My key wanted to see if it would open her door.

"What do you want?" she asked. My mind was in a fog, her question unable to penetrate my reverie.

"What are you doing here? What do you want?" she asked, grabbing my hair and forcing me to look up at her. "Do you even know what you want?"

I want to fuck you. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I first met you. You just keep playing with me though, you and your ropes and sex games and mind games." I said, suddenly clear. "Maybe I want to tie you up for a change, how about that?"

"When a guy keeps coming back like you do it makes me think he’s getting what he wants. It’s up to you to speak up if you’re not, don’t send some ape over here. I train apes, or hadn’t you noticed."

"I’m no ape."

The only answer I got to that was her sardonic smile. I rose from my knees and as I did I took her behind the knees and back then carried her like that to her bed. Putting her down any which way I laid half on and half next to her then taking her head in both hands began to kiss her passionately.

I lost myself in kissing her. Forgetting that she was naked, that I was clothed, I groped the back of her teeth with my tongue. I found the ridges at the roof of her mouth and was exploring them, my hand was clutching her hair on its own, out of control. Vida responded with her own tongue, trying to duel with mine but I pulled my mouth away. It found her ear and my hands turned her head till her ear was up to my mouth, the tendons of her neck standing out. Nibble-nibble-bite, nibble-nibble-bite my teeth worked around the shell of her ear, behind it at the base of her skull, drifted down her neck and down the slope of her shoulder. Teasing her with almost gentleness then rough sexual biting. She moaned and gasped in turns, shifting restlessly in my grasp, dragged my hand from her head and forced it to her breast.

I laid there panting, while my fingers toyed with Vida’s stiff nipple. I love her nipples, my eyes always go to them. She pushed me off of her, onto my back so that she could rise and look at me from above. My left hand still held her breast, encompassed the entire fleshy curve of it. The look Vida gave me was measuring, it felt like somewhere between ‘I wonder if you are good to eat and I wonder if you would be fun to play with.’

"I’m no ape." I said, still breathing deeply. Vida laughed at me with her eyes then brought her warm soft lips to mine where she stayed to visit her kisses on my mouth and play her tongue along my lips. My right hand wandered down her side and over her rump then traversed along her thigh, over her hip and ribs to finally seek her unattended other nipple. She made a soft noise in her throat and shifted her hips around when I began to thumb the shrinking changing texture of it.

I made her do all the work of undressing me, shifting only as I must to allow it. I was so very achingly hard I could see my pulse in my dick as it throbbed but I was in no hurry, was not going to take her like an animal. The ape comment really stung.

It is painful to be that hard. The pressure of the outwardly expanded flesh is met only by the constraint of its own limitation. When Vida took me into her hand there was some relief. When she lowered herself onto me, took me into her tight channel, the pressure within me was met by hers. Like magic the ache dissolved into incredible bliss at our joining. After a few minutes of her sitting on my lap she laid down and drew on my shoulder, rolling me onto her into the missionary position. With her breasts pressed to my chest I drove at her, pulling at her shoulders, pushing at her hips, panting and heaving till finally, teeth clenched, I reached the summit of my lust and fell/flew from it.

She sat up in bed while I dressed and when I tried to pay she pointed at a stack of hundreds on the dresser. All five were there and I shook my head at the notion that she had taken all of them from Bob.

"Be here tomorrow at seven thirty, don’t park in the lot." She said, then she smiled at me. It was a pleasant smile, the kind a woman gives you when you have pleased her.

Bob was sitting in his truck listening to eighties rock. I appreciated his remembering that he was my ride. I noticed when I got into the truck that he had sorted himself out.

"We are never going to discuss this day." He said as I fumbled with the seat-belt.

"Works for me." I answered. I didn’t let on that somehow, maybe by something he had done, I had managed to get onto a different track with Vida. It would have been cruel.

Seven thirty found me at her door, standing in a pool of forty watt light. The silk robe she wore was somewhere between salmon and coral in color with white chrysanthemums woven into it. Vida backed into the room while opening the robe. I followed, having closed the door behind me. I had to look at her breasts, specifically her nipples, they were mesmerizing. My attention began to shift toward her shaved vagina, I was about to go onto my knees before it when she spoke.

