The Husband's Hideaway: Aria, The Salamander

You wake up to the sound of the door to your room opening at mid-afternoon, if the daylight coming through the windows is any indication. You look around to see that Cherry already left, and that the sheets around you are quite thoroughly decimated. You quickly slip some shorts on just in time for Relkomaz to turn the corner of the entryway.
Relkomaz takes a minute to look you over and observe the bed you're sitting on.
Your appearance befits the description "well used", with plenty of sucker marks on your skin, hair messed by tentacle slime, and sitting in the middle of a wasteland of bedsheets.
Relkomaz chuckles, before tossing you a pouch of coins, like he usually does. "Hoo boy! Guess I know why Cherry was so damn happy checking out. I thought the girl was a little toasted, you know? Guess she just got the Ryan treatment. You've got a lot of energy, dude. I'm impressed."
You catch the pouch and nod your head at Relkomaz. "I try my best."
"I'll tell the boss that you did good. I'm sure she'll be pleased."
"You're damn right, thanks. Now get the hell outta here, I need to get someone to clean up this mess. And for fucks sake, take a bath before you do! You look like hell!"
You nod your head, and begin collecting your clothes.
"Oh, and one more thing..."
You turn your head to look at Relkomaz, who's looking at you with a smirk.
"You next job is gonna be a little... hazardous."

"What?" You say in confusion.
"We've got a salamander girl checking in at the front desk right now. Name's Aria. Rita's making the preparations. You've been selected for the, uh... trial by fire." Relkomaz chuckles at his pun while you give him a flat look.
"Great. Do I at least that bath first?" You ask.
"Sure, sure. Go take a bath. Just get your ass to the front desk afterwards."
You nod your head in response, before exiting Room 3 and heading back to your personal room. You unlock the door and head straight for the bathroom, opting for a quick shower to fix yourself up.
You step into the shower, and let out a sigh of relief as you feel the warm water hit your skin. You quickly scrub yourself a few times, before turning the knob to let the water run cold. After you've done that, you turn it back to it's original setting and stand there for a few more minutes, before finally turning it off and exiting the shower.
You dry yourself off with a nearby towel, before putting on fresh clothes.
You're impressed at how good you feel. Despite the intensity of Cherry's session with you, you're feeling great. Your five days of rest has ensured you've got the power to see today through without any fatigue. You keep your fresh set of clothes casual, knowing that they'll probably just be coming back off again soon anyway. Clean and dressed, you exit your room and make your way to the front desk.

"There you are, handsome. I was just about to send someone to fetch you." Rita says, looking up from the desk with a smile.
You return her smile, raising your hand as a casual greeting. "No need. Back and reporting for duty. So, what's the deal with this next client? Relk was saying something about a salamander girl."
"Salamander girl, yes. Aria's her name. She's a fire elemental, and she'll be here soon. Just wait and meet her."
You raise an eyebrow. "A fire elemental? Aren't those kind of dangerous?"
Rita laughs. "Dangerous? Maybe in the wild. These days they keep their elemental powers in check with a few spells and charms. Just for safety’s sake, I'm giving you this."
Rita tosses you a small bracelet, which you quickly catch and slip on. "What's this?" You ask.
"A simple fire resistance charm on a bracelet. That way if her salamander fire surges past her holds, you'll be fine! Pretty standard protection." Rita says.
"Oh... That's pretty neat!" You remark as you look the bracelet over.
"Don't get too attached, you'll need to return it once you're done with her." Rita says with a chuckle. "They're simple, but costly since the charm isn't too common."
"Of course, it'll be right back in your hands once Aria's satisfied. You said I'm meeting her here in the lobby, right?" You ask.
"Oh no, she's already here. I've got a room already set up for you two. Just go to room 8." Rita explains.
"Already? Wow, she must've been really in a rush if she skipped the meeting." You say.
"Not really. She just said she wanted to make sure you got started right away." Rita says with a wink.
You blink in surprise at that. "Well... alright then."

You head to room 8, and before you even reach for the handle, it swings open.
A young woman with orange skin and matching fiery hair smiles at you. "Hey handsome, I've been waiting for you."
"Uh... hey." You reply nervously.
"Come on in!" She says, motioning you inside without letting you get a good look at the room.
"O-okay..." You enter, and she closes the door behind you.
You take a moment to look around the room, before turning back to Aria and finding that she's already in your face.
"Woah there, easy!" You exclaim as she lifts you onto the bed with her supernatural strength.
"I don't want easy! I want hard!" She growls lustfully as she starts ripping off your clothes.
As she pulls you close to remove your clothing, notice something. Her scent.
It's a mixture of smoke and something sweeter, like baked goods. It's enough to put you into a trance. You find yourself doing what she says, and you don't care.

