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This is a short recounting of a hot wife encounter that my wife, KK and I experienced a few years after we began enjoying the 'hot wife' lifestyle. It came up in sexy conversation this holiday season, so I'm taking the opportunity to memorialize it in narrative form in part for the catharsis, and in part for nothing other than potential titillating value.

KK and I often travel together. Often, we have business in some locations, or we can combine business and leisure travel. Those trips have become opportunities for KK to scratch her sexual itches, providing a combination of things like hotel stays, clubbing, shopping, flirting, and of course, hot sex, in a mostly carefree setting - a distant location free from the worries of being outed, or discovered by some vanilla friend or colleague.

On the occasion in question, KK and I were visiting San Diego. We travel there often, typically rotating our stays through one of three harbor area Marriott resort hotels; Coronado Island, the Gaslamp district, or the Marquis on Harbor Drive. All three hotels have proven to be "target rich" environments for hot wife action; we've never had a disappointment with those venues.

During this particular trip, we stayed at the Marquis. After a few days of work, KK and I took advantage of the long Labor Day weekend at the backend of our business, leveraging the opportunity for hot sexy fun. Our day started with a half-day spa session for KK, mostly for the manicure/pedicure opportunity and and enjoyment of being pampered.

Once KK finished at the spa, we enjoyed a light lunch, I took KK boutique-hopping in the Gaslamp and downtown area - a special, indulgent treat including full-day hire of a traditional limo so that we didn't have the worry of parking or hailing cabs. The limo was also intended to be part of the experience, a treat for KK.

It took visits to several shops before we ended up assembling a new outfit for KK; a black satin and lace cocktail dress, Louboutin heels, a new pearl choker, and a purse that matched the dress. These shopping trips get exorbitantly expensive, but they make KK feel like a princess; the result is always worth every penny.

What's hidden in this story is the logistics and background work - I planned and set stuff up, starting almost two months in advance, to provide the best, most sensual experience for KK that I could construct. From the hotel and limo, to looking into shopping, club/dance opportunities, and most importantly, finding four healthy, attractive men to entertain KK during the 'grand finale' the effort to knit together this kind of sexy fun is large.

Prior to the trip, I recruited and vetted 'the squad' - four men that I felt KK would find attractive and sexually compelling, men that met all of her usual 'tick boxes'. It was labor-intensive, time consuming, but necessary. My minimum goal was to find enough men such that at least one would likely show up, looking for an ideal number of two (to make an MFM encounter not including me in the count), and a maximum of five, including me. Our experience up to that point included the usual logistics problems, along with the "fakes and flakes" that produced disappointment in one form or another. I learned along the way to over-recruit, which resulted in either delivering big on the promise, or at least not setting up an encounter with no participants other than me and KK.

In the early evening, we enjoyed dinner and some wine, then returned to our suite at the Marquis to prepare KK for the rest of the festivities. I convinced KK to "go commando" under her pretty new dress, no bra, no panties, no stockings, just her sexy bare skin under that naughty little dress, with my hot wife looking stunning, sporting the black Louboutin heels, which enhanced her sexy legs, that form-fitting little dress, exposing just the right amount of cleavage, and her hot little pearl choker, a sexy, provocative sort of accent that suggests "I like to fuck..." KK looked magnificent, boner-inducing, making me uncomfortably hard.

Before we left the suite, I brought out a little surprise. I'd found an interesting toy on my last trip to Tokyo, a remote-controlled vaginal-anal vibrator set. The toy looked like a pair of small purple 'eggs' connected together by a tether, and a small remote control that was labeled in Kanji. It took me some experimenting to figure out how to operate it, by taking it through its various modes. KK indulged me, an act of trust and submission, allowing me to lube and insert one egg into her little bum-hole, and the other into her increasingly moist pussy.

