Names and places are purely fictitious and characters are over 18. This story is about interfamily relationships with a very low threshold.

Relative Humidity Ch. 2 Family Times

It was Thanksgiving when Stan Hammond arrived at the Petoskey's, his daughter Kimberly's home. He was greeted by his daughter. His eyes sparkled happily as she came into his arms. He kissed her on the lips, drawing away reluctantly. He missed both his daughters.

"Hello daddy, please come inside." Kimberly bid her father. "Liz is here already, without useless."

Stan smiled. "You chose a very appropriate name for that waste of flesh of a husband. I told her she should not marry that wimp of a..."

"Let's not get into that again daddy." Kimberly cut in. "Liz is quite aware of what you said. We all are." Kimberly gently admonished her father. She turned and went into the house, her father followed and admired his daughter's beautiful ass and recounted the past with some regret.

"Hello Stan." Bill Petoskey said as Stan entered the room. Bill stood up and embraced his father in-law.

"Hello Bill." Stan replied as he embraced his son in-law. "Thanks for inviting me."

"Don't thank me, thank Michelle. She was the one who suggested you come out and stay for the weekend. I think it's a great idea. So does Kimberly."

Stan glanced at Kimberly who had busied herself in the kitchen. Even after so many years and two children she had not lost one ounce of her appeal. He quickly shut it from mind.

"Care for a whiskey or bourbon?" Bill asked.

"Sure, Wild Turkey on the rocks?" Stan replied.

"Sure can."

Bill smiled as he went to get Stan his drink. Bill had a deep respect for his wife's father. He found him to be a man of great intellect who showed infinite patience, but shot from the hip when provoked.

As always, Kimberly's heart beat like a bird when she saw her father. She loved her father very much and really missed the intimate times she had spent with him, even after all these years. It was not because she did not love her husband, but to the contrary, she loved him intensely. She and her sister had discussed their mutual love for their father prior to his arrival.

"Daddy...!" Liz cried out as she entered the room. She like Kimberly hugged her father lovingly and placed a generous kiss on his mouth.

"Hello Liz. It's great to see you child." Stan said to his youngest daughter after he released her.

"It's good to see you too daddy."

Just then Michelle and Michael entered the room. Stan took the drink from Bill and smiled at Michael and Michelle. Bill's daughter, like his wife, had beautiful body that never ceased to excite him. He quaked inside as he recalled the intimate times he and his wife had with their son and daughter. He pushed those thoughts to the back of his mind.

"Hello grandpa." Michelle greeted and gave him a warm loving hug and a short peck on his lips.

"Hello Michelle. You look as beautiful as ever, but what craziness are you cooking up this time?

"Oh grandpa, that's not fair." Michelle pouted.

Stan chuckled mirthfully. "Child, you are always cooking up some crazy notion. Do you remember that Christmas when you thought to trap Santa Clause after her came down the chimney, or how you wanted to keep the Easter Bunny as a chocolate egg laying pet, and after riding my knee like a pony and then you wanted to see my tail and play..."

"I was a child then grandpa." Michelle cut in quickly and blushed.

Michelle's two young children, Pete and Julie, came up from the rec room and joined the adults. They said their hello's to Stan with warm affectionate hugs and kisses on his lips.

Soon Kimberly with the help of Liz and Michelle served dinner. Wine flowed and the food eaten with voracious appetite. Lively talk was enjoyed by all, even the children had their part and soon began to yawn as the night wore on and sleep overtook them. They were safely put to bed.

After the table was cleared with the help of everyone and the dishes put in the dishwasher, they all retired down stairs into the recreation room where there was a wide screen television, wet bar and comfortable couches to accommodate everyone.

"Anyone want to watch a movie?" Bill asked.

"No papa. Let's us just talk." Michelle answered.

Smiling, Bill turned on the stereo and played some easy listening music, down low. The talk resumed, the subject was about modeling and super models. The men agreed that the women among them were equally, if not more beautiful than those bodies that adorned the various magazines.

"That's playing it safe." Kimberly said to her husband.

"I am not just saying so, it's a fact." Bill replied.

"I concur with Bill." Stan said. "You women are very beautiful."

"And you are just as sexy." Michael added.

"No. You are all sexier than them." Stan responded.

"Grandpa, you are such a charmer." Michelle said as she sat beside Liz.

"I agree that Liz is sexy." Michelle said as she placed her hand on Liz's thigh.

"She is so sexy that I could kiss her like this." Michelle said and then kissed Liz, who surprised at first kissed her passionately.

"Whoa!" Bill said in surprise. "How did that get started?"

