(This my personal fantasy of a BBW lady finding how I missed out by passing up having a relationship with such sensuous seductive woman!)

I was 6 foot tall 25 year old jock looking for a wild girlfriend to empty my semen into. I decided to open myself up to other possibilities because I wasn't having any luck with women lately. I was never attracted to BBW women before until I met mysterious Mona at the nude beach who was an oversized sexy cute brunette with huge G sized breasts. She would lay on her back with her legs wide open, her pussy wet and dilated dripping vaginal fluids begging for someone to lick or fuck it. Mona loved showing off her entire body oozing sexual pleasure. I've watched uninhibited lesbians go down on her right there on the beach giving her screaming orgasms.

Her supple lips begged for cocks to suck claiming she was addicted to semen. Jealously I watched her suck off a half dozen guys on the beach swallowing all of their loads. One afternoon when she was in the mood to suck guys off she saw me staring and fingered me to come over. Giving me the wildest suck I have ever received right there in front of everyone I was trembling on my feet as she emptied my balls as I ejaculated into her belly. When she spit me out she gave me a swat on the ass telling me we were going to have to get together. Another guy came by right after me and she went back to work sucking cock. From that day on my desires for Mona were insatiable.

Women on the beach were curious of Mona's magnetic personally and many times were seduced into eating her pussy. Even straight married women would end up on her blanket feasting between her legs. It turned Mona on to take on a couple suck off the husband and entice his wife eat her pussy. Mona became the BBW goddess of the Beach. I have seen women make love together before but Mona had a long tongue that could really give women something there husbands could never pleasure them with. She liked eating pussy as much as getting her own pussy licked and had an open invitation for the girls on the beach. Mona had quite a reputation of turning straight women into pussy licking lesbians. It turned me on to know that the woman that made my cock rise was actually interested in not only in cock but pussy.

I learned that Mona was a practitioner of female domination, who could tear you apart with a whip and strapon. Once you are behind her locked closed door you must obey. I talked to several guys that she took home and gave them the surprise fuck of their life screwing them with huge dildos and giving them intense whippings with a single tail making them pay dearly emptying their wallets. Whenever she sucked guys off on the beach she demanded respect and often disciplined those that were not respectful. I watched her drag guys off by the balls to a nearby stand of cane snap of a switch and whip their bare asses. This actually turned me on and made me all the more jealous. One afternoon I parked my blanket nearby so I could watch Mona at work servicing the guys. Fascinated that I was sulking Mona pranced over to my blanket talking to me in a very dominant voice asking me what was my problem? I admitted that I was jealous and wanted to be with her. Mona said she had been wanting to suck my cock and feel my tongue in her pussy all day.

Grabbing me by the hair and she made me crawl to the end of the beach where the cane was growing. Snapping off a switch she roughly grabbed my hair again leading me all the way back to the ocean making me get on all fours facing the ocean in the frothy foaming water. For all to see she gave me a whipping with her switch that hurt like hell leaving welts all over my ass, back, and legs. Receiving a demeaning humiliation in this manner actually gave me an erection. Dragging me back to her blanket Mona laid down pulled my mouth into her crotch then holding on the back of my head made me eat her pussy until she came several times. Denying me a hot suck even though my cock was so hard it was purple pointing to the sun, Mona told me to get the fuck out of here and stop sulking and come back next time with a better attitude. I had to run for the ocean to cool off my sizzling welts all over my body in spite of all the giggles and smiles from everyone on the beach. Watching Mona from beyond the waves cooling off my erection and welts, I could see she was already sucking off the most hung guys on the beach.

Finally a week went by as our lusts for each other were so strong something had to break. Catching me in a vulnerable time Mona was alone momentarily and eyed me walking by invited me to her blanket. I already had a huge erection thinking that I was going to get one of her famous sucks. We ended up making out wildly French kissing sucking tongues simulating oral sex. I ended up going down on her as everyone watched as Mona lustfully glowed enjoying my magic tongue that could get her off better than anyone. She screamed wildly coming all over my face with no care in the world. Kissing me afterwards Mona nastily licked her come off my face. Mona pushed the tip of her tongue into my ear whispering that she wanted my hot come in her belly desiring to do it in private.That was all I needed to follow her home into her bedroom. My heart leapt knowing I finally convinced this beautiful lady to take me as hers.

