We feel her lips wrap tight around my shaft after the rim of my cockhead passes inside. More slowly than our stroking, I push into her even as her vaginal muscles draw me deeper. Each slick centimeter resists and measures and then yields to finally draw my swollen head ever deeper. We feel her pussy lips stretched and grasping at my shaft in its inexorable penetration.

There is a heartbeat felt from along the veins of my cock as we continue to push and suck me deeper inside, continue to fill her. Is it my heartbeat or hers? My throbbing cock, or her squeezing pussy? Or is it our heartbeat? Yet more shaft enters as our merging continues, my swollen sex disappearing into her, filling, stretching, being consumed.

Finally, pubic mounds coming together, curly hairs entwining, entering until she is filled, until the slit in my smooth glans nudges gently against the cleft in her cervix, and we are united. One. Was it at that moment, or at penetration, or on feeling our heartbeat? Maybe our combined gasp was the moment or maybe there is no specific moment when it happens? But at some point, as two we vanished and now there is us. As with love, you don't know the moment, just the moment when you realize that it has happened.

Locked together now we continue moving in that same slow pace. Deep in our union our sex is kissing and stroking and caressing and gripping - squirming inside while we hold each other tightly. Our movement appears to be agonizingly slow. It takes forever as we gradually pull apart until only my cockhead is still inside - just inside her tight slipperiness - and then slowly, so gradually, the head and shaft begin to enter again, bit by bit, filling, stretching. Exquisite agony.

Our movement looks measured and controlled - but at the core of us the sparking sensations have already begun. Tiny sparks, flying everywhere, coming from everywhere. Still our long slow strokes continue with exaggerated metronomic control...over...and over...slowly...and again...deeply...and over...and over...until we are shaking.

Our joined bodies are trembling with the exertion of maintaining control even as most of our muscles scream to be rutting wildly, yearn to be released into a savage break-the-bed bruising fuck. Her legs are wrapped tightly across the small of my back now, her feet crossed just above my butt, locking our sex together. They are shaking with the effort to maintain this steady control of our thrusting. But they tremble more with the desire to violently spur me like a headstrong stallion, to drive me into a wild hoof-pounding fuck into her center.

But it is not her in this moment...or me...it is us. Together we control the excruciating pace. Still the steady stroke...and now the sparks are showering inside, quietly bouncing off everything. There is a tingling that isn't a tingling. A sensation, a blushing that is at the center of us yet is nowhere and diffuse. Tightly locked onto each other, our mating thrust is deliberate - straight and deep into our quivering core - again, and again. Shivering anticipation builds.

Then heat joins the symphony of sensations like a blacksmith's red iron. A burning heat, yet icy cold, melting and freezing, frozen stiff yet lava flowing. From the center of us...expanding, this exquisite mix of sensations is growing and consuming like a wildfire through dry pine needles, racing inside, seeking everywhere, building, heating, burning.

Driven by the flames we're unable to control our pace any longer and finally let go, finally start rutting with grunting abandon, wildly bucking together to drive my hard shaft into her, full length into the sensations, into our throbbing and squeezing. Again and again driving my cock to the very center of us. Even after we've buried it to the hilt and I'm locked inside by her strong vaginal muscles my thighs keep thrusting and pumping furiously while her pussy desperately milks and squeezes...

It finally begins with a powerful spasm as the wildfire explodes from within and tears through us. Holding each other tightly we cry out as our orgasm bursts from our core, releasing our internal grip. Freed, unstoppable, our ejaculate gushes, cumming, pulsing, mixing, released. Convulsing together, cumming together. Helpless. The waves ripple through us, the spurts of cum, the pulse, from us, again...and again...and again...until everything that has gone before...all of everything that has been...is flushed from us. Everything spent. Empty. Breathless. Gasping.

...new now. All that is. All that matters. Lovers. Naked. Together.

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