She pulls off your pants and throws them aside, then starts working on your shirt. Once she gets it off, she stares at you briefly, then leans in. You feel her long tongue start to lick your body from your neck down to your stomach and back up.
You let out a gasp of pleasure from the intensity of the sensation. Everything about her body is piping hot, but her tongue even more so. It feels like having a steamy soft washcloth against your skin. Aria works her tongue back up across your chest, before gently sucking on your neck. The inside of her mouth is even hotter, but your fire resistance charm means there's no burning, just pleasure.
"Mmmm... you taste nice. I think I'll sample some more." She says, sitting you up and leaning over to start licking your ear.
The sensation of having your ear inside her mouth while her tongue is swirling around it proves too much for you, and you let out a moan.
Aria pulls back, smiling slyly. "That's the idea." She says.
She leans in and kisses you deeply, wrapping one arm around your back and the other around your head. Her lips are burning hot, but the kiss itself is very loving and caring.
You feel her hand slowly move down your chest, then to the side, then down your leg. She moves it back up, then starts caressing your inner thigh. You blush heavily as her hand slowly moves closer towards your crotch, and you're not sure how much more anticipation you can take.
As Aria works her tongue into your mouth, the raw heat pouring out of her starts to turn the saliva in your mouth into light steam. Her moaning and sloppy kissing noises mix together with a mild hiss as the evaporation escapes between your lips.

You let a small moan of pleasure as the steam starts to increase the humidity of your embrace, and Aria's free hand starts to work lower down on you.
Aria breaks the kiss and starts to work her way down your chin, down your neck, kissing and licking as she goes.
You feel her hot breath on your chest, then on your stomach, then...
"Ah!" You gasp as you feel a rush of heat envelope your crotch.
With her tongue, Aria's slowly licking and caressing your most sensitive areas. The feeling is unlike any touch you've ever felt before. It's almost like when someone sucks on hard candy and it starts to melt, but there's no pain. Just an overwhelming feeling of pleasure.
You let out a moan, and Aria lets out a giggle in response.
"I've been told I have a talent for this." She says.
The pleasure is building up in your body, and your hips are starting to squirm around as you try not to buck them forward. You feel Aria's lips turn into a smile around your manhood as she picks up the pace.
You feel yourself nearing the edge and try to hold back. However, this proves impossible as you feel an even greater heat envelop you. The feeling is so intense that you lose all control of your body and give in to the pleasure.
"A-Aria!" You moan loudly as you start to release.
Aria sucks and swallows every bit of it as you continue to moan.
"Ah... That was great." You say as you finish.

"You seemed to really enjoy that." Aria says as she wipes her chin. "So, are you ready for round two?"
"Of course. I have to get you back for that." You say with a smirk as your draw Aria against you in a tight hug.
She lets out a small squeak of surprise that quickly melts away into a moan as you drive your palm against her crotch.
Holding Aria against you like this is an intense feeling, to say the least. It feels like your entire body is being enveloped by a blanket that's fresh out of the dryer, but heavier. It's almost too hot to handle, but that is definitely a good thing.
Aria squirms against you as your hands explore her body. You take a moment to caress her hips, causing her to shudder in pleasure. Then you go back to working on her body, caressing her ample backside and rubbing her most sensitive areas.
"Oh... Right there! Yes!" Aria moans as she starts to get into it more. You can feel the heat of her body flare with her arousal as Aria starts to press her chest against yours.
Her scent is growing stronger, a sort of sweet smokiness that's almost intoxicating. You find yourself drowning in her, as all your senses are filled with her.
You move your hands to her back and slowly slide them down to her rear, giving it a firm squeeze.
"Ah... I... Like that." Aria says as she starts to grind herself against you.
You grab her by her hips and turn around, laying her down on the bed. You position yourself over her and start kissing along her body. You start at her lips, then move down to her neck, then her chest. You take her breasts into your hands and squeeze them as you flick your tongue against her nipples.

