Intro... During the lockdown I got to watching daytime TV and really got into a BBC programme, Bargain Hunt.

Not so much the content, but four really hot female presenters and experts. I got to wondering what sexual escapades they got up to after filming for the day had stopped...let me introduce them...

Kate Bliss, a mid forties blonde with a rather sexy overbite.

Christina Trevillian, another late thirties blonde, with a curvy figure and an infectious laugh.

Caroline Hawley, the eldest, early 50's, slim and very sexy.

And finally, Roo Irvine, a late twenties Indian lady, but with an intriguing Scottish accent...

Though these are real ladies... The rest is very very fictional...but based on my first all girl threesome.

So after a busy days filming, the four alongside their male counterparts and crew, arrive at the teams hotel...


"Wow, this is nice, better than the usual places," said Caroline, as the teams bus pulled up at a rather swanky Country House Hotel in Devon.

The team had a busy day of filming the BBC programme "Bargain Hunt" and were looking forward to a relaxing evening before another busy schedule in Plymouth the following day.

As they checked in, the producer called them into an anteroom for a briefing. After commenting on the days filming which was three episodes, he said he had some changes to tomorrow's schedule.

"Phil Serrell has to go back home tonight, a problem at his auction house apparently. But we have Raj coming down as we speak to cover. But we have a change to tomorrow's line ups"

He went on to outline the changes, which included an all male line up of experts and finished with, "so ladies, you all have tomorrow off, enjoy the facility's and we will see you in Plymouth tomorrow evening."

As they left for their allotted rooms, Christina said to the other three, "that's a bonus, a nice lay in tomorrow morning and the chance to enjoy a drink tonight, and how about a girlie night, just us four?"

"Sounds good to me," said Caroline, a view that was echoed by Kate and Roo.

They had no idea at that point how the girlie night would be so different from the one suggested.

The hotel was not busy and each of the girls had a separate room, with a king size bed.

After showering and changing the four had dinner and then settled into a quiet corner of the lounge for a few relaxing drinks.

Around ten o'clock, they were the only ones left in the lounge. By this time several bottles of Prosecco had been consumed and they were a bit merry.

"How about a little game?" Said Caroline.

Roo answered, "like what?"

"Truth or dare," replied Caroline.

After a few giggles and comparing themselves to teenagers, they agreed. A quick Google check provided a good number of rather risqué truth or dare questions, which the receptionist kindly printed out and separated them.

Another bottle was ordered and the four settled into the very comfortable lounge chairs.

"Who's first?" Asked Christina.

Caroline chipped in, "my idea, so I suppose its me."

Roo, who was to her left pulled a folded piece of paper from the pile on the table and said to Caroline, "when did you first kiss a boy?"

"Well actually my first kiss was a girl," said Caroline, then continued, "I went to an all girls boarding school, so boys weren't available. I was about 14 and with a girl called Eva, very chaste, but daring for the time."

Kate, interrupted her, "and since, any more girls?"

"A few at school, just very innocent kisses, but since then I am strictly a mans woman, my John is enough for me." Caroline's husband was an ex professional footballer.

After a drink, Caroline turned to Roo, "truth or dare?"

The Indian girl said, "I had better try truth too." She took a paper and read, "have you ever had sex outdoors?"

Roo looked at the other three and said, "that one is easy, no I haven't."

"You don't know what you're missing, "chirped in Christina, then added, "you haven't lived until you've been fucked in a corn field, with bits of grass stuck in your arse."

"Christina!" the others responded with shock followed by laughter.

"Sorry if your offended girls, but if you are married to a farmer, you get used to it" Then added, "I can certainly recommend it."

Kate had been quiet up to that point, but then said, "I agree, never in a corn field, but a nice grassy meadow has a certain appeal for al fresco sex."

Caroline responded, "well you're a dark horse, Miss prim and proper, cavorting naked in a field, with your husband, I presume."

Kate blushed slightly, then said, "no actually, it was when I was at university, a really nice guy, Australian and about to return home, I was a sort of going away present."

"Well that's another myth spoiled, my turn," said Christina as she picked up her truth paper.

Christina giggled and Roo urged her to read out the words.

"This one is easy," said the bubbly blonde, "Do you like giving blow jobs?"

Caroline said, "well, answer then."

"I don't like, I love to suck cock, then swallow the cream, love it, love it, always have."

Kate said, "I must admit, not my favourite sex, but I have done it, and mostly enjoyed," then added, "the Australian was a big guy though, fine in my pussy, but shall we say a bit of a mouthful."

Caroline and Roo both admitted to giving blow jobs, Roo was not especially keen and Caroline admitted that did it, but preferably in a 69, with John licking and sucking her pussy.

Just then the barman announced that the bar was closing in five minutes and could the ladies please drink up.

"Aw, things were just getting interesting," said Kate.

Caroline suggested that they should go to their rooms and change into pyjamas and meet up in her room to carry on the fun.

