I get home and you are in the pool with your friend. I go into the bathroom and get my shorts on so that I can join you in the pool. I walk out the back door and the two of you are in the pool giggling. You look over and see me as I walk toward the pool. She leans over and whispers in your ear and you start to laugh as I get closer. Looking down at myself I make sure nothing is showing and don't know why you are laughing. I get into the pool and you swim over me then kiss me passionately. You whisper in my ear that my wildest dream is about to become reality.

You reach down and start rubbing my erection as my excitement skyrockets. She swims over to us and removes your top and her own. You start pushing my shorts down as we kiss and she pulls our bottoms off of us. She gets behind you and puts her arms around you. She starts massaging your breasts with one hand and reaches down to rub your clit with the other. You slide your hand up and down my erection and my desires are out of control. She softly kisses your neck as she pinches your hard nipples and rubs your clit. Kissing passionately as you slide your hand up and down my erection I begin to tremble. You slide your hand up and down my erection faster and I tense my body as I erupt in a wonderful orgasm. We kiss passionately as she rubs your clit harder. Your moans grow louder and you begin to shake as your orgasm rolls through your body.

She gets up on the edge of the pool and you move between her legs. You kiss her passionately then kiss down to her breasts. You are kissing her nipples and I slide my hand over your butt and between your legs. Sliding my hand over your pussy I trace your lips with my fingers. You lean over and kiss her pussy as I slide my fingers inside you. You slide your tongue up and down her puss as I slide my fingers in and out of you. I reach under you and lightly pinch your nipples and you start sucking her clit. You slide your fingers inside her pussy as I move mine in and out of you. With my fingers moving in and out of your pussy I move my other hand down and rub your clit. You suck her clit harder as I rub your clit. She starts to tremble and grabs your hair pulling you into her pussy harder. I rub your clit faster and slide my fingers in and out of you. She is shaking and her orgasm moves through her body. You begin to shake and orgasm also.

We get out of the pool and spread our towels out to lie on. We lie down on each side of her and take turns kissing her tenderly. I move down and kiss her breasts and slide my tongue over her nipples. You continue to kiss each other as I lightly bite her nipples. Slowly I kiss down her stomach getting closer to her pussy. Softly I kiss her pussy and I see you getting on top of her. You put your pussy in her face as I slide my tongue up and down her lips. You move around rubbing your pussy against her tongue as I rub your clit with my tongue. Wrapping my lips around her clit I gently suck it as I slide my fingers inside her. You press down against her tongue harder as you rock back and forth. I suck her clit harder as my fingers move in and out of her faster. You both begin to tremble and you start to shake as you both are rocked by your orgasms.

You slide down off of her as I move up beside her and we kiss each other passionately. You slide down between her legs and kiss her pussy softly. I move around behind you and raise your butt so that you are on your knees. You put your lips around her clit and suck it gently as I slowly push my erection inside you. Moving in and out of you my excitement builds higher. You suck her clit as her hand holds you against her pussy. She pushes up against you as I push inside you. Our moans are growing louder as our bodies are overcome with pleasure. As I push into you harder it pushes you against her pussy harder. You move your fingers in and out of her faster and we are all trembling from the excitement. We begin to shake and explode in a beautiful orgasm. We are all trembling and exhausted as we collapse and hold each other. We tenderly kiss as we lie on the towels trying to regain our strength.

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