"Ah! Yes! Just like that!" She says as she runs her fingers through your hair.
You continue to kiss down her body until you are level with her hips.
The heat flaring off of Aria's body continues to surge in waves, her sweat growing to a thin sheen. The heat of her skin against your tongue is intense, like licking a hot bowl of soup. You flick your tongue and trace the outline of her womanhood, feeling her shudder.
"Ah! Yes... Keep going..." She says as she moves her hips against your tongue.
You continue to work Aria's body over with your tongue, moving slowly from her hips up to her navel and then down again. Her scent grows stronger and stronger, a thick smoky aroma that makes you dizzy. Her scent is so strong it feels like you're swimming in it.
"Ah... I'm getting... Close..." She says, breathlessly.
You work your tongue faster, pressing your mouth against her womanhood as you use both hands to spread her legs further apart. You feel her entire body start to tense against you as she gets closer to climaxing.
"I'm... Almost there... Don't stop..." She says, as you continue to please her.
She soon lets out a loud gasp as her thighs clench against your head and her entire body seizes up. Her tail is consumed in red salamander fire as the heat coming off the rest of body peaks. If it wasn't for your flame resistance charm, you'd probably be toast by now.
"Ah... AHH!" She lets out as she climaxes, her entire body shaking slightly. You licking is now punctuated by a mild sizzling, her sweat starting to boil off under the effects of her orgasmic heat flare.

You continue to lick her out until she pushes your head away.
"Ah... Stop... Sto- Ah..." She says, her voice trailing off into a low moan.
"Got a little too heated for you, huh?" You say with a slight chuckle.
"You have no idea... That was amazing..." She says, as she runs her hands through your hair.
You slide back up alongside Aria, taking a moment to admire the ornate tribal tattoos that weave across her body.
"Wow... You're really beautiful, Aria." You say as you trace a finger along one of the tattoos on her shoulder.
"Ah... Thanks..." She says, looking away from you.
"I'm not just saying that. I've been with a lot of girls and I've never seen someone as beautiful as you."
"You sure know how to sweet talk a girl..." She says, looking back at you and smiling a bit.
Her smile quickly fades as she brings her lips towards yours, kissing you deeply and wrapping her tail around your waist. You feel her wrap her legs around your lower body as she positions you against her.
Aria's a skilled kisser, driving her lengthy tongue into your mouth with ferocity and grace as she works around the inside of your mouth. The feeling is like having a hot and juicy piece of steak rubbing around your mouth, which makes you unconsciously salivate and suck on her tongue. She lets out a few lengthy moans as you focus your attention on her tongue, the sizzling and steam of your mixing saliva making the breaths shared between the two of you rich with humidity.
"I want you inside me... Now." She says, her voice trailing off into another moan as she bites on your lower lip.

Aria uses the grip of her legs and tail to draw you inside of her, the feeling of her walls massaging you tightly is incredibly intense. You feel your eyes roll to the back of your head as you rest your head against her shoulder, focused on the feeling of entering and exiting her velvety smooth vagina.
"How does it feel?"
"I-Incredible." You say with an exhale of pleasure.
You rest your head a little deeper into Aria's shoulder, tilting your head so that you can suck on the side of her neck. With each thrust, you suck on her neck, leaving a hickey as she begins to moan loudly with each thrust. Her body heat begins to spike again, and your mouth is flooded with an incredibly warm sensation as you continue to suck on her skin.
"Oh yeah... Fuck me... Mmmm...."
You thrust faster and deeper, holding onto her body tightly as you push yourself up. You rest your other hand onto her hip, keeping her steady as you thrust into her at a fast pace.
"Oh fuck! Shit!" Aria moans.
You can feel her tail squeezing around your waist as she intertwines your legs more tightly. She's holding on for dear life as the pleasure keeps pouring in to her. Her mouth is agape as she lets out loud, sensual moans.
"Ah! Shit! Fuck! Don't stop! Don't stop!" She continues to moan.
You slam your body against hers with as much force as you can, pushing through the pain of her squeezing your waist so tightly. You can feel your body temperature rising as you begin to get closer and closer to orgasm.

