Bad Intel on Cheating Spouse Part 1 - Gary's Dilemma
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There was a party at our house Friday night and I woke up on Saturday morning feeling somewhat hungover but with an obvious problem with my morning erection. My dick was in a metal cage. My wife and I have a very active sex life. We have several toys, and have played around with restraints, ball-gags, whips, and the like. This however was new.
I made my way from the bed to the bathroom and had to sit to piss. As I sat, I examined the cage. This cage was attached to a ring around my scrotum and the lock appeared to be cylindrical and sliding between holes to secure it at the base. It wasn't a padlock type of lock that I could easily cut off. The part that held my dick was bent downward and was metal rods from the circular base curving toward a circular piece at the tip. That piece had a hole in it that allowed me to urinate but it still sprayed around the cage a bit.
I thought back to last night and remembered we had friends over to eat, drink, and play dominoes. My wife had laid out some sexy black lingerie including her leather garter belt and black nylons. When I asked her about the lingerie, she said she was planning to have fun later. The last thing I remembered was sitting at the table playing dominoes.
I put a robe on and went downstairs to find my wife and see if this was her idea of some new kinky addition to our sex life. I should share with you that my name is Gary Summers and my beautiful wife of almost five years is Maree Renee Summers. I work in sales for a local company and my wife is a secretary at a real estate office. Our Friday night domino get together was with two of her co-workers and their husbands.
When I arrived downstairs, I called out to Maree and heard voices in the kitchen. Sitting at the kitchen table were Jane Ralston (who is married to Jim) and Ann Henderson (who is married to Tim), the wives of our guests from the previous night.
Both were drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. (I should also share with you that I have a fetish involving pretty women smoking cigarettes. I do not smoke and Maree, who is aware of this kink, rarely indulges my fetish.) I greeted them with a smile and asked where Maree was. Ann was the first to speak stating, "She's been gone since early this morning and won't be back until late evening I'm guessing." Before I could ask another question, Jane said, "Are you comfortable? You look like something is in a bind." She was smiling and staring at my crotch.
Something in the way she made that statement set off my "Spidey Senses" and I told them that I thought I should get dressed and I would be right back. As I was getting dressed in shorts and a pullover shirt I had a gut premonition that something was up and I may need to protect myself from any accusations so I got my digital recorder. I retrieved my cell phone from the charger by the bed and clipped it to its holder on my belt, activated the digital recorder and went back downstairs.
Ann was lighting a fresh cigarette and she was smiling and staring at my crotch. I asked where Maree was and said she didn't know. I took my cell phone, hit the speed dial for Maree, and heard a phone ring on the counter. Jane said, "She left it here so you wouldn't bother her or try and find her with your where's my phone app."
Well girls I am somewhat lost here. You two are here and dressed differently from last night. My wife isn't here and you two are sitting at our table and both of you keep staring at my crotch so you must have some idea about something. Want to clue me in.
Ann asked, "Is it uncomfortable?"
"Is what uncomfortable?"
"Your cock cage Gary. Is your new cock cage uncomfortable?"
"Yes it is, thank you for asking."
"Any idea how I became the recipient of this?"
Jane said that they had mixed some of her sleeping pills into my last drink and their husband's had helped carry me to bed.
I asked her, "Are your husband's aware of this?" Pointing to my crotch
"Heavens no," said Jane.
"Continue please"
Ann said, after they carried you upstairs, we told them to take one car and that we would help Maree clean up and then come home.
You wouldn't happen to know where Maree has put the key."
They both laughed and I was beginning to get pissed.
Jane said, "Yes, we know. She mailed it to her cousin in Oklahoma."
"And why would she do that," I asked.
Jane said, "Because you cheated on her."
I asked, "When was I supposed to have cheated on my wife and with whom."
Jane said, "It was last Thursday at the Mariott and the woman was about 5'6' tall with curly brown hair wearing black heels, blue jeans and a grey sweater."
I laughed at her.
"Gary, this is serious. You cheated on your wife. This is not funny."
"No Jane, it is funny. I love your description and I know exactly whom I was talking to at the Mariott."
Jane said, "Your lover!"
"No Jane. My cousin's wife, Cindy Howard. She and Bob live in Georgia and she was traveling to Iowa. She had a layover here, called, and asked if she could see the accommodations for our anniversary party. I met her at the Mariott so she could see the set-up, as she wanted to do a similar surprise for her husband Bob."