Fifteen minutes later there was a knock on Caroline's door and Roo and Kate were standing there in dressing gowns and pyjamas. Christina was only seconds behind.

With all four sat on her bed Caroline produced another bottle of Prosecco and poured four glasses. "Shall we continue?" She asked and produced the slips of paper.

"My turn," said Kate. She looked at the others and with a sly smile said,"dare."

Caroline pulled a slip from the dare pile and with a grin read out, "show you left breast for 30 seconds."

Without hesitation Kate unbuttoned the green silk pyjama jacket and lifted the material, exposing her left breast.

"Wow, that's nice," said Christina as she looked at the quite firm breast, tipped with large aureoles and a slightly darker nipple, which was partially erect.

"25,26,27,28,29,30, ok you can cover up now," then added, "if you want to," said Christina.

Kate looked at the others and said, "quite like it actually, I think I will leave it open," and casually undid the rest of the buttons.

"Me again, I think I will dare this time," said Caroline as she selected a slip of paper and said, "this should be interesting."

Caroline hesitated for a second, looked at Roo and read out the note, "kiss the person immediately on your right for 30 seconds."

"This will be a first for me," Roo said with her soft Scottish accent.

Caroline placed her arm around Roo's shoulder and drew the girl towards her and placed her lips on hers.

Roo's first reaction was to just let Caroline's lips rest on hers, but as the older woman began to move her lips, she became more responsive and moved her own gently against them.

Caroline, feeling another woman's kiss for the first time in almost forty years was transported back to her girls boarding school and sharing teenage kisses with her roommates.

With a few seconds of the kissing time left, Caroline was surprised and delighted to feel the tip of Roo's tongue prise open her teeth and rub against hers.

"Well that was erotic, really turned me on," said Kate, who moved a little closer to Christina on the bed.

Roo was next. After a sip of her wine, she reached out for a dare slip. She gave a little nervous laugh and slowly unbuttoned her white silk pyjama top.

"What did it say?" Asked Christina.

Roo replied, "if you are wearing a top, remove it completely." She then proceeded to slip the garment off.

"What a great pair of breasts," said Caroline, "they are beautiful."

Roo lifted her hands over her head making the breasts tauter, the almost black nipples standing proud.

"Sorry, I just have to have a feel," said Caroline as she placed her hand on Roo's right breast and ran her fingers over the erect nipple.

Roo had very sensitive nipples and Caroline's gentle touch sent shivers through her body. Never had she even contemplated lesbian sex, but now with her colleague stroking her nipple, she had an uncontrollable urge to return Caroline's kiss.

Her lips sought those of the blonde and she thrust her tongue against Caroline's who responded instantly.

Kate and Christina looked on amazed as their two compatriots kissed, Caroline's fingers still caressing Roo's nipple.

The two turned to face each other and with a smile Kate said, "shall we?"

Christina nodded and pulled Kate towards her and their lips met in both girls first lesbian kiss, it wouldn't be their last.

"Mmmm, that's nice," said Kate as Christina finally removed her lips from hers.

Christina placed a small kiss on Kate's lips and replied, "so soft, so gentle," and then with a light laugh, "and no bloody stubble."

Kate didn't reply, she simply began to unbutton Christina's pyjama jacket and gently lifted it from her shoulders, revealing her full and beautiful breasts.

Meanwhile at the other side of the bed, Roo had removed Caroline's jacket and the two of them were kissing deeply, their breasts and lips pressed together, as they fell back onto the bed.

Caroline eased her lips away from Roo's and slowly slid her tongue over the brown skin and for the very first time took a woman's nipple between her lips. The nipple hardened as Caroline swirled her tongue around the nub of flesh and Roo gave out a guttural cry of pleasure as the blonde sucked and licked on the sensitive nipples.

In the moment of the intense pleasure, Roo looked to her side and saw that Kate was doing to Christina's breasts exactly the same as Caroline was to hers. The look of pleasure on Christina's face was one to behold as Kate's tongue played with the erect nub of pleasure.

Christina looked at Roo and extended her hand, their fingers entwined and all four were joined.

The next few minutes were a blur of lesbian sex and lust.

Firstly Caroline slid Roo's pj bottoms down and off and the youngest of the quartet was naked.

Caroline kissed Roo then slid her tongue across the silky skin and down towards the patch of black pubic hair.

Christina and Kate quickly shed their trousers and as Caroline shrugged hers off, all four were naked.

Caroline was used to and enjoyed oral sex, but it was always her husbands cock on the receiving end of her talented mouth, not the slightly puckered almost black labia with its costing of black hair that was before her now. She had reached this point by kissing along Roo's upper then inner thighs, actions that had brought loud moans from Roo, which caught the attention of Kate and Christina who were alternating in passionate kisses and breast adoration.

As she eased her mouth towards Roo's pussy, any doubts in Caroline's mind were dispelled as the first tentative touch of her tongue brought a squeal of delight from the Indian girl.