As your keep working on the rest of body, you swap the attention of your mouth to the other side of neck. Immediately setting to work on a fresh hickey, you're rewarded with another series of dripping moans from Aria.
"Oh shit... I think I'm gonna...!"
With one powerful squeeze of her legs, she forces you as deep inside of her as you can possibly go. You feel the tip of your dick push against the back wall of her vagina, causing a deep moan to escape your lips.
"Ah! Shit! Ah!" You exclaim as you begin to orgasm.
Your dick begins to throb and pulsate as you unload into her waiting depths. The warmth of your cum is met with another wave of pulsating heat as her vagina begins to tighten. The waves of heat from both your bodies meets, creating an incredibly pleasurable feeling.
You continue to thrust into her as she moans out in ecstasy, her mouth letting out a mixture of panting and drawn out moaning as you keep going. You can't stop now, even if you wanted to.
The tightness of her vagina only gets more intense as your orgasm continues. You can feel the sweat drip down your body as you feel a large amount of heat being generated from both your bodies.
"Oh fuck! Shit! Fuck! You're gonna make me cum again!" She exclaims.
The suction of her vagina intensifies as she begins to spasm her grip on your body. Your dick is being squeezed in an incredibly tight, wet grip that doesn't seem to want to let go as she continues to climax. Aria's moans fill the room as she thrashes and bucks her hips, her tail working up and down your waist in between squeezes.

You can feel your body temperature rise as your dick continues to throb inside of her. You let out a loud groan, feeling an incredibly intense orgasm course through your body. You're not sure how much longer you can handle the intensity of her climax as you feel like you might pass out from the pleasure.
"Oh shit! Fuck! I'm...!" She exclaims, before letting out a loud moan.
You feel her vagina begin to pulse and throb, releasing a torrent of heat as she reaches her orgasm. You can't hold it in anymore, as you thrust one last time, releasing the rest of your cum into her. You let out a satisfied sigh as you collapse on top of her body with another small sizzle.
"Fuck... that was good." You say.
"Yeah... it really was..." Aria says, panting for air.
You lie on top of her body, covered in sweat. You're not sure how long you lay there for, before you feel her move under you.
"Mmm... if you stay there a little longer, we can do that again." She says.
"As long as you're up for it, I'm happy to provide." You say.
"I'm always up for it. Always."
You smile.
"Then who am I to pass up on such an offer?"
You both lie together, basking in the heat of your bodies.
You shuffle awkwardly in Aria's grip for a moment, before clearing your throat.
"So, you gonna let me out of your tail?" You say with a playful smile.
"Maybe I like you in there." Aria says with a smirk.
"Suit yourself." You say as you set your mouth back down on one of her hickeys.
Aria responds with a small gasp that melts into a moan, squeezing your waist with her tail as you start to suck on her sensitive skin.

You continue to work on the sensitive spots of her neck, while your hand slides down in-between her legs. You gently massage her clit as you flick it back and forth gently, listening to the sweet sounds of her moans.
You stop, looking up at her with a smile.
"Wow... you're really wet." You say.
"Shut up and keep going." Aria says as a powerful heatwave of arousal comes off of her.
"I thought you'd never ask."
You move to thrust back into her, as your mouth works on her breasts. You lick and suck eagerly, as she continues to moan in ecstasy. You feel the heat from her vagina increase, and you begin to throb with excitement.
"I can't... I can't hold it in anymore!" She exclaims.
"Then don't." You say, kissing her on the lips.
You wrap your arms around her body, hugging her tightly as she hugs you back. Her body begins to grow warmer and warmer as it approaches it's climax. The heat from her body is almost unbearable now, but the pleasure you’re receiving is intense. You can feel her heavy breathing against your hands as you run them up and down her back, drawing several more moans out of her as you continue thrusting at a teasingly slow pace.

The heat coming off of her continues to increase as you drive Aria absolutely wild, her pounding pulse tickling the tips of your fingers indent the skin on her back slightly. You feel the wetness of her sweat dripping across her entire body, rubbing into your skin with more hissing and crackling as she continues to heat up.
"Yes! Yes! Fuck! Harder!" She exclaims.
You bring the pace up just a bit, but still slow enough to keep her behind the edge. The heat coming off of her begins to climb almost too high, but you don't mind it one bit. You continue to work on Aria as she begins to moan and gasp loudly, nearing her climax. Her vagina begins to tighten up around your dick as she goes wild, wrapping her arms and legs around you as she holds you tightly inside her.
"I can't hold it in! I'm going to...!" She exclaims.
"Let it all out." You say, smiling.
You feel her begin to spasm around your dick as you thrust with all your might. You push her over the edge as she screams in ecstasy, releasing a wave of heat over the both of you. You continue to thrust into her as the walls of her vagina clamp down on your dick and the heat of her orgasm consumes both your bodies. You're quite thankful to have a fire resistance charm on right now. You feel her body go limp in your arms as you continue to thrust into her, and you don't stop until your own orgasm is forced out of you. Your release is deep and scorching, and the heat of it is enough to cause another wave of ecstasy to hit her.
"Ahhh~!" She moans.
You lean in to kiss her as she wraps her arms around you, holding you tightly. Her body begins to slowly lower in temperature as the two of you embrace. After a moment, she finally breaks away from the kiss and looks into your eyes.

