Maria walked down the empty hallway of her family's manor, heading towards the quiet, abandoned wing of the house. She walked quickly, eager to get there. Her mind buzzed. Her father had informed her that she was to marry some backwater noble named Cornelius Leafcaster, a man she had never even laid eyes on, and she was just supposed to accept it. She sighed in frustration, her father never listened to her, never once thought to ask if this is what she wanted. Finally reaching the last door on the left, she stepped inside, taking a deep breath to calm her anger. The room she entered was empty aside from a long couch, and the maid who was lighting the last of the candles that brightened up the dark room.

"Good evening my lady. Is everything alright?" The maid asked, her face creasing with concern. She was the same height as Maria, at 5' 8", but that was all they had in common. Maria was soft and curvy, with an ample chest, whilst the maid was small and slim. Whilst Maria had long flowing black hair, the servant wore her mousy brown hair in a bun. The maid's eyes were a clear blue, and Maria's were green, and they were dark with lust as the two women looked at each other.

"Everything is not alright Emma, but I do not wish to discuss it". Maria took a breath as she looked Emma up and down thoughts racing through her mind as she forgot her troubles. She's always so happy to serve. Always so eager to please. She loved her so much, and was looking forward to using her tonight.

"Strip for me pet," Maria commanded as she slipped off her dress and moved to sit on the couch.

"Yes my lady," Emma replied, beginning to undo the straps of her apron. Maria watched with hungry eyes as the white fabric fell to the ground. Slowly, teasingly, Emma continued to undress until her uniform lay in a neat pile on the floor. She bent over to slowly remove her white cotton panties, then dropped to her knees, awaiting her Mistress' command.

Maria rose to her feet, walking closer to her, and ran her hand over the maid's shoulder. She was in nothing but her black silk bra and panties now and smiled as she looked over her servant.

"Good girl." She purred as she allowed her hand to wander down Emma's body, gripping and squeezing at her soft breasts as she walked around her. "Now bend over on the couch while I get ready."

"Yes ma'am." The maid answered as she stepped over to the couch and laid herself over one of the arms. She was exposed to her Mistress with her ass in the air, thighs slightly parted to reveal that her pussy was already growing wet.

Maria smiled, walking over and looking through the bag she had left by the door. She knew Emma was trying not to turn round and look as she pulled out her paddle first, then a small whip made of soft black leather. She then pulled out her old riding crop, feeling a small thrill as she held it in her hand. She walked behind Emma, slipping a finger inside her and making the maid gasp in surprise.

"Now I'm going to spank you pet, and you're going to thank me every time I do. Is that understood?" She asked, slowly fucking her with one hand, and running the tip of the crop down her back with the other.

"Yes ma'am." Emma eagerly answered as she tried to look over her shoulder.

"Good girl." Maria smiled, removing her finger from Emma's wet cunt. Licking her fingers clean, she started to drag the tip of the crop up Emma's thighs. Emma letting out a small moan as the crop moved upwards, brushing against her clit. She pulled the crop away, leaving her servant wiggling her ass as she awaited what would come next. Then as quickly as she had pulled it back Maria struck, the sound echoing through the room.

"Thank you, ma'am." Emma moaned, the crop leaving a pink mark where it had struck. Her cheeks were flush and her mind was rushing as she waited for the next strike with both excitement and fear. She loved being vulnerable, being used, especially by Maria, by her lady. As far back as Emma could remember she had always found her Mistress beautiful, and when they reached their teens she delighted in their secret kisses and rendezvous away from the rest of Maria's family. Eventually, they both wanted more though and so Maria had found them this place and together they had begun to explore and more. It's how Emma had found out that she loved to be hit, to be bound, and choked, and that Maria loved to choke, to bite, slap, and use her. Emma loved every second of it, and she loved Maria for it.

The next strike cut off her train of thought as she felt its sharp sting. Without thinking she bit her lip and sighed, savouring the pain before feeling another strike against her ass.

"I didn't hear a thank you," Maria called out as she and slapped at Emma's ass again.

"Thank you, ma'am!" Emma blurted out, her head lowering in shame as her eyes filled with panic.

"Good slut, remember who you're here to serve." Maria purred as she brought her crop down again. Emma quickly thanked her again as Maria admired her now red ass.

How could she tell her? Maria thought as she looked at Emma bent over in front of her, so obedient, so trusting. How could she tell her that she was engaged? That their already secret affair may have to end. She loved Emma, she had since the first time the maid had helped her put on a dress, and she couldn't imagine not being free to tie her up and spend time with her every chance she got. She took a deep breath, choking back tears. Those were thoughts for another time. She dealt three more short sharp blows before walking around to face her. They kissed, and Maria reached up to cup her cheek, running her thumb along her delicate jaw. Emma leaned into her, letting out a small whimper when she broke away.

"I'm going to get a plug for you. Sit up and play with yourself while I fetch it." Maria commanded, before removing her bra and walking away.

Emma spread herself on the length of the couch, her legs opening up as she felt her sore ass move against the couch cushions. Dizzy with excitement and lust she looked across the room at Maria, watching her lady bend over as she slipped two fingers inside her wet cunt. She could feel small thrills of pleasure as she pushed against her g-spot, then began to move her thumb over her clit in small circles. Small moans escaped her mouth as she began to picture what Maria would do next. Would Maria fuck her against the couch until she was a dripping mess? Or would she just tease her and leave her desperate, not letting her finish as she used the whip on her? Her fingers pushed deeper as she became further lost in her fantasies.

