Marooned Together

Dean and Jeff had been friends for decades, they were practically brothers. Dean was a banker and amateur sailor. Jeff was a lawyer and part-time adventurer. They had gone to different colleges, but kept in touch through it all. Now at 35, they were both secure in their careers and they agreed on just about everything. Everything except for Dean's 30-year-old wife of 5 years, Julie.

Julie and Jeff were like oil and water. Maybe it was jealousy resulting from Dean's time and attention being split between them, maybe it was just that they didn't agree on anything, whatever it was they tried their best to avoid each other as much as possible.

It had been especially rough during the first few years of Dean and Julie's relationship. The rare occasions they did hang out, Jeff felt like a third wheel. It almost always devolved into Julie and Jeff screaming at each other. Sometimes it was about the rival sports teams they supported, sometimes about political opinions, and sometimes it seemed like it was about nothing at all.

Just before Dean and Julie got married, Jeff started dating a 25-year-old redhead named Barbara. Barbara and Julie actually got along quite well and it seemed to reduce some of the tension between Julie and Jeff, but they still definitely hated each other.

The couples often vacationed together and after months of planning they had decided to go on an adventurous excursion, sailing from Fiji to Papua New Guinea. They would stop at various tropical islands along the way.

Jeff wasn't too sure he could handle Julie on a small boat for that long, but Dean assured him that they were renting a fairly large yacht with two separate bedrooms and everything would be fine. Jeff eventually agreed. Both the women were stoked to go.

They ended up flying separately to Fiji and met at the dock to pick up the boat. Dean and Julie were already on the boat setting things up when Jeff and Barbara arrived. Dean and Jeff both wore shorts, boat shoes, and button up Hawaiian style shirts. They both had been athletes, even through college, and although not body builders by any stretch, still had firm athletic bodies. Barbara wore a bikini with a wraparound skirt and a large sun hat. Barbara's long red hair flowed out from under the hat. The bikini top put her large freckled breast on display on. The fabric only covered a little more than Barbara's large nipples, but she was a bit of an exhibitionist and didn't really mind. Julie on the other hand was always a bit more on the conservative side. Julie wore a baggy t-shirt and knee length shorts. Her dyed blonde hair tied up in bun as she loaded supplies into the hull of the sailboat.

"Hey guys," yelled Dean to Jeff and Barbara. He jumped off the boat and ran towards them on the dock. He hugged Jeff and then kissed Julie on the cheek while quickly checking her out. "Nice bikini Barb."

"You don't think it's too revealing?" Barbara asked.

"Not at all. You need to try and talk Julie into one like that," Dean added smiling.

They all climbed on the boat and Julie greeted them. Then they pushed off and went out into the ocean.

The boat was more than Dean, the only experienced sailor, could handle alone. So, he worked as the captain and everyone else followed his commands to help out with the sailing.

Once they were out to sea the men stopped wearing shirts and mainly just wore their swim trunks. Dean was around 6 ft tall and Jeff was just a little shorter. Dean was blonde with blue eyes and Jeff had dark black hair and brown eyes. The women dressed down as well Barbara wore her tiny thong bikinis and although Julie kept her shorts on, she usually just wore her bikini top.

It was a 4-day sail to their first stop. On the second day the wind died down and they were pretty much stopped. Barbara and Julie both laid out on the front of the boat tanning, while the men fished off the back of the boat.

"Barb you really feel comfortable just wearing that tiny bikini?" Julie asked.

"Yeah, I hope it doesn't bother you. If it were up to me, I wouldn't be wearing anything at all," Barbara giggled.

"I could never do that but you do you," laughed Julie. "How would Jeff feel about that?"

"Oh, I doubt he would mind. I was more worried about you two," Smiled Barbara. "You should at least take your shorts off give those legs some sun."

"I guess you're right."

Julie took her shorts off revealing her long tan legs and conservative bikini bottoms.

"Well, if we are undressing," said Barbara taking off her bikini top exposing her large freckled tits and large pink nipples.

At the back of the boat Dean was turning around to get a beer from the cooler.

"Damn Jeff, Barb just took her top off," said Dean. "She has great tits."

Jeff turned around and took in the view smiling.

"Yes, she certainly does."

"I wish Julie, was that free with her body," Dean stated. "She really does have a nice body."