"You're exactly what I needed." She says.
"Happy to help."
She giggles and rolls off of you, falling to the side. She puts her arms around you and snuggles into your chest as you embrace her in return.
"Let's stay like this for a little while." She says.
"Sure thing." You respond, holding her tightly.
You sit in each other's embrace for some time, Aria gently using her tail to massage your back as you run your hands across her sides. The both of you are drenched in sweat, the heat between your bodies still strong.
"You're very good at that." Aria says.
"Thank you." You respond.
"I can't wait to see what else you're good at." She says, smirking.
Aria begins to kiss your neck and shoulders as her hands begin to explore your body, eventually settling on your lower back. Her hands massage the places her tail can't reach, and the heat of her touch mixes with her hand work for an incredibly soothing sensation.
"You're pretty good at that too." You say.
"I aim to please."
Aria continues to work on your back and shoulders, kissing you every now and then. Her hands travel down your body as she shifts around, rubbing the top of your legs, your inner thighs, and eventually your dick. She wraps her hand around it and begins to slowly jerk you off while kissing your lips and thrusting her wet pussy against your thigh.

You didn't think you had anything left in you, but after the tension reduction of Aria's massage, and the attention she's giving you now, you're quickly being proven wrong.
"Mmm, you're so big." Aria says, licking her lips.
She continues to grind against your thigh as she works her hand across your length. Surprisingly, her grip is incredibly soft and smooth, with the heat of her hand making things extra pleasurable. Aria lets out a few soft moans as she slides against you, her body heat rising once more.
"Ah...fuck, I need this right now." She says.
You're not sure how much longer you can hold out, so you move her hand away and lift her into your arms.
"I want you now." You say.
"Then take me."
You quickly slip inside her as she gasps in both surprise and pleasure. Your bodies are pressed tightly against one another, and you begin to thrust inside her.
Aria's reaction to the pleasure of your embrace is instant. Her breathing quickly grows ragged and her tail coils around your waist once again as a fresh wave of body heat engulfs the two of you.

" harder...please..." She begs.
You're more than happy to oblige, speeding up your thrusts and slamming your hips against her as she yelps in pleasure with every thrust. Her moans become louder as you continue, but are cut short as she lets out a loud squeal.
"Oooh! Yes!”
Aria's arms wrap around you tightly as her whole body begins to shudder. Her breathing is little more than primal panting, with her lengthy tongue hanging freely out of her mouth as steam peels off its surface.
You can feel her inner walls tightening around your length, and you can tell she's inches from the edge of mind-melting pleasure.
Aria's squeals turn into high-pitched howls as she begins clawing at your back, her fingernails leaving small cuts on your flesh.
"Agh! Fuck! Ah!" You grunt.
Aria's legs begin to tighten against your hips as she pushes herself up into you with each thrust. Her tail's squeezing is almost crushing as it works up and down your midsection.
You continue to slam into her, and she continues to push back, until finally, she reaches the peak of her pleasure.
"I'm close!" You warn.
"Cum inside! Please! I need it! I need your heat!" She begs.

You don't need to be asked twice, as you quickly reach your own peak, and release everything inside her, as she howls into the air in ecstasy.
Her inner walls tighten against you over and over again as she milks your length of every last drop.
As you finish, you slowly slide out, and lay beside her on the bed. You're panting heavily, trying to regain your energy.
"H-Holy shit..." You say as you wipe some of the sweat off of your brow. You're pretty sure you'd be a pile of charcoal by now if it wasn't for her heat seals and your own protective charm.
"That was...something else." You say, trying to catch your breath.
"It sure was." She says.
You smile, and move closer to her, and notice that the cuts on your back from her nails are already healing. You're going to have one hell of a tan line, though.

"So... you ready for another round?" You ask.
"I don't think I can go again." She says.
You chuckle and flop down beside her. "That's the goal. If you're tapping out, don't stress about it."
"I'm not used to this. I'm usually the one tiring people out."
You laugh. "Well, enjoy it. Did I go too far?"
She shakes her head. "No, no, that's fine. You did good."
You smile as you look at her. "Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself."
"I did. I'm just not used to this."
"Well, you seemed to enjoy the important part." You say, winking.
"Oh, I did. I did." She says, and then smiles.

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