(Author's note: Sorry for the delay between parts 1 & 2. Unfortunately, things happen and pulled me away. I'll do my best to get the rest of this storyline completed without any further major delays.)

The gentle swaying of the train as it left San Francisco almost put me right back to sleep.....almost!

But when I felt something warm snuggling against my crotch, I opened my other eye and noticed my wife had backed her sweet ass up against me in a spooning position. I don't know if it was her, the train, or a combination of both that was stirring my morning wood, but something was and I decided to get some relief.

So, as I rolled my pretty wife over onto her belly, she murmured softly.....or was that a moan? Hard to tell with the train noise, but I could tell she wasn't asleep, even though she still pretended to be. The wiggling of her soft ass cheeks when I started caressing them let me know she was probably as half-awake as I was, and just as horny, too!

Her head still buried in the pillow, she managed to reach over with her hand and grab my morning woody, while whispering, "Climb on, honey."

And I did just that.

Realistically, nobody wants morning sex to last very long. Just a quickie to get your day started in the right frame of mind, and that was all we did. I rolled over on top of her back and got up on my knees while tucking my cock in between her thighs. Using my thumbs to spread her cheeks apart, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of my wife's pussy and pushed.

Her lips had closed back to normal after the fucking she took last night from me and Jack, but she was still incredibly wet. So when I pushed, I went all the way in to my pubic hairs with one thrust causing her to raise her head off the pillow and whimper, "OOoohhhh, yeah baby, that feels so good."

For a woman who did as much revenge fucking with friends and strangers as she did when we were separated awhile back, you'd think her pussy lips would never be tight again. Wrong! She still hasn't come clean with all of her sexual activity while we were apart, but, little by little, she will reveal tidbits about some of the nasty things she did without me, and it always gets me hard, but she still won't tell me how she keeps her lips tight.

Right now that didn't matter. I was enjoying the velvety grip of her pussy muscles as she quickly worked me towards an orgasm.

"Shit!" was all I said when I unloaded inside her, pinning her down to the mattress as she continued to wiggle beneath me.

An excellent way to start day two of our adventurous month-long vacation!

Heading north from San Francisco, the train headed slightly inland, away from the coast. all the way up to our next overnight scenic stop in Eureka tomorrow night. The train would be parked tonight near Willits, not really a destination stop, just a place to disembark and stretch your legs.

We made our way to the Breakfast Car, after our morning delight, with voracious appetites. Coffee hit the spot as we watched the chef prepare our omelets. I lived a little on the dangerous side and went with a chili-cheese omelet with onions, while Kathy had a Denver omelet. Hash browns, toast and orange juice rounded out our breakfast as we sat facing each other, next to one of the windows by the four seat table.

After breakfast, we spent the rest of the morning moving between the observation car and our own little cubicle of a cabin, observing other tourists on the train and the beautiful scenery cruising by right outside the windows.

A little after noon I spotted Steve and Mike, the two teenagers who were quite impressed with my wife's freely bouncing boobs when we first boarded the train back in L.A. They walked by my seat, unaware that I was the husband of the woman who had given both of them 'boners' on the first day of this trip, and sat a little further down the aisle.

Kathy had gone back to our cabin before the two brothers arrived to powder her nose, and to partake of some weed from a smokeless pipe that we brought along specifically for the train portion of our adventure, or, as my wife put it, our 'sexcation'.

The two brothers had chosen seats facing us, just two rows farther down. As we were later to find out, they were traveling without their folks from L.A. to Portland to visit family, and Mike, the younger of the two, had just celebrated his 18th birthday the day before they left.

Introverted and shy, he often followed the lead of his big brother Steve, who will celebrate his 20th birthday in three weeks. Mike was still a virgin when they embarked on this trip, but Steve had managed to have sex with two girls before they left, both in the back seat of the family mini-van, just not at the same time.

The boys were just about the same height with Mike being an inch taller at 5'8" and having curly dark red hair, while Steve's hair was more of a chestnut brown. Thin as rails, together they couldn't have weighed more than 250 pounds, and, of course, they had both been in the chess club in high school, as well as the math club/debate team/etc/etc/etc.....very smart boys with a lot of growing up to do.