"How would you like to be a regular, have privileges?"

"Like the privilege I had last night?"

"Yes, exactly. Is that what you want?"

"Well yes, it is. There is something else though. Something I started thinking about earlier and then again after last night. I’m not sure what to say or how to describe it but it came to me, and you may as well hear it. It came to me what it’s like to know you. There was a kid on our block when I was ten, we always looked to him to decide what we would play on those long summer days. He knew the best games. After a while he just got used to being the one in charge, got a big head about it. That’s who you remind me of, but the games are wicked with you."

"You want to be in on the game?"

"I think I’ve been playing the game, or been the game is more like. I want to play with my eyes open from now on."

"I know a fun game." She said. Vida came closer to me where I still stood when I had been about to kneel at her feet. She brushed my crotch with the back of her fingers for a few strokes then slipped my fly open. As I stood there becoming aroused she got down, drew me out, and slipped my not yet hard member into her mouth. Between sucking and stroking she had my knees ready to buckle in no time. When she had me really on edge she turned away and drew the robe to her side. There was Vida on her knees in front of me. Then she dropped down onto her hands as well and wiggled her ass at me saying, "Fill-er-up mister." I’ve never been much of one for the doggy position but what choice did I really have. In about sixty seconds I was filling her smooth cozy toy box with my slick viscous sap. She laughed good-naturally the whole time.

When I was done she rose, turned to me and motioned for me to follow. I did, closing my fly as we went. Vida led me to the kitchen where she took down two short stemmed glasses and a bottle of Absinthe. She put the glasses on the table, each in front of a chair and half-filled them with the green fluid. I sat down before a glass, took it up and Vida immediately said, "Uh-uh, not yet". I put it back and watched her. She moved in a sure relaxed way as she went about placing a flat perforated utensil on each glass. Her thin light robe, still unfastened, flowed about her, accenting the feminine grace of her actions. I could see from her expression that she was playing, having fun, turning the preparation into a game. There was certainly an exhibitionist quality to it and I played my part by looking at her intimately. I took special care to peek when I could, looking for any seepage from our fucking. Vida was tidy and comfortable, having no trouble with that. It made me think I should give her some more if she could hold what she already had so well.

"Earth to Tony". She said. I came out of my reverie to realize I had been immersed in her nakedness. With just her thumb and index finger she placed a sugar cube on each utensil, her pinkies pointing up elegantly. Then she slowly drizzled water on each one in turn, using a bottle of water she had taken from the refrigerator. The sugar cubes melted, the Absinthe clouded, and she ended by holding the bottle to each of her nipples while watching to make sure I liked the show. Vida’s nipples perked right up and when I met her gaze she winked at me.

The Absinthe was strong and as we sipped, not speaking, what crossed my mind was the vile things I had thought and said about her such a short time before. At the moment I was fascinated by her, appreciated her in more ways than I could easily express, and well, I just liked her. When we finally tipped the glasses up Vida went through the little ritual again and again we sipped.

"If you’re going to play with your eyes open you should expect to see things". She said in a quiet voice.

"That sounds reasonable". I answered, not knowing where this was going.

"You might not think everything you see is reasonable. Just remember, you have privileges now, you’re on the other side".

I looked at her intently, not answering. She glanced at the clock, tipped her glass and rose, motioning again for me to follow.

Vida led me to a pair of doors that opened to the laundry machines. They were in the usual apartment style laundry closet but the two machines were stacked. The space that would normally be taken up by a dryer was now occupied by a bar stool on a square of carpet. She handed me in by the elbow and put her finger to her lips in a keep quiet gesture, then she winked at me and closed the door. I found that when I sat on the stool any noise was totally stilled by the piece of carpet.

As soon as she had opened the door to admit me I understood the purpose. There was a sizable hole in the wall. There was a framed picture leaning against the washer and one could see that its normal position was on the wall, hiding the hole. The other side of the wall was also open. I remembered perfectly the thin tie-dyed fabric stretched on a frame that hung in the main room. The light from that room streamed into the dark closet where I waited.