Maria stood in front of her and watched, enjoying the view. She was going to make sure that Emma was thoroughly filled tonight, and once Emma was good and plugged Maria would be free to use her. Emma was completely lost in her pleasure by now, her eyes closed and her fingers deep inside her needy cunt and she didn't seem to notice her Lady standing before her. It was cute, Maria thought, and for a moment she considered letting her keep going, but she knew better. She wanted more, and she wanted more for Emma, so with a small clearing of her throat, Maria adjusted her position and began to put on her strap on.

"Enjoying yourself slut?" Maria spoke up, her voice harsh as she looked down at Emma.

"Yes, Ma'am," Emma answered. Her voice was ragged, her breasts rising and falling as she looked her Mistress in the eye. She was getting close now, she could feel it, and with each second she moved her fingers a bit faster, and a bit deeper trying to catch that release.

"Good. Now stop, and present your ass." Maria commanded as she set the black plug on the couch and uncorked the glass bottle of lube.

"Yes, Ma'am," Emma whined as she moved her hand away from her cunt. Her pussy quivered as it waited for another touch, but was left wet and needy as she began to move on the couch, slowly swinging her legs off the side as she turned her ass towards Maria.

"You did so well, and I'm very proud of you," Maria praised as she began to pour the lube over her maid's ass. Slowly, she pushed with one finger and then two as she worked her tight ass open, each movement and push causing Emma's breath to quicken with excitement.

She was ready Maria thought, and as her hand moved to pick up the plug she moved closer to whisper into Emma's ear, kissing her neck gently before she did. "Now time to make sure you're nice and full for me, slut."

With that Maria slowly trailed small kisses down her back until she was properly positioned to push the plug into her maid's ass. Emma's back arched as the plug disappeared into her hole.

"Fuck..." she moaned, as her eyes screwed up, feeling it stretch her tight hole. The feeling of being so full was always intense, and as she and Maria had done it more she learned to love the feeling of fullness, and even the pain that came along with it. Maria only smiled as she admired her needy little pet and soon enough she began to pull up the harness she had brought and positioned the leather cock into its metal ring.

"Now you've been such a good slut that I'm going to fuck you, so be a good girl and thank me for it," Maria said, all of her learned authority flowing into her voice as she grabbed on to Emma's hips.

"Yes Ma'am, thank you, Ma'am," Emma cried out.

"And you're free to cum anytime you like, do you understand?" Maria whispered as she began to rub her strap on against the lips of Emma's cunt.

"Yes, my Lady." Emma sighed in relief, she never was good at holding back. She looked back at her Mistress, eyes wide with desire as Maria continued to tease her before gently pushing the tip of her cock in.

"Good girl," Maria growled as she slid herself deeper into Emma's wet cunt, Emma's body trembled as she felt her Mistress' cock stretch her. She felt so full as it pushed against the plug - surely it wasn't going to fit? It was a lot for her to take in, and as Maria pushed her way all the way in Emma moaned into the couch cushions, knowing she couldn't make too much noise.

Maria was slow to start as she felt her legs get used to the motions again, but once she had was comfortable she truly began to fuck Emma. Her cock thrusted into her servants eager cunt, years of practice helping her know exactly how to thrust to make Emma moan and shake beneath her.

With each thrust, the maid could feel her cunt grow wetter. Her hand moved down to play with her clit, rubbing herself eagerly as she pushed back against her Mistress' cock, desperate for more, and before she knew it she felt her orgasm rush over her. Her thighs shook uncontrollably as she moaned into the couch, but Maria didnt stop relentlessly fucking her, her nails digging into her hips. Emma could only whimper, her body a slave to her pleasure as she felt filled again and again, and soon she felt her second orgasm washing over her again, her juices coating Maria's cock as her mistress continued to thrust away.

"Thank... you... Mistress!" Emma cried out as she collapsed into the couch leaving Maria to use her as she pleased. As the sounds of her thighs hitting Emma's ass filled the room Maria began to spank and use her harder.

"You're such a good slut for me," Maria growled as she fucked Emma as hard as she could, reaching round to replace Emma's hand with her own, not letting up for even a moment. Emma was overwhelmed, she could only tremble as she was pinned beneath her Lady. The third orgasm was too much for her, and as Maria finished with three powerful thrusts she began to cry softly.

Instantly Maria was at her side, brushing her hair away from her face and softly kissing her. This hadn't been the first time Maria had made her partner cry and while it has scared her the first time she had learned, and always made sure Emma knew she was well taken care of. Emma's mind was blank, and she kept her eyes closed as Maria gently helped her lay down on the couch. She slipped off the strap on, and moved to lay beside her, holding her maid close to her chest. They stayed like that for a while, until Maria stopped crying and was able to look up at her with bright eyes and flushed cheeks. She was beautiful.

"You did so well pet. I'm so proud of you. How are you feeling?" Maria whispered, holding her tight.

Emma could only nod, but she gave her Mistress a small smile, and then moved to bury her face in her chest.

Maria sighed softly, a sad smile on her face as her mind began to wander back to a man she had never met, to a man who could take all this from her. To Cornelius.

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