I gave her a little sample, using the remote to 'buzz' her. The control allows the anal and vaginal eggs to operate independently, as a pair, or in a more or less random 'surprise' mode that changes which of the eggs vibrates, and how it vibrates. KK was absolutely delighted, blushing with the naughty anticipation of what I was going to do with the remote during our night out.

There was one final surprise and detail in store - I'd loaded KK's new purse with a few suggestive, but potentially essential items; a tube of her lipstick, a skein of a half-dozen Skyn condoms, a little tube of coconut oil for lube, and a blindfold that more or less matched her outfit - black satin with a lace trim. I showed her the inventory, talking through it, and suggested "keep it handy, in case something comes up..."

I summoned the limo, then we went down to cruise for some club hopping, a way to give KK lots of flirting and dancing opportunity. Once inside the limo, I used the intercom to instruct our driver; I asked for a 30-minute cruise around the Gaslamp district, giving him a time and location for our first drop-off at a lounge.

KK and I used that 30-minutes in the back of the limo productively - we traded 15-minutes of oral sex, with me starting off, providing KK a couple of solid orgasms aided by my tongue on her clit, along with the buzzing eggs in her pussy and ass. Once KK was appropriately lit, she traded off, releasing my cock for a delightful, nasty blowjob session, complete with a swallow every last drop cum-sucking, eye-contact blowjob. During pauses, KK postulated that the limo driver was probably somehow watching us, verbalizing how hot it made her.

After the warm-up cruise, we hit three different clubs. KK and I danced and flirted, she got her hotness level tested by dancing and flirting with other men, a few of whom she coaxed into dipping a finger or two into her needy, greedy pussy on the dark dance floor. Shortly before midnight, we were both supercharged for some hot fucking. Of course, my intermittent use of the vibrating eggs was helping things along, providing suggestive jolts of joy for KK all during the club hopping part of our outing.

The limo ride back to the Marquis was short but hot, I used it as an opportunity to finger KK's bare pussy, hiking the hem of her dress up to expose her for finger-diddling access. I barely finished making KK cum when the hotel valet opened the limo door - KK's bare crotch was slightly exposed as she hurried to get the hem of her dress down to cover herself.

We made out in the elevator on the way up to our suite. Once inside, I told KK I had a room service order on the way - I didn't tell her what kind of service... I suggested that she go freshen up while we waited.

Once KK was in the bathroom, I texted the "lead" guy in my four-man squad, pre-arranged for place and time, giving him the suite number, and 'ready in five' signal. I found KK's purse, and pulled the blindfold out. The condoms weren't going to be needed...

KK came out of the bathroom, and I asked her to close her eyes. She was submissive, and compliant. I put the blindfold in place, unzipped the dress, and let it fall to the floor, leaving KK naked, save for her pearl choker and Louboutins. It was making me rock hard - along with the anticipation of what I knew was next up.

I popped the vibrating eggs out of KK's ass and pussy, depositing them on one of the suite's end tables, freeing up my wife's sexy, hot holes for the action to come.

I guided KK to the bed, which I'd already prepared by stripping off the spread, top sheet and blanket, leaving the nice King bed as a spartan fuck platform. I put KK on her back, propped against the pillows and headboard, leaving her nude, spread, and vulnerable, blindfolded, anticipatory.

There was a knock on the suite door - I excused myself to attend. My 'squad' had arrived on time, intact, all four vetted men ready to fuck my sweet, naughty little wife into blissful oblivion.

With everyone inside, I placed the 'Do Not Disturb' placard into the key slot, closed, locked, and chained the door. All five of us, stood surrounding my naked wife, splayed on the bed stripped. Everyone was hard, throbbing, and ready.

I kicked things off, joining KK on the bed, kneeling near her face, my erection bobbing, throbbing, inches from her pretty mouth. She was breathing hard, rapidly, licking her upper lip. I reached down and lifted the blindfold slightly off KK's eyes, telling her, "Look what room service brought you..."

KK gasped slightly, then I put the blindfold back in place. I commanded her, "Suck me baby. They're going to watch and stroke while you suck me..."

