This story contains incest. It also contains FF and FMF. So if these are not your thing, please move on.

I woke up first and left my mom and sister sleeping. Their naked bodies entwined.

As I had some orange juice, I thought about how great yesterday was. Filming my mom and sister was too good to be true, but fucking my mother was the best. I decided to myself that we would scrap the simulated stuff and go right to hard core. I figured I could edit out the best stuff and still have a good quality film for the contest.

I took my juice and sat on the deck taking the early sun on my nude body. After a few minutes I heard movement and saw my mom walking toward me with her coffee in her hand. She was just as naked as I was.

After our good mornings, mom said, "Robert, are you ok with everything that happened yesterday? You know, we didn't mean to trick you and it would have happened eventually but when you told us about the film contest I knew this would be the perfect time. I hope you're not mad at me and your sister."

I looked at my mom and the sight of her sitting with me naked made my cock rock hard almost immediately.

"Mom, it's ok. It worked out for all of us. We all got what we wanted. I fucked my fantasy love and have no regrets. I hope that when we get home we all will continue with what we started."

"I am all for that baby. I want you to sleep in my bed from now on...I might have to get a bigger bed to accommodate the three of us. Would you like that?"

Just as I was going to agree with her, my naked sister joined us. She said her good mornings and sat down along side her mother.

"What were you guys talking about?"

"Mom and I were discussing the living arrangements when we get home. She wants the three of us sleeping in her bed."

"I'm all for that. That way I have my choice of partners."

"What are we going to shoot today son?"

I told them my plan of shooting real sex scenes and I would edit out the parts that were too graphic for the contest. I asked them if they were taking precautions and they both said they were.

Then my sister said, "Well bother, you didn't worry about that last night when you filled our cunts with your warm nectar."

"I know. It was stupid of me. Are we ready to start another hard day of filming?"

We all got up and mom & sis made breakfast. After breakfast I cleaned up as they headed for their shower. I watched as their naked bodies disappeared into the bathroom. When I heard the water running, I walked in just to watch them together.

God, they made such a beautiful couple. They looked like they were truly in love as they played with each other's bodies. I almost came when I watched them rubbing their pussies together as they had orgasms.

As they finished, I walked out to get the camera set up.

When they came into the bedroom, I told my mom that she was going to film my sister and I having sex. I showed her what to do and when she was ready, my sis & I got on the bed.

As soon as mom was ready she told us to start.

I immediately started feeling my sister up as we pressed our naked bodies together. As we kissed and slipped our tongues in each other's mouth my hands played with her tits. When I wasn't kissing her, my mouth was on her nipples which had really gotten erect and hard.

Her hand reached down and gently grabbed my cock and played with it. I spread my legs so mom could get a good shot. My sis then started playing with my balls. After awhile I told my sister to get on all fours. As she did, I knelt behind her and eased my cock into her wet cunt until I was deep inside her. I started fucking her and grabbed hold of her swaying tits.

After several minutes, I pulled my cock out and lined it up to her asshole. As my cock was well lubed with my sister's juices, I had a fairly easy time getting my cock deep into her ass.

Mom yelled out, "Baby, fuck my daughter's ass hard."

I looked at her and started fucking my sister's ass... slowly at first but then I picked up the tempo. Her tits were swaying back and forth as I pounded her ass. Just then I told them I was going to cum. I pulled my cock out and sprayed her ass and back with my cum. We both fell on the bed exhausted.

Mom stopped filming and came over to us and told us the shoot looked great. We all took an hour break.

After an hour, we had some nourishment and I discussed the last scene.

"For the last scene, I want it to be a threesome. Mom, you and sis can start out by making out and getting into it. Then you hear a noise and see me standing, watching you two. You panic and start saying things, which we will add in editing. Then I will stand by the bed and you start sucking my cock, then sis joins you and now both of you are sucking my cock and balls. I eventually join you two."

I set the camera up on the tripod and begin filming.

The scene goes accordingly and my mom & sis are on the bed making out when I appear and see them. Mom stops as I walk to the bed. I remove my clothes and mom comes over and starts sucking my cock. I look at my sister and say, "Come over and join our slut of a mother and suck my cock with her. Hey mom, you like sucking your son's cock?"

She manages to muffle a yes as she takes my entire shaft in her mouth. My sister is underneath sucking my balls.

"My mother want her son to fuck her now?"

She takes my cock out of her mouth...

"Yes, I want my son to fuck his mother and shoot his cum into me."

"Get on your back my slut of a mother."