Caroline slowly slid her tongue along the quickly moisturising lips and finally probed inside exploring the smooth flesh and turned on by the musky aroma Roo's pussy was producing.

On the receiving end, Roo could not believe the amount of pleasure that her colleague and friend was giving her. Her husband Rob was more of a straight sex man, and she had always been brought up to believe that was the right and normal way. They had indulged in oral sex, though neither had found it satisfying, especially Rob who seemed rather reluctant to give her cunnilingus, not so the owner of those magical lips and tongue, performing miracles between her legs.

Kate and Christina had stopped their kissing and were fascinated watching Caroline down between Roo's legs and the look of absolute rapture on Roo's face.

Kate said softly to Christina, "do you want me to, you know, eat you?"

Christina didn't answer, she simply took Kate's head in her hands, kissed her and ever so slowly pushed her head downwards.

The large and oh so soft flesh of Christina's breast were Kate's first target. She began by licking the extended nipple, then sucked quite gently on it, twirling her tongue around it, before giving a little nip with her teeth, the overbite provided a little more sensation.

Whilst loving the attention Kate was giving to her breasts, Christina's gaze was firmly fixed on the pair beside them. Caroline was still licking and sucking on Roo's pussy, but had now inserted a finger as well, causing Roo to experience an almost continuous orgasm.

Christina's attention was quickly brought back as Kate began her journey southwards. Unlike Roo, Christina and her farmer husband had always enjoyed oral sex, it was a very important part of their sex lives. Christina loved the feel of her husbands tongue and his hard fingers inside her and couldn't wait to compare his technique with her new antiques expert lesbian lover.

Likewise it was also a brand new experience for Kate. Her husband was fairly straight laced in the sex department and she had been content, if a little frustrated with the lack of adventure in the bedroom. Now as she trailed her tongue across the smooth skin of her colleagues body, towards its ultimate goal, she trembled in anticipation.

As Caroline had done with Roo, Kate bypassed Christina's pussy and concentrated on the inner thighs and the smooth sensitive skin was soon coated in the liquid produced by her licking and drops of pussy juice already seeping from her target.

Unable to stand the teasing any longer, Christina cried out, "eat me now, lick me, suck me, but please, do it now."

Kate was only to happy to oblige, and took the two crinkled labia between her lips and sucked them, probing with her tongue into the interior of Christina's most intimate place.

"Oh god, that's incredible, don't stop." She cried as Kate's tongue began its journey. Quickly finding the clitoris, Kate flicked her tongue, serpent like against the most sexually sensitive part of her desire. Christina came very quickly.

By their side, Caroline had eased Roo to her knees and was placing tiny kisses to the smooth brown skinned arse.

With her friend performing yet another first sexual experience, Roo's head was spinning and when Caroline began to lick her pussy from behind her tongue was coated in the juices Roo produced.

As Kate continued to lick her pussy, then up to her breasts, Christina leaned to her side and eased Roo's lips to hers, their tongues flicking and finding their mate.

"It's your turn," Christina said to Kate as she eased her onto her knees. Kate waited in anticipation, but didn't have to wait long, for very quickly Christina was covering her arse with licks and kisses and was soon licking and fingering her pussy, bringing immediate orgasms to Kate.

These were intensified by Roo, who was still being pussy licked and kissed from behind by Caroline, kissing her gently at first, then with increasing passion. Kate was in sexual heaven, with two beautiful women each pleasuring her at the same time, she came again.

The Prosecco was beginning to take its toll and eventually and reluctantly the four presenters had to succumb to nature and visit the bathroom.

The last was Roo who on her return was met by an amazing site.

Kate was on her back with her mouth working feverishly at Caroline's pussy, which was directly above her face. Meanwhile below, Christina's tongue was lapping serpent like at Kate's oh so wet pussy.

Roo came behind Christina and eased her backside up and began to kiss the wet slit of her pussy, while her fingers worked inside herself.

After an almost simultaneous orgasm, Kate was slightly behind and needed Christina's fingers to join her tongue to bring on the climax, the four fell back on the bed and relaxed, fingers stroking bodies, nipples and the very occasional kiss.

Caroline broke the silence,"well girls, that was one hell of a surprise, never did I imagine that sex with another woman, or three, could be so fantastic. Thank you for a wonderful experience."

Christina didn't reply but kissed Caroline and then went down and began licking her pussy. Not wanting to miss out, Kate replicated the act with Roo.

All four eventually fell into a deep sleep and the next morning, they made love, changing partners frequently then, showered together and dressed for the journey to their next location.

The next day, Roo and Caroline were the featured experts on the first recording. When the producer introduced their teams. Both the Red and Blue teams were identical twin sisters in their mid to late twenties. The two looked at each other and as if reading the others mind, smiled and hugged their respective teams.

There would be many more road trips, but none would be as sexual or enjoyable as that night in Devon, when the four were initiated in the joys of lesbian sex.

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