Cardwell met once again. This time we were in a different situation, as he was in charge...
Two weeks earlier I had discovered his porno stash on his laptop. With the pictures I had at my disposal I half blackmailed, half coerced Stuart Cardwell into letting me give him a "gift".
If you are wondering, the porn on his computer were pictures of me and a few other fourteen year old boys. I of course just wanted to give Mr.Cardwell a gift to show a bond of trust between us, so that a relationship might develop...In short I wanted an older man to fuck me senseless!
So the story...
* * * I could already smell chlorine as I entered the changing room and put my bag down. Distant splashing met my ears as I sat down and looked around. I was surprised to see Mr.McGloughlin wasn't there, our PE teacher was crazy about being late. As you have already guessed, we were doing swimming this term for Physical Education, which I of course didn't have to do..
The week before I had brought in all my swimming awards, medals and trophies, and reminded him that I didn't have to learn how to swim, and that I could probably outswim all of them put together. So now all I had to do was sit in the changing room and think up porn stories.
I was shocked when of all the people in the world, Mr.Cardwell came in! He was as tall as ever, and his rugged face and short hair still sent thrills around my body! As he walked in I caught him glancing at another boy's ass, so I coughed gently to announce my presence.
"Ahh, Mr.Ashworth, I see you are here..minus your kit?"
"What? Are you going to make swim in the-the-the, nude?", I said sarcastically.
Suddenly, Mr.Cardwell brushed past me to check if anyone was outside, while whispering in my ear, " I'm in charge now you dirty bastard..!" . Thrill factor a million, billion! I almost wet myself as he grabbed me by the shoulder and sat me down on a bench.
"Right! I want everyone changed and in the showers in two minutes!", odd how PE teachers have an odd sense of time...
From my view of his tight ass, I could see it clench every time a kid walked past. He must have been dying for us to have another 'encounter' !
Soon the room was empty. I was alone with a complete stranger, correction, a horny stranger, that wanted me to suck him off!! I was one happy bunny!!
He turned around and looked at me steadily, he started rubbing his hands together and stopped suddenly. " You still want to do this right? You haven't changed your mind? You haven't told anyone?"
"Mr.Cardwell...I made a promise. I want something out of this too!"
"I'm so glad you said, so glad.."
And with that he pushed me on my pack and straddled me on the bench, kissing me everywhere and anywhere he could reach.
He stripped off his shirt and lay on top of me, groaning as he humped my dick with his own.
"You know what really turns me on sir?"
"OHHH, what?"
"Older men, hairy men, and twinks... oh, and you!", and with that I started sucking his nipples until he said he was going to cum, so he made me get down on my knees and let loose all over my face. ANd then we just kissed for about 5 minutes, him groping my balls and me groping his. "We have about 20 minutes before they come back you know", he said.
"Remembering last time aren't you? Come on then make me beg for it! Take it from me!"
So he grabbed me by my head and pushed my mouth onto his hot, quivering dick, leaking pre-cum already. I struggled, letting the game wind me into a frenzy.
"Come on you bitch! Take it! Take all 9 inches you bitch!"
He just raped my mouth then and there for about 5 minutes, me licking everywhere, sucking everywhere, and him just pounding my mouth. The cum tasted like nectar as it felll on my tongue, his hot sweaty pubic hair a massive turn on. It was then that he grabbed me by the back of my head and I grabbed him by the ass.
"I'm gonna cum in your mouth like last time, and you're going to swallow every last drop for daddy! Come on give it to me you dirty, little shit!"
So, just to make him cum more, I shoved my index finger up his ass!
"Ohhhhh, shit!!", gallons of cum poured into my mouth, as I struggled to swallow it all down.
" Daddy's little bitch.", he kept saying as we collapsed on each other's chests, his hair warm and comfortable.
"German trip next week", he said.
"Yeah...", what's going to happen now?
"We're sharing rooms..."
It wasn't until after that I fully undersood what that meant...
"Daddy's little bitch...", he said and licked a dribble of cum off my chin.
"See you next week sir..."
* * *

My next story is the German trip, enjoy!!!!

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