My head is foggy, I feel strange, a myriad of questions echo in my head, I can't think straight, my head hurts, the worst headache ever.

Where am I?

There is something in my mouth, I run my tongue over it, it's hard and round. I try to open my mouth wider, to push it out with my tongue but it won't budge, I try to move my hand to my mouth but my arm barely moves, something is holding it.

I'm confused, scared, I scream but no noise escapes my mouth other than a muffled groan.

I open my eyes but I can't see anything, it's dark, as I move my eyelids I feel that I'm brushing against something, I strain to see, looking for the slightest glimmer of light but there's nothing but blackness.

I try to move my legs but they barely move, I move beyond fear to panic.

My mind is a blur, I try to scream again as I cry.

What is happening to me?

As I lie there my head slowly clears I try to calm my mind, taking slow deep breathes through my nose, trying to replace fear with logic and reason. Where am I, how long have I been here, why am I here, so many questions going through my mind with no answers.

I assume the place to start is at the beginning, or in this case the end, what is the last thing I remember?

I went out meeting up with friends at a club, we were drinking, dancing and generally having fun. I was getting a lot of attention from the men, I have long legs and a firm small ass, my breasts are an average size but firm with perky nipples. Tonight I was feeling extra slutty and was wearing a tight white blouse without a bra and a slim, short black leather skirt over my garter and stockings. I made a point to seductively dance with my girlfriends and could feel numerous eyes staring at me, undressing me. I loved the attention and my girlfriends kept giving me a hard time about being a tease but they were happy enough to get the occasional free drink from a hopeful admirer. This continued all night and the last things I remember is someone coming up behind me on the dance floor, rubbing my ass and handing me another drink.

That explains what happened, my drink was spiked, I've been abducted, someone has taken me and now I'm a prisoner. I'm going to be tortured, raped, murdered or worst, logic disappears, I can't think straight, panic sets in, I must get away.

I have straps around my wrists and ankles, as I pull them I hear the rattle of the chains that are attached to them. I'm guessing I can't see because I'm blindfolded and I have a gag in my mouth to stop me screaming. I start squirming around, pulling on the chains, trying to free myself, the straps rub against me, I can feel them digging into my flesh. As I squirm I get the sudden realisation that I'm naked, this increases my panic as I pull even harder on my bonds, crying with the futility and pain, screaming in my mind but still no sound escaping my mouth.

Wait, was that a noise, is there someone in the room with me, momentary hope overcomes me, I'm rescued, someone found me and will save me. Then terror returns, what if it is not a rescuer, what if it is my capturer, panic returns and I try to break free again.

The noise I hear it again, I lie perfectly still, is it real or just my imagination, I turn my head from side to side, straining to hear the slightest sound. There it is again, closer now but a definite sound, breathing, I can hear someone breathing. I suddenly tremble, my body tingles with goose bumps, I can feel a presence near me, I can't describe it but I sense that someone is standing over me, looking at my naked body.

I try to beg him to let me go, I promise not to tell anyone but with the gag in my mouth the only sounds that comes out are indistinguishable grunts.

I'm being touched, my body trembles in fears, a fingernail runs up and down my arm, running from my wrist to shoulder than back down again. Now it's moving up and down my side, from hip to armpit, just like a feather, only the tip of the nail gently caressing my body. I am too scared to move as the fingernail runs around my ear and down my neck to my shoulder, working it's way across to my throat, tracing up and down my windpipe. The finger is gone, what now.

A fingernail is touching my inner thigh, slowly gliding up and down from my knee to groin, he does it to both legs. My body tremble in fear as he touches me, I'm crying again as the fingernail continues to move up and down my leg.

The fingernail stops touching me, my body tenses waiting for what is going to happen next. I lie still waiting, no sound, no movement, it's perfectly still and quiet, I can't even hear breathing, has he gone, am I alone again or is he watching, waiting to pouch. What's that smell, I don't remember that before.

Oh my head, the headache's back, I confused, what is happening, was that a dream. I try to move and I'm still tied up, no not a dream but the start of a nightmare. What's that, hot air, I jump and try to scream but the chains and gag do their jobs. It's breath, he's breathing on me, his face is leaning over my body and I can feel his hot breath on me, he is hovering over my breasts, I can feel is breath on my nipples. No stop, his tongue, his tongue is touching me, it's flicking my nipples. Even when I'm not aroused they are hard and perky, perfect playthings for eager tongues many a boy and girl have said, now this monster is using them to entertain his tongue. Moving from breast to breast his tongue traces around my areola before playing with my nipple.