Kimberly's mouth fell open as she watched her sister and daughter lock lips and kiss each other with an unguarded passion.

"Damn, that is hot." Stan exclaimed.

Smiling, Michael approached his mother and sat down beside her. His mother was unaware that he had placed his hand on her knee and moved his hand up under her dress up along her thigh. She instinctively parted her legs as the site of her daughter and sister kissing each other instantly aroused her.

It was not until she felt his hot breath on her neck did Kimberly realized her son had his hand up against her panty clad pussy. Startled, she pulled back and quickly glanced at her father and husband who looked to her with broad smiles, and then to Liz and Michelle who were now removing each other's clothes.

Kimberly turned her face to her son and kissed him heatedly as she raised her rear so he could remove her panties.

"Oh God, Michael, I have missed you." Kimberly said as she quickly disrobed.

Michael quickly took off his clothes, and then his mother quickly pushed him back into the couch and voraciously devoured his cock with a moan.

Stan and Bill quickly removed their clothes, Stan's body showing little of his sixty eight years of age.

Liz and Michelle were now fully disrobed. Michelle went to her grandfather, while Liz went to her brother in-law.

Michelle looked at her grandfather's beautiful large cock as she sat down beside him. She then kissed him deeply and lovingly as she reach for his hardness. After the kiss ended, she looked into his face. "Grandpa, can I play with horsey's tail?" She said as she closed her hand around his cock.

"You sure can, child." He said enthusiastically.

With that, Michelle slipped down to the floor and in between her grandfather's legs and lustfully took his cock into his mouth and began to suck him joyfully, much to Stan's wondrous delight.

Liz sat beside Bill. She looked into his eyes. "I always wanted to find out how you made my sister so happy." She said and then kissed him deeply.

Bill wasted no time in urging Liz onto her back and quickly got to the floor and between her legs. He gazed upon her gorgeous sex for a moment. "And I have wondered what it would be like to bring my wife's sister some happiness." He said before he buried his face between her legs and proceeded to eat his sister in-law with an unbridled hunger.

Kimberly, now engaged in a sixty nine with her son, gorged down his cock, pulling it in and out of her mouth like a woman starved. She moaned loudly as she slurped his cock out of her mouth and rudely rubbed it over her face and lips before taking it back into her mouth, while her son licked, sucked, and ate her hot pussy.

Michelle was feeling extremely hot as she sucked her grandfather's cock. She glanced over at her father who was eating Liz with a voracious appetite. The look on Liz's face bespoke of what he was doing to her. She then looked to her brother and mother who were engage in a very passionate sixty nine. Michelle felt very happy.

Michael then stopped and placed his mother on her back on the plush carpeted floor and fell on her as she opened her legs to him. He began to fuck his mother with a vengeance. It had been some time since he had been with his mother. So now he made up for that lost time as he fucked his beautiful mother. "Oh son, my beautiful son, fuck me, screw your mother hard!" He heard his mother cry as he buried his generous cock deeper into her hungry pussy.

Soon the room was filled with passionate moans and cries of ecstasy, the air became thick with humidity and the scent of sex. Stan was now fucking Michelle from behind as he watched his eldest daughter getting well fucked by her son, while his youngest daughter was getting equally well screwed by Bill, his son in-law. He looked down at his granddaughter's amazing ass and watched his cock ramming in and out of her wondrous pussy like a steam driven piston. He gripped her tighter and rammed her yet harder. Michelle cried out in pleasure.

Liz and Bill were the first to reach critical mass as they both erupted together. Bill grunted at each volley of his seed that shot deep into his sister in-law's womb. She cried out in ecstasy as she too plunged off the edge and felt his seed filling her. She clung to him as spasm after spasm rocked her. Bill bore down on her, driving his generous sized cock deep into her.

"Oh God Bill..., that...was wonderful." Liz said as she held onto him.

Bill moved to Liz' side, as they continued to hold on to each other. Liz reached down to his wet cock and leaned down and took him into her mouth and sucked him clean before licking his balls. She moaned lasciviously. "That was yummy." She said and then resumed lying beside Bill and they both watched the others who were drawing closer to their raptures.

Kimberly cried out deliriously as Michael continued to drill her relentlessly with his generous member, a legacy from his father. They draw closer and closer. Michael begins to feel a huge surge building within his loins as he feels his mother tense.

"MICHAEL!!" She cried as she reached her zenith and fell into a deep cascading rapture as her son filled her womb with his seed. She felt his endless pounding grind down on her, his thick length filling her so beautifully. She heard him grunt as he rutted her shamelessly with his masterful cock. She cooed in pure delight as he fell on her, sated and fulfilled.

