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Attention givesendgo grifters and hatriots. The Canadian government has informed you that the money you assholes raised to fund an insurrection is frozen. TD bank has frozen several accounts. You helped fund the January 6th insurrection in the US. You helped fund an insurrection in Ottawa. In fact, you are committed to funding anything that keeps the raging fire of misinformation going until that it burns the world's collective democracies down. On behalf of sane people worldwide who wish to continue living in a democracy, I am not telling you that givesendgo itself is frozen.

A convoy of trucks to protest vaccine requirements? The leaders of this "movement" are known extremists who publicly stated that they want to overthrow the government. They help a city hostage for weeks while terrorizing the peaceful citizens who live there. Trucker convoys are now either taking place or being planned all over the world. Now has anyone really thought about how dangerous this is, especially during these times? Government and law enforcement need to consider the possibility that some of these folks may not simply be ordinary truckers who are fed up with masks and vaccine mandates. In 2021, several Uhaul trucks full of extremists from a group known as "Patriot Front" that arrived in Washington, DC to protest. Yes, it did end up being peaceful. That being said, it shows that large extremist groups can show up in trucks and recent history should remind us that their intentions aren't always peaceful. The possibility that a convoy movement like this could be a cover for a type of trojan horse attack where extremists and militia groups may arrive in large numbers with weapons. Large convoys of trucks moving in capital cities will look normal given the theme of these world wide protests. Hopefully most of them will be peaceful, but given the political division in the united states as well as high tensions between Russia and NATO, the possibility of such an attack is considerable.

Finally, I'll clarify the goals behind this shutdown of Givesendgo, which likely be temporary. Givesendgo has a history of providing a platform for individuals and organized groups to fund hate groups, promote disinformation and insurrection disguised as "protests" most of their larger campaigns are, in some way, a continuing threat to democracy. Foreign money being used to sponsor efforts to destabilize government(s) by co-opting commonly held grievances stemming from pandemic fatigue is a very serious matter. Sadly, Givesendgo will restore their systems and continue operating. Also, there is lots of talk about using cryptocurrency and NFTs are an emerging threat to be considered. The data from this breach will be provided in its entirety to researchers and journalists so that the impact of foreign political interference can be better understood and sensible. Informed policy decisions can be made to defend against this growing threat.
Details will soon follow.

Pub: 15 Feb 2022 14:44 UTC
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