A knock at the door causes you to flinch. It wasn't often you heard someone knock at the door, especially considering the time. But it wasn’t exactly out of the ordinary either. Considering you’ve seemed to have gotten yourself on the radar of a certain Nephilim…

Nevertheless, at least now you were prepared for another bout with “Hope”. Reaching into the front closet, you equipped your +2 baseball bat of bashing damage. Or as Kronii has been naming it; the Batteronii

She really needs to work on her naming...

Luckily, it seemed that your fears were unwarranted. For the sight that met you as you cracked open the front door was not the personification of hope.

“Uuuuu! Anon, you’re peeking through the door like a creeper!”

Never have your felt more relief than the exhale that left your lungs. Perhaps someone upstairs was willing to give you a day of peace, as Fauna stood before you, a smile on her face so radiant it rivaled the sun. You un-equipped your bat, leaning it against the wall in the corner.

“Ah, sorry Fauna. There’s just been a lot of… break-ins, so to speak. Can’t help but be a little cautious, right?” You creaked open the door wider, and your breath caught in your throat.

Before you stood Fauna. But not the Fauna that you were used to seeing. Instead of the summer dress you were used to seeing, or the gardener attire you’ve seen when visiting you and Kronii have gone to visit, she instead wore the greatest gift God ever gave to man.

Yoga pants

To say Fauna had a figure was an understatement. Her legs were soft yet toned, hugged ever so passionately by those black tights. Her mid-section was exposed, revealing the greatest midriff you had ever laid eyes upon, glistening in sweat. And her chest. The poor sports bra could barely keep her contained, revealing a cleavage that dripped with sweat as she breathed. Her usual green hair clung to her shoulders, some strands even falling in-between her chest. Yet despite how her form was covered in sweat, you couldn’t help but noticed that she smelt… sweet.

“Uuu sounds like you’ve been through a lot!” her voice knocked you right out of your trance. Good god how long have you been ogling her.
You clear your throat. “Y-Yeah, tell me about it.” You tried to avoid eye contact. To avoid even looking at her. But by god. “S-So what, uh, what brings you here?”

“Ah! I was going to go out for my morning jog! But then I remembered that I got Kronii a present the other day. So I jogged here!”

“That would explain why you’re breathing so heavily.” You commented. Fauna giggled. A giggle which caused your heart to skip a beat

“Yeah, it’s so hot today! I wasn’t expecting it to be so hot!” She began to fan herself, the movement causing her chest to jiggle ever so slightly. Beads of sweat began to run down her neck, pooling into her cleavage.

No. Stop looking at her cleavage.

“Is Kronii home?”

A shiver went down your spine. Maybe it was just your fight/flight responses triggering for no discernible reason. Or maybe it was PTSD. But you’ve dealt with that Nephilim enough times to know that phrase

And it always followed with something disastrous.

“No, I, uh, no. Sh-She’s out right now. But I ca- I can tell her you stopped by to drop off a present for her.” Your cheeks felt warm. Were you blushing?

Fauna frowned, an expression that broke your heart to see on such a caring girl. “Uuuu but I wanted to give it to her in-person! Can’t I at least stay until she comes home?”

Again, your fight/flight responses were triggered. And again, you had no explanation for it. Perhaps IRyS has given you enough PTSD that even simple phrases gave you paranoia. That damn Nephilim…

You cleared your throat. God, you felt so warm. It really is a hot day today. “She uh, she might be out for a while. I think she left for an Idol Meeting. I don’t exactly want you to wait for too long, especially considering you may have other things to do today.”

Fauna took a step closer to you. Maybe it was your brain playing tricks on you, but it was almost as if you could feel the heat radiating off her. And her sweet-smelling aroma filled your senses. You wanted to take a step back in response, but why? Why were you being so cautious? This was Fauna. Sweet, loving, motherly Fauna. You were acting like she was a stranger. There was no reason for the alarms that were going off in your head to be doing so. Your cheeks flushed as she looked up at you, her ember eyes pleading with you. Beckoning you in. God, she smelled so sweet...

“Well, can I at least stay for some water? It’s... really hot… And I’ve been jogging for a while…”

You gulped as you watched a bead of sweat drop down from her chin and into her bosom. Her soft… So soft…

“W-Well, I guess some water wouldn’t hurt.”

Fauna beamed, and she giggled in joy. “Great! Uuuu, you were always so kind and helpful, anon!”

God… her giggles...