The real party started once Mona locked me behind her bedroom door promising me an experience I'll never forget. Ripping off my clothes she took me into the shower turning on the cold water to cool off my erection and sand. Without shame she did a quick striptease showing off her huge melon sized breasts squeezing them together while nastily gyrating her hot BBW body showing off her excitement to have me alone by ourselves. I quickly got another erection because I was attracted to this dominant woman ever since she whipped my ass. It also turned me on how rough Mona handled men. Her pussy was completely shaved telling me why she's definitely into oral sex. Giving me a hard swat on the ass telling me to stop staring Mona joined me in the shower. We turned on the hot water and went back to madly French kissing. Her vacuum like mouth sucked my tongue so hard it felt like she was going to rip it right out of my mouth. It made my cock even harder knowing exactly how Mona was going to suck it.

Squishing my erection between her thighs Mona told me she knows every trick in the book to keep me hard by not allowing me to prematurely ejaculate bragging she can keep me hard for so long I will beg her to let me come. Grabbing me by the balls squeezing so hard I was on my toes as she demanded to know when the last time I masturbated? Crying out as she squeezed even harder I told her it's been at least a week to 10 days. Grabbing my entire ball sac Mona stretched it away from my body telling me she was going to empty it tonight graphically describing how she was going to lure every sperm cell out of the head of my cock and into her hungry belly. Letting go of my balls she began stroking my cock telling me that she was going to do things to my body that were unimaginable.

Pulling me by my pubic hair she told me before I put my lips around your cock again this hair has to go. Grabbing a pair of scissors she snipped away until all that was left was scruffy itchy pubes. I was quite embarrassed almost as if I was losing my manhood to this dominant lady. Soaping me up she took her safety razor carefully shaving every last hair around my cock, shaving my balls, and between my ass and all around my anus clean of pubic hair like a baby. Wrapping her fingers all the way around my cock and balls she kiddingly told me now it won't be a problem getting your genitals into my mouth.

Demandingly Mona forcefully pushed on my shoulders downwards saying, reward your lady and kneel down in the tub and eat my wet pussy. Quickly I fell to my knees and she opened her legs took the back of my head and pushed my mouth right into her crotch ordering me to start eating. Instructing me to grab her labia lips one at a time with my lips tightened on them and start pulling and licking at the same time. Her labia lips were already stretched probably from years of lesbian sex with her girlfriends. I imagined them enveloping my entire cock and balls swallowing me completely. It turned her on to get her labia stimulated in this manner as she grabbed the back of my head and pressed her long nails into my skull. After nurturing both of her lips she told me to push my long tongue all the way into her vagina and start fucking her with it.

Making my tongue thick like a cock, I started tongue fucking her pussy. I could feel her vaginal muscles tightening around my tongue to get more stimulation, actually having to push hard to get inside. Grabbing the bar Mona started wiggling on my tongue cursing my name thanking me for giving her so much pleasure. I grabbed her ass cheeks in my hands to stabilize myself giving her the tongue fucking of my life straining the ligaments in my tongue so hard they hurt. I fantasize that I could reach the tip of my tongue to tantalize her G-spot. Squirming and breathing out-of-control she screamed out to start sucking her big clit. Her clitoris was like a miniature cock engorged with blood sticking out of her hood by almost an inch so I placed it between my velvety lips and started sucking. The whole time I was orally pleasing her I was erect dripping pre-come.

Mona's entire body was electrified as if I pulled her clitoral on switch for her orgasm. I could feel her jiggly body start to tremble as she forcefully yanked her clit from my mouth because it was too sensitive to lick pressed my mouth back into her vagina. She started coming squirting fluids into my mouth. I've tasted urine before but this was much sweeter, the fluids of a goddess as I lapped away. I made a mistake exciting her pee hole and she gave me a surprising golden shower pissing all over my entire body. I did get several mouthfuls of her golden champagne and it definitely tasted a lot different than her orgasm juices. Brushing my wet hair out of my eyes Mona just giggled wondering how I enjoyed my first golden shower?