Ann asked, "What accommodations, what surprise?"
I told them that I had a surprise party planned in two weeks celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary and my new promotion.
Jane said, "Bullshit! You're making that up. You haven't told us about any surprise party."
I told her they had not yet been informed because I didn't think they could keep a secret.
I removed a business card from my wallet and showed it to her. It read "William O'Bryant -- Special Events Coordinator Mariott"
I removed a second card from my wallet and showed it to her. It read "Tina Clark -- Clark's Custom Catering / No Event Too Big / No Event too small."
Jane said, "Those are just business cards. That doesn't mean anything."
I called my dad and put the call on speakerphone. When he answered, I asked him if he and mom were going to make the party. "At the Mariott? Wouldn't miss it for the world." Thanks dad see you in a couple of weeks.
I then called Maree's parent's house and her mom answered the phone. "Hey Mom! It's Gary. Just checking to see if you guys are still coming and making sure you haven't spoiled the surprise." "We are coming and neither of us have told her about it. Looking forward to this because you kids said you were giving us grandbabies after five years." "See you soon!"
"Satisfied Jane? Ann? Where is Maree and what's with this crap about mailing away the key to this contraption?"
Jane said, "Look Gary, she thought you cheated on her so she went for a little revenge sex with a guy from our work. The cock cage was so you wouldn't be getting any sex from her unless you confessed and she mailed the key so you would have time to think about what you have done."
I asked Jane if it was she who had told Maree I was cheating on her. She told me that both her and Ann had been at the Mariott restaurant and had seen me hugging the woman and her kiss me on the cheek. We felt like we had to tell her.
So let me get this straight. You told her I cheated. She believes you. Locks me up in this cage. Mails the key three states away. Does not confront or question me, goes off, and has revenge sex when there is nothing to revenge. You had better stop her before she goes through with anything or it will be a shit show of a divorce!
Jane pleaded, "She left her phone. We don't know where Mike and she are going to be. I don't have Mike's phone number."
At that time, Gary's phone chirped with an incoming message. He looked at the number and didn't recognize it so he ignored it. Seconds later, it chirped again.
Seconds later another message was coming in.
Gary opens the first message and it is a photo of Maree. A full figure photo of Maree wearing the black bra, black panties, black garter belt with black nylons and she is holding a lit cigarette at her side in her right hand.
The second message is a view with her turned away from the camera.
The next message has a photo of her sans bra with her perky tits exposed.
The next message has her standing in just nylons and a garter blowing smoke into the air.
The next message has her lying on her back with her legs open and her shaved pussy showing.
The next message is a photo of a male between her legs apparently licking, kissing, or sucking on her pussy. Her eyes are closed and smoke is drifting from her mouth.
The next chirp shows a video of the two fucking. Maree is on her back and moaning loudly telling him how great he is.
This is followed by a video of her on all fours with him about to enter her ass. He rubs his dick up and down her butt crack telling her to beg for it. She does.
The last video is Maree giving him a smoking blowjob. She inhales the smoke, takes his dick in her mouth, and lets the smoke waft around it. She then bobs her head up and down on his shaft. She pulls away and smiles at the camera, inhaling and blowing smoke over the tip of his cock before she again takes him in her mouth.
The last chirp is a text message. "Dude, not sure who you stepped out with but THANKS! Maree is a great fuck. I LOVE her smoky blowjobs. Her ass was so tight and her pussy tasted so sweet. I am looking forward to more great sex with her in the future."
I asked Jane if Maree had anything to do with her and Ann smoking today. Jane said that Maree told her I had a fetish about women who smoke and that if they smoked in front of me it might make my dick get hard in the cage.
I handed my phone to Jane and said, "Looks like you guys have succeeded in ruining some folk's lives over nothing! I wonder if I could get some satisfaction from the courts."
Jane and Ann were looking at the photos and the video and Ann said, "This is just a huge mistake. We thought you were cheating on our friend."
Give me my phone.
They handed me the phone and I called the number that I had been receiving the texts from.
"Put Maree on please."
"Please? (He laughed) I like that "Please" "Maree, It's for you."
I handed the phone to Jane and walked away as I heard her say, "Maree I am so sorry!! Gary didn't cheat on you. It was his cousin from Georgia.""اللي-يقدر-اساعدني-يتفضل

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