Steve had gotten his second piece of ass based solely on referral, certainly not technique. It was the size of his equipment that impressed the girl who took his virginity, not the length of time it took him to fill his condom with sperm.

See, she was one of the new mean girls in school, and in order for her to be initiated into the mean girls club, first, she herself could not be a virgin (sort of a 'slutty' mean girls club), second, she had to seduce a virgin male and perform oral and vaginal penetration with the virgin's dick, and third, she had to make him cum!

Since Sally, now 17, lost her virginity at the tender mature age of 13 to a demented family member, she's been with a dozen boys before she took Steve's virginity. The chess and math clubs were favorite pickings for the mean girls club, as many a virgin roamed those study halls, but Sally was in for a pleasant surprise when she picked Steve as her target.

Unknown to the rest of the 'easy' girls in high school, Steve and Mike were both fairly well-endowed brothers. An impressive 7" for Steve, and an even more impressive 8" for his younger brother!

I say impressive because these are two teen age boys with a lot of growing to do and the measurements were taken from the top side, not the bottom.

Sally had bragged to her fellow mean girl peers that it had taken her less than two minutes to make him fill his condom with sperm, as she rode him cow-girl style all the way down to his balls in the back seat of his families mini-van. Those fold down seats really come in handy for teenagers, as first Steve, and then eventually later on, Mike would test out the Dodge's shock absorbers.

It was the biggest cock Sally's ever had, now a baker's dozen, so far and, while struggling at first, her young pussy lips soon stretched to accommodate Steve all the way down to his balls. Yes, Sally was the type of girl who would enjoy a lot of boys in her life, and if Steve had been the one to take her virginity, she probably couldn't have taken him balls deep, but since the number of dicks to see the inside of her vagina was now into the teens, she only struggled for a few minutes before sinking all the way down.

This new big cock felt so good to her that she didn't bother to stop riding Steve even when she heard him cry out, "Oh gawd, I'm cumming!" She just kept bouncing on him until her own orgasm flooded Steve's condom covered cock and drenched his balls, which were now empty inside the condom.

Climbing off her now ex-virgin, Sally realized that she hadn't completed the requirement of oral penetration before she took the vaginal penetration, and now had to clean up her conquest with her mouth. Blessed with a set of full lips like her mother (imagine Leah Remini's lips), she was still awkward at giving head and had only tasted sperm once before, which she didn't particularly enjoy.

Steve, bless his heart, never lost his hard-on after filling the condom and when Sally pulled it off of him, she was faced with a young, still-hard, cum covered cock looking for it's second release of the evening.

Her first experience tasting male cum wasn't pleasant and she kicked herself for not doing the oral part first, before Steve's cock was covered in his cum. She wanted to belong to this mean girls club real bad, as her mom had told her it was family tradition, and since she didn't have anything to clean his cock with, she went ahead and used her mouth.

"Oh no!.....wait a minute......this isn't right," Sally thought to herself.

She loved the taste of Steve's cum!

It tasted so much different than her first experience and she absolutely loved it!

Going to work with her tongue and lips, she completely removed any trace of cum from the outside of Steve's cock, including his balls, in time to hear him say, "Here ya go!" as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her mouth over the end of his cock just in time to catch his second load of cum for tonight.

He held her head in place forcing her to swallow until his cock had finished throbbing and sending sperm into this little slut's stomach.

This is where Sally's referral comes in, one of the other mean girls had asked Sally about Steve's package during Sally's initiation ritual, but since he was no longer a virgin and not on the 'cool' list, she wanted to know if his cock was worth it?

"Yes! Yes! HELL YES!" came Sally's rather adamant reply.

There was only time for Steve's physical endowment to be put to use one more time before this train trip took him and his brother away for the summer. But, yeah, the other mean girl thought Steve's cock was worth it, too!

My wife returned to join me in the Observation car after enjoying a little weed in our cabin and changing into her 'afternoon wardrobe', which consisted of a spaghetti strapped, form-fitting, colorful blue and red tank top, sans bra, which ended two inches above the waist of her blue jean shorts. The shorts were form fitting denim and showed some butt cheek if she were to lean over, and of course her sandals with three inch heels.