"I missed you, mother." Michael whispered.

Kimberly kissed her son. "I missed you too, my son." She whispered back.

Mother and son lie beside each other and watch as Stan continued to fuck Liz with long hard and deep strokes from behind. Liz had drawn a couch cushion under her as her grandfather relentlessly tore into her hot pussy.

Michelle began to feel a deep glow inside her become hotter, surging upward, burning through her body.

"Oh Fuck...I'm coming...God, fuck me grandpa , fuck me!" Michelle cried out.

Hearing her cries, Stan is quickly brought to the boiling point and with a grunt he sends his seed boiling hotly into Michelle's hungry pussy. He continued to drive his flesh into his granddaughter until spent. He came to rest while Michelle moaned in delight.

"Grandpa, you truly are a wonderful fuck. God, I can take your cock all day and all night." She said as she felt him take his cock out of her hole.

Michelle moved to the floor and turned to face her grandfather on her knees. She looked at the rest of the room, everyone with a sated well fucked look. She then took his penis in her hand and loving licked and kissed before taking his semi flaccid cock into her mouth and moaned deliriously as she sucked it.

The after she was done, she looked up at her grandfather." Grandpa, you have a sweet cock."

"And you my dear child have a potty mouth." Stan grinned.

Michelle laughed. "Grandpa, you can fill this potty mouth with your cock anytime." She said. Stan chuckled.

Michelle and Michael gravitated to their father while their mother and their aunt went to their dad. Kimberly and Liz cuddled with Stan while Michelle began to lazily suck her father's cock while Michael gently played with her pussy and her tits.

Soon Kimberly and Liz were taking turns lick, kissing, and sucking their father's cock. As one sucked and licked his testicles, the other took his rod into her mouth. This continued until Stan moaned with pleasure. Liz directed her dad to lie under Kimberly's legs, one over his waist and the other between his legs. Liz then guided her father's cock into her sister's pussy, and as Michelle had done to her, she began to lick and suck her sister clit while her father cock pushed past her lips as her drove his cock deep in her.

"God Liz, where did you learn that?" Kimberly asked as the combined pleasures beset her senses.

Meanwhile, Michael had moved up behind Michelle as she continued to suck her now full grown father. He placed his face between her ass cheeks and licked her tight pink puckered hole. Then he knelt upright and guided his hard swollen cock into his sister's ass. She moaned as she felt her ass so sweetly violated. Only her father and brother have ever fucked her ass. Her father then slipped under her and guided his cock into her pussy. Both her father and brother began to fuck Michelle. Michelle felt so blessed to have them both in her. Soon they were both driving the huge cocks deep into her body, the tips of their cocks colliding through the thin membrane between the anal cavity and her vagina.

While Liz continued to suck and lick her sister's clitoris, their father continued to pumps his sweet hard cock deeply in and out of Kimberly. Kimberly was beside herself and was soon reaching her climax. She moaned and groaned at the combined efforts. Kimberly looked at her father who lay on his side, her leg widely draped over his waist and cried out. "I love you daddy."

Kimberly went into a wild orgasm, while her hips bucked and gyrated violently as she erupted with cries of ecstasy. Stan soon came but just as he did, his cock slip out of Kimberly hot wet pussy and shot his load over Liz' face and mouth. Not missing a beat, Liz took his cock into her mouth and sucked him as he continued to spill his remaining sperm into her eager mouth.

Liz looked at her father as she kissed and licked the tip of his spent cock. "I love you too, daddy."

The sisters then lovingly cuddled their father while they watched Michelle getting banged front and back. Michelle began to cum once again, and cum hard. Her father then erupted heavily, his seed spewing into her womb shot after glorious shot. Her brother pulled out of her ass and moved to her head. Grabbing a handful of her hair, he pulled her head back and thrust his cock deep into her mouth. Before she could begin to suck him, he exploded greatly, his hot cum streamed thickly into her mouth. This sent Michelle into a higher orgasmic ecstasy as she tasted her brother cum combined with her ass juices as she sucked him.

Her brother's cum ran from the corners of her mouth when her father licked it from her mouth and kissed her deeply, enjoying the taste of his son's cum in his daughter's mouth.

"That, my children, was spectacular." Bill said as he was being sandwiched by his son and daughter.

Michael and Michelle both reached for their father's penis and fondled it, while he caressed his daughter's wet pussy with one hand, and with the other he fondled his son's flaccid cock.

Soon brother and sister were both enjoying lazily suckling their father's cock balls before succumbing to sleep, while Stan slept on the couch with his adoring daughters at his side.;u=23189

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