Back at the front of the boat Julie had been talked into squeezing Barbara's tits to make sure they were real.

"Ok fine they feel real," laughed Julie.

The men walked on the deck towards the women.

"Hey ladies thought you could use some drinks." Jeff said handing the ladies some beers.

"Thanks," said Barbara taking the beer.

"Goddamn it, Jeff! You know I don't like beer. You could have brought me something else," grumped Julie taking the beer anyway.

"Fuck you Julie," exclaimed Jeff. "You always drink it. Stop whining."

"Whatever Jeff."

They sat there a moment drinking their beers. Both Julie and Jeff were scowling. Dean and Barbara both looked at each other rolling their eyes to say, not this again.

"Julie why don't you take your top off and join Barbara. Afraid your tits aren't as nice," smirked Jeff.

"Go to hell," snapped Julie.

"Enough you two," said Dean all too used to peace keeping. "Julie can wear whatever she wants. Let's all relax and get some sun."

They laid there in silence for a while. Without saying anything Barbara untied her thong bikini bottoms and took them off showing her only tan lines on her freckled and lightly tanned body. Her pussy was shaved smooth. She laid her bottoms on her bikini top next to her.

Dean looked over and saw Barbara. He couldn't help but start getting hard. He wondered what his wife would do if she saw him getting hard looking at his best friend's girlfriend. Jeff looked over at Barbara and saw her naked as well. He had seen it many times but it was making him a bit hard too.

"Hey Barb, can you help me with something below decks," said Jeff.

"Umm sure," said Barbara.

She stood up showing her entire naked body to everyone. Barbra and Jeff started walking toward the entry of the hull. Barbra had to step over Dean to get there and just as she steeped over him a gust of wind came out of nowhere. Barbara fell and her naked body ended up lying right on top of Dean. Her breasts were pushed against his muscle-bound chest and her naked pussy right against the erection pushing against his shorts.

"Oh wow," a shocked Barbara exclaimed. "I'm so sorry." She bit her lip as she stood up. Her and Jeff hurried below deck.

"Looks like the wind is moving in and maybe a storm. Don't stay down there long," Dean called after them swallowing a lump in his throat.

"Are you hard," said Julie to Dean as the other two went below.

"I aa well a," Dean stammered.

Julie slapped his leg playfully.

"I'm kidding, of course you are. Barb is pretty hot naked," She laughed, sat up, and kissed Dean.

"We better start getting this thing ready to sail again," said Julie standing up and putting her shorts back on over her bikini.

Dean got up and put his shirt on. He then started rigging up the sails with Julie's help. On the horizon he could see what looked like a storm moving in quickly.

Below decks Jeff led Barbara back to their room.

"What do you need help with?" Barbara asked.

"Oh, just this," stated Jeff dropping his shorts to show his semi-engorged member. Jeff had a fairly large cock and it was starting to stand up.

"I think I can help with that." Barbara said walking forward and kissing Jeff while grabbing his cock.

"Turn you on to see me naked in front of everyone?" she asked.

"Mmhmm," said Jeff. "Even better when you fell on Dean."

"I swear it was an accident," Barbara said stroking his cock hard and kissing him again on the mouth.

Jeff squeezed her ass with both hands and pulled her against him. His cock was now fully erect.

Barbara kneeled down in front of him, looking up with her hazel eyes as she kissed the tip of his giant hard cock. She then started taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth while rubbing his shaved balls with her hands as she did. Jeff put his hand in her red hair and slowly pumped into her mouth. Barbara steadied herself holding onto his ass with one hand as the boat began to rock a bit more violently. With her other hand she stopped rubbing his balls and instead started rubbing between her own legs.

Jeff pumped harder and faster deep into Barbara's throat.

"God I'm about to cum," he groaned.

"Oh yes cum baby, cum on my tits," moaned Barbara two fingers deep in her pussy and now stroking his wet cock.

"You better get up here," yelled Dean from above deck.

"Fuck," said Jeff his immediacy to cum suddenly gone.

He put on his swim trunks on over his diminishing erection and grabbed his shirt, putting it on as he went up to the main deck. Barbara put on her bikini and they walked up to the main deck. The sky was now dark and grey and the waves were picking up a bit.

