I'll never forget it. Here is my story.

Eventually my girlfriend who is a bit older then me decided that she was finally ready to do the deed. Being the horny teenager I am, I was excited to say the least. I bought protection for the get together, set up my room and cleared the house for it's newest function. Around noon on Saturday of a fine summer day I went in my truck to go pick her up. It's a few miles drive to her house and as I drove the sweet summer air smelled amazing. I hadn't blown my load in at least a month and so I was dripping with testosterone. As I drive up my girl friend comes out the door. Her tits slightly bouncing as she walked down the stairs. They're 38C's so pretty big, but not huge. As she slides into the truck I give her a huge kiss. Slowly I back down the driveway, savoring the smell of her perfume. As we finally get back to my house, nothing stops us from erupting in a fiery passion of making out in my truck. My dick is as hard as a rail, but it's not being used yet. I lead the way for her into the house and she follows in, as I am lost in her ass as she enters. We proceed to my room, and light the special candle she's been waiting to burn for her cherry popping, it smells like fruit, mainly strawberries and cherries. We laugh at the irony, but soon we're sitting on my bed making out. She tells me to look away because she's got a surprise for me. I take off my shirt and loosen my pants in the meantime. As I sit gazing out the window wearing my undershirt, as I look back she's standing over me in bright red lingerie. My mouth drops to the floor at this site. She runs her hands through my hair as she leans over me and asks if I'm ready. "I reply, more ready then I've ever been in my entire life." As I grab her ass and we make out. She slides off my shirt, and as how she doesn't like being on top I pull her back and roll her over so I'm on top. I then proceed to take off my clothes and she does the same after we're completely turned on. She's ready and I slide on a rubber as she pulls the covers up. I simply ask her if she's sure. As she reply's that she's never been more sure of anything in her life. I slide in, it's so wet, and she lets out a gasp for air. Later I remark at how easy that first moment was. We ease into it at first, now my girlfriend was brought up not making much sounds when she masterbates, but this is different. Eventually I'm exploring her insides, thrusting more boldly and her moans only invigorate me more. She tells me to stop for a minute to play some music and I oblige. After 20 minutes we're going hard at it. She is moaning at the top of her lungs and I can't get enough of it. We kiss in spurts of passion. But I keep a consistent pace. After we keep this up I start being incredibly aggressive for a first timer, thrusting deep and making her moan uncontrollably. She spreads her legs and I don't stop, as she has an orgasm she shudders all around me and I let off. I feel as if we have reached Nirvana and a new world has been laid out for me. And for a few fleeting moments, our hearts beat together with the rhythm of creation. As we finally come down I whisper in her ear that I love her with all my heart. She responds back to me with the words "And I love you too with my whole being." We lay there in each others arms for an eternity, relishing the feeling of complete and utter satisfaction. Eventually we fall asleep in each others arms and wake up to my girlfriend giving me a blowjob. There is nothing better to wake up to then your dick being in a girls mouth. As I lay there gasping at her amazing skills I finally cum and she swallows each burst until there is nothing left. I say that I'd like to return the favor. She doesn't like guys going down on her, so I settle for fingering her. At first I try simply one finger, and her face lights up the second I enter her. I search around and proceed the whole way in. As she lets out simple moans here and there. I then try two fingers and she gasps, but not as much as she had the day before. I ferociously finger fuck her until she's about to cum, then I slide in a third finger. She cannot bare this and after a few seconds of this she cums in my hand I pull my hand up to my mouth and lick off the juices. She then kisses me full out and we proceed to fuck again, this time with her on top, as I get in position, she kisses my chest, biting my nipples. Which I absolutely love. She then slowly rocks back and forth as I grab her boobs and play with them, pinching her nipples and she lets shouts out that it feels great. We continue to do this for a few more minutes and then we pick up the pace as I grab her ass and pull her up and down on my dick as she slides on my shaft. Then I pick her up a little bit tell her to stop and then thrust with my hips balls deep into her rapidly and she loves it and screams to the world. Thankfully, no one is around to hear it. As I then cum deep inside her she shouts again and we proclaim our love for the other. She collapses on me and we cuddle for what seems like hours. I kiss her on the cheek as I get up and put on a pair of shorts as I go and make breakfast.

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