Suky continued to probe me with one finger, using her remaining fingers to tease the area between my ass and my nuts. In addition to cleaning my ass thoroughly, the soap also acted as a lubricant, and she slipped her finger deeper inside me. She had maneuvered me into the corner of the shower enclosure, pushed me fairly tight against the wall, and was restricting my movement.

My breathing was heavy, and I was really enjoying her violation of my most intimate area. Once she had decided that I was perfectly clean back there, she slowly removed her finger from my butthole, and washed the soap from my ass. Suky required me to keep my genitals clean shaven at all times, and I was diligent about following this directive. Once the soap washed away, my butt looked like a baby's, completely hair free and squeaky clean.

Suky washed her hands under the shower head, and then turned the water off. It was very warm and steamy in the enclosure, and the heater was on in the bathroom, so we were both very comfortable. I tried to turn to face her, but she kept me pinned against the wall, with my back to her. She forcefully spread my legs further apart with her feet, and continued to softly tickle my balls.

I felt her lips on the back of my neck first, and then she began to lick and nibble my shoulders. Moving her lips back to the base of my head, she extended her tongue and licked the back of my neck. Then, in a very slow fluid motion, she ran her tongue down my spine. I had goose bumps on my back, from the pleasurable sensations I was feeling, and I let out an audible moan.

Suky didn't touch or caress me that often, and nearly all of our sexual activity was about her pleasure. Foreplay was something we engaged in, solely to facilitate her release. In fact, the only time that she would really concern herself with my pleasure, was when I was numb. Her favorite pastime was fucking with me, when she knew that I couldn't get off. She just loved it, figuring that I deserved it because I was so submissive.

Today, however, I was really enjoying the attention she was lavishing on me, particularly as I was not inhibited by the numbing gel. Suky continued to play with my balls, as her tongue moved slowly down my spine. When she got to the top of my butt-cheeks, she paused momentarily and dropped to her knees. As soon as she was comfortable, she continued to move her tongue down my body. She spread my ass-cheeks apart, and to my surprise, extended her tongue and began to lick between them.

I spent a lot of time worshiping Suky's ass, and had managed to get her off many times that way. However, even though I knew she regularly gave rimjobs to the VIP clients at Joy's spa, this was the first time she that she had allowed me to enjoy her talents, and it was incredibly pleasurable for me.

Her tongue flickered across my clean-shaven asshole, and she nibbled the area between it, and my nuts. Suky grabbed my wrists and moved my hands behind my back, and I understood immediately what she wanted. I held my butt-cheeks and pulled them apart for her, as she continued to nibble me, and put one hand back under my balls.

I wished I could see her, as she eagerly ate my ass. I closed my eyes to try and visualize Suky on her knees, nose buried between my ass-cheeks, but I was immediately assaulted by images of her rimming Fat John, that had been displayed on my eighty-inch wall monitor, and were indelibly burned into my memory banks.

I opened my eyes to rid myself of that disturbing image, and as I refocused on my pleasure, I felt my nut-sack constricting in her soft hand. My cock was fully engorged with blood now, and I was close to blowing my load all over the shower wall. Suky was a very skillful lover, and she knew the exact amount of stimulation she needed to apply. Her goal was not to get me off, but rather to take me to the edge repeatedly, until I was begging her for release.

With this in mind, she continued to softly nibble and lick my most intimate area, while playing with my nuts. She never actually touched my cock, as she feared that would have pushed me over the edge. I was trembling now, and moaning softly, so she gave my balls a gentle nibble, and then inserted the tip of her tongue into my ass. I took in a sharp breath, and let out a long whimper of pleasure.

Suky teased me for a few more minutes, keeping me perilously close to the edge before slowly withdrawing her soft tongue from my butt. She ran it slowly up my spine, again pausing briefly to get up off her knees. I let out another whimper, this one born of frustration, as I realized that playtime was over, at least for me.

"Go fetch my towel from the dryer," she whispered softly in my ear.

I was very shaky on my legs, and hesitated when I turned around to exit the shower. I had never experienced such pleasure at the hands of Suky, and I was still in shock. She slapped me firmly on the ass to bring me back into the moment, and the sound reverberated around the bathroom. I scurried out of the door and returned momentarily with a warm towel for her.

As I helped her dry off, I noticed that her face was flushed and her nipples were erect. It looked like her little game had got her all hot and bothered, and as I knelt to dry her legs, I noticed that she had leaked her juices on her upper thighs.

Once her legs were dry, I kissed her very gently just below her belly button. Then, still on my knees, I began to softly lick this area with the gentlest of touches. I looked up at her submissively, trying to make it obvious that I would attend to any of her needs. This was all the invitation she needed, and she forcefully pushed me onto my back on the sheepskin rug.