Pulling me up by my hair she gave me a long lingering French kiss and started pissing again all over my erect cock. Thanking me for being such a nasty boy Mona decided not to wait and wanted to give me a surprise fuck. I really didn't know how I could fuck her bent in half and then I realized I was the one that's going to get fucked. Bent over Mona slid on a rubber glove then slowly worked several soapy rubber fingers into my anus to see if I was OK to fuck free of fecal matter. Even though Mona didn't believe it, I never had someone finger my ass to see if they could fuck me before. I jumped as I felt her middle finger stimulate my prostate as she probed as deep as she could. Finding me debris free she giggled saying we were in luck snapping off her glove. Reaching around the shower she opened a nearby drawer pulling out a harness and dildo making me gasp as I understood my first fuck with this beautiful woman would be getting it in the ass. The dildo was bigger than my own cock immediately making my erection go limp with humiliated disappointment. Catching my surprised face and my wide open eyes Mona cursed in unbelief scolding me not to fake being naïve about strap on sex.

Giving me a hard slap on the ass Mona blurted out even if I've never been fucked in the ass either by a girl with a strap on or a guy with a big cock I'm long overdue to get fucked refreshing my memory. I told Mona that if I swore I've never done it before she would think I was lying so all I did was thank her for fucking me. Giggling she told me that was the answer she was looking for and she was definitely going to give me something to remember. She laughed saying when the next woman asks me if I've ever been fucked in the ass Mona will make sure I'll never forget this experience . I helped Mona strap on her dildo so the base fit directly over her excitable clitoris. It looked huge 9" x 2" black silicone with a mushroomed head bigger than the shaft making my anus pucker just thinking about taking it in my tight hole . Making me clean it with soap with both my hands she made me imagine what it would feel like up my ass bragging that it was a brand new deal now and never been used on someone's ass before.

Grabbing my shoulders Mona forced me to my knees again so I could "suck her cock". Pushing the head into my mouth telling me to suck on it imagining that huge head stimulating my prostate up my ass. As soon as I started sucking she grabbed the back of my head pushing the dildo all the way down my throat cutting off my ability to breathe. Mona said now that I've got your attention the next time you take a breath I'm going to be fucking your ass like a girl. Asking me if I'd rather pass out or get fucked in the ass still holding my breath I nodded yes. Yanking the dildo out of my mouth I was gasping for air wondering if I made the right choice. Slapping me across the face Mona laughed promising me she was going to make me into a real cock sucker. Giggling she promised that if I was a good boy and took it in the ass like a man she would suck me off emptying my balls of every last sperm cell.

Mona told me that fucking a guy in the ass for the first time is like taking a lamb for the slaughter because they don't know what's happening. I was being too submissive for not knowing what was in store even though I didn't want to tell her I've never taken a dick or a dildo up the ass before. Bending me over Mona began lubricating my ass telling me she will never suck a boyfriends cock or let him fuck her before she first fucks his ass with a strap on. Giggling Mona admitted she had already sucked me off but made an exception and was going to make up for it now. She called all the other guys she sucks off on the beach her semen servants and she has no lust to get them in bed. Mona did guarantee that once I took it in the ass my balls would be permanently aching from her insatiable desire to suck my come like a vampiress after semen.

Bragging about being an experienced strap on mistress she told me that even though her cock is larger than normal it's going to give me one hell of an experience. As she continued lubing my ass she stimulated my fantasies telling me that even if a guy has fucked my ass she won't hold it against me because watching guys suck and fuck is one of her turn on's. Bragging about her sexual prowess that she lasts a lot longer than any guy because her cock never goes soft and she can fuck all night long making strap on sex a real sexual experience because the dildo is actually an extension of her clitoris getting direct stimulation enabling her to have multiple orgasms while she fucks. Still wondering that if a girl did fuck me at the party with a dildo she did it to show off and not to give me a real experience. Mona promised that once I learned how to take pleasure from her cock she'll fuck me at a party and really show off.