My naughty little wife was dutiful, obedient, she turned to me, hardly fumbling, and took my erection into her mouth. I let her lick, kiss and suck my cock for a while, until I felt like I might lose it, while our four gentleman guests watched, stroking themselves to the scene.

The first round after that warm-up was intense. All five of us in turn received a blowjob, followed by missionary sex with KK, with me holding my sweet wife's legs in the air for the sequential penetration and fucking from four strangers, who unloaded in KK, dumping cum into her. I went last - sloppy fifth, enjoying her gaping, sopping, dripping cum-filled hole until I blew mine inside her as deep as I could thrust. I took off the blindfold once all five of us had pleasured sweet dirty little KK, rewarding her with the visual stimulation of five hard cocks.

Round two was amazing - a dog-pile fuck session with all five of us fucking KK's mouth, pussy and ass. I prepped her for that round by using three fingers to scoop the cum from round one out of KK's gash, using it to lube her tight ass. That round was so intense that I lost count of the number of orgasms KK had - at one point, she was a shaking, shuddering wreck, to the point she may have nearly blacked out from the intensity of the experience. KK reaches a state of orgasmic bliss that leaves her dripping, leaking juices, finally curling into a fetal position, unable to speak, or even make a sound other than little "kitten whispers" - our five guys fuck/bang got her there. KK was a cum-slathered, nasty little ball of wife, fucked senseless in that moment, rendered practically paralyzed from sexual overload.

The third round was a total rush - it took about 30-minutes for enough recovery, including what KK needed, to get started again. Once KK was able to move, she went to the bathroom for a pee, taking the two hardest of our gentlemen friends along to watch and assist. A few minutes later, the remaining three of us got curious enough about what was going on in the bathroom to go join in. KK was on her knees, atop a towel spread over the floor, alternating sucking and jacking the two hard cocks she'd revived. The three of us got our turn, circling my kneeling wife as she dutifully serviced all five of us in turn.

After all five of us were back sporting full erections, KK took the lead, grabbing me by the hand, leading us all out of the bathroom back to the suite. She went to the suite's window, dragged the desk chair in front of it, swiveled it around to brace it against the glass, then bent in front of it, with her legs apart, offering herself. I went first, penetrating her from behind, trying to go slow, alternating between KK's ass and pussy. She was so open and relaxed it was easy to penetrate her, even her normally tight rosebud. I didn't last, despite having cum so much prior, maybe two dozen alternating strokes before the final push into her ass drove me over the brink. I filled my wife's ass with jizz, then stumbled aside so the next man could take a turn.

I watched the action, still partly hard, as the four men each used KK's pussy and ass in a similar fashion. A couple of them were able to last maybe twenty minutes, long enough to provide KK with nice, satisfying orgasms that were obvious - she nearly sank to the floor during one of them, as one of the squad had his cock stuffed in her ass, while he diddled her clit with the fingers of one hand, using the other on her hip to control her body position.

The final highlight was simply extraordinary. One of the five of us, on the younger side of things, still had sufficient stamina to be hard, sporting a firm, throbbing erection despite having performed well in the window-banging round. KK still had plenty of energy and exuberance remaining. KK put on a magnificent performance with the younger man. She maximized his erection, teasing his hard cock, tracing the veins of his penis using her finger-tips, teasing him with her lips and tongue, while kneeling in front of him. I, along with the three other half-hard guys in the squad watched KK give one of the sluttiest blowjobs ever to this young man, tormenting his cock until he unleashed jets of cum all over KK's face and tits. It was simply spectacular!

We were all spent by about 3:00AM. Our four guests departed in an orderly manner, leaving KK and I to our own devices. I spent the remainder of the night making out with KK, providing tender kisses and touches to relax her into sound sleep.

KK remembers all of that encounter in detail, and it is still one of her favorites; feeling like a pampered princess, an object of desire and lust, and being the center of attention for five horny men still get her wet when she recalls the event.

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