In a few moments there was a tapping at the door and Vida went to answer it. Bob stepped in as Vida backed away from the door. He was tall enough beside her so that even with her standing between us I could see that his entire attention was on her body, presented to him by her still open robe. She continued to back into the room and Bob followed, eyes first. Vida stopped when Bob attained the center of the room. Then she stood and moving her shoulders to and fro, twisting at the waist, she spoke.

"See them Bob? Look at them. Look at my nipples. Watch them move, watch them Bob. Watch one with each eye. See them both at once, one with each eye, one with each eye." Bob’s head shifted with her movement and as it did, as she spoke rhythmically to him she reached out and tapped him just above and between the eyes. With that tap she said, "Sleep!" I had to shake my head as if to clear it. Vida had not spoken to me, she had not tapped me. I could almost feel it nevertheless and rubbed my own head there. I knew instantly that I had felt that tap on the face many times though there was no memory of it in my conscious mind.

By the time I had the presence of mind to follow what was transpiring in the main room Vida was giving Bob his instructions, no longer moving in that slow rhythmic way.

"You will not remember watching my nipples or hearing me tell you what you are to do. You will do what I tell you to do whether you are awake or asleep. You will want to obey me and you will come to me each day unless I tell you not to. You will come and sleep and not remember me giving you these instructions. You will pay me when I tell you how much to pay me. You will be turned on by what we do but you will not come till I tell you to come. Do you understand all of this?"

"Yes." was all he answered.

"When I tap you again you will wake. The things that happen after you wake you will remember." Having said this Vida waited a moment and then reaching out again she tapped his forehead again and said "Wake!"

Bob went from the dull stupor he had been in to alert in a second. Vida filled the silence by saying,

"Hello Bob, Are you ready to play some sexy games?"

"Yeah." He answered.

"Let me help you out of these clothes," she said, and she began to undress him. She then went to a large wooden box, it is set by the hall to the bedrooms and has a lid. Bob finished undressing. Vida pulled the Velcro straps out and set them aside. She pulled three fathom of half inch rope off of a spool and cut it free with a pair of shears. When she saw that Bob was fully undressed she left everything there but the Velcro straps.

"We’re going to play inch worm Bob. Do you know how to play inchworm?"


"You want to learn how to play it though don’t you?"

"Yeah I guess."

"Well here’s what you do. Put you palms together in front of you. That’s right," she said as she wrapped his wrists in the first Velcro strap. Then while she wrapped the other around his legs just below his knees she said, "Another strap right here. Careful now don’t lose your balance. Now get right down till you’re on your knees and lean forward, that’s right, elbows and knees. What a great inch worm you make. Here’s the last strap, then we can play." Vida took a long strap and set its end so that it joined the strap at Bob’s wrists. The other end she joined in a similar manner to the strap at his knees. There was then no way that he could straighten or stretch out. "Now I want you to inchworm over to the door and I’ll be right back." She said.

Bob began to move laboriously, slowly turning toward the door. He had made very little progress by the time Vida returned with the cane switch. The third strap was limiting his pace. I heard her switch move through the air, not really whistling but making noise. The whisper of the switch ended with the sound of it striking the flesh of Bob’s ass cheek.

"Jesus God!" He cried out.

"Faster now or we won’t have time for the whole game and don’t make any noise or I can’t hear the stick. If I can’t hear it I won’t know how hard I’m hitting you. You don’t want me to hit you too hard do you?" With that she let fly again. This stroke caught him on the backs of his thighs and his pace picked up noticeably. Vida put the switch in her teeth and returned for the rope. As Bob worked his way toward the door, having negotiated the turn because she had started him off facing the wrong way, Vida made loops in the rope and tugged half hitch knots into it with a practiced hand. That made an inch and a half diameter knot every three or four inches for about ten knots worth of rope. She was done about the time Bob finally touched the door with his head.

The switch whispered again, "You’re facing the wrong way Bob! Get turned around and head back, you’re too close to the door." Bob tried to turn on the artificial wood floor, his knees and arms making rubbing noises. He received two more goading snicks as he went. Bob’s ass had become striped. It made me uncomfortable on the stool, made me want to rub my ass though I knew there were no marks there.

When he had reached the spot she had in mind Vida stopped him and went out of his range of vision with the rope.

"What’s that for?" he asked.

