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About 3DCG

What TDCG is: 3D Custom Girl, a program for creating a character and posing it. Has a light sex sim.
Using MMD (MikuMikuDance) you can create your own animations as well as simply expand creative potential.
Ever since the death of Hongfire forum, most of the western 3DCG community died with it.
Take this pastebin as one of the last remaining bastions.

Last Updated Mod Catalog


Full Game

Search " 3d custom girl " on https://sukebei.nyaa.si or https://nyaa.si or just simply use Google.





Game Modding

99% of the time, the password is: custom

Mods go in the "arcs" folder inside the TDCG game folder. Saves go inside /Documents/TechArts3D/TDCG/. Poses go inside /TDCG/pose/.
When installing mods, it's a good idea to only install one or only a few at a time, and then test.
That makes it easier to remove mods that you don't want (or cause crashes) without having to guess which mod out of a hundred you just installed is the culprit.

If you are looking for a mod, read these first:

Archived Hongfire Threads

Most of the links are still working.

[3DCG Mod Request Upload Thread 1]
[3DCG Mod Request Upload Thread 2]
[3DCG Character Upload Thread]
[3DCG Information Thread]

XPC Mods


Mod Links (cheeseworth)
[JP Mod Pack 1]
[Heavy Saves]

TMOProportion: a program which allows you change your character to almost any shape and size you want.
Anon's .cs file collection, for use with TMOProportion:
Anon's pose collection (~1,000 poses):
Anon's TAHHair folder (contains a program which lets you add hundreds (2-3) of hair colors to invidiual hair models):
MMD content (some sample motions and some effects, a link to tso2pmd). For use with MikuMikuDance.

Obsolete 3DCG Pastebin: Janury 18th, 2015
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