Letting herself in, she strode past you, her chest jiggling with each step. A waft of her sweet aroma filled your senses once more as she passed, and your voice caught in your throat as she placed a hand against the wall, leaning over to take off her shoes. Her sweat-soaked hair clung to her back and draped over her shoulders, sweat dripping down onto the floor. You felt your heart thump against your chest as you could see how much her yoga pants hugged her lower body. And how wide her hips here. And her ass…

Your cheeks flushed as you caught Fauna’s eyes, gazing up at you from over her shoulder. Your pants were tight, your body hot. To say you weren’t turned on would be a lie. And as you closed the front door behind you, Fauna smiled.

“Babe, I’m home!” Kronii sighed as she locked the front door behind her. It was another long day at the office, and Omega especially seemed hellbent on keeping her behind. Probably trying to help her cut down on playing so much Minecraft. But whatever. Not like they could stop her from playing Minecraft AFTER work.

She paused. Usually Anon would’ve shouted back by now. “Babe?”

Walking into the kitchen, she noticed a small box on the kitchen counter, wrapped in blue and silver. Did he get her this? Not that he wouldn’t gift her, but it was still foreign to Kronii to receive such kindness from someone. Her cheeks turned a tinge of rose as she felt embarrassed yet also happiness. Almost like a child on Christmas day, she picked up the box, shaking it near her ear to see if she could hear the contents rattling. But there was nothing in response.

Odd. But not out of the ordinary. It was foolish to think it was something like a Bionicle kit or something. The box was large. And heavy. But what if it was...

Forget the speculation. Kronii began to tear open the carefully wrapped present, giggling like a child. Her smile turned into shock as the contents of the box became clear.

A Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Smash Ultimate

“Babe!” She couldn’t remember the last time she smiled so hard her cheeks hurt. A Nintendo Switch! “Oh my god, what the fuck!” She giggled as she flipped around the box, as if checking to see if there was anything else, and a small note fell from the back.

“GG btw?” She read, confused. Oh! This must be a joke! He must think he can beat her in Smash! She scoffed. Of course, he can’t. She knows the meta.

There was a noise, and she glanced over to the bedroom. A dim light shone from underneath the door-frame.

Or maybe he might mean "GG" in this kind of Smash…

Kronii blushed. As much as she wouldn’t want to admit it - Anon knew how to… make her feel good.

Placing the box back down on the kitchen counter, she slowly began to approach the bedroom. Her face began to feel hotter and hotter with every step, among other places, and her breathing began to feel heavier. After such a stressful day, a little… relief wouldn’t hurt... Plus, he did deserve it...

Kronii psyched herself up as she stood at the bedroom door. She bit her lip; in anticipation or nervousness she did not know. But with an exhale she turned the knob and pushed the door open…

“Hey- “

… and froze in horror at the scene in front of her.

“Yes! Yes!”

Fauna’s hips slapped against Anon’s as she pushed him inside deeper and deeper. The room echoed with the sounds of their hips smashing against each other with each thrust as she rode on top of him. Her breasts bounced and jiggled with every move, sweat dripping off her and soaking the bedsheets. Though Kronii knew those sheets weren't soaked with just sweat. Her hair draped over her face, obscuring her expressions of pleasure and lust. Anon moaned as her insides gripped his member, his eyes covered by the same blindfold Kronii had used on him in prior events.

She glanced up and noticed Kronii, and a smile formed on her face. She began to grind on Anon’s member, her hips gyrating in rhythm, a grunt escaping from Anon’s mouth. Pushing aside her hair over one of her ears, her golden auburn eyes never leaving Kronii’s, she leaned closer to Anon, her breasts pressing against his chest, and whispered.

“Cum inside me.”

Anon gripped Fauna’s tight ass, electing a sharp moan in response, and he thrusted harder and deeper into Fauna’s dripping wet Kirin pussy. Her squeaks and moans were growing higher and higher as he penetrated her harder and harder.

And her gaze never left from Kronii’s as he plunged as deep as he possibly could. Her gaze shifted from Kronii’s to Anon as they both moaned in ecstasy.

Tears began to roll down Kronii’s cheeks as Fauna milked Anon of all he had; shock still painted on Kronii’s face. Fauna bit her lip as she could feel him pulsate more and more, until eventually she slowly lifted off him, in a way that Kronii could see Anon’s slowly slide out of the Kirin’s pussy. Seamen and Fauna’s nectar dripped from her pussy and coated Anon’s member. A soft “ah~” escaped fauna as his dick finally came out, slapping against his pelvis. Their heavy breathing was in synch as they bathed in the afterglow, Kronii falling to her knees in shock

Fauna leaned closer to anon and kissed him, their tongues mingling in a dance of passion, her eyes never leaving Kronii’s who watching in horror. After what felt like an hour, the kiss broke, Fauna biting Anon’s lower lip in a playful gesture. She looked up at Kronii and smiled.


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