He sucks on them, I could feel them getting harder in his mouth, he bites them, using his teeth to grip my nipple as he pulls on it, moving his head from breast to breast. My body trembled under his touch, the more I squirm to pull my nipple from his mouth the harder he bites down and the more aroused my nipples become.

Why am I starting to enjoy this, it's wrong, but it does feels good.

He's stops, other than the tingling of my nipples nothing, no touching and no sound, I knew he was there but the silence was terrifying.

Suddenly hands grab my legs, pulling me downwards, my hands stretching over my head, his hands move to my knees pushing my legs back towards my head, lifting my backside up until the chains pull my ankles, then pushing them apart, opening me up for him to use.

I thought this is it, he's going to rape me, use me as his sex toy for his pleasure. The thought terrifies me but at the same time it is also slightly exciting for me that I was not in control and that I was the one going to get used.

Normally I would pick up the person I wanted to fuck, selecting them to meet a desire I have, either male or female. Taking them home, fucking them or have them fuck me the way I want to satisfy me, always in control, always in charge. But not now.

I don't know what scared me most, the idea he was going to use me or the idea that I was finding it exciting.

I feel his warm breath on my leg, a gentle kiss on the inside of my knee, slowly he kisses his way from knee to groin, first on my left leg and then my right, he repeats this 3 times. Now he's kissing my groin, again gently moving up my groin, I can feel his beard brushing against my pussy lips as his mouth and tongue moves up and down my groin. Every now and then he would stop kissing and move his face over my pussy to the other side, close enough for his hot breath to touch my lips but he didn't physically touch my pussy.

I was becoming aroused, the lack of control to this stranger as he toyed with me was exhilarating, I knew it was wrong, that it shouldn't be happening but my pussy was getting wet. His hands grabbed my butt cheeks, massaging them as he kisses and bites each one. Sliding his thumbs between them he pulls them apart, running his tongue between them, up and down, circling my anus. His hot breath and tongue are driving me wild, I've had anal sex before but never has anyone touched me there with their tongue.

I've forgotten all about being a prisoner, my mind was a blur of colours as he teased my body, he hasn't touch my pussy yet but it was tingling. I am nearing an orgasm, I feel it building inside me, I'm groaning with pleasure, I try to fight it, suppress it.

My mind says no, it is wrong to be feeling pleasure but my body says yes, I'm no longer in control of my own body.

His tongue runs around the rim of my anus, then he pushes it inside me, his hot breath on me as he explores my ass. His hands squeezing my butt cheeks tightly as I trembled with an orgasm, his tongue stops moving, resting inside me, waiting for my cum as it runs out of my pussy over my anus and butt. I hear his tongue eagerly slurping my cum as it flows on to it, then feel every sensation as it moves across my anus and butt, licking up my juice.

I arch my back, raising my pelvis, offering him my pussy, begging for the feel of his rough tongue sliding between my now swollen lips, pushing inside my pussy.

He continues tonguing my anus, licking and sucking my hole, I've never experience anything like this before, it's like a dream, I feel so much more than ever before, every touch creating a new sensation of pleasure. A finger slides in my anus, his tongue licks the rim as he slides it in until I feel his hand touching my butt. He works my anus with his finger, moving it back and forward inside me as my muscles squeeze around it. I can feel another orgasm building, it feels so good, his finger inside me as deep as it will reach, the tip rubbing my insides, his tongue pushing in around it .

I cum again, I feel his rough tongue moving over my ass as he licks up my cum..

My pussy is aching for attention, I need his cock inside me, when his mouth moves away from my ass my hope soars, I'm no longer scared, I'm still a prisoner but a prisoner of desire now.

I have never experienced such pleasure before and I want more, no I need more.

Where is his cock, why hasn't he fucked me, I need him to take me, to use me as he wants. What is wrong with me, this desire is not natural, he took me against my will, touched me without permission, but still my body craves more.

I know he is still here, I can sense him, I can smell him, not it's that other smell, the one from earlier, it's back again.

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