Just as she reached our seats, the train lurched a little bit causing my wife to tumble into the lap of an older gentleman seated on the other side of the aisle where he caught her from falling and managed to grab a handful of boob in the process. Kathy whispered something in his ear while giving her ass a little wiggle as she left the older man's lap and joined me on the other side of the aisle.

This caught the attention of Steve and Mike, sitting just a couple of rows behind us as I heard one of them say, "Hey, look! It's her!" Probably louder than he should have, but nevertheless, my wife now had the attention of the two teenage boys.

Almost immediately, the two brothers decided to move a little closer and changed to the seats directly in the row behind us. Kathy and I exchanged smiles as we both witnessed the boys movements.

Since the noon time hour had come and gone, I decided to head to the Club car and retrieve a couple of alcoholic beverages to better enjoy the scenery rolling by our viewing windows. I also had ulterior motives for getting up and leaving my wife alone at that moment.

My wife's adventurous streak tends to be a little wilder if I'm not around. Oh, don't get me wrong, she still does crazy stuff when I'm there, but if I just make myself a little scarce, maybe just out of eyesight but still near-by, she will do things she normally wouldn't if I was right there beside her, and right now was one of those times.

When I returned with her rum & coke and my Heineken, I found that she had moved one row back from where we were and was fully engaged in conversation with the two teenage boys. She introduced me to the two brothers who both stood up to shake my hand and when they did, Kathy grabbed Steve's hand and made him sit next to her so Mike and I were now sitting side by side facing them.

Even though both boys were considered nerds in school, they were extremely easy to talk with and very knowledgeable about current world events. I didn't really notice how much time we spent with them until my wife handed me her empty cup and said she'd like another drink, please.

Not knowing my wife's intentions with these two impressionable boys, I, nonetheless, gave Steve a knowing smile and a wink with a nod of my head towards my wife when I left to refill our alcoholic beverages, hoping he might take my gesture as a green light of sorts.

Kathy wasn't there when I came back from refreshing our drinks, with the boys telling me she went back to our cabin to 'freshen up'. Knowing that could mean a couple of different things, Steve, Mike and I started talking about stuff we did in high school. Guy talk. Things like what classes they enjoyed the most, what my favorite classes and teachers were, what they hoped to become, etc., etc., etc., and of course, girls.

They both had an excellent grasp on what they wanted to accomplish in their career goals, but once we started talking about girls, their shyness and inexperience took over. Mike kept giggling every so often, while Steve did get to brag that he was no longer a virgin, unlike his brother.

He started to relate the story of how he lost his virginity to a 'mean girl' just as Kathy returned to join us. She took her seat next to Steve and asked, "So what are you guys talking about?"

Steve's teenage face turned a bright red as I replied, "Steve here, was just about to tell us how a 'mean girl' took his cherry!"

"Oh my God! I don't believe you just said that in front of your wife," he cried, and then buried his face in his hands.

My wife calmly placed her hand on his knee and said "It's okay. We all lose our virginity at some point. I lost mine a long time ago. Hell, even your younger brother Mike here will lose his soon, I'm sure."

Taking a nice long swig of her rum and coke before continuing, "Now, the important part, please continue your story."

After some gentle coaxing from my wife, Steve returned to his story of how and why he got his first piece of ass. All the while Kathy's hand, I noticed, never left his knee. Could she be interested in giving this teenage boy some lessons? In all of our extra-marital sex games, she's never had a teenager, but the gleam in her eye when we made eye contact as Steve continued his story told me this boy might be her first.

When he got to the part of why he was laid by the second 'mean girl', my wife's pot-laden eyelids partially closed and a moan escaped her lips. At his age, Steve had no idea how a woman acts when she is turned on, and as Steve continued to relate his deflowering story to us, my wife was getting excited. Especially when Steve, rather embarrassingly, got to the part of WHY the second 'mean girl' wanted to fuck him.

