It's not so much that there aren't rules anymore, but that Grant flipped the damn table and the game pieces are all over the place.

I'm sitting on his bed, naked, with no upfront payment and no guarantee there will be any.

I must be out of my mind.

Grant sits beside me with a laptop, the both of us quiet as it boots up.

"I have a couple accounts already," he says, finally, as he types in his password. "I wanted to try to find the one that seemed the best before I brought you into this."

I can't stop the laughter that bubbles up. "Are you serious? Have you just been sitting in here, watching porn, thinking of me?"

He's quiet for a moment before he says with a playful petulance, "No. I was in a hotel that my company paid for, watching porn, thinking of you."

"God, you're an old-school romantic, aren't you?" I excitedly gesture at his laptop. "Come on, let's do this."

He sheepishly pulls up a couple different browser tabs, each flooded with loops of so much anal sex and money shots that even I feel like blushing.

"Shit," I say, drawing a hand over my face to hide my growing grin. "We've got some... stiff competition."

He gives a small snort and nudges my side with his elbow. "We don't have to, uh, dive right into things all at once. I mean, I've seen a guy get three hundred bucks just for masturbating in front of his camera."

As he explains the different sites he's found, I slap his hand away and point at the screen, choking on a laugh. "Holy shit! That one!"

He glances at the site and laughs, too. "BoysFuck4Cash. I mean... "

"It's literally us." I lean into him. "Come on. It's perfect. How much work is it to get rolling?"

"Honestly, less than you'd think. Just give me a few minutes..."

I sit back and watch as his fingers move over the keys. I take a moment to just... take in the moment. Of all the outcomes I expected, this was not even on the list.

There was the timeline where I quit being a prostitute and took some regular job as a cashier or something. Maybe we'd still see each other, but maybe I'd hate being reminded of the life I was trying to leave behind.

Then there's what I consider the most fantastical timeline: Grant becomes my sugar daddy. Fun in theory, but what if he lost his job? Would I have to end up getting one, too, and then resent him for it?

This, however... This actually had some potential. We'd be partners, in a sense. And I could keep making money doing what I'm good at, safe and away from the rough hands I'd gotten too used to.

Fuck, it was scary how perfect this was. Scary, and completely thrilling.

I finally felt in control of my life.

"Okay," he says, setting the laptop on the nightstand. "We're, um, live."

I tilt my head and watch as the video of us, a half-second later, mirrors the movement. There's a counter that says we have zero watchers, and I grin.

Challenge accepted.

I lean into him and kiss his neck, whispering against his skin, "Do you want to know a secret?"

He reaches over to adjust the angle of the laptop's webcam, then leans back, propped up with his palms against the bed. "What's that?"

My tongue presses against the pulse point on his neck and flicks up to the curve of his jaw. I lean in closer, one hand on his thigh to brace myself as I press my forehead against his temple.

"With you," I whisper, "it wasn't just a job. You stopped being a client pretty much after the first time."

He lets out a shaky sound that's between a sigh and a laugh. "I enjoyed it, too."

I can't help glancing at the screen again, and I'm thrilled to see we have a watcher. Someone, somewhere, was jerking off to the sight of us.

I push on his chest to lay him down and straddle his middle. "So, do you wanna debut with my dick up your ass?"

He looks up at me, pupils blown wide. "Oh my god."

"Well." I grin. "That answers that. Let me get you ready, then."

I slide down his body and kiss his inner thigh while I rub a circle with my thumb into the smooth skin just above his hole. He sucks in a sharp breath as I lower my thumb and press, just a little bit.

He puts his hands on the back of my head, then violates a rule that I find I don't really mind being broken. With his fingers buried in my hair, he gives a gentle push.

"No grabbing my hair," I tease, but continue to nuzzle against the warm skin of his crotch and breathe in his smell.

Holy shit , this is the most excited I've ever been in my life.

I run my tongue along the crease of his thigh before gently taking his balls in my mouth. He moans as his fingers twitch in my hair, desperate to bury themselves again. And then I give the slightest bit of a sucking pressure, and he scratches his nails against my scalp. I moan around him, and he moans in reply to the sensation.

I bring my attention back to my hand and press my forefinger against his hole and, with a gentle push, the tip slides in. He squirms beneath me and I push in further to the first knuckle, then the second.

When I crook my finger, his breathing quickens and he grabs my wrist to force it away.

"You're gonna make me cum," he pants.

I lift my head, letting his balls fall from my lips, and grin. "That's the point."

His chest rises and falls with sharp breaths as I slide my finger back inside, all the way this time, and curl it again.

I push myself up on one elbow to turn my attention to the erection that sits against his stomach. I gently kiss the head, then dip my chin in toward my chest as I slide down, cheeks visibly hollowed and lips tight around the shaft. On the way up, I tilt my head back, just a bit. All this happens in one fluid bob that rolls right into the next, sometimes flicking my eyes up to meet his, sometimes closing them in bliss.