I lay there passively while she straddled my face, and got into a comfortable position. Then I slowly extended my tongue, and I began to lick her clitoris. She was soaking wet, and came almost immediately with hardly any stimulation. She took her pleasure repeatedly, and then arose slowly from my face. She was the one with shaky legs now, and she flashed me an appreciative glance as she left the bathroom.

After Suky left me alone, I checked out my reflection in the mirror. I looked like I had been put through the ringer. My face was glistening with her juices, my cock was throbbing and was fully engorged with blood. There were numerous veins visible, and pre-cum flowed freely from the tip of it. My balls were swollen from the stimulation, and I had goosebumps on my stomach and upper thighs, from the pleasure of having my ass licked, and my nuts nibbled by her.

I was still trembling with desire, and I had one bright-red handprint on my butt-cheek, from where she had slapped me to get my ass moving. My earlobe was still very red from where she had bitten me. I had never been so aroused before, her physical man- handling of me having turned me on immensely. Part of me hoped that she would cut me some slack and give me a freebie, instead of the ice-pack that she always favored, to rid me of my erection.

When she finally entered my bathroom, she looked like a completely different person than the aggressive Alpha that had dominated me in the shower. She was dressed in a very feminine sundress, her hair was back in a pony-tail, and her makeup was perfect. Suky had applied my favorite pink lipgloss to her lips, and she looked composed and relaxed, like a woman that had just enjoyed several orgasms. She patted the ottoman, and I took this as a signal to sit. Surprisingly, the first thing she did was check my earlobe. She had bitten me pretty forcefully in the heat of our passion, and seemed relieved that she had not drawn blood.

Suky turned her attention to my swollen cock, which had not lost any of its enthusiasm. Ever the tease, she came around in front of me, and slowly sank to her knees. My heart quickened, as I questioned whether she had applied the lipgloss because she was going to suck me off?

She smiled sweetly at me, as if she could read my mind, and then she held up the ice pack that she had wrapped in a towel. She was grinning from ear to ear as she watched my excitement turn to disappointment. I would have given anything to come right now, but I had learned not to negotiate with her, when I was desperate.

A few moments later, my flaccid cock hung shriveled between my legs, and my frozen nuts were retreating into my body in search of warmth, after a prolonged session of sitting on the ice-pack.

When we turned in for the night, neither of us knew it, but this was to be one of those fateful times when I had an involuntary orgasm in my sleep. These infrequent accidents were inevitable considering the amount of sexual torment I endured, but they were nonetheless embarrassing, and not without consequence.

This particular night I was having a very vivid dream about Suky dressed as a cheerleader, and as I dry-humped the silk sheets through my silk boxers, the stimulation was enough to push me over the edge.

I had forged an uneasy agreement with my body not to come without express permission, and while I could control my emissions while I was awake, my body had betrayed me, as I slept. I whimpered with pleasure as I ejaculated into my boxers, grinding into the exquisitely soft Malaysian silk until I had unloaded my nuts. I let out a sigh of relief as I squeezed the last remnants of semen from my cock-head, and then I sat bolt upright in bed, as the panic set in.

Oh fuck! What had I done, and how would I hide it from her?

I looked at the alarm clock and I saw it was ‪5.45am‬. I didn't have time to wash and dry my boxers, before Suky got up for work. There was no way that Suky wouldn't notice the huge wet spot in the front of my boxers. She expected me to be dressed in just my boxers, whenever she was home, for several reasons.

First and foremost, it gave her a very clear picture of my level of arousal. I was always erect in her presence, but she could judge how desperate I was by the size of my wet spot. Also, she had me on a weight-loss program, and when I was virtually naked it was easier for her to make sure I was following it. Lastly, the fact that I was dressed as her plaything, highlighted my submissive role. Suky would know something was wrong if I served her breakfast in my jeans.

After a few moments, my erection finally subsided, and I quietly left the room to use the restroom. I cleaned up the best that I could and returned to bed. When I pulled back the covers, I noticed that she had placed a towel over the wet spot. I wasn't sure if she was sleeping again, so when I got back into bed I started to stammer out an apology. Suky sat up and placed one finger on my lips, which was her signal for me to be silent.

"Save your apologies, baby," she told me. "I am fine with your involuntary ejaculation. In fact, I find it very flattering."

I was really relieved that she was not mad at me, but then she let the other shoe drop.

"My friends might not be quite so forgiving though," she advised me. "You will need to call them after breakfast, and apologize for your nocturnal emissions accident."

I wanted to curl up and die. I couldn't possibly call her friends and tell them that I had come in my underwear as I slept. How embarrassing. How humiliating. I just couldn't do it.

"I am going into work a little later this morning," Suky informed me. "We could make the calls together, but the apologies and explanations are all yours to handle."

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