These quickies are meant to be glimpses into the lives of Daddies who fuck their daughters. I won't be elaborating on, or adding to any of them in the future. You'll surely be left with questions or the desire for more, but I encourage you to use your imagination to fill in the blanks and see where the story takes you.
All characters are 18+

The dinner table was an awkward place to be these days. I ate silently on one end while my wife chatted jovially with our 20 year old son, Chris to my right, and tried to engage my 18 year old daughter, Leah in the same conversations from her spot on my left. Mostly, Leah stared at her plate and moved her food around, actually eating very little. That's how it'd been for about a week. Six days, to be exact. Six dinners had come and gone since I'd thrown myself at her and she'd told me to stop.
Let me back up. About four months ago, I came home early from a business trip. Leah's car was gone, but I could tell Chris and my wife were home. What I didn't expect though, was to find my wife in Chris's room, riding his cock. It was... confusing. I was angry. I was hurt. I was so turned on that when Chris suggested I stick my own cock in his mother's mouth, I shot off in my pants.
As penance for her secrets, or probably more for selfish reasons, my wife planted seeds of suggestion in my head about me and Leah. She knew about her mom and brother and hadn't seemed too upset about it so maybe she'd want to have the same sort of arrangement with me.
I'd been reluctant, but I'd be a liar if I said I wasn't also interested. Especially when my wife started laying it on thick by calling me Daddy in bed and saying things like, 'wouldn't you love to suck on those tits?' Right after Leah would walk out of a room. Or she'd lean in and whisper, 'I bet she has the tightest little cunt you'll ever fuck,' when it was my daughter's turn at bat for her high school softball team.
It all built up until one night, Leah and I had the house to ourselves. I joined her in the den where she was watching tv and texting on her phone. I sat next to her innocently touching her leg or her arm to start out. When she didn't seem to mind I leaned over and nuzzled her neck, planting soft kisses at the side of her throat.
"What are you doing, Dad?" She'd asked.
My only answer had been pressing my mouth to hers and grabbing a handful of her tit. She kissed me back. For a few seconds, her tongue licked at mine and my cock was begging for her attention. But she'd pulled away saying 'Please stop' and 'I don't want to do this.' Then she'd run from the room.
She'd spent a lot of time away from the house after that, but my wife had rules about dinner that forced her to attend. Still, she wasn't participating and most worrisome, she wasn't eating.
She made herself scarce as soon as everyone else was done eating and my wife got busy cleaning up.
I found her in her room, kneeling on the floor by her closet, folding some clothes.
"Hey," I said, crossing the room and sitting on the floor near her.
She eyed me wearily. "Hey."
"Did you have lunch today?"
She shrugged. "I shared a salad with Kim."
Her best friend. I knew she didn't eat breakfast before running out the door this morning and I was at dinner the night before when she'd disturbed the spaghetti on her plate without actually eating any.
I sighed. "Lee. I'm so sorry."
Her eyes filled up with tears and she shook her head. "Please don't."
"Don't apologize?" When she didn't elaborate I asked, "Why?"
"I'm not mad at you. You don't have to be sorry."
"Clearly, it upset you, sweetheart. I'm sorry because I hurt you."
"You didn't hurt me."
"Why did you do it?"
It was my turn to shrug. "I..." I cleared my throat. "I think part of me wanted to know what it was like. Your mother has been teasing me with the idea of you for months."
"So is that what you want then? To satisfy your curiosity?"
I raised my eyebrows. The conversation was going in a completely different direction than I thought it would. Why wasn't she spitting words like pervert in my face?
"Or," she continued. "Do you just want me to hold mom's place while she gets her rocks off with Chris?"
"Leah?" My voice got lodged in my throat when I saw tears overflow from her eyes and run down her cheeks.
"I don't want those things."
I nodded. "Tell me what you want, Lee."
She sighed like I was the biggest idiot in the world. "I want it to mean something to you. It's just some kink to mom and Chris and I don't want to be your kink, Dad. An itch you scratch because it feels good to be bad."
I sat up straighter, my hands twitching to grab her and hold her. "But you do want something?"
"I always have. Even before mom and Chris. But I wanted it to be another way you showed me that you love me."
I couldn't hold myself away from her. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her so I could pull her into my body. I cradled her in my lap and hugged her tightly like I'd done so many times before.
"I do love you, Leah. More than anything." She lifted her head and her hopeful eyes came to mine. I nodded. "I can show you, baby. Let me show you."
I wasn't thinking about anything but her sweet, full lips when I pressed my mouth to hers.
She raised her arms and looped them around my neck, then I felt the rough surface of her tongue lick along the seam of my lips.
I groaned, cupped the back of her head and deepened our connection. I made love to her mouth, working my tongue in and out, swallowing her moans, and getting lightheaded off her taste.
She moved. Turning her body, she fully straddled my hips until her hot center met the steel hard cock in my pants. I poured everything I felt for her into her mouth with my kiss. I hadn't had a make out session like it since I was her age.