"Shit this looks bad," said Jeff.

"I think we will be ok," stated Dean. "But it's an all hand on deck situation."

They all put on life jackets and started getting things ready for the storm.

An hour later the storm was hitting them like a jack hammer. The waves were giant and breaking over the ship. Dean had Barbara steering the boat. The others made sure the sails were tied down. The boat at this point, was operating on a diesel engine that it had for back up.

Suddenly one of the sails came loose and was whipping all around. Making the boat incredibly difficult to keep straight into the waves. Dean and Barbara tried to keep it on course and Julie ran out to try and tie the sail back down, but was soon struggling with it. Jeff ran up to help.

"Damnit Julie! You're doing it all wrong," Jeff said trying to take over with the rope.

"Fuck you Jeff this isn't the time for this," Julie argued.

Jeff almost had the rope tied as a giant wave hit the broadside of the boat. The mast swung out and hit Julie. She grabbed on to Jeff and they both went over the side. Jeff hit his head as they went over the side. He was unconscious as they hit the water. Julie was able to keep a hold of him. She watched as the ship moved further and further away. She wasn't sure Dean and Barbara even knew that they had gone overboard.

She found what she thought was part of the ship and held on to it and Jeff as the storm continued to hammer them. Soon it was getting dark and Julie realized they would not be getting back on the ship anytime soon.

With darkness the storm mellowed a bit. Jeff came to spitting up seawater.

"What the fuck," he said. "What is happening."

"We fell off the ship. I think we are going to die," cried Julie.

"We aren't going to die. Please stop crying. I'm sure they will turn around and find us," Jeff groggily stammered.

"Not in that storm. I'm not even sure they made it. I think you might have concussion."

"Where are we?"

"Fuck! you definitely do."

They floated through the night when the sun came up, they could see a small island not too far away. Jeff seemed to be feeling a bit more with it.

"Land ho," he said. "We better swim for it."

They soon found their life jackets got in the way and took them off swimming for shore. They made it to land in about 15 minutes.

"What now?" asked Julie soaked and exhausted laying on the beach.

"I'm guessing they made it through and radioed for help. There will be a search party and they should find us in a day or two. We will make a little shelter and make up a help sign on the beach. We will be out of here for a few days."

Jeff was a bit of a survivalist and was able to build a shelter. The climate here was warm so they could sleep pretty comfortably without blankets or sleeping bags. He did a little scouting around the island and found that there was a waterfall and pond. They could get fresh water and bathe there. There were plenty of coconuts and he thought they could catch some fish or birds if they were there for more than a few days.

During the first few days, they spent most of their time building the shelter and help signal on the beach, but they still found time to argue. Their biggest threat on the island was probably murdering each other.

After a few days, Jeff was more or less fully recovered. His head stopped throbbing and he began to wonder if help was actually coming.

Julie was out collecting coconuts so Jeff decided to go bathe in the waterfall swimming hole. Once he hiked to the pool, he stripped down naked and dove into the warm pool of water. He felt like he had lost a few pounds and was even more toned than normal. Guess the island diet was working, he thought to himself.

Julie was walking by the waterfall when she heard splashing. She wasn't sure why but she decided to walk over and see what was happening. Through the plants and trees, she could now see Jeff sitting on the side of the swimming hole naked.

"Oh shit," she quietly said to herself. She had never seen him naked before. She was surprised at how nice his body looked and how large his cock was. She was even more surprised it looked like he was starting to get an erection. She still hated him, but why was she starting to get aroused by this.

Jeff was thinking about the last time Barbara and him had been together before the storm. He thought should have just pushed through and came. God, he missed her body so much. He was a bit surprised as his cock started to harden, but it had been a few days since he had cum and he was all alone so why not. He reached down and started stroking his hardening cock.

Julie's jaw dropped as he started stroking, but she couldn't look away. Why was this asshole turning her on so much? God damnit, she thought, that cock is huge. Unconsciously, her right hand moved up to her sizable right breast and slid under her bikini top to tease her nipple.

Jeff kept stroking with one hand and massaged his balls with the other. His eyes were closed as he thought about Barbara's head pumping on his cock. He groaned a little bit as he thought about her tight freckled body.

Julie had started to rub herself through her shorts. She felt guilt washing over her, but for whatever reason this was making her super horny.