This whole time Mike was just sitting there, blushing beet red, while his older brother told two strangers on a train how he lost his virginity. He was completely mesmerized by this older woman who had her hand on his brother's knee while he told his story and was showing a lot of skin at the same time.

He had to pee but didn't want to advertise his hard-on, so he made a stumbling motion as he rose from his seat to deflect the attention from the tent in his shorts, but my wife noticed anyway and asked him where he was going.

"I'll be right back," he stammered and swiftly walked away.

When Mike was gone, I winked at Kathy as I got up to replenish our drinks, asking Steve if he'd like anything to drink. He replied his parents wouldn't approve, to which I responded, "We won't tell them if you don't!" and headed back to the Club car.

By the time I returned to our seats, Mike was sitting by himself.

"Where'd everybody go?" I asked.

"I dunno," came Mike's response. "I just got back as they were leaving. Steve said your wife wanted to show him something up front and that they'd be back in a little bit. Then Kathy grabbed my brother's hand and away they went. Steve had a big smile on his face when they left, so I don't know what your wife was going to show him, but he was pretty anxious when they left and it looked like he had the same problem that I did earlier."

"Oh? Is that so? What problem did you have earlier?" I questioned.

"Ah.....well.....uh.....I hope you don't get mad, but your wife is......uh.....how do I put this?.......um.....your wife is......sexy!" he barely whispered.


"Well, we saw you guys get on the train back in L.A. Actually, we saw your wife, not you so much you, when she walked past us with no bra on. Now, when she's wearing those shorts and tank top and she fell into that old guys' lap, well, it got both of our attention.

"Then she put her hand on my brother's knee when he was talking about sex and I got excited."

I decided to have some fun with this 18 year old kid.

"Oh, so my wife's free swinging tits turns you on?"

"Uh......um.....sorry, but I can't help it. Please don't be mad, but you're married to a very sexy woman and yes, her free swinging tits do turn me on!"

"Ha ha ha ha ha. That's a good one. Here I am, taking a nice vacation with my wife, and some 18 year old kid says my wife's tits turns him on. You know a comment like that might get you punched in the face," I told him as he recoiled from the threat.

"But you and your brother are extremely lucky young men, cause that's not gonna happen. What IS going to happen is probably going on right now back in our cabin. You wait here, I'm going to find out. I'll be right back."

With that I got up and left Mike alone while I went in search of my wife and Steve. I was pretty sure of what I was going to find, but I still wanted to see for myself......and watch.

As I entered the sleeping car where our cabin was, I noticed the older gentleman, who's lap my wife stumbled onto a little while earlier, discreetly peering into one of the cabins. He didn't notice my presence at first, but as I approached my footsteps seemed to startle him and he hurried along to his own cabin.

Reaching my cabin door I realized this was where the older guy was standing and looking at the cabin door before entering, I noticed that my wife had failed to completely close the blind on the inside and if you were to stand here and look inside as the older guy did, you could witness the fornication that was taking place.

From this angle I couldn't see his face, but Steve was laying on his back with his shirt still on and his pants on the ground, while this energetic, small breasted woman bounced up and down on him. Between the train noise and the noise my wife makes when she's taking new meat, I'm not sure they heard me as I slid the door open and entered as quietly as I could.

Certainly young Steve gave no indication of my having entered the room as his eyes were closed tight, grabbing my wife by the hips and yelling out, "Here I cum!"

Plunging her thirty-ish something married cunt down hard on Steve's spasming teenage cock, Kathy held him deep inside of her while feeling every jerk of his balls filling her up with his potent sperm.

My wife wasn't finished with him just yet.

When his balls were empty inside her and she started to feel him soften, she wanted more. The "Whore of Poppy Street" knows how to get more when she wants it, and she wanted more out of this youngster. Her hips started to sway from side to side before she broke out into a full press 'twerk' and then leaned down and whispered something in his ear.

The response from Steve was immediate. He was once again hard as a rock and while still inside this 'Mrs. Robinson', rolled over on top of her before beginning the use of his teenage energy toward a second climax.

Exactly where my wife wanted her young stud......in the saddle.

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