I kissed down her neck leaving a trail of damp skin in my wake. I licked the base of her throat and she jerked in my arms making our hips clash together and pleasure shoot up my spine from my dick.
"You like that, baby?"
I licked her again and her pussy rocked against my cock in a sensual dance of need. I pulled back and met her eyes. We were both breathing heavily. She moved on me again and again, never breaking eye contact.
I nodded. "That's it, baby. Make it feel good."
She moved faster, leaning her body away, but holding on tight to the back of my neck. My hands grabbed her hips and I helped her fuck me, moving her back and forth. She threw her head back so I looked down to watch her grind on the obvious bulge of my erection. A dark patch of her arousal spread across the center of the denim covering her pussy.
"Fuck, baby! I want you, Leah. You're so fucking beautiful."
A cry from her lips startled me and I looked to her face to see her mouth open and her eyes slammed shut. Her hips started jerking to a rhythm I wasn't attuned to, but it felt so good on my cock.
"Jesus. Come, Leah. Come on my lap, beautiful girl."
She screamed a staccato chorus of yeses, completely letting go and losing herself to her orgasm.
I flipped her to her back and yanked her shorts and panties off her body. My face dove to her core and I feasted on the release pooled just beyond her entrance.
My wife appeared in the doorway. Without detaching my mouth from my daughter's sweet pussy, I shook my head and sent a warning to her with my eyes. She got the message and walked away, closing the door behind her. This wasn't for her or about her and I'd been an idiot because of her.
Leah came again minutes later as I sucked on her clit. Instead of 'yes,' she chanted 'please' over and over. I pressed my cock to the floor, chasing my orgasm off when it threatened to ruin another pair of pants.
I kissed up Leah's body, only stopping when I reached her mouth. "I want to make love to you, baby. Can I?"
It was so tempting to push down my pants and plunge my cock inside her as soon as she nodded. Instead, I lifted her in my arms and carried her to her bed. I finished undressing her and let my hands and mouth explore every uncovered inch of skin.
Her breasts were small, but rounded, with the pinkest nipples I'd ever seen. I sucked on each one, learning her body, her sounds, and her need.
Her hands pulled at my shirt so I disconnected long enough to remove it and toss it aside. And then. Skin on skin added another layer of eroticism to our moment. Her heat dissolved into mine and I liked it so much I moved my mouth to her lips and settled in so that our bodies could touch in as many places as possible.
Her hands skated down my back, leaving burning trails until they dipped under the waistband of my joggers and grabbed handfuls of my ass. We worked together to push the pants over my hips, then I moved my legs enough to shimmy them completely off my body, the entire time my cock lay cradled between her legs.
"Tell me you want this, Leah."
She watched me ease back enough to look down to where my hand grabbed my cock and slid it up and down her slit.
"I want you, Dad."
"Thank God," I said as I pushed forward, planting the head of my cock just inside her entrance. Holy fuck she was tight. I tried to inch more of myself inside her and she hissed when I came up against what was obviously her virginity.
I searched her eyes. "I never would have thought..."
"This is what I want."
I kissed her for several minutes with my cock at rest inside her. She relaxed by varying degrees and then I felt her hips moving against me.
"Oh fuck, Lee." I moaned, pushing past her barrier and sinking all the way inside. "It's so good."
I dropped my head to lick and bite at her nipples moving my hips slowly, matching hers. I stayed buried deep, but we created enough friction to make my cock feel better than it had in a long time.
"Daddy," Leah moaned when I rolled us so that she rose above me.
"Fuck me, baby. Move on me just like before."
Her hips got to work and my dick was finally lulled in and out of her with her grinding movements.
I held her tits and whispered encouraging, loving words to her until she moved above me in a fast, jerky motion and I knew she was close.
I was dangerously close too.
"Leah." She looked at me but didn't stop. "Get up, Leah."
In opposition, her chest crashed down on top of me, but her hips bounced on my cock.
"Baby, if I can't come inside you, I need you to stop." She wasn't listening, fucking herself wildly, getting tighter, getting wetter.
"Fuck!" I grabbed her at the waist and started powering my cock up into her with frenzied thrusts. She stilled and took my punishing impacts.
"I'm coming! Jesus Christ, Leah. Baby. Ohh fuck!"
I slammed up into her and froze, feeling the kick of my cock shooting my seed into my daughter. Her pussy suddenly started milking me and she screamed in one long, loud, orgasmic song.
I rolled us to our sides, kissing her, and staying connected to her until my biology just wouldn't allow it.
"Thank you, Leah," I whispered against her lips.
She pulled back and looked concerned as she asked, "What happens now, Dad?"
It was a good question and I took a moment to really consider the impact fucking my daughter would have on me and on who she'd always been to me.
"Well first, I say we get dressed and go raid the fridge." She smiled. "After that, baby, I'd like to bring you back up here and do all of that again."
She pulled me in and squeezed me tight.
"I don't have any more answers for you, Lee, but I can tell you without a doubt, that out of everyone in this house, you're the one I most look forward to coming home to.""松下響の天輪返し&order=title

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