Jeff sped up stroking his long hard cock faster and faster. His grip tightened. Then all at once he groaned cumming spraying all over the bank of the waterhole.

Julie could tell her pussy was drenched. Her nipples were hard and poking through her bikini top. She walked back to camp hoping they wouldn't be noticeable by the time Jeff came back.

Jeff headed back to camp a bit later. When he got there, he found Julie angerly hitting coconuts against a large rock. She seemed more angry than usual.

"Take it easy Julie you don't want to hurt the coconut meat or yourself for that matter."

"Fuck you, I know what I'm doing."

"Well, you know if you wouldn't have grabbed me and pulled me off the boat, you could be here all by yourself. So, you know what fuck you!" Jeff yelled back.

"I would probably be happier with that," Julie barked back.

"Yeah, you'd probably be dead already."

Julie rolled her eyes at this.

"I'm not so sure rescue is coming that soon anymore. I think I need to start fishing. I am going to make a spear tonight and spear fish in the morning."

"Whatever," Julie answered back.

They eventually got the coconuts open and ate them. Jeff started making a spear out of a piece of obsidian, a stick, and some rope he had found washed up on the beach. They didn't talk much, before it was dark and they went to bed.

Jeff woke up to moans. At first, he thought Julie might be masturbating, but he rolled over and saw she was very much asleep. But her legs were spread open and she was bucking her hips. A sex dream, Jeff thought smiling.

Julie was dreaming about Jeff. He was pounding her from behind doggy style while her husband Dean watched. She didn't want to be fucking Jeff, but she also didn't want him to stop. Like many sex dreams it didn't make much sense.

Back in reality, Jeff watched as Julie's hand reached up and freed her tits. He just barely saw them in the starlight coming through their shelter. He was impressed with their size and her hard prominent nipples poking out. He felt his cock getting hard as he watched her bare tits jiggle as her hips pumped in her sleep. Her whole body shivered. She suddenly stopped and snored lightly. Why the fuck is this dumb bitch making me hard? Jeff thought to himself. He tried to shake it out of his head and go back to sleep.

The next morning, Julie woke with her tits fully out of the bikini. What the hell, she thought, did I do this. Did that asshole Jeff do this, while he was fucking me in my dream, but she realized that didn't make a lot of sense and covered her tits back up. Jeff was beginning to move around and wake up.

"Hey asshole," she yelled at him kicking his leg.

"Fuck, what do you want," he mumbled half asleep.

"I'm going to bathe and wash my clothes. I can wash yours too if you want. You can fish naked while I bathe so I don't have to watch."

"I doubt a bitch like you would even be able to appreciate a naked specimen like me, but my clothes are a bit rank. So, thanks I guess," Jeff answered half angry for the wake up, half thankful for the laundry getting done.

Julie exited the shelter so he could strip. Jeff removed his shirt and swim trucks and handed them out. Julie started hiking towards the waterhole. She turned and looked over her shoulder just in time to see his naked body dive into the water. She wondered why this place was making her so horny.

She got to the waterhole and striped down herself. Julie had well defined tan lines where her bikini tops and bottoms normally were. Her brown pubic hair was trimmed into a strip right down the middle. Her tits were fairly large but not as big as Barbara's. Julie had light brown nipples that stuck out considerably when hard and they were hard right now. She decided to wash the clothes first and then she would let them dry while she took a long relaxing swim and bath.

Julie squatted down and rinsed the clothes before rubbing them on a rough rock. She then rinsed them again before hanging them on a rope clothes line they had set up.

Once the clothes were done, she dove into the pool and swam under the waterfall rinsing off. She started thinking about Jeff masturbating and felt herself getting turned on. Why did I watch until he came? Julie thought to herself, but thinking that just aroused her more.

She sat where the water was shallower. Her ass was only in about an inch of water and without even considering it started to rub her clit. She looked around as if Jeff might pop out of the woods, but when she didn't see anything, she slid a finger into her wet pussy. She closed her eyes and try as she might all she could imagine was Jeff stroking his cock and her dream of Jeff slamming that giant cock into her from behind.

Soon she had all 4 fingers of her hand pumping in and out of her pussy and was moaning almost uncontrollable as her hips bucked as she came hard on her hand.

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