It's a performance, sure, but it's also a little bit of worship. I want this to be as good for Grant as it is for our anonymous audience to watch.

I pull off and stare at it for just a moment, genuinely giddy to be in this moment, then take all of his length in a single movement and swallow around him to tighten my throat.

He gives a breathy whimper, and I hum in encouragement. The vibration is all he needs to fall over the edge.

As much as I'd love to swallow every bit down, I pop off with my mouth still open to catch the last few spurts. They all miss, hitting my cheek and chin and the corner of my lips.

Then a noise fills the air, something like coins clinking from a casino slot machine, and I look around in surprise.

"We got paid," Grant says breathlessly, and I laugh.

"Well, shit." I kiss his softening member. "The show has barely started."

My hand returns to his entrance as I push two fingers inside and gently spread them.

"God," he says, his head dropping back. "You're so good at this."

I grin and place a kiss on his inner thigh. "I am a professional."

And then I add a third finger, pushing all three in as far as I can.

"Fuck," he gasps, and his back arches as he tries to take even more.

I pull my hand away, then crawl up the bed to position myself over him. We kiss softly at first, but when he wraps his legs around my waist, I break the kiss to gaze into his eyes.

"Are you ready?" I ask, already out of breath before we've even truly started.

He nods, then shudders as my cock slips in with ease. I keep pushing, all the work I'd done resulting in little resistance from him. It's a smooth glide, and with each inch, his breath comes in quick, shallow breaths. I keep pushing until my hips are flush against his ass.

I pause, giving him time to adjust. He bites his lip and nods in encouragement, so I pull back until only just the tip is still inside, then slam my hips forward.

His lips part as a loud moan is dragged out of him, a fractured attempt to say something, but I thrust again and the words are lost to another moan.

I reach down, taking one of his legs and lifting it up to rest against my shoulder. The next thrust earns a higher-pitched noise from him, and his other leg falls flat against the bed to spread himself wide. As my hips snap forward, his fingers claw at the sheets as he tries to clutch them.

"Another secret," I mumble, sweat beading along the back of my neck. "I've never fucked a client."

"Am I," he pants, "still a client?"

I try to grin, but the expression I make is too soft and fond to fit that word. "God, no." I punctuate the statement with a hard thrust of my hips. "I just wanted you to know that."

I can feel my orgasm approaching, and I try to hold back, but then he grips my neck in one hand and forces my lips onto his. The kiss turns desperate, hungry, pleading, and I can't fight it.

I gasp as my hips stutter forward, and I let out a strangled groan as I release into him. The moment stretches on, my entire body going numb for just a second, and then all sensation is back in full tingling force.

The coins fire again, and I nearly topple off him in surprise, then laugh. "Forgot about that."

He wraps his arms around me, and I press my face to his neck. Slowly, my heart rate returns to normal, though my head is still buzzing.

"Come on," he whispers in my ear. "Let's get cleaned up."

We untangle our limbs and he helps me to my feet. I take a moment to get my balance as the room spins for a moment, then he leads me to the bathroom.

While the tub starts filling up, he moves around the room to light a couple candles scattered about. They fill the room with an intimate glow, and steam rises into the air as the water slowly turns from cold to hot.

He kisses my neck and shoulder like that's the final step to some ritual before helping me into the tub.

I gaze up at him, my chest warm and full. "Is this really what you want? You and me, fucking each other for strangers to watch? That's not exactly a storybook romance."

He smiles as he hoists himself in behind me, the both of us sinking into the water. He leans over and grabs a cloth, squeezing a bit of soap onto it, then leans forward and starts to gently run it over my chest and stomach.

"What do I want?" he finally says. "I want a lot of things I'm never going to have. But in this moment, right now? Yeah, this is exactly what I want."

I close my eyes, smiling. "Okay. Then fine." I turn my head to nuzzle against him. "Let's do this, you and me. Boys fucking for cash."

I jolt in surprise when the sound of coins comes from the bedroom. We look at each other before breaking into laughter.

"Oh, shit," I say. "We forgot to turn off the feed."

"I'll get it," he says, climbing out of the tub.

I watch his naked ass as he walks away, and I smile when he looks back and winks. I settle into the water, letting it lap at my shoulders as I watch the patterns the candlelight makes on the ceiling, wondering how I ever got this lucky.

His footsteps return and he sits on the edge of the tub. "Hey," he says softly.

"Hey, yourself," I mumble, leaning my head to the side to look up at him. He's absolutely gorgeous as the flickering light dances in the drops of water on his skin.

He pauses, and a thoughtful look on his face before he reaches down and strokes the back of his hand to my cheek. "I love you, Jax."

There it is. The last line to cross. The one thing I never wanted to hear or say or think about.

If I say it, then it's all over. He'd know my heart was in his hands, and that meant he could break it. Break me.

The thought of anyone having that kind of power over me is usually terrifying.

But it's too late, so I don't even try to stop the words.

"I love you, too."

His eyes widen in surprise, then glisten with a sincere joy that removes any lingering doubt I may have had.

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