She gets on her back as I mount her. I look over at my sister and say, "After I fuck your mother, I am going to fuck you, so lay along side her now."

She lays by her mother as I slowly slide my cock into my mother's sopping wet cunt. I start fucking her. Her tits move with each thrust.

"My darling mother like having her son fuck her? You like it mommy?"

"God, yes baby. Fuck your mother hard. Cum in me baby."

I fuck her harder but pull out and move over to my sister. In a second I have my cock in her cunt and am fucking her.

"Your'e like our mother, a slut. You and mom fuck each other like animals and still want cock. From now on sis, you are going to get plenty of my cock."

All I hear are muffled whimpering ad I pump her harder and faster. I yell out that I'm cumming and pull out my cock and spray both of them with my cum.

I fall to the side and the scene is over.

We all rest and by this time it is dinner. As mom and sis prepare dinner, I start editing. After dinner I continue editing as I hear my mom and sister having sex in the bedroom. Just before midnight I finish the editing and mixing of the sound & dialogue. I have now two great films.

Even as I go to bed, I hear my mother and sister still having sex and I fall asleep listening to their lovely sounds.

In the morning, after breakfast I show them both films...the one I will submit and the hard core one . Mom & sis love both of them.

By early afternoon, we depart for home. As soon as we get there, we unload the truck and get everything straightened out.

Mom insists I put some of my stuff in her bedroom.

At dinner time we discuss the weekend and we are all in agreement on how well it went and each of were delighted on how things progressed.

I can't wait to enter my film in the contest.

In the meantime mom said, "You know kids, maybe it would be a good idea if we made some more movies. It would be good practice for Robert.

Sis said, "Yeah, let's do some more."

I replied, "That sounds ok to me. Maybe we could add another cast member or two?"

Fast Forward two years...Update

I did win the scholarship and the $25,000. Mom is now 44, sis is 22 and I am 20. It has been continuous sex for the past two years for the three of us. Mom is engaged to a great guy and this where the story picks up.

We had met Tom when he was dating mom. He is a nice guy, 45, 5'9", about 180, brown hair, brown eyes with an athletic build.

One night I asked mom if she was going to tell Tom about our arrangement. She said, "I do love him and I don't want what we have to stop so I will talk to him but I may need your help.

"Whatever you want, mom."

Mom had Tom over for dinner one night. Did and I were home and we all had a nice dinner and conversation with lots of wine.

After dinner, we all relaxed in the family room. Mom & Tom sat next to each other. Sis and I sat together. After a few minutes sis got up and said she was going to change into something more comfortable. After about twenty minutes sis came out wearing a short skirt and tank top with no bra, which was quite obvious. She sat down next to me. I could tell Tom took notice. It was evident from the bulge in his pants.

We continued chatting when sis moved her hand slowly onto my cock and started rubbing it, clearly in Tom's view. Tom looked at my mother who just smiled.

A few minutes later, my sister and I were kissing as I felt her up. Then, I slipped my hand under her tank top and was squeezing her tits. All the while Tom watched. Again, he looked at mom who didn't say a word, who was just smiling.

I heard Tom say to my mother, "Are you going to allow this display?"

"Tom, it's no big deal. They are always showing affection like this."

"So you are ok with them doing this?"

"Tom, it's ok, really. In this family we are very liberal and open, in every way. I don't want to shock you but they sometimes sleep together and that's fine with me."

By then, I had my sister's top off and Tom was staring at her tits.

Mom then said, "Tom, if you want, you can go over to Margo and touch her. She'd like that."

"I can't do that."

"Tom, your bulge is telling me differently. Go ahead, we all share."

Tom looked at her, got up and walked over to Margo. As he stood in front of her, she took his hands and placed them on her tits.

He looked back at my mom who nodded an approval.

Then sis moved her hand to his bulge and rubbed it. In seconds she undid his belt and dropped the to the floor. Then she pulled his briefs down and his big hard cock sprung out.

"That's a good girl, Margo." Mom said.

My sis started sucking Tom's cock and in a matter of minutes, he filled my sister's mouth with his cum.

"Great job sis." I yelled

Tom looked at my mom who got up and went over and kissed him and said, "Tom, when you marry me, you marry my whole family. We all share and you would be shared too. Would you like that?"

Tom looked at her and then us and replied, "Nancy, I love you and I want to marry you and if that means everyone shares, then I am ok with it as long as you are."

Mom smiled, gave him a big kiss and escorted him to the bedroom as my sis and I joined them.

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