Pulling her greasy hand out of my anus Mona gave me a hard slap on the ass telling me it's time to refresh my memory with her memory stick. Mona started rubbing the head of the dildo into my anus reminding me of all the videos and sex magazines I had seen about strap on fucking. I was actually relaxed and started pushing back on the big head at the entrance eager to get fucked for the first time. Pushing the head of the dildo into my anus popping past my sphincter muscle causing me to cry out with much pain Mona wanted to know if I remembered the feeling? I cried out yes remembering an old girlfriend who pushed a huge vibrator up my ass after she masturbated herself to orgasm. Telling me to push back as if I was going to the bathroom as I obeyed Mona sensed me doing as ordered she grabbed my hips and thrust the entire dildo up my ass just like she shoved it down my throat.

I cried out as I felt my entire rectum stretch to accommodate her shaft. I immediately fought the impalement trying to wiggle loose. Cursing Mona got pissed off and started roughly slapping my ass cheeks from the side to get me to calm down. Mona slowly rotated her hips grinding away making me wiggle my own hips against her as if she was trying to train a bucking bronco. Mona complimented me on my submissive willingness to voluntarily bend over for her and become her girlfriend. Suspicious of my ability to accommodate her "cock" so easily Mona started scolding me that I lied to her not caring about the gory details. Grinding away she promised that after she fucks me a few times I'll forget all about the guys or chicks that fucked me first. She started vigorously fucking my ass pulling a dildo almost all the way out slamming it back into me slapping her big thighs against my ass cheeks. Truthfully even though she didn't believe me I was definitely enjoying my first ass fucking after the first painful rear entry feeling like she ripped my anus in two.

While she was fucking Mona was giving me a reach around stroking my cock hard in rhythm with her cock going in and out of my asshole. This helped get my mind off of the dildo at least temporarily until I shot into her waiting hand. Collecting as much come as she could Mona then told me to look around and when I did she slapped my mouth with a handful of come splashing all over my face. It was quite humiliating especially when she called me a premature ejaculator reminding me that her cock was still hard at work fucking in my ass. Wiping her gooey hand over all over my hair she continued fucking ass. Concentrating on pushing her clitoral region against the back of the dildo Mona had her first orgasm. Pushing the dildo all the way up my ass wiggling and squirming she cried out thanking me for giving her a one hell of a ride.

Even though my cock was limp it was still dripping pre-come from the head of the dildo massaging my prostate. Pulling my head back by the hair Mona asked me how I was doing because she wanted another go? I told her that truthfully I was getting the fuck of my life and wouldn't mind if she continued. Pulling the dildo almost all the way out of my ass she squirted on some more lubricant then began fucking me all over again. This time she concentrated on holding the back of the dildo upwards so that the head would thrust into my prostate to make me come. I was getting quite turned on as Mona blurted out I'll guarantee you that no one else can give you pleasure like I can. I responded by crying out her name calling her my goddess. Slapping me on the ass Mona told me to get used to it because I was going to be her cock whore satisfying her big clit.

This time Mona fucked me more intensely pulling the dildo in and out of my ass almost all the way slapping her thighs against my cheeks. Even though my cock was still limp she was stimulating my prostate so well with her "clit dildo" I was approaching another orgasm. I started crying out as my anus started spasming around the dildo shaft trying to squeeze out imaginary semen as I came. Watching me come from above Mona squealed telling me I was going to make some boy very happy squeezing my anal muscles like that. Keeping the dildo buried in my butt Mona squirmed her way into another orgasm for herself crying out with me as she came.

Finally she pulled the dildo out of my ass unbuckled the harness from her waist and we both took a quick shower together kissing passionately as warm water streamed over our bodies. Toweling each other off Mona grabbed me by the balls and took me into the bedroom. Sitting on the foot of the bed she patted her naked lap inviting me to lay over it. Timidly I obeyed as she scolded me for lying about ever having my asshole played with. Pulling me over her lap to her left Mona promised that I was not going to get up until she blistered my ass real good. Using her strong powerful right arm with her big strong hand she started slapping my bare ass as hard as she could making me cry out every time she reddened my cheeks. For all the pleasure she gave me in the shower I was dreading the spanking she was giving me now.

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