"Silk Bob, inchworms make silk don’t they." She spread his ass cheeks with the rope in one hand and pressed the end of it to his rectum. "I don’t think this is going to work Bob, not yet anyway. You just stay right here, I know what to do." Vida rose, leaving the rope behind. She removed her robe and draped it over the couch on her way back to the box. She lifted a smaller box from it and returned to Bob. Once out of his view she opened the box and took a complex black strap from it. She fitted a long narrow flesh colored dildo to it and strapped it around her hips. From the box Vida drew a tube and opening it applied something to his ass and then to the dildo.

"That’s cold, what is it?" he asked.

"Oh that, it’s something we could do without but I think you would rather not." With that she took aim and pushed the dildo in and half way home in one move.

"Hey! What the fuck!" he said, arching his back and trying to go forward to escape the invasion but she held him back with her hands on his hips.

"No yelling Bob. My stick is right here where I can get it. Besides you like this, it turns you on. You like all the things we do together don’t you?" Vida reached around and stroked his dick to hardness then went back to hold his hips while she eased the dildo all the way home. Bob didn’t answer, he only grunted as she began to fuck him at a modest pace. After a minute or so of that she withdrew and spread his cheeks again. "Still not ready, guess we’ll do a little more." Instead of returning directly to the task Vida removed the dildo and drew a thicker one from the box. It was about the size of a normal man and had the look of a cock with a glans and an upward curve. Once armed with this she lubed it and pressed it to his already used hole. Vida reached around and took hold of his erection, squeezing it as she penetrated him again. Bob lowered his head and lolled it from side to side as he moaned.

"Good isn’t it?" she said as she began to thrust again. "I’m going to teach you things about fucking and being fucked that will stay with you forever. You will never forget Vida." She was really going at it now, egged on by her own words. Bob grunted and gasped in time with Vida’s hips. She gave him the second dildo at least three times longer than the first one. Vida went to the box one more time, making no pretense to check his readiness for the knotted rope. I almost didn’t get a look at this new weapon, she was so quick. I did see it though. It was huge, the kind of thing you would see in a porno where the woman is startled and becomes apprehensive. There was a wide flat glans behind which were livid veins. She didn’t take the time to lube it, instead she worked it and worried it in. Bob was making mewling sounds as he took it. He took almost all of it before she settled into a rhythm.

Vida had been working up until this point, a look of concentration on her face. That expression had been replaced by a wicked grin and her nipples had gone hard. She didn’t fuck him hard or long with the monster dildo, he was plenty stretched and she wanted to get on with the game. She already had the rope in her hand when she pulled out of him, the knots went in like they were beads on a string. When that was done she removed the strap-on harness and set it aside. Then she made a slip loop in the rope and hanging that on the doorknob she drew the loop tight.

"Sorry I had to cut that short but we don’t have all night you know."

"That’s OK, maybe next time." The strain was beginning to show between the forced position and the punishing ass fucking he had endured. Her hypnotic hold on him was firm however and she smiled at his comment. Bob waited for her, breathing quick and shallow with his ass full of rope. Vida had to whisk the box and its contents away, she would not want him to see it. I never had before and wondered what she had used on me and what might still be in the box. She must have taken the time to wash everything because she was gone for a while. During the pause in the action I noticed how achingly hard I was and I wondered if I would have a chance to fuck her again when Bob was gone. She returned and sat on the floor in front of him. She had pulled a shirt on and she lay down, spread her legs, lifted her hips, and said, "Come and get it."

Bob had come for pussy and there it was. He couldn’t fuck her, tied as he was but he was on the move anyway. He moved until he drew tension on the rope, the first knot was at the threshold and his sphincter had begun to collapse back to its normal size while we waited for her.

"Eat it, suck it, lick it, put your tongue in it, rub your face in it, make me cum. Um Bob, are your having some kind of a problem?"

"I’m stuck or something. What did you do back there, my ass is sore as hell and now something is trying to turn it inside out."

"You want me to help you?"

"Yeah, could you?"

"Sure Bob, let me get up and help." Vida rose and going over to where she had left the cane switch she took it and showed it to Bob.

"Oh shit!" was all he got out. The damned thing did whistle that time and Bob was past the first knot without feeling it at all.

