.
Samantha was still single and not into the whole marriage idea. She was working as a secretary. Samantha was on a months leave and decided to meet up with old friends. She decided to give Shyla a call to inform her she’d be coming over for a while. Shyla wasn’t okay with taking Samantha in because her husband, peter, was now acting like a jerk. Nagging all the time in the house, always complaining about stuffs Shyla did even though she put her best in making things right and he never complimented her. She regretted ever getting married to peter. People felt she shouldn’t get married to him but she thought she was in love. She just wanted Samantha not to come to the house because he might start with his stupid attitude, teasing her friend and laughing at his ridiculous jokes about her. She just wanted to avoid all of that. At the same time she couldn’t say no even if she wanted to. Its been years since she saw Samantha. She’d really like to make up for old times. She agreed to let her come. They couldn’t both wait till they met each other. Samantha informed Shyla she’d be coming in during the weekend.
The door bell made Shyla run to the door. She had been seating in the living room waiting for Samantha. It was 9a.m already and Peter had left for work but they had there usual argument that almost pulled down the roofs before he left. She opened the door and Samantha was standing there looking more beautiful. They gave each other a long hug and a peck on the cheek. Shyla stepped aside and made way for Samantha to come in. Shyla helped carry Samanthas luggage to the guest room. She let Samantha get settled down and gave way for her to shower and rest for a while.
Few hours later, Shyla went to check on Samantha. She pushed the door slightly open and noticed Samantha was sleeping in her bra and panties. Shyla got flushed. Samantha looked more beautiful than ever. She missed the feel of samanthas body against hers. She missed the feel of her lips on her body. All those times they spent together came rushing back to her. She wondered what Samantha would taste like now. At that moment, Shyla wanted her bad. She was getting wet, but she made up her mind she wasn’t going to do anything with Samantha now that she’s married. At that point in time, Samantha got up from bed and saw Shyla standing there.
"hey babe. Come on in." Samantha said in a sleepy tone.
"no its okay. I was just checking up on you. Just go back to bed. I was about leaving anyway." Shyla said with a smile.
"I want you to come in" Samantha replied.
Shyla gave in and walked in and sat on the bed. They both where having fun talking bout past times. They kept on laughing at the silly things they both reminded themselves of. When Samantha brought up the topic of Shylas marriage life, she broke into tears. Shyla told Samantha how bad it has been bad for her and Samantha felt sorry for her. She comforted Shyla and she leaned forward to give her a kiss. Shyla responded and suddenly stopped.
"whats the problem?" Samantha asked Shyla
"nothing. Its just that im married." Shyla replied in a shaky voice.
"you just complained to me bout him not treating you properly and you are talking bout marriage. I think you should just get on with your life sweetie. Besides I miss you. Its been years and now you just gonna push me away?" Samantha said as she leaned in forward to kiss Shyla again. Shyla didn’t stop this time around she kissed Samantha passionately. Shyla missed the feel of samanthas lips. Feelings rushed through shyla. The type that she never felt when she kissed her husband. Shyla got dipper into the kiss and didn’t want to let Samantha go. They lay down on the bed and kept on kissing each other.
Samantha got down to Shylas neck and kissed her there. She took off shylas clothes. She went down to her breasts and sucked on her left nipple while her free hand was playing with the other. Shyla started letting out soft moans.
"I missed the feel of your lips against my flesh. I missed you so much Samantha and I need you badly" Shyla said in between her soft moans.
"I missed you more babe." Samantha replied as she kept on sucking on Shylas nipples.
Shylas hand slid down under Samanthas panties and she started rubbing her clit. This let Samantha release a soft moan. Shyla could feel Samanthas wetness and knew Samantha wanted her bad. She wanted to be fucked. She unhooked her bra and took off samanthas panties and rubbed on her clit faster and samanthas pussy was soaking wet at this point. Shyla slipped in two fingers into Samanthas pussy which made Samantha moan louder. She started fucking Samantha hard. Samantha clung to the bedsheets as she moaned louder and she came. Shyla got down to Samanthas pussy and licked off her cum.
"you taste so good babe, even better than before" shyla said as she licked the remaining cum off Samanthas pussy.
Shyla kissed samntha on the lip.
"I have a surprise for you Shyla" Samantha said as she walked over to her bag. She brought out a bead and a dildo.
Shyla was amazed at what she saw.
"you dirty girl" shyla said teasingly. "can I have the bead?"
"you have to beg for it sweetheart" Samantha said
"please Samantha I want you to fuck me hard with the bead. Please"
"That’s more like it" Samantha said as she crawled up to shyla and gave her a deep wet kiss.
"Now bend over for me sweetie let me fuck that ass."
Shyla did as she was told. She badly wanted to be fucked anally. She was having the best sex of her life right now. Samantha played with shylas clit to get her wet. She lubricated her hole for easy passage of the bead. She inserted the bead into Shyla and tugged on the string. Shyla was moaning in so much pleasure. She came easily. Samantha licked the cum off her and fucked her again. This time, she cam two times harder. Samantha licked all of her cum and kissed her.
"you taste so good babe. I missed the taste of you" Samantha said as she was kissing shyla all over her body like she was going to devour her.
"Your turn" Shyla said with a smile as she positioned Samantha to lay on her back.
She licked Samanthas pussy and tongue fucked her. Samantha felt butterflies all around her. She loved the feel of what was going on now. She didn’t want it to stop. She came and her cum was licked off. Shyla spat on samanthas pussy for lubrication and massage her clit with it. She used the dildo to tease samanthas pussy to make her want it even more. Samantha was releasing soft moans and biting on her lower lip. Shyla inserted the dildo into her slowly. Samantha shrieked in pleasure. Shyla fucked her pussy so hard she came all over again. Shyla licked the cum off her and put the dildo in samanthas mouth to lick on her cum.
The two girls put themselves in a scissors position as they began humping themselves. Their pussies rubbing against each others made both of them to moan in so much pleasure. They both came and they were grinding against each other pussies and their cum was mixing together. They both licked themselves off. The two ladies knelt on d bed facing each other as they began fingering themselves and moaning pretty hard and loud. Both of them were enjoying the pleasurable moment. Neither of them wanted it to stop.
At that moment, peter walked into the house and heard loud moans coming from the room. He was shocked and wasn’t sure of what he was hearing. He walked toward the direction of where the moans were coming from. He badged into the room and saw Shyla and Samantha both naked kissing each other.
"Oh my God! What the hell are you two doing?"
"Fuck you!" Shyla said as she kept on kissing Samantha

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