"Now where were we?" Vida asked as she resumed her position. He began to graze while Vida sighed contentedly. "I love this part," she said.

She was holding her pussy up to his face with her legs but she moved all around, never being still. Bob followed not realizing that she was pushing away, sliding back on the fabric of the shirt. As he followed he came to the second knot. Vida was moving beyond his reach.

"Come-on inchworm," she said. Bob strained, I could see his eyes get big. Then he caught up with her. He got past another knot in the same way. After that though she had him timed. She watched the expression on his face and when he was midway on the forth knot she got up and put her crotch in his face. "You’re not doing a very good job inchworm. You should be driving me crazy with your mouth by now. Try harder so I don’t have to do all the work." She rubbed herself with his face, got her juice and my cum on his face and in his hair, even put her wet fingers into his ears. The whole time there was slack in the rope and he could not get clear of the knot that was wedged in his hole.

When she finally got back down he resumed his crawl. Bob really worked at pleasing her after that and only got one more snick with the switch. From the forth knot on they left a trail of saliva, and her pussy juice which was flowing well by then. Watching it made my asshole pucker, both in dread and in desire.

The rope finally dropped to the floor, Bob collapsed, and Vida took care of him with her hand. She told him when to cum and he did as he was told.

Bob dressed, paid Vida, and left. I didn’t know where he was going to get her two hundred dollars a day fee but he had it that day. Vida wasted no time getting to the door of my hiding place. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me forward till we were face to face.

"If you don’t make me cum right now I’m sending you back down." She said. I must have looked really stricken because she pushed me back, laughed in that good-natured way I had heard before, then got down and dog crawled toward the bedroom slowly with a lot of hip movement. I was still dressed and a little panicked but had the presence of mind to run and get down on my knees in front of her.

It was a bit of a task getting my eight inches out of the zipper but she could play with that till I stripped off. I had to lay back so she could pull my shoes off then my pants but she didn’t stick around. I was still laying there after she had thrown my pants over her shoulder and Vida crawled over the top of me on her way to bed. She was going tantalizingly slowly so I had no trouble catching up. I got down and covered her doggy style like I had before, but after I was buried in her I got up. I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her up with me, impaled, feet off the floor.

Vida’s fine round ass was pressed to my lap, her legs bent back at the knees and her head arched back as if to hold some of her weight up on my shoulder. Her hands came up and clutched my hair while she made a few great noises that ended in "Oh fuck me!" I don’t know if anyone had ever done that to her but I had certainly never done it. By the time I walked like that to the bed, landing on my heels with each step she was writhing. Vida found the mattress with her feet as I stood before it and finally being able to hold some of her weight she began to push up then fall back onto my prick. No longer holding her whole weight I groped her and tweaked her at my pleasure. Hers too by the sound of it and when I thought she had started to climax I bit her shoulder roughly. When I finally fell forward onto the bed she was coming hard. I backed off, I had cum earlier and was going to last longer.

"Got a vibrating dildo?" I asked in her ear."

"What do you think?"

"Get it." I commanded.

Vida stretched to the bedside table’s drawer and produced one, fuck if it didn’t look like me. I took it and was delayed a few seconds figuring out how to turn it on then I pulled out and pushed it into her. I was just working it around getting it wet.

Come on baby, that’s cold and your hot. Give me the real thing." She said. Without answering I rolled her over lifted her leg and pulled the vibrator out, only to slide it down and work it into her ass. When it was in there buzzing away I got on and shoved into her pussy, filling her with eight inches fore and aft.

"Oh My God!" she said.

I started fucking her like I didn’t care what happened. The vibrator was probably working on me more than her, she was really tight, and she was squirming like crazy. I was just about to explode when Vida suddenly bit the shit out of my shoulder. I can’t describe what happened after that because I lost my mind. I was shooting between the planets, Vida was the sun, and I was falling into her.

That was about a year ago and the lottery money is just about gone. I have watched Vida do some crazy shit with all kinds of guys. Had all kinds of insane sex with her. Did eventually tie her up and rape her but not as many times as she did it to me. In short, Vida taught me things about fucking and being fucked that will stay with me forever and I will never forget Vida

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